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Farink is the het ship between Link and Farore from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

Link can meet Farore inside of the Hall of Secrets which is located inside of the Maku Tree in each region. Farore is the Oracle of Secrets and has a Book of Secrets which contains all passwords that Link has obtained. If Link goes to talk to her, she will tell him about these secrets and explain that she kept record of them for him. There was originally supposed to be a third oracle game in which Link would have helped Farore but this was scrapped.

Minish Cap

Link can encounter Farore inside of the Happy Hearth Inn along with Din and Nayru. While the other two oracles will be content with staying in the inn, Farore will complain that she wants to find a house. If Link fuses Kinstones with the right people, Gorman will rent out two houses and he can tell Farore about them. If he does so, she will be very thankful and allow him to visit at any time. Farore will also give Link a charm that increases both his offense and defense.


Farink only has a small amount of popularity within the Zelda fandom. This is mainly due to the fact that Farore only ended up being a minor character since her oracle game was scrapped and she was overshadowed by Din and Nayru. However, a small number of fans still like them together. Many fans are bothered by Farore's game being scrapped and like to speculate what the game would be like. Some also point out that Farore is named after the goddess of courage and Link wields the Triforce of Courage.



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  • In the Minish Cap game, most fans pick Farore to live in one of the houses because her charms grant both offense and defense, though not as mush as Din or Nayru's charms.
  • Farore is the oracle of the goddess of courage and Link wields the Triforce of Courage.


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