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Finn“Why would you do that, huh? I was almost there! Why would you stop me?!”
Rose“I saved you, dummy. That’s how we’re gonna win. Not by fighting what we hate… saving what we love.”
The Last Jedi.

Finnrose is the het ship between Finn and Rose from the Star Wars fandom.


The Last Jedi

As Finn is in the process of leaving to search for Rey, he sees a woman sitting and crying. Knowing he has to stay quiet, he quietly, though quickly makes for a pod to escape in. The woman hears him and confronts him, asking what’s he’s doing. As Finn stumbles over his words to find an excuse, the woman exclaims, “You’re Finn! The Finn!” The woman attempts to explain how she knows that as she “works behind pipes all day.” She finally tells him that her name is Rose, shutting herself up from over talking too much. As Rose is star-struck by a “real hero,” she excitedly runs for him, telling him how she’s had to stun three people for attempting to make an escape in the very pods Finn is trying to. Rose takes notice of Finn’s bag, sitting beside a pod. As he struggles to explain his way out, Finn becomes the fourth person she stuns that day.

She places him in a large bin, before pulling him for “desertion.” Finn is struggling from the stun Rose shot him with, but manages to explain that the First Order is following the Resistance through their hyperspace jumps. Rose listens and they end up finishing each other’s sentences about just how the Resistance is being tracked. Soon, Finn and Rose find Poe and explain to him that they need to destroy the tracker from the main First Order ship, Snoke’s ship.

With help from Kaydel and Maz, Finn and Rose go to the rich city of Canto Bight to look for the “Master Codebreaker,” a man wearing red plom blooms. Once entering the casino, Finn is immediately taken by the place’s beauty, Rose not so much as she pulls him away to the balcony when she hears fathiers, where Rose explains how the people inside the casino and watching the fathiers race sells weapons to the First Order, which her family had been shelled to test the weapons. Finn doesn’t say anything. A moment later, BB-8 comes for them, saying it’s found the “red plom bloom.” Finn and Rose race for them, only to be stunned and escorted away by casino security as they had parked their shuttle on the beach.

While in a jail cell, their cell partner, DJ, escapes with Finn and Rose standing there stunned before making a break for it themselves. With the help from some slave children, after Rose shows them she’s with the Resistance, they make another escape on the fathiers, wrecking the casino and city in their wake. As Rose controls, Finn hangs on tight from behind. At a cliff’s edge, with security closing in, BB-8 shows up in a ship with DJ, still insisting he can help.

On the ship, DJ wants to be paid. Finn and Rose tell him that once he helps them, the Resistance will pay whatever he wishes. This doesn’t sit well, as the man would like a “deposit.” He takes notice of Rose’s necklace, saying that would work. Rose coldly rips it from her neck and throws it at the DJ’s chest, before turning back in her seat. Soon after and away from Rose, Finn confronts DJ, telling him, “Give it back! You have no idea how much the medallion means to her!”

At the main command ship, the Supremacy, Finn and Rose, along with BB-8 and DJ, disguise themselves as First Order workers where they locate the tracker. Once DJ uses Rose’s medallion to unlock a port, he gives it back to her, Finn’s words having had an effect. Once inside, they’re caught by Captain Phasma, who addresses Finn by his Stormtrooper name, FN-2187. DJ ends up selling out Finn and Rose for a higher price.

Captain Phasma has Finn and Rose moments away from being executed, when they’re saved by Vice Admiral Holdo after having entered her ship into hyerspeed to save the other Resistance members. Finn is knocked out. He wakes to Rose pulling him by his legs, by any means to get him out of there. They’re intercepted by Phasma and she and Finn engage in a fight, which results in Phasma falling to a fiery demise. With the help BB-8 controlling an AT-ST. They steal a ship and fly for the newly established rebel base on Crait. As they crash through the closing doors, the rebels fire at them. They shout and slowly rise so their hands are seen. Once the fighting has ceased, do they stand up, revealing them to be a non-threat.

Not long after, Finn takes notices of a battering ram canon closing in on their direct location. Realizing that massive gate is the only way in or out, they’re stuck. Hope starts to fall when Finn speaks up about having allies, believing in Leia, and how other Resistance rebels will get their message and will come. Rose smiles at Finn, knowing his is right and a plan is conceived to take out the canon.

Out in their speeders, Rey and Chewbacca come to their aid flying the Millennium Falcon. They’re able to draw the all the First Order fighters always. Though AT-ATs start picking the off the speeders one by one. As the canon is charging up, Poe realizes this is a suicide run and orders Finn to retreat, despite Finn’s protest. Rose agrees and attempts to get Finn to back down as well, alas no avail. Finn races toward the canon, when suddenly Rose crashes her speeder into his from the side, knocking him and her both down. Finn launches out of his speeder and runs for Rose, yelling her name. As Finn is asking why she’d stop him, Rose merely tells him, “I saved you… dummy. That’s how we’re gonna win, not fighting what we hate… saving what we love.” She kisses him before slouching into her seat from her injuries.

Finn drags Rose back to the base, through the obliterated bunker door, quickly as he can, yelling for a med pack once he arrives, telling the others rushing to help that she’s “hurt pretty bad.” Finn and allies make for the back of the base to escape from the First Order. With the help of Rey in moving large rocks to create a human-size path, everyone boards on the Millennium Falcon. On the Falcon, Rose is laid across a bed, where Finn places a blanket over her unconscious body, tucking her in.


The Last Jedi

  • Rose kisses Finn.
  • Finn places a blanket over Rose’s unconscious body, tucking her in.


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