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Alex“That declaration of yours back on Naglfar—that was all very sudden, Magnus.”
Magnus“I…uh. Yeah. I wasn’t really thinking.”
Alex“Clearly. Where did that even come from?”
Magnus“Well, you did kiss me.”
Alex“I mean, you can’t surprise somebody like that. Suddenly I’m the greatest thing that ever happened to you?”
— The Ship of the Dead

Fierrochase is the non-binary ship between Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro from the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles fandom.


The Hammer of Thor

Magnus came back to his floor in Valhalla when Alex first made an appearance, shapeshifted into a cheetah. Alex leaves chaos in their wake, striking an instant dislike with the other members of floor nineteen. Magnus soon found out that the cheetah was Sam's sibling and his new hallmate. His team is called away for a battle just as the hotel ravens are able to track them down. The raven hand the cheetah over to floor nineteen before the battle starts, who turns into a human. They introduce themselves as Alex. Magnus notes how similar Alex looks to Loki. Alex asks her team to use she/her to refer to her unless she says otherwise, and their training battle starts.

T.J. tells Magnus to keep an eye on Alex, which he agrees to and heads up the rear with her. As the battle goes on, Magnus asks if Alex had lived at the youth shelter that he'd stayed at. She confirmed so, but it doesn't make them friends. Alex is very annoyed that they’re in Valhalla, and that if they died everything would...Magnus is about to ask more, but they have to continue with their battle.

Ship of the Dead

Magnus and Alex kiss at least two times, possibly three. The first of these is when they are crossing a frozen lake, potentially about to die from the cold, and Alex kisses Magnus so that she wouldn't have to die without kissing him. Magnus said that it was the only reason he survived the journey. The second was after a celebration that Valhalla threw once they returned, where Magnus was shirtless and covered in chocolate, and Alex walked in to talk to him. They kissed, and were implied to have started dating afterwards. After the kiss, Magnus realized that he kissed Alex whilst they were male, but decided he didn't care because he found Alex attractive anyway. They also have a good few cute moments.


On AO3, Fierrochase is the most written ship within the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard fandom tag, as well as and the most written ship for both characters.



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  • On Twitter, someone tweeted Rick Riordan and asked what the name was for the Magnus x Alex ship. He replied, "Beatrice. That's a nice name."[citation needed]
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