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EraserCloud is the slash ship between Shota Aizawa and Oboro Shirakumo from the My Hero Academia fandom


Oboro Shirakumo and Shota Aizawa met during their student days at U.A., where they train to become heroes beside Hizashi Yamada. Their bond grew further in their second year in U.A., and because of the nature of Aizawa's quirk while Oboro's allows him to fair well in battles and rescue missions he didn't believe in himself or his erase quirk. Oboro on the other hand did believe in Aizawa and from time to time the two and Yamada would talk about the Hero Agency they hope to start up together after they graduate as heroes.

One day when Oboro came to class through the window, he tells Aizawa that he had found his umbrella, and Aizawa, surprised, asks him if there was something under the umbrella (the cat who he had left the said umbrella for), but before he could finish talking, Mic interrupts them. Oboro can then be visualized with the same cat that Aizawa had given him the umbrella to. At the end it can be visualized that Oboro had turned his gaze to Aizawa, giving him a sincere smile.

In another scene they can be seen having lunch while Aizawa had told Oboro about how this isn't very surprising with his quirk, and that it only surprised people and after finishing, Oboro asked Aizawa what would happen if he tripped villains or played as a fighter, since quirks could decide the outcome of a fight and that with Aizawa's Eraser quirk he could make villains fight under the same conditions, sounding like a compliment. But then Aizawa says that he was not a very good fighter and asks what he would do with a big man (villain), but after finishing what he said, he tells Oboro not to feed the cat since the food that Shirakumo had was bad for the animal (obento).

Then Midnight crosses paths with Aizawa and Oboro, who were having lunch together on the spanking, and explains to them about her new daring but practical outfit, and after the explanation she notices the cat that the boys had and asks about it, Oboro says that he and Shota were taking care of him which Midnight tells them to give him the kitten, since they couldn't bring animals to school. Although they were given the cat, Midnight had later retired telling them that they had to find a place to leave the animal, but they both knew Midnight's other intentions, keeping the cat. Aizawa then asks Oboro if they hadn't been irresponsible for giving the living being to "the first girl they had come across", but Oboro says to calm down, since Kayama (Midnight) was Kayama, and that Sushi (the cat) would be fine, other than the two of them weren't in a position to keep it for the internships. After chatting for a bit, Kayama reappears, but this time in U.A.'s uniform presenting them with a video of '"poop", to which Oboro asks if he had gotten there just for that, which Kayama denies and says that he already had a perfect place for animals that have nowhere to go, and Aizawa tells her not to worry, since he and Oboro didn't pick up stray animals every day, but Midnight said he didn't mean that, but if the boys were looking for internships, they could assist her boss willing to take who be.

After catching a villain, Aizawa had been the only one who had not been able to "smile after catching the villain", as Aizawa understood, and he had told that to Oboro while he was showering, to which he says that he always had to remain calm, continue and not freeze, and that even if he screwed up, Aizawa only had to smile as always, according to Oboro's motto, to which Aizawa interjected saying that he "did not smile like always", to which Oboro had to agree with that. Aizawa then receives a message with a large number of photos from Midnight with the cat that Aizawa had collected and he, happily, began to review them all and at that moment Shirakumo comes out of the bathroom affirming the smile that Aizawa was doing at that moment, which Aizawa a little blushing said that he wasn't smiling at all. Oboro sits next to Aizawa and asks him what he would do if the villain reappears, Aizawa replies that he didn't know, since he was puzzled because the villain could make smoke and that if Aizawa got closer to them, his eyes could be irritated, and if he was away from the smoke, it could block his vision. Oboro proposes to lend them his goggles so that he could protect his eyes and get closer to the villain. After the two defeating the villain again together, the teacher congratulates them saying that the two of them "almost make up a superhero".

The next day, Mic points out to Aizawa saying that the goggles that he had, looked like the ones Yamada had and Oboro then puts his arm behind Aizawa saying that they were both promoting as a team, to which Aizawa denies saying that the goggles were only to protect his eyes. Later, when their teacher mentions that for the training they were going to form pairs, Shirakumo asks if he and Aizawa could team up, since they were both doing the internships together, the teacher agreed telling the others that if they had in the same situation, they could prioritize [Aizawa and Oboro]. After checking the students, the teacher notices the two boys saying that they are more in the technical and subtle movements, but then Sensoji appears and proposes to Aizawa to fight and then Oboro appears and tells him that they accepted the challenge by betting their glasses. Oboro then told Aizawa that the glasses symbolized their friendship and that they had to defend them at all costs, and Aizawa only asked what was so funny about that. After winning Sensoji's bet, the teacher had told them that both of them had complemented their quirks very well and that they had to continue like this, then he follows Sensoji who was leaving the place and Oboro can be seen telling to Aizawa who believed what the teacher had said had been a compliment to both of them.

While other heroes were fighting against a giant villain, Aizawa and Shirakumo can be seen helping some children from the kindergarten, while Oboro carried the children with his cloud, one of them falls but Aizawa picks them up and Oboro is surprised by this action flattering Aizawa that he was good at that job, saying aside that maybe it would be good for him to work with children, after this compliment, Aizawa denies and says back that Oboro maybe the job would suit him better, because Shota asked what could the children like himself. After saying goodbye to the children, Oboro explains that it is because Aizawa is such an explorer that he thinks things too much and that he emphasizes and convinces himself that he cannot do it, saying aside that he could do anything if he only focuses on that, to which Aizawa asks in response that if he could do anything like running a kindergarten or being a teacher, Oboro nods at the answer. Shota then tells him that he has to think before he speaks, Oboro then says that he meant it.

After Midnight called Aizawa telling him that he and Oboro had to evacuate as the monster was approaching them, they both run and bump into the children again and Oboro asks them to climb the cloud. When Shirakumo saves the children from a piece of a building, large rocks fall on him and Aizawa shouts his name worriedly, and then saying that he could not believe it, then he approaches Shirakumo and he tells him over a speaker that Aizawa could defeat the villain. Before Aizawa surrendered to the villain, Shirakumo, or at least the boy's speaker was cheering him on saying that he could protect everyone, and that he had what it takes to defeat the villain, because after all, he knew that he was strong and that Aizawa would not lose, to which Aizawa yells with all his being while fighting with the villain, receiving more encouragement from the boy through the speaker. After defeating him, Aizawa, on the ground, yells: "SHIRAKUMO! I DID IT!".

After the reinforcements arrived, a hero is surprised that the monster has been defeated by Aizawa, to which he says that [Shirakumo] was cheering him on all the time, Shota then asks Kayama how were Oboro's injuries, but he gets no answer, concluding that Shirakumo's injuries were that bad. Aizawa then tells Yamada that the speaker on the floor he had there was from Shirakumo and says that it would be better if they took it. Sensoji then says that the speaker was all broken and Aizawa, in shock, could not believe it saying that Shirakumo was cheering him on all the time, but Sensoji said that Aizawa himself was cheering himself up and only imagined that it was coming from the speaker, Aizawa denied the fact saying that he really heard Shirakumo and that his voice kept him going- but before he finished, he could see Oboro's corpse in the distance. Sensoji said that one of the heroes of the Top could not against the villain but Aizawa went side by side and overcame the adversities, saying that he managed it alone. Then in the next panel it's shows Aizawa standing there, remembering Shirakumo while being in the rain while this one mixed his emotions.

Years after Aizawa became a pro hero he later became a teacher at U.A. with Yamada. Due to him wanting to help train the next generation of heroes while seeing his younger self and Oboro in some of his students. One day after a villain named Kurogiri, who turns out to be a Nomu, was caught, Aizawa is told that the body and quirk that was used to create Kurogiri was Oboro's corps. Aizawa and Yamada were shocked by this discovery, and with faith that Oboro is somehow still in there the two interrogate Kurogiri. To make sure that Kurogiri doesn't use his shadow portal quirk to escape, Aizawa uses his erase quirk on him as he and Yamada talk to the Nomu like he is still Oboro. To help awaken Oboro's sup-conciseness from within Kurogiri, Shota reminds Oboro of the kind hearted person he used to be and the dream they shared with Yamada before he offered him his googles, to reference the day Oboro had given Aizawa his before the two stared to wear a pair of googles each, and how the three of them still can be heroes together. For a brief second Oboro's face appeared in Kurogiri's shadow cloud-like head, he manages to utter the word "hospital" before Kurogiri shuts down to keep Oboro from saying anything else. Thanks to the lead, Oboro was able to help Shota, Hizashi, and the other heroes find the very hospital that the League of Villains were using to create their Nomus. Before Aizawa left the prison with Yamada, he makes the request to not inform Oboro's family of what has become of him.


They're mainly shipped for their moments together in My Hero Academia Vigilantes, their contrasting personalities, and dynamic. EraserCloud is also the rival ship of EraserMic, CloudMic and CloudNight. After the main manga series revealed that Kurogiri was once Oboro, fans began to create Oboro-Kurogiri fanart for the ship. Headcanons such as this one commonly depicted Shota's determination to save his friends succeeding and him trying to find a way to get Oboro back from Kurogiri, as well as the controlling hold All For One has on the Nomu. There have also been a few fanarts that features the two as cats, to reference the cat Oboro saved.

Another popular AU is post-canon fanworks, where Oboro struggles to cope with his trauma from turning into a villain against his will. Usually, Shota and his friends are his "light" and part of the reason he gets better.

On AO3, the ship is decently sized ship, with over a hundred works as of current. The ship seems to be especially popular on Tumblr and Deviantart.



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  • The ship's name is derived from Aizawa and Oboro's hero names: Eraserhead and Loud Cloud. Which is also the name of the type of quirks they posses: Erase and Cloud.
  • In one of the photos in the Season four end credits, that is of a young Aizawa standing in front of what is believed to be Oboro with his back turned; while a young Yamada blocks the rest of Oboro from what can be seen of him in the photo.




Fan Art


EraserCloudMic refers to the ship between Shota Aizawa, Oboro Shirakumo and Hizashi Yamada
Rooftop Squad refers to the ship between Hizashi Yamada, Shota Aizawa Nemuri Kayama, and Oboro Shirakumo


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