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Finnpoe is the slash ship between Poe and Finn from the Star Wars fandom.


Finn and Poe share a strong mutual trust through and from the events taking place both in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. The two both rely upon each other, since they've been working together during their escape and in making a plan.

They also are shown to care for the other's wellbeing– the two share a warm embrace after being separated and believing the other was dead. In TLJ, a happy, relieved Poe excitedly runs to assist a confused Finn after he is seen awoken from his coma.

The Force Awakens

FN-2187 enters the interrogation room where a man named Poe is being held. He informs the stormtrooper there that Kylo Ren wants the prisoner, and Poe is unlocked. FN leads Poe down a hallway and pulls him into a small corridor. He then lets him go and tells Poe that if he does what he says he can get him out of Star Destroyer. Poe is confused and FN removes his helmet, telling him that he's rescuing him. Poe asks Finn if he's in the resistance, but FN says that he's not but he is rescuing him and asks if he can fly a tie fighter. Poe says that he can fly anything, much to FN's joy, and asks why FN is helping him. FN says it's because it's the right thing to do, but Poe quickly figures out that it's because he needs a pilot, which FN confirms. Poe says they're gonna do this and FN nervously responds yes.

In the hanger bay, FN leads Poe by saying to stay calm. Poe says that he is calm, but FN says that he was talking to himself. They get to the Tie Fighter and start to prepare to take off. Poe asks if FN can shoot, and FN says just blasters. Poe says it's the same idea and explains how the controls work. FN says it's pretty complicated just as Poe starts to take off. They get out of the hangar bay as outside canons start to fire at them. Poe says that have to take out as many as they can or they won't get very far. FN agrees and Poe lines them up so they get a clean shot. Once they do the two both cheer in excitement. As they fly around the ship, Poe asks FN his name. He introduces himself as FN-2187, much to Poe's confusion. FN says it's the only name they ever gave him, but Poe decides he's not gonna use it. Taking inspiration from the first two initials, Poe decides to call FN Finn and asks if that's alright. Finn says that he likes it. Poe officially introduces himself, and Finn says that it's good to meet him, and Poe feels the same.

They fight off the First Order when Finn asks where they're going. Poe tells him that they're going to Jakku. Finn says that they can't do that and need to get out of the system but Poe needs to get his droid back before the First Order finds it. Finn says that no droid is that important, but Poe insists that he is since he has the map that leads to Luke Skywalker. Finn yells that he has to be kidding just as their Tie Fighter is shot out of the sky.

Finn wakes up on Jakku and looks around. He sees the Tie Fighter in flames and runs towards it, calling for Poe. He searches through the flaming wreck, but only finds Poe's jacket before it's pulled beneath the sand and explodes.

Finn is taken to the Resistance Base, as sees the ship that led the attack against the First Order. As the pilot climbs out, BB-8 rolls towards him, and he takes off his helmet to reveal that it's Poe. Poe is excited to see BB-8 who points out Finn as he runs towards him. Poe sees him and runs towards him and the two meet in a hug. As they pull back, Finn asks what happened to him, and Poe tells him that he was thrown from the crash, and when he woke up Finn and the ship were gone. He says that BB-8 told him that Finn saved him, but Finn says that it wasn't just him. Poe says that Finn completed his mission, just as he notices that Finn is wearing his jacket. Finn starts to take it off to give it back, but Poe stops him and says that it suits him and calls him a good man. Finn tells him that he needs his help.

Poe leads Finn into the resistance base to see Leia. Poe introduces Finn to Leia, and how he needs to talk to her. Leia tells Finn how brave he was for defecting from the First Order and saving Poe's life. Finn tells Leia about Rey, and how she was taken to Starkiller base. Poe tells Leia that Finn used to work on Starkiller base, and Leia asked for all he knows.

The Last Jedi

After coming back from a mission, Poe tells BB-8 well done. BB-8 beeps at him, Poe confused by the words, Finn, naked, leaking bag, till BB-8 points to the hallway where Finn is walking around after awakening from his coma. Poe jumps out of his ship and runs to Finn and tells him that it's good to see him. He says that they need to get Finn dressed and that he must have questions, and Finn asks where Rey is.

After Poe is knocked back by the explosion, Finn runs to his side. He asks if Poe is okay, but Poe just says that they need to get out of the way of the Star Destroyers.

Finn watches Poe take Leia away. Poe tells Finn and Rose to tell him their plan but simpler. Finn tells Poe that the First Order is tracking them only through the lead destroyer, Poe interrupting suggesting that they blow it up. Finn likes it, but they'd only start tracking from another destroyer. But they can sneak onto it and destroy the tracker without them realizing the fleet would be able to escape. Poe asks how Rose and Finn know each other, Rose saying that it's luck. Finn says that they have to go with their plan, and Poe agrees. He asks how they're going to sneak the two of them onto the ship, and Rose suggests clearance codes, but Finn says that they change every hour, no one could get through. Poe then comes up with an idea and they contact Maz Kantana. After getting the location of a master codebreaker from Maz, Finn, and Poe look to each other. Finn takes out the tracker for Rey and holds it out to Poe. Poe takes it.

Poe calls Finn and Rose, telling them that Haldo is going to abandon ship. Finn tells him that they're on their way as Poe asks if they found the codebreaker. Finn says that they found a codebreaker, and asks for Poe to buy them more time. Poe tells them to hurry and ends the call.

Poe tells the Resistance members to pull away, but Finn calls through the comm's telling him he's going to take a shot at the canon. Poe tells him to pull away, confusing Finn. Poe says that the canon is charged and running it would be suicide. Finn says that he's almost there, and Poe orders him to retreat, but Finn continues.

Poe looks out to see Luke facing Kylo Ren alone. Finn starts to walk towards them, saying that they should help him but Poe stops him, telling him to wait as he looks out. He realizes that Luke is stalling so that they can escape. Finn says that they need to help him, but Poe says that Luke's doing it so they can survive.

Resistance Reborn

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After Poe gives his speech, Finn comes over and hands him a drink, telling him that he's getting pretty good at speeches. Poe thanks him and Finn asks when they're leaving. Poe is surprised by Finn wanting to come with, but Finn says that Poe wouldn't be able to stop him anyway. Rey joins them, deciding to come along as well. They see Leia, and all know that she recognizes that the Resistance is in good hands. Poe slings an arm around Finn and Rey, and they head off to save the galaxy.

The Rise of Skywalker

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The Force Awakens

  • Finn is one of the Stormtroopers who was a member of the raid on the Jaku village where Poe is.
  • Poe fires a shot the hits the Trooper next to Finn.
  • Finn watches another Trooper take away Poe.
  • Poe looks at Finn after he's unlocked.
  • Poe looks Finn over after Finn takes off his helmet.
  • Poe smiles at Finn.
  • Finn tells Poe when they can get to the Tie Fighters.
  • Poe tells Finn that he can fix their Tie Fighter problem.
  • Finn and Poe cheer as they take out the blasters.
  • Finn and Poe work together to hold off the rockets being fired at them.
  • Poe tells Finn "Nice shot!" after he fires on an enemy ship.
  • Finn tells Poe that if they go back to Jakku they'll die.
  • Finn calls for Poe as the Tie Fighter falls below the surface.
  • Finn wears Poe's jacket.
  • Finn tells BB-8 and Rey about what happened to Poe.
  • Finn decides to bring BB-8 back to the resistance, completing Poe's mission.
  • Poe fires on several Storm Troopers in front of Finn.
  • Finn unknowingly calls Poe "One hell of a pilot."
  • As Finn runs to Poe he calls his name and is shocked he's alive.
  • Poe calls Finn "Buddy" right before they hug.
  • Poe bites his lip as he looks at Finn.
  • Finn puts his hand on Poe's shoulder.
  • Finn looks to Poe while talking to Leia.
  • Finn and Poe stand next to each other as the Resistance discusses how to take out Starkiller Base.
  • Poe looks to Finn as he talks.
  • Finn looks to Poe as he talks.
  • Poe places a hand on Finn's shoulder as he walks by, and the two share a look.
  • Poe follows the transport that takes away an injured Finn.

The Last Jedi

  • Poe calls out Finn's name.
  • Poe grabs Finn by the arms.
  • Finn watches Poe as he walks around him.
  • Poe tells Finn that the First Order doesn't have them yet.
  • Finn follows Poe as he heads to his X-Wing.
  • Finn and Poe watch Leia and run to go help her.
  • Finn watches Poe take Leia away.
  • Poe walks past Finn to the desk.
  • Poe looks to Finn as he talks.
  • Finn and Poe move in sync as they talk to Maz.
  • Poe looks to Finn as Maz talks.
  • Poe tells everyone to stop shooting when he realizes that Finn and Rose are on the ship.
  • Poe excitedly yells that Finn and Rose aren't dead.
  • Poe asks Finn where BB-8 is.
  • Poe and Finn both look over other Resistance member's equipment.
  • Poe asks what the battering canon is, and Finn explains.
  • As Finn gives his speech, he and Poe share looks of hope.
  • Rose tells Finn to listen to Poe.
  • Poe places his arm in front of Finn to stop him from going forward.
  • Finn watches as Poe tries to find a way out.
  • Poe and Finn notice the crystal foxes missing.
  • Finn follows behind Poe as they try and find an exit.
  • Finn and Poe make their way towards the caved in pile.
  • Poe and Finn watch as Rey removes the rubble from the cave in.
  • Finn trails his hand down Poe's arm.
  • Finn and Poe run towards Rey.

Resistance Reborn

  • Leia believes that Poe vouching for Finn is enough.
  • Poe's first thought after returning is worrying whether Finn is okay.
  • Poe calls on Finn to tell his backstory.
  • Poe tries to warn Finn off.
  • Finn jokes about Poe being on the most wanted list.


“That's my jacket. No, no, no, no. Keep it, it suits you. You're a good man Finn.”
— Poe giving the Jacket to Finn[2]
“Finn! Finn, buddy! It's so good to see you!”
— Poe[3]
Poe“Just give it to me one more time, simpler.”
Finn“So the First Order is tracking us from one Destroyer, the lead one.”
Poe“So we blow that one up?”
Finn“I like where your head is at, but no.”
— Finn's plan[4]
“Hey, hey it's fine. You're here with us. Where you belong. It's your jacket. I'm not much of a sewer.”
— Poe giving the Jacket to Finn[5]

Behind the Scenes

The Force Awakens

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen asked if any romance will be seen between the characters, to which Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) replied, "I think it's a very subtle romance that's happening.[6]" Isaac then continued, saying you need to look closely to catch the hints, and that he was playing a "very deep romance" with Poe's character– to which Boyega also replied, saying he was also playing romance. Fans saw that the romance Isaac referred to was between Poe and Finn since most of Poe's extended scenes involved both of them.

The Last Jedi

Oscar was asked about the pairing by Yahoo News, which he called beautiful, and that "They'd make nice babies"[7].

At the BAFTA Star Wars panel, Oscar stated that it was difficult to see his man (Finn) kiss somebody else[8].

When Oscar was asked who he would rather go on a date with, Finn or Poe, he said that he'd go with Finn[9], and that Finn would take him on a date to Olive Garden.

John Boyega also seems to ship the two:

  • He was asked by MTV News if Finn/Poe bromance would continue, he stated that "Absolutely. 100%. That's my boy. Poe's my boy. That's my dude," and that the "Love is potent." He was then asked if he was aware of any Fan Fic of the two, and he is, and has been sent quite a bit of erotic fan art[10].
  • When John was asked who he would rather go on a date with, Finn or Poe, he immediately said Poe[11], siting the X-Wing as the reason.

When MTV International played a game of "Would You Rather" with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi cast, the question "Who would you rather go on a date with: Finn or Poe?" was asked, and several cast members answered that they shipped the two[12]

  • Daisy Ridley stated that she could choose between them and would go with them on a date with each other.
  • Kelly Marie Tran stated that she shipped the two.

Star Wars Celebration 2019

When Stephen Colbert asked what Poe would do after the war, Oscar suggested uber before stating that Poe seeks adrenaline. But with the war gone he would have to find it elsewhere, before giving a longing look to John Boyega[13].

John believes that between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, that Finn was going on mission with Poe[14], calling their dynamic cool as he looks to Oscar close by.

Stephen Colber“It seems there might have been a bit of a love triangle going on with Finn, and Rey, and Rose.”
John Boyega“You can add Poe there as well, as a love triangle.”
Oscar Isaac“Very complicated.”
—Star Wars Celebration Epsidoe IX Panel[15]
Stephen Colber“Is everything a joke to [Poe]? Why won't he take any of this seriously?”
Oscar Isaac“I think he takes his love for Finn very seriously.”
— Star Wars Celebration Epsidoe IX Panel[16]

The Rise of Skywalker

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Fans initially received the performances of the two characters as having great onscreen chemistry, despite having a few minutes' worth of scenes. Eventually, the two were heavily perceived as a romantic possibility, sparking online debate as to whether or not their relationship was merely a "bromance" or not.

TFA Stormpilot (4).gif

An infamous cause to the uprising of the ship is what many refer to as "the lip bite". After the two reunite on the Resistance base, Poe notices Finn is sporting the flight jacket that belonged to him, which Finn took from the wreckage of their crashed TIE fighter while looking for him from their escape/rescue. Finn immediately tries to take off and return the jacket but is prevented by doing so. Poe then tells him the jacket suits him and that he should keep it– followed by a quick lip bite and nudge. This was huge to fans, as lip biting can be seen as being very suggestive in a flirtatious or sexual way.

Fans of the pair became excited to see the two more in Last Jedi, but were disappointed since their screen time together was only at the beginning and end of the film. What little there was in the film was immediately consumed and dissected by fans. Many interpreted the interactions involving Rose as jealousy on Poe's side.

On AO3, Stormpilot is the most written ship for Finn and Poe. It's also the third most written ship in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and Star Wars - All Media Types tags.



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  • Stormpilot became the most vocally talked about pairing after The Force Awakens[17].
  • When someone googles "Gay Star Wars Characters" the two characters that pop up are Finn and Poe[18].
  • Oscar Isaac once signed a "FinnPoe is Endgame" sign created by a fan, along with the phrase "Fully Endorsed"[19].
  • The page on Poe Dameron in The Last Jedi: Visual Dictionary shows that Poe wears his late mother's ring, and uses the unisex term "partner"[20] to refer to his possible future spouse.
  • In the original script for The Last Jedi, Poe was supposed to go with Finn to Canto Bight, but was changed because the two got along too well[21].
  • A deleted scene from The Last Jedi, showed Poe giving Finn the jacket back after sewing it himself.
    • Fans also compared the scene to a similar one for Han and Leia from The Empire Strike Back. As Han and Leia are arguing, a random rebel walks between the two. As Poe and Finn are talking, a two resistance fighters walk between the two.
  • At Star Wars Celebration 2019, a fan can be heard yelling "Stormpilot" at the Star Wars Episode IX panel[22].
  • On Instagram, a fan commented "Poor Rey, having to be the third wheel," on a still from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and John Boyega replied with several cry-laughing emoji's and several eye emoji's[23].
    • John also posted a pic of his and Oscar Isaac's combined faces[24].
  • In an interview with MTV news, the cast was asked which was the more powerful relationship: Reylo or FinnPoe? The entire cast answered FinnPoe[25].





JediStormPilot refers to the ship between Rey, Finn and Poe



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