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“She’s everything to me.”
— Ethan to Miranda, about Rose, Resident Evil 8: Village.

EthanRosemary is the family ship between Ethan Winters and Rosemary Winters from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 8: Village

Rosemary, commonly referred to as Rose, was born to Ethan and his wife, Mia Winters, on August 2nd, 2020, three years following the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Due to the Mold virus that Ethan and Mia encountered in RE7, Rose is a mutant human. By the beginning of Resident Evil 8, Rose is six months old and living with her parents in an Eastern European safe house, or so is believed. Unknown to Ethan, a woman named Miranda has taken Mia’s physical form, pretending to be his wife in order to get closer to Rose. Following Miranda telling Rose a rather scary story to fall asleep to, with Ethan present, she directs Ethan to put Rose to bed. Should the player interact with it, Ethan can twist a music box while holding Rose and sway her in his arms, leaving a smile on her face. As Ethan is taking her upstairs, Rose begins to whine, leading to Ethan gently patting her and saying how that story was too scary for her. Should the player interact with it, Ethan can pick up a toy monkey and make soft monkey sounds while holding Rose before laying her down in her crib. As Ethan lays her down, he assures her he’ll be right downstairs and that he’ll also protect her from the “weird fairy tale monsters”.

A short time later, Ethan is in a light argument with Miranda, still believed to be his wife, when suddenly she is gunned down in rapid fire by Chris Redfield and his team. As Ethan is being escorted out of his home, he sees Rose be handed to Chris and goes in for her aggressively, demanding what he’s doing with his daughter and to take his hands off of her. Ethan is hit with the butt of an assailant’s gun and falls to the floor. Before being dragged out by his ankles, Ethan reaches a hand out to Rose’s direction, groaning her name.

Sometime later, the convoy Ethan is in is overturned and Rose is kidnapped. Ethan wakes up, alone and outside in a snowy village. He heads for the center of the village where after having fought Lycans, a mutant human species whom are noted for their canine-like characteristics, he spots an old looking woman. The woman, the hag, also Miranda in disguise, recognizes Ethan as “the child’s father.” Hearing the “the child,” Ethan immediately mentions Rose, questioning if she means Rose is there. The hag claims that Rose is in “great danger” and ever since “Mother Miranda brought her to the village, they have fallen into darkness.” However the hag says nothing more of use and quickly leaves the way she came, leaving Ethan standing alone. Realizing Rose is there, Ethan finds a reason for staying and getting to the bottom of what’s happening.

As Ethan is working his way around the village, he sees a castle not far in the distance. He tells Elena, a villager he’s allied with, that he has a hunch that Rose is in that castle. Elena however falls to a fiery death a few minutes later, leaving Ethan alone again. Despite the newest tragedy Ethan’s endured, he presses forward for the castle.

Ethan arrives to Castle Dimitrescu, questioning if Rose could be there. As he searches the castle, he wonders where they have taken her. Ethan meets up with a man named the Duke, whom he encountered before entering the castle. The Duke asks if he has found his daughter, leading to Ethan bitterly telling him no. The Duke offers some advice to assist Ethan in his efforts, telling him to check the Lady of the castle’s private chambers, as that would potentially be where Rose would be kept. Ethan takes this advice, and makes his way for Lady Dimitrescu’s chambers, gaining entry by going through a balcony door. Upon seeing an empty bassinet, Ethan again questions where Rose could be. As Ethan begins to leave the room, Dimitrescu enters. Dimitrescu comments that Ethan is doing all this for “a child that isn’t even here”.

Ethan eventually escapes the castle and makes his way to the cathedral adjoining the castle. It’s there the final battle between him and Dimitrescu takes place, ending with Ethan killing her and picking up a dirtied yellow flask. As he’s leaving the castle grounds, he quietly says Rose’s name, dishearten that he hasn’t found her yet.

Ethan encounters the hag again as he hears her siting a prayer. Once she’s finished he asks her what’s going on around the village, also stating to her that he still hasn’t found Rose yet. He asks where Mother Miranda had taken her, and upon being told the “child will be sacrificed,” Ethan is shocked, exclaiming, “What kind of sick medieval shit is this! She’s just a baby!” The hag replies with a riddle, frustrating Ethan further, claiming that he just wants to find his daughter. Before more could be said, the hag leaves the room, leaving Ethan alone.

Ethan arrives to the Altar, seeing the Duke once more, stating “it was all worthless”. The Duke is skeptical as he assumes Ethan “picked up something of value”. Ethan attempts to hand him the dirtied yellow flask, saying he’s not sure of its value. The Duke informs Ethan he “has his daughter right in his own hands,” confusing Ethan. The Duke tells him to “take a closer look,” leading to Ethan clearing off the dirt and reading Rosemay’s name, followed by “Head”. In his shock, Ethan drops the flask. Ethan is unable to get any words out, leaving the Duke to try to tell him something about Rose, however Ethan does yell at him to “not say another word”. As Ethan picks the flask back up, he says that “this is impossible,” and “this just can’t be”. The Duke tells him that Rose’s essences is still intact and that her powers are truly unique. Ethan asks “who could even do this,” only for the Duke to answer that she can still be saved. Ethan’s shock and anger rises, asking if the Duke’s insane, how she can be saved from a decapitation.

With the Duke’s guidance and Ethan’s own discoveries, he learns that Mother Miranda crystallized and split Rose into four fragments, containing her parts in yellow flasks. Miranda had given those flasks to the Four Lords of the village for safe keeping, in preparation for a ceremony to take place later that night. Since getting Rose’s head flask, Ethan heads for House Beneviento, where he gets Rose’s legs flask. From there, he heads for Moreau’s Reservoir, getting Rose’s arms flask. The last and final lord he must defeat is Heisenberg, where Ethan locates him in his factory.

Heisenberg wants to craft an alliance with Ethan, as he despises Miranda too. However he wishes to use Rose against her due to the power that Rose possess. Ethan is highly opposed to his daughter becoming a weapon, fighting Heisenberg at every turn, ending with Heisenberg ultimately giving up on trying to ally himself and Ethan.

Left in Heisenberg’s factory, Ethan eventually runs into Chris Redfield on his own mission. Through much back and forth, Chris finally agrees to let Ethan in on the plan and what’s happening in the village. He shows Ethan pictures of the ceremony site that Miranda will be using shorty, along with the flasks of Rose that Ethan had placed in the Altar earlier in the day. Upon seeing Rose’s flasks, Ethan shouts her name, saying “they’ve got to go now”. Chris attempts to reassure Ethan that his men are monitoring the situation, but knowing where Rose is, Ethan is insistent on going straight for her, stating that “they have his daughter”. Chris promises Ethan that they will get Rose back – together, leading to Ethan telling him, “Damn straight we will.”

With Chris’ help, Ethan is able to destroy Heisenberg. After their battle Ethan is met by Miranda who reveals her intentions with Rose; how Rose is the true vessel for her own daughter, Eva who died back in 1919. Ethan yells at her that Rose “is everything to him,” and that “she’s his child, not hers”. Seeing as Ethan has served his usefulness, Miranda rips his heart out of his chest, causing Ethan to fall to the ground before she disappears.

Ethan wakes in Eveline’s consciousness that exists within his mind where he discovers that he died three years prior back in 2017 at the hands of Jack Baker. It was due to the Mold virus that Ethan encountered that is the only reason he’s still “alive” and is able to withstand and recover from brutal assaults. However, upon having his heart torn out of his chest, his Mold body is struggling to keep itself together, steadily falling apart and unable to repair itself from its injury. Knowing Rose is still in danger, through sheer willpower alone, Ethan pulls his crumbling body together for her sake, refusing to die until she’s safe.

With assistance from the Duke, he drives Ethan to the ceremony site where Miranda will attempt to bring back her daughter. Ethan storms the site as the ceremony is taking place. Something goes wrong and Eva is not brought back. From a vantage point, Chris shoots Miranda, yelling for Ethan to take Rose. Ethan holds his daughter since they were separated, but Miranda goes in for her. Ethan yells at her to let go, however she brings Rose back to her. Ethan and Miranda engage themselves in a tense battle with Ethan shouting that Rose is his child, and not hers. Ethan is successful in killing Miranda and as Miranda crumbles, Rose is revealed in her remains. Ethan immediately runs for her, taking her in his arms and telling her it’s alright.

With Miranda dead and Rose safe in his arms, Ethan notices his body begin to disintegrate, starting with his right hand. As Ethan falls to his knees, Chris runs up to him, telling him they’ve got to move as he’s set a bomb that’s going to blow up the entire village. Seeing as he’s dying fast and with the remainder of the megamycete, what Miranda tried to use to bring Eva back with, coming at the three of them, Ethan makes a quick maneuver over Chris, resulting in Chris holding Rose, and Ethan holding Chris’ bomb trigger. Ethan lays his jacket over Rose, gently patting her one last time. Ethan tells Chris to keep Rose safe, to watch over her and to teach her to be strong. As a megamycete root shoots at them, Ethan shoves Chris and Rose back, choking back tears as he says his final goodbye to Rose. Knowing he has to leave, Chris leaves with Rose and reunites her with her awaiting mother, Mia. A short time later, Ethan detonates Chris’ bomb, leveling the entire village, destroying the megamycete and killing himself in the process.

During the epilogue, Rose is in her adolescent years. She’s wearing Ethan’s jacket that he placed on her when she was an infant, as well as his ring. Rose is aware of the kind of man her father was. She takes a bus to a cemetery where she places flowers down at Ethan’s gravestone, saying, “Hey, Dad. Happy birthday.” She begins to have a one-sided conversation, saying how she’s sorry for missing the previous week as she has “a lot of tests coming up”. From behind her she hears a car horn, voicing her annoyance. Before she stands to leave for the car, she tells the gravestone, “Duty calls. I love you.” Inside the car, Rose’s handler tells her she’s “a lot like him,” leaving a smile across Rose’s lips, before stating that she knows.


Resident Evil 8: Village

  • Ethan gently pats Rosemary as she whines.
  • Ethan can twist a music box while holding Rosemary and gently sway her in his arms.
  • Ethan can pick up a toy monkey while holding Rosemary and make soft monkey sounds to her.
  • Ethan assures Rosemary he’ll be right downstairs and that he’ll protect her from the weird fairy tale monsters.
  • Ethan demands to know what Chris is doing with Rosemary.
  • Ethan demands Chris take his hands off of Rosemary.
  • Ethan reaches a hand out to Rosemary’s direction, groaning her name.
  • Ethan is shock and confused to find Rose’s head in a flask.
  • Upon learning of Rose’s location, Ethan wants to immediately head straight for her.
  • Knowing Rose is still in danger, through sheer willpower alone, Ethan pulls his crumbling body together for her sake, refusing to die until she’s safe.
  • As Miranda crumbles, Rose is revealed in her remains. Ethan immediately runs for her and takes her in his arms.
  • Ethan lays his jacket over Rose.
  • Ethan tells Chris to keep Rose safe.
  • Ethan tells Chris to watch over Rose.
  • Ethan tells Chris to teach Rose to be strong.
  • Ethan chokes back tears as he says his final goodbye to Rose.
  • Rose places flowers on Ethan’s gravestone.
  • Rose tells Ethan’s gravestone that she loves him.
  • Rose smiles when told she’s a lot like Ethan.




EthanRosemary has become a beloved relationship within the Resident Evil fandom following the release of Resident Evil 8: Village. Resident Evil 8’s primary plot being that of Ethan rescuing Rosemary, his infant daughter at the time. Due to this, fans of the series have come to love Ethan’s complete devotion to her. When it comes to romantic ships that Ethan is involved in, Rosemary is often featured as being raised by the other half of the ship.

EthanRosemary has 20+ general fan works in it’s tag on AO3.



Ethan & Rosemary tag on AO3


Winters Family refers to the ship between Mia Winters, Ethan and Rosemary


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