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Fair Game is the slash ship between Clover Ebi and Qrow Branwen from the RWBY fandom.


Clover is leading the Ace-Ops when they arrest Qrow and Team RWBY upon their arrival in Atlas. Clover later apologies once he has been updated by Ironwood and properly introduces himself and his team. Clover and Qrow pair up to form the alpha team while on a mission at an abandoned Dust mine. Qrow notes that he often works alone to which Clover thinks is a shame.

After a run in with the Grimm they are hunting, Qrow tells Clover that his Semblance brings bad luck, however Clover is unfazed as his Semblance brings good fortune. He winks at Qrow as he tells him "Lucky you." While on an escort mission with Penny and Ruby, Clover and Qrow sit in the back of the transport truck they are guarding and play cards together. Qrow, with a semblance of bad luck, is obviously on a losing streak to Clover and his semblance of good luck. Regardless, they keep playing and Clover notes that Qrow's nieces are lucky to have him as someone to look up to.

Qrow tries brush him off but Clover tells him he shouldn't always try and deflect compliments. Qrow smiles and considers it. They begin to develop good-natured banter by the time Ironwood is invited to defend his council seat, with Qrow telling Clover he don't need to wish him luck because Clover be in the room anyway. Qrow later rolls his eyes and calls Clover a show off after Clover saluted at him while jumping backwards out of their airship. After Clover revealed to Qrow that Ironwood had ordered him to arrest him Qrow looked at him in shock and then tried to talk some sense into him. Qrow and Robyn then began to fight Clover in the aircraft. When Tyrian eventually kills Clover Qrow cries out in pain and swears vengence. While in prison, Qrow is shown keeping Clover's badge as a memento to honor his deceased friend.


Fan theorized from Clover's introduction in Volume 7 that his Semblance would be good luck and began discussing how it would interact with Qrow's bad luck Semblance. The ship began in earnest after Clover winked at Qrow in Episode 3 and was encouraged by some of RWBY's animators. Fans were then devastated with Clover's subsequent death at the end of volume 7. Nevertheless, the pairing is still popular in the RWBY fandom.



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64th 2020


  • "Fair Game" is based on the concept that their Semblance's of good and bad luck cancel each other out, making things fair.
  • Kim Newman, the former lead animator of RWBY Volume 7, confirmed the parallels between the waitress telling Qrow "Lucky you!" then winking at him in Volume 4, and Clover doing the same in Volume 7.[1]
  • Rooster Teeth has sold merchandise pins of Qrow and Clover's emblems together.[2]
  • Fair Game has been featured on Tumblr's Fandometrics most reblogged ships list:
    • It was the 12th most reblogged ship on Tumblr the week ending March 23rd, 2020.[3]
    • Clover's death proved to be quite controversial for fans of the ship.



Lucky Birds — the ship between Qrow Branwen, Clover Ebi and Robyn Hill



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