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FLight is the femslash ship between Oerba Yun Fang and Lightning Farron from the Final Fantasy fandom.


Final Fantasy XIII

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Lightning meets Fang when she and Snow come to her and Hope's aid in Palumpolum, and as they split up again Lightning is accompanied by Fang all while staying in contact with Hope and Snow. Because of what Lightning has been trough since she became an L'Cie, she didn't fully trust Fang until she explains that she too is a L'Cie, but unlike Lightning Fang's white colored brand saves her from turning into a Cie'th. As they make their way to Hope's house in Felix Heights, Fang tells Lightning her origins and takes the time to check Lightning's brand to see how much time she still has. In which allows Lightning to see that Fang is someone that she can trust after all.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

After the timeline changed and caused everyone to forgot the happy moment they shared with Lightning, they began to believe that she had joined Fang to upon Cocoon's crystal pillar with Vanille. As no one knew that the goddess Etro brought Lightning to Valhalla, where she stays for the entirety of the game. When Lightning's younger sister, Serah was in trouble, the friendship that Fang formed with Lightning has her helping Serah to escape the Dream World. So Serah can continue her search for Lightning.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Before Fang reunites herself with Lightning in the Dead Dunes, around the time after she and Vanille awoke from their crystal stasis slumber in Nova Chrysalia, the world that formed after Valhalla merged with Gran Pulse, Fang was taken to the Order of Salvation in Luxerion with Vanille, who had gained the odd ability to hear the voices of the dead within the chaos. When Fang learned details about the sacrifice that the Order wants Vanille to make on the final day and had enough of living under their roof, Fang escaped to the Dead Dunes where she took charge of a band of thieves who call themselves Monoculus; in order to find a relic known as the holy clavis before the Order gets their hands on it.

Lightning had also awoken from her second crystal stasis slumber, so she could serve as Bhunivelze's savior. As she saves souls to be brought into the new world, in the next thirteen days. The moment Lightning arrived in the Dead Dunes, Fang's thieves inform their boss of the savior's arrival and asks them to spy on Lightning until she decides to join their group. After Lightning passed their trail test, she was surprised to learn that Adonis' boss knows about her and goes to see why that is. Once she saw that the boss is her friend Fang, she got her answer as well as being glad to run into another one of their old friends. Keeping her true motive a secret from Lightning, from her being Bhunivelze's soul saving puma, Fang asks Lightning for her help to find the clavis. To which Lightning agrees, as they catch up on old times during their search and battles throughout the desert. Whenever Lightning leaves the Dead Dunes, however, Fang stays behind as the Monoculus need their leader, but when Lightning returns to the desert Fang is there to great her each time.

Their shared time searching for the holy clavis allows the two women to learn the history of Etro creating humans with her own blood and a few facts about Bhunivelze. Fang even tells Lightning a rime about the dead goddess from her childhood on Gran Pulse, along with helping Lightning to save a few souls on the way. When they finally found the holy relic and the Order was fast approaching them, Lightning is shock to see Fang wanting to destroy the relic and stops her from doing. Knowing that Lightning would keep her from trying again, Fang explains her reasons for her actions to save Vanille, before they get ambushed by the Secutors and get left to fight a large monster as they take the clavis back to the Order. After the monster was defeated, Lumina appears to taunt Fang about her not trusting Lightning while using her friend for her own gain. Since Lightning understand that Fang only wishes to save both Vanille and a large number of dead souls from within the chaos, she doesn't resent Fang for her recent actions towards her, and states to Lumina that only Fang can save Vanille's soul. Before they parted ways, Fang tells Lightning that she'll disband Monoculus and that she'll meet Lightning on the final day in Luxerion.

True to her word, Fang aids Lightning in Luxerion so they can convince Vanille to not preform the Soulsong, and that there is away for them to save all the living and dead souls. Before Lightning crosses paths with Fang on the final day, she learns that once a dead person's soul is destroy the living's memory of that person is forgotten and shares this fact with Fang. As both of them couldn't let Bhunivelze's true goal follow through to the end. Once Fang helps Vanille guide all the dying world's souls to the new world, Lightning is able to save both of their souls, but once it as done Bhunivelze appears through Hope's possessed body and captures Fang's soul along side Snow, Vanille and Noel's. Which later became Bhunivelze's grave mistake as Fang escapes his grasps to help Lightning and their friends to defeat him. After they witnesses the end of Nova Chrysalia, Lightning and Fang accompany their friends to the new world to begin their anew lives.


“What? No hugs and tears for an old friend? Not like I’d expect it though. If you’d shouted “Fang!” and hugged me I mighta had a heart attack on the spot. But I’m glad to see you’re still the same. It’s been a long time, after all…”
— Fang, LR: FFXIII


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Next to Fanille, FLight is one of the main femslash ships of the Lightning/FFXIII saga.

On AO3, the ship has over 314 fanfics, while has 816 with 196 placed under pairings.



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  • Should Lightning meet with Vanille before she uncovers the identity of the Monculus boss, Vanille informs Lightning that Fang had left her side a few years before Lightning's own awakening.



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