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Espicole is the het ship between Espio the Chameleon and Nicole the Holo-Lynx from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

During the Second Robotnik War, Nicole was given to Espio to assist him in finding out what had happened to the inhabitants of the Golden Hive Colony. While hacking, Nicole told him about theories involving Eggman and later informed Espio that the Golden Hive Colony was gone. Desperate to avenge his friend Charmy Bee, Espio ordered Nicole to trap robots into a city, which Nicole did, but not without objections.

Espio was among the ones who attended the Forget Me Knots concert in New Mobotropolis, where Mina expressed her fears about Nicole. During the concert, Espio noticed a distraught Nicole run off. Feeling worried for her, Espio decided to follow her to the one city's server rooms. He was shocked to also find Dimitri, who was thought to be missing. Espio turned invisible in order to investigate, but Dimitri already knew he was there. Espio was originally going to attack Dimitri for being a traitor, but Dimitri reminded Espio that he too had been a traitor and doubted that Espio was there to threaten him and yell at Nicole. Espio admitted Dimitri was right and that he was actually there to make sure Nicole was okay. Espio felt that he owed Nicole due to her helping him in the past. Espio added that both had been used by the Iron Dominion and had lost the trust of others as a result.

Nicole told Espio that Sally had told her to show mercy to Dimitri. Dimitri told Espio and Nicole the two showed displayed something he himself had ignored in the past: love and compassion. Although he knew he was in no place to ask anything of Espio, Dimitri asked Espio to arrange a meeting with Knuckles. Espio, in no position to deny someone a second chance, agreed to do it.

After Dimitri's meeting with Knuckles by the Lake of Rings, which resulted in Knuckles eventually giving Dimitri a second chance (although Knuckles had refused to even talk to Dimitri at first), Dimitri thanked Espio and Nicole for their actions.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

Although both characters exist in the Post-Super Genesis Wave comics, they are never shown interacting. Their groups (the Chaotix for Espio and Freedom Fighters for Nicole) are allies.


Although the pairing isn't extremely popular, it still has support. The ship gained some popularity due to the characters' interactions in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave comics. Espio's older child in the Light Mobius timeline, Salma, has similar hair to Nicole, which also contributes to the pairing.



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