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Feinette is the femslash ship between Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Fei Wu from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


Shanghai Special

Fei and Marinette meet in Shanghai, during the Shanghai Special. After Fei steals her purse and earrings, it leads to Marinette asking for help to find her earrings but later ends up getting lost. After a few hours, they meet again, and Marinette is relieved that someone finally speaks her language, and they go to the pawn shop to buy Marinette's earrings back from the guy who works there. Fei steals them back for her, feeling bad about stealing it until her secret, that she stole the earrings and Marinette's things, gets told to Marinette before she can tell her herself. Marinette is crushed by the news and quickly runs when she sees an akuma so she can transform and help Fei out. Fei tried to stop her to tell her that she can explain, but Marinette denied went to transform rappidly. Fei didn't know she was going to transform, instead, it made her feel worse thinking that she lost a friend.

They make up during the fight when Marinette consolidates her when she feels like she's not worthy enough to wear the Prodigious. Marinette told her it isn't true, and both hug. After some time, the akuma crashed the building, making Marinnete to fall. Fei transformed into Long and saved her. In the end, Fei is having dinner with Marinette, her Uncle, Adrien, and a few others kids that wanted to return to Marinette her "neckless". Fei and Marinette decide to call each other "sister", although it's not confirmed they're blood related.

Later on, Fei becomes acquainted with not only Marinette, but also Ladybug, once she realizes that she is one of the "good guys". So she accepts the heroine's help in getting Hawk Moth and King Cash out of the Sacred Cave using the power of the Prodigious. She works alongside her to stop YanLuoShi from destroying the city. However, during the fight, consumed by guilt about her actions causing all of this, Fei felt unworthy and left to sulk about her mistake. Seeing this, Marinette gives her a pep talk. And then, the duo is able to deakumatize Mei Shi and save the city. After the fight, Fei thanks Marinette for all she's done.


The ship started gaining a lot of attention after the Miraculous Shanghai Special. Many fans of the ship started noticing how Marinette had way more chemistry with Fei than she ever did with Adrien. Some fans online even made jokes about how Fei received more hugs and affections in mere days that Luka ever did. Some other fans who enjoy the ship, although in the minority, enjoy them as friends. Also, fans love how protective of Marinett Fei is although they recently met each other at the time. Both of them in their civilian and super hero forms, protecting each other, are moments the fans appreciate. Some fans went as far as to say that they could have been a love square if Fei met Mari first instead of Adrien. They also think it could've been a possibly healthier dynamic. Some fans of Feinette affectionately refer to them as "long-distance girlfriends".



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