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Falling Petals is the femslash ship between Ruby Rose and Cinder Fall from the RWBY fandom.


The two meet again in volume 2 chapter 2, where Cinder posing as a student claims she's visiting from Haven. Ruby doesn't recognize Cinder at all since her face was obscured when the two fought against each other. She then points Cinder in the direction they should be going. Cinder then thanks her and says she hopes they see each other again soon.

In volume 2 chapter 7 The two briefly fight again during the Beacon Dance, but Cinder manages to escape and Ruby still doesn't recognize her. In volume 3 chapter 12, When Ruby reaches the top of the tower she watches Cinder kill Pyrrha in front of her. This then causes her to scream in great pain and anguish and she unleashes the power of her silver eyes. Cinder who is completly caught off guard by this, yells out what? and is then swallowed by the light.

In volume 4 chapter 1, it is shown that Ruby's powers left Cinder missing and arm, an eye, and barely able to speak. She has now shown to harbor a deep seeted grudge against Ruby, even asking her allies if something could be done about her. In chapter 12, Emerald creates a hallucination of Ruby which Cinder takes great pleasure in burning alive. Later in volume 5 Cinder asks Salem why she wants Ruby alive.

In volume 5 chapter 11, Cinder appears and hits Ruby with a fireball through a portal that Raven Branwen had made. Later, during the fight she is brought down to her knees in pain when Ruby uses her silver eyes on her again. In chapter 12, Cinder orders Lionheart to make sure that Ruby is kept alive while she heads for the vault so she can kill her herself later.

In volume 7 chapter 10 Ruby recognizes Cinder's black glass semblance and is shocked that she is still alive. In chapter 13, Cinder is shocked to see Ruby, only to become terrified of her when she activates her silver eyes on her again. She then quickly runs away.


Volume 1

Ruby Rose

  • Ruby shoots at Cinder, while Cinder unleashes her semblance on her.


Falling Petals is a rarepair in the rwby fandom. Mainly because the two are mortal enemies. Cinder is also responsible for killing Pyrrha and inadvertently Penny Ruby's close friends. People who do ship the two like the enemies turned to lovers trope. It has a small fanbase on tumblr. Fans are hoping for a rematch between the two in the future.



Falling Petals posts on Tumblr



  • Their ship name comes from Cinder's surname and Ruby's surname Rose. Roses produce petals as do most flowers


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