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Alice“I won't have our kids make the same mistakes we did!”
FP“They weren't all mistakes.”
— Secrets

Falice is the het ship between FP and Alice from the Riverdale fandom.


Alice and FP both hail from the Southside of Riverdale and went to high school together. As teens they seem to have been in different social groups, although they couldn't have been far apart as FP was a BMOC (according to Fred Andrews) and all three of them went to Riverdale High along with Hal, Penelope, Mary, Hermione and Hiram, where Alice and Hal were voted homecoming King and Queen.

As adults, Alice shows disdain for the Southside and has, according to FP, changed her social self-perception through her marriage to Hal. The two are very spiteful to one another and seem to have a deeper history. An article published by Betty in the Blue & Gold reveals that Alice was arrested when she was young and confirms that she is from the Southside. When FP gets released from jail, Alice decides to join her daughter and Jughead in picking him up, making not so subtle flirtatious comments 'disguised' as menace. She questions FP's bid at rehabilitation and he matches her as no one else usually does. When Betty seems drawn to the Southside Serpents in order to feel closer to Jughead, Alice freaks out at the thought of Betty following in her footsteps and goes to FP, who assuages her, but not before alluding to their implied romantic past, which rattles Alice.

Briefly, Alice relives her old days, dresses up as a Serpent would, drinking at the White Wyrm and making herself at home, until she sees Betty pole dancing and realises things are taking a turn for her daughter. Alice is unable to parent Betty and gives up, but seems surprised that FP actually does return to Serpent life, in spite of what he told her earlier. They have little communication for a while, until Chic kills someone in the Coopers' kitchen and Alice goes to FP for help. FP eradicates the remains of the body and Alice is very raw, vulnerable and thankful towards FP for his help. [1] After Jughead and his friends help oust the blackmailers from Alice's house, she apologises publicly to them for using The Register to defame them all those years. Her newfound acceptance of her past and identity leads her to FP's trailer, where they start a relationship. [2]

As Alice is cast in the musical, she goes to Pop's to invite FP and he brushes her off coldly, to which she reacts as though it's high school all over again. Hal enlists Betty's help to reconcile with Alice and she accepts. As FP arrives at the high school to see the musical after all, he sees Alice and Hal together and leaves. Although seemingly the end, Alice goes to FP beside herself after Chic admits that he's not her son and that her son is dead. She confesses to FP, after so many years, that she had their baby and that he's now gone. She says it's all her fault that he died and breaks down in FP's arms. [3]

The night Hal confesses he's the Black Hood, Alice admits she "stepped out on him" with FP, whom she adds is "more of a man than [Hal] will ever be." [4]

In the beginning of season 3, they are seen in bed together and FP says he is glad that the farm (a cult Poll gets Alice to join) opened Alice up to the possibility of them together again. [5] In the flashback episode of them in high school, we learn that FP (lady's man at the time) got Alice (Bad girl and member of the Serpents back then) pregnant in their junior year but that they got together only later in that year, having been brought closer by the Midnight Club (club formed by all the parents in high school to play Gryphons and Gargoyles). They broke up as anyone split ways after the death of Principal Featherhead and even switched roles as FP went back to his Southside origins and joined the Serpents while Alice left the gang and started pretending to be a Nortsider as well as dating Hal Cooper. [6]


Charles Smith


When they were 18 in high school, they slept together (possibly had a relationship) and Alice got pregnant. At the time, she was with Hal and told both him and FP that she would have an abortion. In reality, she had the child and left him with the Sisters Of Quiet Mercy where he grew up an orphan. Charles Smith was a good and kindhearted person, but became friends and lived with Chic, who is not, and who eventually killed Charles while they were arguing (or so he said). Alice believes that he died and is heartbroken, telling the father — FP. Charles had red hair and is the half-brother of Betty, Polly, Jughead and Jellybean.


This is a very popular pairing and a surprise runaway ship, as a non-teen ship wasn't expected to gain this much ground.



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Alice“Hal would never come.”
FP“Well then leave him... at home.”
— Freud and all


  • Both Mädchen Amick (Alice Cooper) and Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones) ship their characters. [7]




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