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Ethan Winters is a character from the Resident Evil fandom.


Ethan was an American systems engineer, who married his wife, Mia, in 2011. An ordinary, run-of-the-mill kind of guy, after Mia goes missing for three years and is discovered to be alive in 2017, Ethan goes to find her. He unknowingly enters into the world of bioterrorism, beginning with the Baker House Incident in Dulvey, Louisiana. Ethan and Mia were rescued by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.) and were placed under witness protection in Eastern Europe.

Despite being infected with the Mold, a fungal superorganism Ethan encountered in Dulvey, he and Mia welcomed their daughter, Rosemary, in 2020. However when Rose was 6 months old, she is kidnapped and taken to a remote mountainous village. It’s there Ethan once again shows his selflessness and determination he showed back in 2017 for his wife to this time search for/rescue his daughter. Ethan was successful in saving his daughter, but also gave his life in the prosses when his body began breaking down, unable to repair itself from a fatal wound. Through sheer willpower alone, Ethan kept himself together until he knew Rose was safe.



Alcithan — the ship between Ethan and Alcina Dimitrescu
Donnathan — the ship between Ethan and Donna Beneviento
Elenathan — the ship between Ethan and Elena Lupu
Ethanda — the ship between Ethan and Miranda
Mithan — the ship between Ethan and Mia Winters
Zothan — the ship between Ethan and Zoe Baker


Dukethan — the ship between Ethan and The Duke
Ethan x Jack — the ship between Ethan and Jack Baker
Ethansalvatore — the ship between Ethan and Salvatore Moreau
Luthan — the ship between Ethan and Lucas Baker
Nivanters — the ship between Ethan and Piers Nivans
Winterfield — the ship between Ethan and Chris Redfield
Wintersberg — the ship between Ethan and Karl Heisenberg
Winterson — the ship between Ethan and Dion Wilson


Ethan x Dimitrescu Sisters — the ship between Ethan, Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu and Daniela Dimitrescu
Ethan x Mia x Zoe — the ship between Ethan, Mia Winters and Zoe Baker
Mithanberg — the ship between Ethan, Mia Winters and Karl Heisenberg
Mithanfield — the ship between Ethan, Mia Winters and Chris Redfield


Ethanrosemary — the ship between Ethan and Rosemary Winters
Winters Family — the ship between Ethan, Mia Winters and Rosemary Winters


Angiethan — the ship between Ethan and Angie (doll)
Moldthan— the ship between Ethan and the Mold virus


Mia Winters

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Karl Heisenberg

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Chris Redfield

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Alcina Dimitrescu

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Lucas Baker

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44 Ethanrosemary Rosemary Winters family
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34 Luthan Lucas Baker slash
19 Winterfield Chris Redfield friend
15 Donnathan Donna Beneviento friend
15 Mithan Mia Winters friend


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