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Euther is the het ship between Eula Lawrence and Aether from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Character Teaser

Eula and Aether are both drinking a bottle of wine (or osake in Japanese), she thanks Aether for accompanying her as the people of Mondstadt tend to avoid Eula for being a member of the Lawrence Clan. Eula begins to discuss about the Lawrence Clan and it's history. After the talk of the history of the Lawrence Clan, Eula tells Aether to put down his drink and look at her when she's talking, this is as well most likely as he was staring at her chested area. However after the talk about the Lawrence Clan, Eula is drunk.

Aphros Delos

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The two first meet when a Fatui agent nearly kills Aether from a ranged shot, luckily the shot is blocked by Eula who arrived to the scene on time. After fighting the Fatui Agent. After, Eula declares vengeance against Aether for stealing her opponents. Aether and Paimon then explain about the situation with another family member to Eula, as well how was the way to talk to him.

Eula then laughs off, understanding what they said, and tells them that was her uncle. Eula asked Aether what does he mean by investigating into which, Aether tells Eula that he might be secretly involved with the Fatui. Eula then tells that it has been a while since she encountered anyone as interesting as Aether. Eula informs Aether that it's time to begin his training, into which. Aether asked Eula if she wasn't plotting or doing anything to them as revenge or vengeance, Eula tells Aether to put that aside for now.

Aether arriving at Mondstadt and arriving where the Anemo Archon's Statue is at, Eula began with their first lesson. Aether asked about the "vengeance" stuff and if she won't really take revenge. After, they go to Dragonspine for some training, and at last the two go to Good Hunter for a meal, Eula then mentions to Aether about a secret dish that is ordered by Eula's uncle, as the dish happens to be his favorites, Eula advises Aether to give to her uncle in order to make up to him.


The ship itself isn't quite popular within the Genshin Impact fandom. Euther is naturally overshadowed by other more popular ships such as, EulAmber and Xiaother. There is currently five fan written works and very few fan arts between the two of them.

Ever since Eula's teaser was released, half of the fandom made memes about Aether looking at Eula's chest since he was with Eula at the tavern and was at his point of view. And Eula tells Aether to look directly at her in the eyes as he needs to know some proper etiquette. The meme itself, was popular in the Genshin Impact fandom and spread in other platforms.



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