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EulaJean is the femslash ship between Eula Lawrence and Jean Gunnhildr from the Genshin Impact fandom.


In Eula's story quest, the traveler first meets with Jean, who sends them to go investigate Eula's uncle, Schubert. Jean talks a bit about the Lawrence clan before the traveler heads off to begin the quest.

Promotional Content

In Eula's character teaser, she is drinking in Angel's Share when she suddenly sneezes. Afterwards, she says 'Oh, I bet it's that Gunnhildr girl talking about me behind my back again...' Her thoughts immediately went to Jean to blame her for the sneeze, and maybe to have a reason to exact vengeance on her as well.

Character Details/Voicelines

Eula's character details mention Jean first. Her details talk about how many people in Mondstadt look at Eula with contempt because of her clan and ancestors. When she joined the Knights of Favonius, many people voiced their reservations because they suspected that Eula would have ulterior motives. However, one person saw things differently; Jean. In fact, the Acting Grand Master speaks rather fondly of Eula. She says 'The rumors are all groundless. The Spindrift Knight is simply misunderstood, that's all'.

Eula's voiceline about Jean mentions how their families have a long rivalry, but Jean herself can draw a clear line between person and professional manners. Despite any problems between their families, Jean saw that Eula was capable and recruited her, while also giving her lots of opportunities. Eula then says that because of this, she'll give Jean a soft landing when she deals out her vengeance.

Jean's voiceline about Eula starts off by telling the traveler not to hold her family's background against her. She says that Eula has a clear sense of right and wrong and is more talented than most. Jean says that the 'controversial statements that she makes from time to time are just a product of her personality' and that she doesn't mind it when Eula talks about challenging her.

Character Story Profile

In Eula's first story, it talks about how sometimes, when Eula returns to Mondstadt, she brandishes her greatsword and marches right into the Knight of Favonius headquarters. Two fresh recruits did not know how to respond to this and did not dare to intervene; staying in place instead and watching as Eula headed straight to Jean's office. Peculiarly enough, however, hours passed and there were no scuffling sounds from within.

Later, the new guards mentioned the incident to Kaeya and Lisa as they passed by. Lisa responds with "The Reconnaissance Captain is back again? When you saw her, was it when she was marching towards Jean's office with her sword in hand, looking like she wanted to kill somebody?" The librarian then says, "Goodness, I must head there straight away. How can they have a tea break without me?"

Kaeya talks with the guards a bit, and then finally the guards say, "Ohh... S—So that's how it is..." and "...So 'tea break' is code for 'sparring'...?"

The story then goes on to say, "This kind of thing occurs almost on a monthly basis. But... if they're engaged in some sort of strange sparring ritual in there for the sake of settling old grievances and honing their fighting skills... How come they don't make a ton of noise?"

Eula's second character story mentions Jean again. Since Eula is a hard person to work with among new recruits of the Knights of Favonius, when Jean sends one to track Eula down and give her new orders, the response is always "If you have to resort to tasking the descendant of your former oppressors with doing your work, then perhaps you are not as strong as I thought". But despite what she says, she always does her tasks anyways.


EulaJean can subjectively be considered the first or one of the first ships with Eula, since the first mention of it appeared during the publication of Eula's first character trailer. Even before that, some fans, based on the known information about the personality of Eula and the similarity of their archetypes, speculated that there would be some important interaction between the girls within the framework of the subplot of knights. Strongly hinted friendly rivalry between the girls and the very friendly way of Jean's telling about Eula quickly became the subject of semi-serious speculation that shippers would soon create a ship based on Eula x Jean.

After Eula's full appearance in the game, fans only continued to make comparisons between her and Jean, noting how similar the girls were in personalities, fighting styles and appearances. While this hasn't always been done seriously given the popularity of other ships with them, many have commented on how good Jean and Eula look together, no matter how you interpret their relationship.



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  • Both characters are 5 stars


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