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Evilfire is the het ship between Regina and Baelfire from the Once Upon A Time fandom.


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The two were rarely seen interacting, but Regina at some point was made aware that Neal was Rumpelstiltskin's son. She was later shocked to find out he was also Henry's father. She accused Rumpelstiltskin of doing this on purpose but he denies this.

When Henry is kidnapped by Pan, Regina travels with the Charming Family to Neverland where they all eventually find Neal. Regina Neal and Emma all get to the island where Pan has Henry but are unable to cross till Regina and Emma use their magic to life the barrier. The three then go up and try to convince Henry that he shouldn't give his heart to Pan, but are unsuccessful.


The pairing is very rare in fandom. Even though both of the characters are Henry's parents there are very few times in the series where they ever interact. Every time they do interact it is in a group setting where they would quickly discuss how to rescue their son Henry. They have never had any scene alone together, and never even made a formal introduction.

Some fans will ship the two in a polyamorous relationship with Emma. Those that do see this as an alternative to having them all be in three seperate relationships, as well as many fans liking both Swan Queen and SwanFire dynamics but not wanting either to be broken up. It also makes sense to many since all three of them are Henry's parents. Emma and Neal biological while Regina adopted him.

Some earlier fic will have them as a paired off background couple, and focus more on other Once couples. Typically for Rumbelle, Swan Queen, or Captain Swan. Most fics reference Neal and Emma's past relationship. Typically fics are also one shots in multifandom single chapter fics.

On AO3 it is the thirty fourth most written ship for Regina and the tenth most written for Neal.



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  • Regina is the adoptive mother of Henry, while Neal is his biological father.



Swan Mills Cassidy Family refers to the ship between the two and Emma Swan and all three raise their son Henry Mills
SwanThiefQueen refers to the ship between the two and Emma Swan


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