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Escaped Convicts is the het ship between Emerald Sustrai and Oscar Pine from the RWBY fandom.


Oscar and Emerald first met in "Witch" when Hazel brought the two together in order to escape Monstra. Emerald then uses her semblance on Oscar to make him look like Hazel. As Emerald guides Oscar, he seems to trust her on how to navigate them through the large Grimm Whale. When the two run across Salem she tells him to wait, and then instructs him to move to the side. When Oscar is then asked a question by Salem, he stumbles on his words and defaults to Emerald on how to proceed.

Due to not having been personally involved with the Fall of Beacon or Emerald beforehand, Oscar is more willing to trust Emerald than the other members of his team. All of whom have had a negative history with her and are very still very skeptical of her. Oscar then insists on bringing Emerald with them in "Ultimatum", to which Emerald protests about. He then also informs the others that Emerald's semblance could be useful in their fight against Salem, especially since they are all allies now and they all have a common enemy. Also Osvar, seems to be completely at ease around Emerald, even allowing her to travel behind him with her weapons intact, not even considering the implications that she could try to hurt them or try to run away.

Futhermore, when Ruby went to greet Oscar and saw Emerald next to him, she tried to attack her but Oscar stopped Ruby, telling her that she was on their side now. Later in "Risk", when Yang and the rest of Team RWBY become hostile towards Emerald, Oscar steps in to defend her, saying that she's not with Salem anymore and that she deserves a second chance. Then later that episode, Emerald attempts to encourage the team, and Oscar proceeds to tease her for admitting that she has switched sides. This greatly embarrasses Emerald. He then offers to help her up, as she had fallen on the ground. She accepts his hand, and stands by his side as an included member of the group. The two are then seen together with the rest of Team JNPR trying to take down Ironwood. They then are also seen together with Ren in chapter 13 trying to lead the civilians to Vaccuo. They then team up with Ren to try and take out the incoming grimm.


Escaped Convicts is a rarepair within the RWBY fandom, mainly because the two had never spoken to each other until volume 8. After volume 8, some people like to think that they have more of a sibling like relationship than a romantic one, since Emercury and Rose Garden are more popular pairings for these two. Some fans are also not a fan of the age difference. Also fans really appreciated how Oscar (and to a lesser extent Ren) was the only person who accepted Emerald completly while everyone else was skeptical. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



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  • "Escaped Convicts" comes from the fact that they both escaped from Salem and are now "convicts" in her eyes.
  • Oscar is partially based off of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy had an aunt named Auntie Em; Em is also Emerald's nickname.


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