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FitzMack is the slash ship between Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fandom.


Season 2


Trip, Daisy and Mack are looking over a cloaking device that they recovered. Trip and Daisy question if Fitz would be able to handle going over it, and Mack tells them to ask Fitz who walks in. He see's the device, and Mack tells him that he would have been close to creating it. He asks Fitz to help him with the device, which Fitz is taken aback by the request, and starts to explain a possible solution. He becomes overwhelmed and leaves.

Mack finds Fitz in the lab talking, to the Simmons in his head. He thinks its okay that Fitz talks to himself to get his words across, and Fitz asks coldly what he wants. Mack wants to ask about the cloaking device, but Fitz doesn't want to hear it, and starts looking through the information they have on Creel. Mack notices and asks if he has an idea to stop him. Fitz is hesitant, but eventually tells him that he could solve it.

They gather some of the other scientists, but Fitz starts to get overwhelmed, and Mack asks them to leave. Fitz repeatedly says that he didn't solve it today and Mack realizes that Fitz had solved it using a previous design. They begin to look through Fitz's old work before finding it.

After Creel is defeated Fitz explains how the device works and if waiting for Mack to finish for him, but Mack needs the instructions and isn't on Fitz's level of understanding. Mack starts to ask about Simmons, and Fitz lies saying he's not hung up on her leaving. Out in the Hallway, Daisy and May watch them, happy that Fitz is talking to someone.


The two were shipped at the start of the second season. Mack was the only person who hadn't had any expectations for Fitz after his accident, so treated him normally. Fans loved their interactions and took to them immediately.

On AO3, FitzMack is the most written ship for Mack and the second most written for Fitz. It is also the twelfth most written in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. tag.



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