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Spooner“Astra. Take care of me.”
— There Will Be Brood

Esperastra is the femslash ship between Spooner Cruz and Astra Logue from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom.


Season 6

STRESSED WESTERN As Spooner and Gary are lifting some heavy alien tech, Astra tells them to keep it down so that she can study magic. Spooner tells her to memorize nursery rhymes when they're done with the real work. Astra does a spell and sparks appear on the alien tech, causing Spooner to drop it. Spooner asks what that was supposed to do, and Astra thinks she said the spell wrong, since it didn't do what it was supposed to. They get back to lifting the tech and Astra tells them to be quieter this time.

In the old west, Astra tells Behrad if he wants to talk line dancing he should talk to Spooner. Spooner says that she was raised in Texas, not "Hee Haw". Astra doesn't know what that means, but to her it looks like Spooner's hat does. Spooner says that she had to put her alien cloaking back up, and is so far getting nothing but Gary. Nate interrupts everyone to say they need a classic legends romp, and Astra says that they'd probably find the alien quicker if Spooner wasn't afraid of her own brain. Spooner asks if Astra can mess up some Latin phrase to find it, but Nate interrupts to tell them that the two of them are going to be paired together until they become friends.

In the saloon, Astra tells Spooner to find the alien so they can get out of there, but Spooner doesn't feel anything new. Astra says that she's not going to if she keeps wearing the hat. She tries to grab it, but ends up pushing Spooner into a saloon patron.

After discovering something is wrong with the town, the Legends split up and Astra asks to be dealt in for a hand of cards. Spooner asks if this is her way of finding the alien, but Astra's just trying to get the mans gold. She admits that Spooner could be right about him being the alien, so asks her to use her powers to figure out his cards. Spooner says she can barely control her powers, and isn't gonna use them just to help Astra cheat at cards. They see the list of rules of the saloon include "no gambling" and Astra let's Spooner have a look around on her own.

After getting benched, Astra starts to comb the woods but Spooner follows her and says that her navigation skills aren't that great. Astra is angry, but Spooner says that Astra wasn't going to last a minute out in the woods alone. She asks what she's even doing out there and Astra says she's looking for gold. Spooner starts to give advice, but Astra just tells her to just focus on if the alien is near. Spooner says she's not Astra's tool, and that the Waverider could make all the gold she wants. Astra says it's not about the gold, but about showing everyone in that town that she gets what she wants. Spooner thinks that's a lot of work just to prove a point, and Astra figures Spooner would say that, but Astra has had to fight for every bit of power she's ever had. Spooner asks if Astra assumes she had it easy, and Astra says that Spooner spent all her time alone and hiding when she could have been harnessing her power. Spooner says that she was keeping her head down, and that she wasn't alone. When she lost her mom, they put her in foster care. Astra stops at that, and Spooner goes on to say that people couldn't exactly handle a kid who hears aliens all the time. Astra says that where she came from, she had to use all her power, just to tip the scales in her favor. Spooner tells her that she's not in hell, and Astra tells her that she's not in Texas. Astra asks which way they go, and Spooner starts to lead the way.

As Spooner tries to hold back the alien, she yells that she can't hold it back forever. Astra runs up and says that she's got her. She casts a spell and the monster turns to ash and the two fall to the ground.


Spooner decides that she's going to look for her own way out, and will shoot anyone who follows her. Except Astra, who she trusts. Astra feels the same and the two head upstairs. The two try a door and end up in the conservatory, only to end up back in the dining room and Astra yells that all the doors circle back into the house. They find the kitchen, and Astra suggests trying the backdoor, only for them to end up in the conservatory again. Spooner then throws a pot through the window and the two stand back to back in defense. Behrad finds them later, they're corpses leaning on each other.


Astra and Spooner are walking around the ship when the lights start to flicker. Astra says that's weird and Spooner agrees as they head to the bridge to see what's wrong. Once they get there, they see that they're in the time stream, and Astra asks Gideon whose flying the ship. Spooner tries to contact Sara, but gets nothing. They then here John and Bishop coming in and Spooner starts to pull out her gun. Astra says that they'll lose against John's dark magic and pulls her into the captain's room. She then turns them into objects so that they can hide and spy on them.

Once they leave, Astra turns them back and says they have to get the other Legends in order to stop John and Bishop. Spooner asks how, since she can't drive the ship without Gideon. Astra doesn't even have a driver's license, so Spooner says that it's up to the two of them to stop them.

They enter an oil mining town, and Astra grabs a paper that says they're in 1925 Texas. A woman yells that she can help an injured miner, and Spooner grabs onto Astra's arm. Astra asks if it's alien's, but Spooner says that it's something else. Spooner says that there's something familiar about the woman, and Astra asks what it is. Spooner can't explain it, but she knows that's her mom. After helping her and defending Gloria, she invites the two to her house for a hot meal. Spooner wants to go, but Astra holds her back and says that they need to find John and Bishop. Spooner knows that's her mom, but Astra points out that her mom was abducted when she was a kid, so it can't possibly be her. Spooner thinks that they could have wiped her memories and sent her back in time, which would explain why she never found her. Astra doesn't want Spooner to get her hopes up, but Spooner asks if Astra wouldn't take the same chance if it was her mom, and Astra agrees to go with, but only because she might know something about the fountain.

Spooner and Astra arrive at Gloria's house and after some talking, Astra decides that Gloria doesn't know anything about the fountain. Spooner says that Gloria mentioned having a daughter, which means her younger self is going to come running through the door any minute, and that she was the one abducted and with her memories wiped. Astra thinks it might be best if she doesn't meet her past self for timeline reasons, when a younger Spooner comes through the door. With John Constantine right behind.

After John knocks out the everyone else, and shows Spooner her past, he leaves and everyone wakes up. Astra tells Spooner to come with her outside and she follows. Astra asks what John did, and Spooner explains that John showed her the truth about her past. Spooner is going to stay and stop Gloria from getting killed and herself from traveling to the future, but Astra says things are going to go south with John. Spooner says it's her only chance to get her mom back and thought Astra would understand that. Astra does, when she notices the cut on Spooner's hand. Spooner gave her blood to John, which is the one thing they're trying to stop. Spooner says that Astra can go after John, but she's staying.

As Spooner hugs her mom, Astra comes over and reminds Spooner that if she doesn't go to the fountain, then she'll never come back in time to save Gloria. Spooner wants to protect her now, so she can become the person that Gloria wanted her to be, but Astra says that history will be changed, and Spooner will never meet the Legends. She'll never be the person that she is, and they'll never become friends. She really doesn't want her to lose her friend. Spooner says that she can't let that innocent girl go through the same thing she did, but Gloria realizes that Astra is right. Spooner gives in and gets Astra to take her younger self to the fountain.


Spooner hugs her mom goodbye, as Astra walks over. When Gloria leaves, Astra joins Spooner, who immediately falls into her arms for a hug.

Season 7


Spooner and Astra team up to search for the Waverider fail safe, and Spooner comes to the conclusion that they're looking for a needle in a Haystack. Spooner asks if Astra's got any tricks to finding it, and Astra thinks she might remember John's tracking spell. She gives it a try and Spooner says it's not bad, but Astra follows the spell to realize that someone might have moved it. They follow the spell to the Sheriff's office, and take a look inside. They return to the other Legends and tell them what happened. They decide to distract the locals by making them think they're in a circus, and Astra says she's not doing that. Spooner thinks that's good, because she needs to fix her moms porch and is recruiting Astra.

As Astra tries to use her magic to resurrect the Waverider, Spooner sees the blood dripping from her nose. She tells Astra to stop, but Astra ignores her and keeps going. She then passes out and Spooner catches her before she hits the ground.

Astra wakes up in Gloria's house and guesses that her spell didn't resurrect the Waverider. Spooner says that it didn't and asks what Astra was thinking. Astra says that she could get a little sympathy since she was trying to help her. Spooner says that all she did was create a huge spectacle around her mom's house, but Astra says she was the only doing anything to get everyone out of Texas. Spooner tells her to think it through next time, and Astra doubts anyone noticed. A car then pulls up and Spooner says that someone did.

Astra finds Spooner trying to bury the pieces of the Waverider and Spooner says that it's not going to bury itself. Astra says she'll miss it, and Spooner is sarcastically shocked at Astra being sentimental. Astra apologizes for drawing attention to Gloria, and gets why Spooner was mad. Spooner says that she gets that Astra was just trying to help, but Astra admits that she wasn't just trying to help Spooner. She wanted to prove that she was worthy of replacing John, and guesses that she's not. Spooner says that the Legends don't need another John, they need Astra. Spooner then admits that she was more upset that Astra almost died than she was about the cops. She likes having Astra around, she's like her best friend. Astra admits that no one's ever said that to her before, and that she feels the same. Spooner says that if anything goes wrong, they'll handle it and she's got her back. They share a fist bump, and sit beside each other. Astra says that she almost finished the spell, and Spooner asks if she could. Astra admits it was too much for her, but that John probably could have finished it. She says the last word was "unum", and Spooner repeats it, thinking it sound mysterious. Magic seeps from Astra's hand into the ground as they both wish Gideon was there to make them steak and a drink. The magic then swirls, drawing their attention. They then see a woman and come to the conclusion that it's Gideon.


In Gloria's kitchen, Astra's asking how her spell to bring back the Waverider caused Gideon to happen. Spooner sees Gideon in the woman's smile, and says that at least Astra's got her magic working. Astra thinks her magic is garbage as Gideon mimics her. Spooner says that it's still Gideon, and Gideon spills some spices on Astra. Spooner goes to help Astra clean it up, but Astra just removes her hand and Spooner says she's sorry.

Astra and Spooner return to Gloria's only to find Gideon carving faces into apples using her teeth. Astra thinks it's gross, but Spooner thinks it's cute that she's making little dolls from the apples. Astra wants the Legends back, since they would know what to do with Gideon and when Astra mentions Davies she freezes and falls over. Spooner checks on Gideon and Astra says that she's now broken.

Gloria asks if Gideon had anything to drink and Astra says that Gideon doesn't need to since she's a computer. Gloria says that Gideon has a pulse, and that Astra is her mother now. Astra says she's no one's mother, and Spooner asks what the team will do with a human Gideon. Astra says that there's always room for one more when it comes to the Legends, and Gloria points out that it would make more sense for the Legends to come back moments after they left. Astra and Spooner the realize, that it's not going to work.

Spooner asks what they're going to do, and Astra asks if Spooner's ever heard of the one about the black lady, brown lady, and broken computer who walked into a bar in 1925. Spooner says she hasn't and Astra says it's because it's never happened and there's nothing they can do right now. Gideon then comes over with more apple heads, and Spooner realizes that she's trying to tell them something. Spooner comments on what Gideon is doing, and Astra makes fun of it. She then tells off Gideon for not working, who sadly walks away. Spooner brings over cleaning supplies, and asks why Astra is taking her frustrations out on Gideon. Astra says that Gideon is a reminder of her failure, and Spooner figures that's why Astra doesn't want to go after the Legends. Astra says that she's useless to them, but Spooner says Astra needs to ease up, since she only made one mistake. At least Astra still has magic. Astra says that Spooner has things to offer as well, and Spooner asks what she brings if there are no aliens. Astra blurts out ranch wear and they laugh. Spooner says that they're both pretty useless, and Astra corrects her to the three of them when the lights start to flicker. A light blows and they run outside.

They find Gideon unplugging the fuse box, and Astra yells at her to stop. Gideon then takes two of the wires and the box explodes and knocks out Gideon. Astra runs to her side and asks why she did that. Spooner pieces together that Gideon understood Astra wanting Gideon to be a machine again and went about it the worst way possible.

As Astra tries to get Gideon to write, Spooner expresses to her mom that she wishes they could find a way to communicate with her. Spooner then joins Gideon and Astra, and touches Gideon. She can then hear Gideons thoughts, and tells Astra this. Astra asks what she's saying. Spooner explains that Gideon knows when Davies time travel experiment will take place, and Gideon finally speaks, calling the two captains. The information causes Astra and Spooner to realize that the plan might work, and Astra suggests that the amount of time till the experiments is why they're not back yet. Gideon says that they need to get Davies first or the Legends will die. Spooner says that might also be why, and Astra says they have to go save the Legends.


Season 6

Back to the Finale: Part II

  • Astra and Spooner sit next to each other as they mourn Sara.
  • Astra tells Spooner that they're at last years finale.
  • Spooner says that she never got turned into a fork, but Astra says it was one time. She still doesn't trust Astra.
  • Spooner sits next to Astra.
  • Astra shushes Spooner.
  • Spooner and Astra trail off after the rest of the Legends.

Stressed Western

  • Ava asks where Spooner and Astra are.
  • Spooner apologizes for Astra and says that Astra gets hot under the collar.
  • Spooner pulls Astra away from getting eaten.
  • Sara and Nate bench Spooner and Astra.
  • Astra says that Astra did a good job finding the gold, and checks on her when she senses the alien.
  • Astra and Spooner follow Reeves back to town.
  • Astra rolls her eyes at Reeves complimenting Spooner.

This is Gus

  • Spooner tells Astra that the baby alien doesn't like being picked up.

Bad Blood

  • Astra watches Spooner leave.

The Final Frame

  • Spooner and Astra fight over the alien puzzle box.
  • Astra grabs Spooner to look at the back of her shirt.
  • Astra watches Spooner set up her serve.
  • Spooner asks if Sara is really going to let Astra skip out.
  • Astra watches Spooner as she hurts.
  • Spooner high fives Astra after her bowl.
  • Astra lifts and hugs Spooner when she gets a strike.

Bored on Board Onboard

  • Astra says they need to talk about Spooner's footwear, but Spooner says that she's not wearing heels.
  • Spooner and Astra sit next to each other during the game.
  • Spooner and Astra share a look at the dinner table.
  • Astra and Spooner find Mick in the lab.
  • Astra head tilts to Spooner to get her out of the room.

Silence of the Sonograms

  • Astra suggests that Spooner's memory was changed.
  • Astra says she's going to need to put another spell on Spooner.
  • Spooner takes a belt and says she doesn't want to bite her tongue off, and Astra calls her a baby.
  • Spooner and Astra leave John and Zari alone.

There Will be Brood

  • Astra tells Spooner not to trust John, and Spooner doesn't.
  • Astra asks if Spooner's plan is just too shoot the oil men.
  • Astra takes a younger Spooner into the bedroom to keep her safe.
  • Astra watches Spooner hug her mom.
  • Spooner and Astra hold hands as they watch Gloria say goodbye to younger Spoonner.
  • Spooner asks Astra to take of her younger self, and Astra says she always will.
  • Astra takes a young Spooner to the fountain and reassures her that she'll be alright.

The Fungus Amongus

  • Astra tells the Legends where Spooner is.
  • Astra asks Gloria if Spooner is dying.
  • Astra says that Spooner and the fountain are linked.
  • Astra comes to Spooner's side when she starts translating the aliens.
  • Spooner and Astra sit next to each other at Sara and Ava's wedding.
  • Spooner and Astra walk towards the ship side by side.

Season 7

The Bullet Blondes

  • Spooner asks where Astra is.


Spooner“I mean, y'all are great, but there were perks to my old life. You know, never getting attacked by an alien Amerlia Earhart, never getting turned into a fork.”
Astra“That was one time!”
Spooner“Don't trust you.”
— Back to the Finale: Part II


The ship was sparked before the two even interacted. Many fans of the ship got the idea with Spooner's casting, and thus their first interaction was much anticipated. Many found it hilarious that after all the anticipation, their first interaction was during an animated sequence where Spooner was turned into a fork. Spooner giving Astra the nickname "princess" in that scene, also made fans instantly latch onto the nickname, many hoping that Spooner would continue calling her princess for the rest of the series.

The ship gained much traction when Astra seemingly flirted with Spooner in the next episode, and in the subsequent episodes they grew a very strong bond. Many fans are disappointed that there seems to be a relationship being written for Behrad and Astra, despite Spooner being a more popular choice.

On AO3, Esperastra is the most written ship for Spooner.



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  • Tala Ashe (Zari Tomaz/Tarazi) felt that there was chemistry between the two and ships them[1].
  • Lisseth Chavez and Olivia Swann, the actresses that play Spooner and Astra respectively, are very close friends in real life, and they were the ones who originally coined their ship name, Esperastra. It's unclear whether they are aware most people ship their characters romantically, but they post about Esperastra often.




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