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FitzHunter is the slash ship between Leo Fitz and Lance Hunter from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fandom.


At the start of Season 2, Hunter joined Coulson's Team and became a fellow agent with Fitz. However, Fitz became distant to the team after coping with Ward's betrayal, Simmons absence and his brain damage. Fitz continued to act as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the help of Hunter and Mack. On multiple occasions, Hunter attempted to bond with Fitz but he remained distance. In one mission, Fitz and Lance Hunter went to a section of the plane to detonate the virus. Fitz explained that he needed Hunter's hands, since his were not steady. Together, they rewired the section and stopped the virus.

Later, Hunter brought some alcohol to celebrate a successful mission. After prodding from Hunter, who wanted to thank Fitz for saving their lives, Fitz decided to bond with the guys and began talking about a girl, without saying that it was Simmons, not returning his feelings and leaving him. Alphonso Mackenzie and Hunter said he was better off without her and toasted to "moving on." Both Fitz and Hunter continued to have a friendship throughout the seasons.

When Ward joined Coulson's team on a mission, Fitz attempts to hit Ward but Hunter attempted to keep him calm. Hunter pointed out that their jobs sometimes required them to work with people whom they despised. Later, Fitz talked briefly with Hunter, asking him about his wounds. Hunter replied that he was in more pain from seeing Ward and Agent 33 talking to each other like a couple.


FitzHunter has a decent size popularity. However, may fans prefer FitzSimmons and Huntingbird over FitzHunter. Although, after the Fitz and Hunter both bonded over drinks, the ship began increasingly popular. Many fans enjoyed the friendship between the two than romance. Fanfictions involving angst or mature themes are popular with this ship.



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