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Fall Stinger is the het ship between Tyrian Callows and Cinder Fall from the RWBY fandom.


The two seem to openly dislike each other. The first time the two appear on screen together is in volume 4 chapter 1 where we are first introduced to Tyrian. He openly mocks Cinder after she loses her left eye in the battle at Beacon, to which Cinder glares at him angrily. He then starts laughing maniacally when Salem allows him to chase after Ruby, with Cinder looking away frusterated. Later in the volume when Tyrian runs into team RNJR, Ruby believes that Cinder is the "goddess" that Tyrian is talking about.

Tyrian then scoffs and rolls his eyes at the notion and responds with "she wishes". Later in volume 4 chapter 11, when Cinder is training with Salem, Tyrian enters the room wailing in pain and frusteration. He then begs Salem for forgiveness for failing to kidnap Ruby, with Cinder present in the room. When Salem tells him she is disappointed in him, he gives into grief and starts crying. He then proceeds to kill a beowolf grimm and seems to absoluty enjoy killing it. Cinder during all this time shows genuine shock and horror while watching his deranged reaction.

Later in volume 6, he mocks Emerald by telling her that Cinder isn't here to protect her anymore, since everyone thinks she'd dead. Later in the next chapter when it is revealed that Cinder is still alive he doesn't seem displeased or pleased about this. In volume 7 when him and watts infiltrate Atlas, Cinder angrily yells that she can't believe those "idiots" beat her there. In volume 8 chapter 1, when Cinder returns to Salem with Neopolitan, Tyrian still shows delight in insulting and belittling her for her past failures. Later, in chapter 8, Tyrian is shown smiling gleefully when Salem starts hurting Cinder for failing yet again.


Fall Stinger is a rarepair within the RWBY fandom. This is mostly because the two seem to openly hate each other and also because the two are rarely onscreen together. Fans of the ship might be attracted to the whole sexy evil trope. The two both also have dark hair and yellow/amber colored eyes. It has a small fanbase on tumblr. Black also seems to be one of their main theme colors.



Fall Stinger posts on Tumblr


  • "Fall Stinger" comes from Cinder's surname and the fact that Tyrian is a scorpion faunus, so he has a stinger.


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