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Fila is the het ship between Félix Graham de Vanily and Lila Rossi from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


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Lila Rossi is an Italian student at Collège Françoise Dupont and is in Miss Bustier's class. Félix Graham de Vanily is Adrien Agreste's cousin and son of Amelie Graham de Vanily. Lila is acquainted with Félix's cousin and only cares about the good image he gives her through their "friendship", just as Félix has used Adrien to get one of the Graham de Vanily rings.

Both teenagers are cunning and have sided with Hawk Moth for their own personal gains, along with helping Hawk Moth find people to akumatize. Lila has even served him on more than one occasion, one of the times being when Hawk Moth akumatized her into Chameleon, giving her the ability to turn into anyone she kisses. Lila used this ability to make herself look like Adrien, and then proceeded to insult his best friend, Nino, in order to make Adrien look bad, as well as trying to kiss Ladybug. This is similar to how Félix later dressed up as Adrien and recorded a video of himself saying hurtful remarks to his friends in response to a video they sent Adrien to show their appreciation and empathy for him. This troubled Adrien and his honor, and led to three of his friends getting akumatized. As well as harming Adrien's reputation by hurting his friends, Félix also tried to kiss Ladybug without her consent after finding out that Adrien had a crush on her. Lila is aware of Félix's existence, due to that very time when he dressed up as Adrien and recorded himself saying rude comments to all of his friends. She was on a call with them when it happened, and she was the one who sent his video to Gabriel Agreste, and that's how Hawk Moth knew to akumatize them in the first place. It's fair to say that in some sense, Lila and Félix had already subconsciously worked together, causing three akumatizations due to each other's inputs.

Lila is shown to have a complicated relationship with her mother who is always away, while Félix is generally shown to be receiving unconditional love and support from his mother, Amelie Graham De Vanily. However, the two do have a common link that relates to their absent fathers. Félix had lost his late father some time ago, while Lila's was never mentioned or seen in the series. This likely indicates that her father may have passed away as well, or that he had left his family. Félix is shown to have a few magic tricks up his sleeve, an example being when he managed to steal one of the Graham de Vanily rings, even though it was being worn by Gabriel. Amelie even called him a magician for the impressive stunt. This type of skill requires misguided illusion, similar to how Lila was temporally given powers of Illusion as Volpina, symbolizing how she has misguided others into thinking that she is a sincere and successful person. Both Lila and Félix are ingenuine with their acts of kindness.

In Strikeback, the last episode of Season 4, Félix meets Lila on the StarTrain, while pretending to be Adrien, who is supposed to be going on a round-the-world trip with Lila. She didn't know Félix was deceiving her, and told "Adrien" that they were going to become the best of friends by experiencing their long trip together. Félix responded with a seemingly genuine smile, and told her that he hopes so with all of his heart. He then got up and left to go to the bathroom, where he'd attempt to transform using the peacock miraculous. Lila countered his kind remark with a confused expression on her face, considering she knows how much Adrien truly dislikes her. While Félix is known to be a clever guy, he doesn't seem to know much about Adrien's relationships, aside from his childhood friend, Chloé Bourgeois. While nothing is confirmed yet, his comment to Lila may have blown his cover, considering Lila is aware that Adrien has a physically identical cousin.

The show has given possible hints, likely foreshadowing that Lila is the Hawk Moth of the future. In the episode Timetagger, it is revealed that there will be a different butterfly miraculous holder in the future. In the episode, Nino needs a babysitter for his younger brother, Chris Lahiffe. The episode ends with Lila babysitting Chris, and lying to him, causing him to think very highly of her. This is seen as incredible foreshadowing, considering it was Chris' future teenage self who got akumatized by the future Hawk Moth in the episode, not to mention that Lila didn't appear in the episode until that very scene. Her appearance wasn't relevant, which is why it is likely foreshadowing her future as the next butterfly miraculous holder. Now that Lila has close relations with Gabriel Agreste, the current holder of the butterfly miraculous, this may come true in the very near future. Félix has already managed to get the peacock miraculous for himself by making a trade with his uncle, Gabriel Agreste. All of these new incidents are likely to fall into place, leading him and Lila to form a corrupt alliance, considering the fact that Hawk Moth and Mayura, the previous peacock miraculous holder, were once an evil duo themselves. While none of this possible future arc is confirmed, it is heavily implied by foreshadowing, and is a very likely outcome of recent events in the show.


Despite the two characters having hardly interacted in the series, Fila has gained a great amount of shippers. The long list of traits they share has caused many fans to envision them as a couple and/or evil duo. Lila constantly lies and manipulates people to get her way, and prefers to dispose of those that stand in her way, while Félix is a skilled liar and thief, having easily stolen one of the Graham de Vanily rings, despite Gabriel having it in his grasp. Most villain duos have a master liar and a slight of hand thief, and this is why many fans believe the two antagonists would have a great dynamic as an evil team themselves. Some fans like to note the fact that both Lila and Félix are green eyed villains, which is just another one of the many things they have in common.

Felinette fans, on the other hand, like to picture Félix helping Marinette to expose Lila for the cruel liar she is, after harmfully lying about Félix.[1] However, some prefer to see Félix as a key to Lila improving as a person, because they believe that Félix is a far worse person than her, and his actions may lead her to understand the effects of her own harmful behaviors, by projecting them onto Félix.[2] This ties in with fans who want Lila to be redeemed, and the idea works vice-versa with Lila helping Félix to realize the harm he has done, and that he can still improve as a person and strive to become more empathetic. Along with featuring both Lila and Félix being redeemable, this idea may not appear to be possible, considering how they have been presented in the series so far. Still, some fans enjoy the idea of the two turning over a new leaf, whether it's separately or together as either friends or lovers.

While Lila has a fake Fox Miraculous in her possession, there are theories that the rings Félix took from his uncle and cousin might turn out to be a Miraculous that only works when both rings are worn. However, more people believe that the twin rings are simply objects that contain Félix and Adrien's Amoks, linking to the theory that they are both sentimonsters.

On AO3, the ship has 25 fanfictions written. As well as Fila having a well-formed fanbase on DeviantART, Tumblr and YouTube.



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