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“The one thing I've known without a doubt–the whole time–is you and Fitz belong together.”
— Daisy Johnson to Jemma Simmons; Self- Control

FitzSimmons is the het ship between Leopold James Fitz and Jemma Anne Simmons from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fandom.



Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons met at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, when they were sixteen years old, both having genius-level intellects. This led to initial animosity as they were both the smartest in their class and would constantly compete with each other. They never really spoke to one another until they were paired together in chem lab, where they first realized they were smarter as a team.

Working Together

One night, the two planned to meet in Fitz's dorm room but Simmons was held up in a conversation with Professor Weaver. This worried Fitz as he assumed she had blown him off but was relieved when she finally showed up. Fitz explained the reason he invited her to his room was because she seemed like a good Sounding Board which Simmons interpreted as him seeing her as a "thick wall". Fitz awkwardly corrected himself and explained that he meant they were good at bouncing ideas off each other and Simmons was great at clarifying them and mapping out their results.

According to Fitz, this was the night he went from being totally nervous in her presence to being completely at ease. Simmons revealed that this was the night she put him in the friend zone.

After they both graduated from the Academy three years early, it was around this time that Simmons convinced Fitz to apply for a field assignment with her. She wanted to see more than the inside of a lab, remarking that it would be the perfect opportunity to see the world. This led them to be recruited by Phil Coulson to join his team.

Season 1

Field Work

Their first foray into field work involved them looking for a way to stabilize the Centipede serum in Mike Peterson. They then had to overcome an armed takeover of The Bus from the Peruvian armed forces after the discovery of an 0-8-4, along with Skye, May and Grant Ward. After discovering Gravitonium as the cause of an attack, their third mission involved them helping Skye and the rest of their team infiltrate Ian Quinn's compound in Malta to rescue their mentor, Dr. Franklin Hall. Fitz, Simmons and May observed and helped Skye from The Bus. It was later revealed that Hall orchestrated his capture in order to destroy Quinn's compound and with it, the Gravitonium, taking innocent lives in the process. Next, Fitz and Simmons were tasked with disarming the explosive in Akela Amador's eye, saving her life in the process. When it was revealed Skye had betrayed them by helping her boyfriend who worked for the Rising Tide and was involved in leaking information which caused the capture and death of Chan Ho Yin, Fitz and Simmons were deeply hurt.

Alien Virus

The team was called in to investigate mysterious floating dead bodies. It was discovered that the cause was an alien virus passed along from a Chitauri Helmet left behind after the Battle of New York. While explaining the propagating properties of the virus to Coulson, he realized that Simmons was infected after she displayed symptoms of the virus, causing metal objects to float. She would be killed in three hours, causing an electric pulse to be emitted, bringing down their plane and everyone in it. During this time, Fitz tried his best to encourage her but the overwhelming pressure and dread took over which caused them both to lash out at each other. However, through their arguing, Simmons managed to figure something out which could possibly lead to creating an antiserum. This caused Fitz to run into Simmons' containment area with the Chitauri Helmet, risking contamination and death in order to help her with the cure, saying they were going to fix this together.

Unfortunately, their tests failed and it seemed that all hope was lost. Fitz, not wanting to give up, continued to work but Simmons, who had given up hope knocked him out to prevent him from stopping her plan of jumping out of the plane in order to save everybody before she released the pulse. Unbeknownst to her the cure worked and only had a delayed reaction on the final test. This caused her to jump off the plane, leaving Fitz tragically screaming after her. Fitz prepared the cure and was going to jump out after her but he was unable to get the straps of his parachute on in time. Instead, Ward jumped out after her, giving her the cure and saving her life.

Later in his bunk, Fitz was trying to explain to Simmons why he wasn't the one who jumped out and saved her but Simmons reassures him and says that he was the real hero as he was by her side, helping her and giving her hope the whole time. She kisses Fitz on the cheek as a thank you before leaving his bunk. It is implied that Fitz may have deeper feelings than friendship towards her as he sits there in silence.

This marked the first of many dangers they had to overcome together.

The Famous Sandwich

Fitz and Ward were assigned by Victoria Hand to infiltrate the border of South Ossetia to disable a deadly device called Overkill. Fitz was the only one with the skills to disable it and Ward was the only one with specific contacts to get them over the border. Simmons was visibly worried about Fitz and kept fussing over him, giving him an anti-venom pack, in case of spider bites. Fitz being clearly annoyed, reminded her not to do anything stupid while he was gone. like jumping out of a plane. Simmons also gave him his favorite sandwich, which she made for him to take on his mission. Despite his inexperience, Fitz was vital in the success of the mission and proved he was every bit the S.H.I.E.L.D agent Ward was, having his back the entire time.

Once they returned, when Simmons asked if he enjoyed the sandwich, Fitz replied that it was delicious as he cared about her feelings, despite Ward previously throwing it away to prevent them from being tracked by dogs.

Remaining Missions Before the Fall of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fitz and Simmons assisted in the cleanup of the Battle of Greenwich, following the aftermath of Thor; The Dark World. They, along with Coulson visited Elliot Randolph who provided key information in locating The Berserker Staff which would assist in defeating a group of extremists who had stolen the staff and had gained enhanced strength and rage. Randolph turned out to be an Asgardian whom the staff belonged to. May and Ward managed to defeat the insurgents while Fitz, Simmons and Coulson successfully saved the life of a severely wounded Randolph. He remarked that Simmons might possibly be the most beautiful thing he had seen in a thousand years.

Fitz and Simmons were also tasked with gathering information about an explosion which may have caused the woman in charge, Hannah Hutchins to developed telekinetic powers. There they reminisced on their time at S.H.I.E.L.D academy and together decided to prank Skye. This indicated the playful nature of their relationship. In the end, it was realized that it was actually one of the victims of the explosion, Tobias Ford who was trapped between two dimensions. He accidentally caused the explosion and was the cause of the supposedly 'telekinetic' occurrences to protect Hannah as he was in love with her.

Mike Peterson was sent to work with the team and Fitz and Simmons were thrilled when they realized they were the ones responsible for stabilizing the Centipede serum in him. Simmons was seemingly admiring Peterson's well-built physique and commented that he was nice and symmetrical to Fitz's annoyance.

When Coulson went missing, Fitz and Simmons assisted in finding him by helping Skye track down certain money trails associated with Raina and Project Centipede. The team managed to find and bring back Coulson safely.

Following an attack at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology, Fitz and Simmons were invited to give a talk. There, they managed to save a young cadet named Donnie Gill who seemed to have been hurt with a freezing device. It was discovered that Donnie had been working with another cadet named Seth Dormer to bring Fitz to the academy to solve their power problem. They intended to power a bigger device to sell to Ian Quinn. Unfortunately, the device caused a massive storm which led to the death of Seth. Fitz attempted to comfort Donnie but was pushed away. It was revealed that Donnie developed ice powers after being exposed to the machine.

Fitz and Simmons were forced out of their niche into undercover field work with the rest of the team in Italy. Simmons was paired up with Coulson while Fitz was paired up with Skye. It was discovered that they were made and were now being chased. Simmons ran to warn Fitz and Skye but was hit with an enhanced version of dendrotoxin causing her to fall unconscious. Out of concern for her, Fitz placed her in a safer and more comfortable position, arming her with a weapon as he and Skye went on to infiltrate Quinn's mansion. This caused Skye to get shot twice in the stomach by Quinn and Fitz blamed himself for letting her go in alone. Simmons frantically tried to save Skye and managed to stabilize her for the time being. Once she was alone, while trying to clean the blood from her hands, Fitz finds her and embraces her as she breaks down in his arms, finding comfort with him. Coulson then gives both Fitz and Simmons Level 10 access to his .T.A.H.I.T.I files to find something that can cure Skye. Simmons manages to find a drug called GH.325 while Fitz successfully decrypts a code for the location of this drug. Fitz, Coulson, Ward and Agent John Garrett manages to infiltrate the base housing the drug and retrieve it. Trip, May and Simmons worked to keep Skye stable. Simmons manages to inject Skye with the drug in time, saving her life, causing Agents Tripplet's admiration towards her.

The team also worked with Lady Sif of Asgard to defeat Lorelai who had the power to enthrall men to do her bidding. Fitz was one of her victims and worked with Ward who was also under her spell to keep Lady Sif away from her. He was knocked out by Coulson after being distracted by Simmons away from the containment module holding Lady Sif. Fitz managed to successfully repair a collar which Lady Sif used to negate Lorelai's powers and contain her.

Simmons was called to the Hub to be a consultant on Deathlok and was happily surprised that Trip would be her escort as she was seemingly attracted to him. This annoyed Fitz, harboring some animosity towards Trip as he was jealous of the attention Simmons was paying him.

The Hydra Reveal

Fitz, Coulson, Skye and Agent Garrett discovered the secret coded message that went out, revealing that Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D at the deepest and highest levels. Fitz and the rest of the team decided to go back to The Hub to rescue Simmons who they believed was in danger. Back at The Hub, Simmons and Trip managed to pass the test that Victoria Hand developed to root out Hydra moles. It proved that Hand was not the Clairvoyant whose identity still remained a mystery. Coulson and the team managed to infiltrate The Hub and it was discovered that Garrett was The Clairvoyant and a Hydra agent all along. Coulson and May managed to fight Garrett and other Hydra soldiers, with Fitz saving May's life by shooting a Hydra soldier. Victoria Hand then stepped in and arrested Garrett. Fitz and Simmons are reunited and the two embrace.

The team then make their way to Providence base where they had to take lie detector tests to prove they were not Hydra agents. When asked what would be in a box when he was trapped in a deserted island, Fitz replied; "Simmons". Fitz also continued to notice Simmons' attraction towards Trip especially when she vouched for him to join their team which Coulson agreed to if she'd take full responsibility for him. This further enhanced Fitz's animosity and distrust towards Trip. Ward notices this and advises Fitz to tell Simmons how he truly feels about her but Fitz dismisses it, still in denial about his own feelings and afraid it might change things between him and Simmons. Coulson, Trip, Fitz and Simmons then travel to Portland to stop Blackout who was constantly stalking Audrey Nathan. Simmons confronts Fitz about his behavior towards Trip who believed he may have offended him in some way. Fitz lies to reassure her that he was just being his grumpy self as per usual.

Ward's Betrayal

It was revealed that Ward was an undercover Hydra agent the whole time, working for Garrett. Fitz and Simmons simultaneously discover Skye's message about Ward being Hydra and Agent Sam Koenig's murdered body respectively. Fitz was still in denial about Ward's betrayal, believing that he was being forced to do those things and holding out hope for his friend. In his anger and hurt, he lashes out and Simmons tries to comfort him. After rescuing Skye, the team settles in a hotel for the night and Fitz asks Simmons to tell him that she's not Hydra as he wouldn't know what to do if she was. Simmons reassures him that he will never have to find out because she is not Hydra.

The team managed to locate Ward and Garrett in Cuba and Fitz and Simmons locates the hijacked Bus. They planted a tracking device and were about to leave when they were captured by Ward. Garrett ordered Ward to "put down" Fitz and Simmons but they managed to lock themselves in a medical pod before Ward could shoot them. Instead, despite their pleading and reminding him about their friendship, Ward ejects them into the ocean. Fitz manages to strap himself and Simmons down before they hit the water, breaking his arm in the process while Simmons is rendered unconscious.

Best Friends Forever

When Simmons regained consciousness, she realized that they were indeed trapped at the bottom of the ocean with no means of escape. Accepting their fate, Fitz and Simmons proceed to have a beautiful conversation about death where Simmons explains that she believes death isn't so bad as their energy would be conserved in other beings throughout the universe following the First Law of Thermodynamics. Fitz seems enthralled by her words and it is implied that he was about to tell her how he truly felt about her. However, at that moment, Simmons discovers a possible means of escape and the two excitedly try to solve the problem together.

With the detonation ready, Fitz handed Simmons an air-supply which could only be used once by one of them. He rationalized that she was a better swimmer than him and it would be better if she took the oxygen instead. Simmons completely refused to take the oxygen demanding why he would make her do such a thing as he was her best friend. In a particularly heart-wrenching moment, Fitz finally confesses his feelings for Jemma saying that she was more than a friend to him and he didn't have the courage to tell her before this and pleaded with her to let him show her how he felt. Jemma, overcome with tears and grief, peppers his face with kisses. She heartbreakingly screams as Fitz presses down on the detonator, allowing the water to explode in. With the last vestiges of her strength, she manages to pull Fitz along with her as she swims up to the surface and screams for help. They are ultimately rescued by Nick Fury who managed to locate them from the EKG signal they rigged.

Jemma reunites with the team, sadly informing them that Fitz was alive but his brain was without oxygen for a long period of time and he was in a coma for nine days. He would never be the same again.

This major incident was the start of their constant separations and their tragic love story.

Season 2


Fitz and Simmons' relationship was never the same again as they had grown apart due to Fitz's brain injury and Simmons' undercover work in Hydra. Fitz was not told about Simmons going undercover, and assumed she left because she did not feel the same way about him after he confessed his feelings. Her leaving broke him and he began to have hallucinations of her, acting as his conscience. He was constantly talking to himself, trying to get by. He felt useless as everyone around him was treating him as if he was fragile glass. The only person who treated him normally was Mack. The two quickly become close friends. Coulson eventually tells Fitz about Simmons' true mission. Fitz asks if it was her choice to be sent on the mission, but Coulson gives him a vague answer, telling him that the work she was doing was extremely important.


Fitz and Simmons finally reunite, but things are awkward between them. They don't play the same by bouncing off ideas, and are unable to interact as usual with each other anymore. Finally, Fitz confronts Simmons on why she left and hurtfully accuses her of thinking he was useless. He tells her he was worried about her being killed while in Hydra. Simmons tearfully tells him she didn't leave because she thought he was useless but doesn't elaborate and leaves the room. She eventually tells Mack the reason she left was because her presence only made Fitz's condition worsen and she was trying to help him get better.

Simmons reveals to Bobbi what happened between her and Fitz at the bottom of the ocean and admits she didn't even have time to process Fitz's declaration towards her before everything was happening at once. She never thought of Fitz as being anything more than a friend, yet she could never imagine a life without him which leaves her confused.

Tensions between Fitz and Simmons continue to worsen as they avoid each other completely. Finally, Fitz tells Simmons he can't work with her anymore and instead will work for her as she is more capable. He plans to work with Mack in the garage, which leaves Simmons heartbroken. They do, however, briefly forget their issues and embrace each other when the Kree City they enter begins to shake, triggered by Skye's newly formed inhuman powers.

No Longer Friends

After the death of Trip, Simmons became increasingly afraid of anything alien and strongly advised killing Raina who was also an inhuman transformed by the Terrigen Mist. Fitz, who recently discovered Skye's drastically different DNA, kept this a secret from Simmons to protect Skye from everyone's fear and judgement. When the truth finally came out about Skye, Simmons felt hurt and betrayed by Fitz's lie while Fitz accuses Simmons of being the one who has drastically changed into someone who is more close-minded and afraid. The two stop speaking to each other.

Simmons constructs special gauntlets for Skye and constantly checks up on her when she is sent to an isolated cabin to better control her powers. Fitz accuses Simmons for not accepting Skye for who she truly is and leaves the room.

They did have a brief moment where they seemed to be back to their old friendly selves when they started gossiping about the ever-serious May and a sweet moment she shared with her ex-husband, Andrew Garner.


During the Real S.H.I.E.L.D. takeover, while they were detained in their lab, Simmons quietly held Fitz's hand and he reciprocated by holding hers as well, needing no words to express all their regret and how much they ultimately cared for each other. The two finally reconcile.

Fitz decided to quit S.H.I.E.L.D during the takeover as he was loyal to Coulson. Agent Robert Gonzales wanted access to Fury's Toolbox, which only Coulson had the means to open. This allowed Simmons to come up with a plan where she duplicated the Toolbox and smuggled the real one in Fitz's backpack as he left so he could pass it along to Coulson. She also packed him his favorite prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with a hint of her pesto aioli for him to eat on the road along with a sweet message, reminding him to be safe. This brought a smile on Fitz's face as he made his way to find Coulson.

More than Friends

After witnessing the heartbreaking exchange between the severely injured Bobbi and her ex-husband, Lance Hunter, Simmons realized that she definitely had deeper feelings for Fitz and went to confront him about what he said to her at the bottom of the ocean. Fitz who was bound for war with the inhumans, was incredulous that she wanted to talk about this at such a bad time and told her there was nothing much to discuss. Simmons not wanting to let him go without telling him how she felt, stopped him from walking out the door and told him that maybe there was something to discuss. Before he could reply, they were interrupted by Coulson and Fitz leaves her by herself, crying silently.

The Monolith

After everything settles, while Simmons works on a recovered Monolith related to the Kree and inhumans, Fitz awkwardly asks her out to dinner which at first, she doesn't realize was him asking her out on a date. After Fitz makes himself clear, she shyly smiles at him and nods in agreement as he walks out the room. Still smiling, she notices the containment for the Monolith was open as Fitz had accidentally unlocked it while talking to her before. She proceeds to try and lock it back when suddenly the Monolith, without warning, morphs into liquid form, causing Jemma to lose her balance, letting out a scream, cut chillingly short as she was sucked into the rock. The Monolith then returns to its original solid form as if nothing had happened, leaving Jemma's fate unknown and up in the air.

Season 3

The Search for Simmons

For six months, Fitz tirelessly dedicated all his time in studying the Monolith, never giving up hope that he would be able to find Simmons. He constantly came up with new theories, but unfortunately, to no fruition. He constantly took time off from S.H.I.E.L.D and instead put Bobbi in charge of the Science Division as she was still in rehab after being tortured by Ward. She covered for him with Coulson so he could continue his search. Eventually, Fitz learnt of a scroll casing which holds the answer to the Monolith's power. It was stolen by the extremist criminal Yusef Hadad, who Fitz tracked to Morocco. Fitz was captured by Hadad and his men but he managed to escape with the scroll by tricking them. Fitz confesses that he was in love with Simmons and proved that he would do anything to get her back, even at the cost of his own life.

Finally, back at the base, Fitz examines the scroll with Coulson. He discovers there is only one word written on the scroll; "Death." He drops the paper and looks around in despair. Coulson immediately tries to comfort him, telling him that it was time he made the trip to Sheffield to inform Jemma's family of what happened. Coulson tells Fitz that he admires his heart and determination of never giving up on Jemma but it was time they moved on as it would be what she wanted. Fitz tearfully says okay as Coulson leaves the room. Unable to accept that Simmons is gone forever, in a fit of rage and frustration he grabs a shotgun and storms his way into the room holding the Monolith. He blasts open the containment and in a particularly raw and heartbreaking sequence, starts pounding and screaming at the Monolith to "do something."

Hunter and Bobbi charge into the room, followed by Daisy, Mack and finally Coulson, pulling Fitz away and closing the containment door mere moments before the Monolith morphed into liquid form again. Coulson admonishes Fitz for being so reckless, telling him he could not cope with losing him too. Bobbi comforts Fitz as he says he would never give up on Simmons. At that moment, he notices strange sand on his fingers which finally leads to his breakthrough. The sand turned out to be from a different planet as its composition predates the Earth by a billion years, proving that the Monolith was indeed a black hole that carried Simmons away to that planet. Coulson tells Fitz that Simmons could be long gone or dead by now which Fitz agrees to but Coulson assures him that they were going to find out and he along with Bobbi resolves to help Fitz find Simmons.

They enlist the Asgardian, Elliot Randolph who reluctantly agrees to help them. He recognized the Hebrew word on the scroll; "Maveth." which he saw etched in one of the castles in England long ago. Once they arrive at the castle, Coulson discovers a secret room built to hold the Monolith and gets Mack and Daisy to bring the Monolith to the castle. Fitz sets up the ancient equipment built into the castle which causes the Monolith to change form, allowing Fitz to shoot in a flare. The deafening vibrations causes Daisy to collapse as she unwittingly tunes into them with her new inhuman vibrational abilities. Since the equipment is too ancient, they break down, leaving the team back on square one.

Fortunately, Fitz discovers that they don't need the equipment and Daisy herself can open the portal using her Quake powers, to which she agrees. They intend to send a probe into the portal as Daisy tunes into the vibrations and liquefies the Monolith. However, with everyone preoccupied with the portal, Fitz straps himself to the harness and without a second thought, plunges into the unknown, only thinking about saving Jemma.

He lands hard on the ground in a foreign world and immediately starts calling out Jemma's name. Finally he hears her screaming, calling out for him. He catches sight of her and they manage to grasp on to each other's hands, holding on as the sandstorm on the planet rages around them, threatening to pull Jemma away from him. On the other side, Daisy was starting to lose consciousness as she couldn't hold the portal open much longer. Not knowing that Fitz managed to find Jemma, Coulson pulls him back which causes Fitz to lose hold of Jemma. In the most anxiety-inducing moment, Jemma manages to claw her way to Fitz and hold on to him as they are finally pulled back to the other side, destroying the Monolith in the process. As Fitz holds the rescued Jemma in his arms, he finally smiles up at the team.


Jemma wakes up on high alert from a nightmare and notices Fitz asleep, sitting on the floor next to her. She goes over to him and rests her head on his knee, falling asleep and seeking comfort with him. Over the next few days, Jemma felt extremely disoriented as she tried to adjust to Earth's lower gravity and louder sounds. Fitz was there with her every step of the way, holding her hand and comforting her. He seeks advice from Bobbi, saying that Jemma was being distant and Bobbi advises him to be patient and try to remind her of her time before she was swept away. Fitz made a call and brought Jemma out to dinner. He kept the reservation for months, even when she was lost, booking out the entire restaurant to make her feel more comfortable. Jemma was extremely touched and thanked him for finding her. However, when Fitz proposes a toast, the sight of the wine triggers a painful memory for Jemma and she breaks down as Fitz holds her, allowing her to weep in his arms.

As the days passed, Jemma grew more distant, worrying Fitz but he still respected her space. Coulson tasks Andrew Garner, a trained psychiatrist to talk to Jemma and work through her problems but she is still closed off. Daisy even visits her and brings her a vase of daisies to remind Jemma of her. Daisy then tells Jemma that she would always be there for her and she could always talk to her.

One day, Bobbi discovers Jemma obsessing over the broken Monolith shards and reassures her that it would never open again. However, it is finally revealed that Jemma intends to open the portal again. She keeps this from Fitz but when he discovers her notes on the Monolith and asks her about it, she snaps at him and tells him to keep away from her things, closing herself off in her room. Later, Fitz visits her in her room, bringing her a cup of tea and asks her straight up why she wants to go back. Jemma, resigned, finally decides it was time to tell him the whole truth about what happened to her on the other side.

A Tale of Survival

When Simmons is transported to the desert planet Maveth, she was initially shocked and dismayed but her scientific curiosity took over. She determined the strength of the pull of gravity on the planet and recorded her findings, taking pictures of the place. The planet had two moons and no sunlight, enveloping the planet in a strange bluish glow. She decided to wait for extraction, following her S.H.I.E.L.D survival training and went to sleep, wishing Fitz a good night as she stared at his picture on her phone.

She awoke with a start after 22 hours and noticed there was still no sunlight. This caused her to panic and made her delirious especially with the lack of water and food. After 79 hours, she decided to move and find water as a human being could only survive without water for 100 hours. She kept talking to Fitz on her own to keep herself sane, thinking what it would be like when they went for dinner. She fondly hoped Fitz would not pull out a chair for her-or do- if he wanted. She smiles as she wonders if she should wear a dress or if that would be too weird. After braving a sand storm. she finally discovers a pond of stagnant water with unknown floating substances in it. She weakly makes her way towards it, stumbling and picking herself up until she reaches the water, having no choice but to drink it. She then decides to cool off in the pond, finding a little happiness in this small victory. As she was swimming, she was pulled into the depths by an unknown creature. Fortunately, she managed to kill it and it provided her with a source of food. She narrated this to Fitz, recording it on her phone, supremely happy with her achievement and was convinced Fitz would be so proud of her. She then looks at her phone and tells the image of Fitz to please read her mind and come and rescue her since everyone says they are psychically linked. She knew he would never give up on her so she promises to never give up either, believing in him.

She continues to survive on her own when she suddenly hears a noise and goes to investigate. Unfortunately, she falls into a hole, loses consciousness and is trapped by an unknown man who locks her in a cage. She manages to trick him and escape, but he catches up to her and pulls her back underground where he is living, seemingly afraid of the sandstorm above ground.

Jemma realizes that he was trying to save her and asks him what happened to him. He tells her his name is Will Daniels and he was an astronaut sent by NASA who came here with a few scientists to map the terrain and collect samples. However, he recounts that everyone slowly went crazy, forcing him to put them down. He then tells her this was caused by an evil creature on the planet which he refers to as "It". At first Jemma dismisses this and instead asks him how long he's been here, to which she discovers he has been trapped there for 14 years. The two continued to learn more about each other, with Jemma telling Will that she misses Fitz and her friends the most. She shows him a video on her phone where Coulson, May and Daisy presents her with a TARDIS cake on her birthday, telling her to make a wish as they blow out the candle for her, while Fitz records the video to send to her since she was unable to be there. This was possibly during the time she was undercover in Hydra. Fitz then wishes her a happy birthday, saying it wasn't the same without her there, speaking quite well despite his problems with his words and brain damage at the time. Will notices that Fitz's name is her favorite word.

Jemma and Will decide to keep each other safe and in check as she tries to figure out a way to get them out of this planet. She tells Will she wants to go to the no-fly zone. A place where Will forbids her from going as "It" was most likely going to be there. Jemma doesn't listen to him and visits the place where she discovers certain objects from past victims. Suddenly, a sandstorm occurs and she sees the mysterious creature that Will was talking about and narrowly escapes with her life, finally believing him. When she informs Will of what she finds, at first he was angry at her for risking her life but then she tells him that she knows how to get them home; by mapping the stars.

They immediately get to work. Jemma decides to use her phone battery which Fitz engineered to last a long time, to power the ancient equipment NASA sent along with Will. She says a final goodbye to Fitz, promising him she'll see him soon. She works tirelessly and finally manages to discover a location where the portal would open. At first, Will was not hopeful they could make it but Jemma reminds him of what he said to her about doing something even though it seemed impossible, to which he smiles fondly and agrees to devise a way to get them to the portal.

They started their journey to the portal, Jemma ever-hopeful of making it back and seeing Fitz again. They finally reached the location and were shocked to see that the canyon they had to cross was wider than they expected. They glimpsed the portal opening in the distance and realized they could never make it in time. Instead, they decided to shoot the message in the bottle Jemma prepared to let Fitz know how to get her back. Will shot the bottle, but in an extremely devastating moment, the bottle crashed to bits, mere seconds after the portal closes, leaving Jemma staring at the spot, defeated, all hope leaving her.

They got back to the place they were staying where Jemma has a breakdown, weeping as Will comforts her. Will tells her he almost gave up until Jemma arrived, restoring his hope and saving him. They share a passionate kiss and it is implied that they sleep together.

After 4720 hours, Simmons and Will decide to go outside to watch the sunrise. This will be the first sunrise in eighteen years. In a romantic gesture Will presents Simmons with wine which he recovered from the no-fly zone. It unfortunately tasted like vinegar but they laugh it off, deciding to use it in their cooking. Simmons looks at Will and sadly tells him that her dad would have liked him. Suddenly, she sees the flare that Fitz had shot in the portal previously and excitedly exclaims they were going home. She and Will run towards the location of the flare but a sandstorm appears signalling the arrival of "It". They are separated as Simmons screams Will's name. Finally Will finds her and shouts at her that she can make it and to run to the portal. Simmons refuses to leave without him but Will runs towards the creature in the sandstorm and a gunshot is heard from the gun with the single bullet Will was saving if things got too bad on the planet. Will's fate is left unknown as Simmons screams for him. She hears Fitz calling her name on the other side and makes her way towards him, getting rescued in the process.

As Simmons tearfully recounts everything to Fitz, he stares at her seemingly disappointed. Instead he makes his way to the lab with Simmons following close behind him, begging him to talk to her. He then looks at her and promises her that he was going to get Will back, putting her happiness above his own.

Watching the Sunrise

Things were a little awkward between Fitz and Simmons as she felt guilty about Will. Fitz on the other hand, was busy trying to help the other team members with their missions as well as finding things related to the Monolith and Will. Simmons passes him her broken phone to see if he could recover the data and he agrees.

Fitz fixes Simmons' SIM card and discovers her pictures and recordings she took while on the planet. He was astounded at all the data collected. Suddenly, he comes across a picture of Simmons and Will and angrily prepares to storm out of the room, unable to look at them together. Before he could leave, however, a recording of Simmons plays where she talks to him while dehydrated, recounting the time they first met. She proceeds to tell him about a family holiday she went on once to Scotland where she saw a lovely cottage in Perthshire and admits she thought of settling down there with him, which brings tears to Fitz eyes. After this, a bored Hunter, hanging out with Fitz in the lab catches site of Will's picture and hilariously states that Will is the competition and has a hog face. Fitz agrees. Fitz then proceeds to find Simmons standing and staring out one of the windows of the base and he correctly deduces that she couldn't sleep and wanted to watch the sunrise. He asks her about what she said in her videos, assuming she wasn't thinking clearly when she said it but Simmons looks at him and truthfully tells him that she meant every word. They then stand in silence, watching the sunrise.

The Long Awaited Kiss

Fitz and Simmons continued working on the origin of Will's Distant Star Pathfinder symbol, with Fitz bringing in every book he could find relating to it. He noticed that Simmons was procrastinating and didn't seem that keen on reading up on the symbol. Simmons tells Fitz that maybe it was a bad idea to bring Will back as they discover that he was actually sent through the portal as a blood sacrifice. Fitz disagrees with her, saying Will deserves their help and tensions continued to rise between them, culminating in an argument. Jemma snaps at Fitz and tells him to stop doing all the right things as it was becoming too much for her, leaving Fitz confused as she storms out of the room.

Fitz storms into the lab, angrily confronting Jemma's outburst. Jemma, equally furious, tells him that she was angry at herself for roping him into all this, even though she knew how he felt about her and it was driving her mad that he was so willing to help. He proceeds to let her know that he is indeed furious but not at her and instead at the universe as he believed they were cursed. They angrily air out their frustrations at each other when finally Fitz asks Jemma if she was in love with Will. After a moment, Simmons quietly replies; "yes." Fitz, heartbroken, looks at the floor and rationalizes that of course she would be in love with Will as he was a hero. Simmons then retaliates, saying that he crossed the universe to rescue her. In an angst-filled moment, Fitz kisses Jemma, much to her surprise. She then recovers and kisses him back, only for him to sadly tell her again that they were cursed.

Encountering Ward Once Again

Fitz and Simmons along with Luther Banks and a team of agents were sent by Coulson to an abandoned Project Distant Star Pathfinder facility in search of clues about the Monolith. Suddenly, the two heard shots and saw the gun Banks was holding turn around on itself and shoot him in the head, killing him. Fitz instinctively pushes Jemma behind him as they realize the Inhuman, Giyera, under the orders of Gideon Mallick, the remaining head of Hydra, was behind the ambush. Fitz and Simmons were then taken captive and led to Mallick and Ward in the Hydra castle. There they realized Mallick and Ward intended to reopen the portal to bring the creature "It" back to this world. The creature was in fact the first Inhuman ever created with unspeakable power, worshiped by Hydra ancestors. While Hydra had the means to open the portal, they were clueless on how to bring someone back, which only Fitz and Simmons managed to achieve.

Fitz and Simmons outright refuse to cooperate and insult Mallick. At one point, Simmons even turns violent and dares them to come closer and find out how tough she really is, impressing Ward in a somewhat twisted way. Mallick then turns to Ward for advice on how to handle them and Ward despicably orders them to be split up, cementing him as completely irredeemable. Fitz was tied to a chair in a separate room while Simmons was tied to a pole in another. Ward then enters the room and interrogates Simmons but she insults him and says that she would never tell him anything no matter how much he tortured her. Ward smiles at her and says that if she ever bothered to get to know him, she would know that he'd never hurt her. However, he informs her that he can't say the same for Giyera who he tasks with torturing her instead. Ward then goes over to the room holding Fitz and taunts him as Simmons is heard screaming in pain from the other room. Fitz pleads with Ward to stop this but he says only Fitz has the power to end it if he tell them how to get back from the planet. Ward leaves the room as Fitz stays silent, himself tortured by Jemma's screams.

Meanwhile, Coulson who was on a path of revenge against Ward for murdering Rosalind Price, kidnaps his brother, Thomas, as leverage. His true purpose was to track Ward's location while Thomas talks to Ward on the phone. Ward realizes this, and in a furious rage, barges into the room holding Simmons and tortures her as she screams and pleads. Fitz, unable to stand the pain Jemma was going through, finally gives in and agrees to help them with the portal. Simmons realizes what Fitz had done for her and begs him not to help them and just let them kill her. Fitz tells her that he would never let that happen as he was not strong enough to live in a world that she didn't exist in. Simmons tearfully rests her head on his shoulder and tells him to come back to her without bringing that inhuman creature with him. Fitz holds her and assures her that the only thing he's bringing back is Will. He then enters the portal, with Ward leading the mission.


Once they entered Maveth, they began searching for the creature. Fitz tries to distract Ward in order to snatch his gun but Ward was faster than him and kicked him down a ridge, threatening that Simmons would die a very slow and painful death if Ward did not return and it would all be Fitz's fault. Fitz then walks on and realizes the particular area they were in looked familiar as it was near the home of Will Daniels. He finds the hatch and drops down, leaving Ward chasing after him. After frantically convincing Ward that they needed Will to leave the planet, Ward agrees to bring Will along. He then notices Will's bed was placed together with a second bed and put two and two together that Jemma and Will had slept together. Ward taunts Fitz about this, offering him a chance to shoot Will instead. Fitz looks away and tells him to grow up.

As they walk, Fitz tells Will about Ward's plan and the two devise a way to escape to the portal. Will then leads them into a sandstorm and he manages to subdue the guards watching him and Fitz and the two escape. As they make their way towards the portal, Will and Fitz have a heart to heart about Jemma and Will tells Fitz he can clearly see why Jemma loves him. They then enter the no-fly zone and Will stumbles as his leg is severely injured and they stop so Fitz can tend to it. Fitz notices ancient ruins and is in awe by it, wondering why Jemma never talked about them. Will says that Jemma never got to see them and proceeds to explain the history of the ruins. Fitz is confused and asks Will how he knows so much about them. He then peals away the bandage from Will's leg, suddenly revealing rotting flesh and bone. "Will" tells him that he was there, revealing himself to be the creature, telling Fitz that the real Will died saving Jemma.

The two then engage in a fight, ending with "It" almost crushing Fitz with a rock but Coulson who had jumped into the portal after Ward, rescues Fitz by shooting "It". The creature refuses to stay down and Fitz is forced to shoot Will's body with a flare gun, completely burning it up. Fitz shouts at Coulson that the portal is closing up and tells him to leave Ward there. Coulson stares at Fitz then proceeds to crush Ward's chest with his robot arm, finally killing him.

As the team reunites, Jemma looks hopefully into the containment pod for Will, but he isn't there. She looks up at Fitz who guiltily stares at her as she realizes that Will is dead. Grief-stricken, she pulls him into an embrace, breaking down in his arms.

Starting Over

Fitz and Simmons starting over

After everything that happened on Maveth, things were awkward between Fitz and Simmons again, mainly because Fitz felt guilty about what he did to Will. Their relationship became only professional and matter-of-fact. Unable to stand the chasm between them after all that's happened, Simmons confronts Fitz and tells him that she misses him. Fitz apologizes for not doing more to save Will but Jemma reassures him that all he did was kill a thing as Will died saving her. She tells him he has been nothing short of extraordinary this entire time. She then asks if they could start over, back to where they began. Fitz agrees as the two introduce themselves again, giving each other a fist-bump, their friendship restored.

Fitz and Simmons worked together with Lincoln Campbell to try and find a potential vaccine against Terrigenesis. However, they yielded limited results as there was only a solution to prevent Inhumans from changing before they underwent the process.

Around this time, tired of always having to be rescued causing the suffering of others, especially Fitz, Simmons began shooting practice with the help of May in order to better defend herself. Fitz goes on a mission with Daisy and Mack to combat the Watchdogs, a rising Inhuman hate group. There, he almost gets imploded but is saved with Daisy's help.

Their next mission involved the team trying to change the future after Daisy touches an Inhuman named Charles Hinton who could show someone a future death. This involves Fitz explaining that once you glimpse the future, it is fixed and there is no changing it. Unbeknownst to him, this theory would be proven wrong in one of the team's later adventures over the years. For now, the team refuses to believe Fitz's theory and they decide to change the future and rescue the Inhuman from Hive, the creature from Maveth, who they discover has come back to Earth, possessing the body of Grant Ward. Daisy describes the vision to the team, explaining what will happen. In one instance, she sees Fitz and Simmons holding hands in the snow. Coulson decides that Daisy would not go on the mission since she was in the epicenter of the visions and asks May to take her place. He also tells Fitz and Simmons to "stay out of the damn snow." Unfortunately, May's ex-husband, Andrew Garner who is in the final stages of transformation into the Inhuman monster, Lash, shows up to say goodbye. May is forced to stay behind and care for Andrew as Daisy goes on the mission instead. Everything happens exactly as what Daisy saw in her visions, ending with Charles Hinton's death. Daisy promises him that she would help look after his daughter, Robin. Fitz and Simmons stand together and hold hands, in what turns out to be ash from a destroyed billboard instead of snow. Simmons then tells Fitz that maybe some things are not meant to be changed.

Crossing the Event Horizon

Among the chaos of figuring out which Inhuman on their base had been mind-controlled by Hive, Fitz and Simmons steal a few moments in Fitz room, trying to figure out what causes the sway. Frustrated with always losing their friends especially after the recent departure of Bobbi and Hunter, Simmons sadly rests her head on Fitz's shoulder, seeking comfort. The romantic tension between them is palpable and the two finally share a second kiss. However, Fitz stops himself and apologizes for pushing her too fast especially since she was trying to get over Will's death. Jemma tells him that its been ten years and that she didn't want to waste anymore time, saying that she's tired of everyone being ripped apart from each other constantly. Fitz agrees and after some playful banter, the two kiss again.

It was then discovered that Daisy was the one swayed by Hive. Coulson sends Fitz and Simmons along with Mack on a mission to Bucharest to meet Dr. Holden Radcliffe in order to find a potential cure. Once there, Fitz and Simmons were asked to wait until Radcliffe was ready to see them. As they wait, they finally have a long-overdue conversation about their relationship. In their usual, science-y FitzSimmons way, they talk about it in scientific terms where Fitz compares the crux of their relationship to the singularity in transhumanism. Simmons tells him that its quite beautiful to think about it like that, relating them finally having sex to crossing the event horizon. They agree to stop overthinking things and just do.

They finally meet Radcliffe who are suspicious of them and one of his men escorts Simmons out of the room while she screams for Fitz. Fitz on the other hand, manages to subdue one of the guards and proceeds to try and convince Radcliffe to help them, but before Radcliffe could make a decision, Daisy comes in with another swayed Inhuman named Alicia who kidnaps him. Hive plans to use him to make more Inhumans. Daisy then chokes Fitz with her Quake powers and tells him that she's happier than she's ever been. She says if he truly loves Jemma, he'd be smart enough to leave her and the Inhumans alone. Even though she tells him she doesn't want to hurt him, if the team continues to pursue her, she promises that she will snap his neck, finally releasing him and leaving him on the floor, clutching his neck in pain. While this is happening, Jemma who was being forcibly escorted away is "saved" by Hive who appears and talks to her in Will's voice, devastating her. He reminds her of what Will said to her on Maveth and she tearfully lets him caress her face. However, she finally snaps out of her painful memories and tells Hive that just because he stole Will's memories, it doesn't give him the right to be him. She then shoots him three times and escapes- even though it does nothing to harm him - leaving him oozing from his wounds and staring after her in anger.

The point of no return

Fitz finally meets Jemma in the hotel room they used as their rendezvous point where she angrily asks him where he's been. He tells her he was looking for her and proceeds to ask where Mack was. She tells him he was unloading equipment in the Quinjet, giving them some privacy. Fitz tells her that they had a lot to discuss but instead of talking, they began to start kissing each other passionately, trying to forget their worries and traumatic experiences for the time being. After a brief romantic moment, the two finally consummate their relationship, crossing the point of no return.

Finally in a Relationship

Fitz and Simmons, finally in a relationship, work hard together to find a cure for Inhumans under Hive's sway. This leads to an argument with Lincoln as he intends to test himself with the antitoxin in order to save his girlfriend, Daisy. Simmons is completely against Lincoln testing it out on himself as it would severely compromise his immune system and endanger him. Fitz however, thinks there is a chance it could work, disagreeing with Simmons. This causes them to have their first argument where Simmons describes Lincoln as a "lovesick fool trying to make a grand gesture" and Daisy would not want him to risk his life in order to save her. Fitz recognizing himself as someone who would do anything to save Jemma, tells her that its a good thing then that it's not up to Daisy to decide if she wants to be saved or not. Later, they talk about their argument and Jemma tells Fitz they should make it a point to separate their professional life from their personal life and adds that if she wanted a boyfriend who agreed with everything she said, she wouldn't have broken up with her ex, Milton.

When Daisy was saved by Lash and finally freed from Hive's sway, Jemma was tasked with gaining information from her as she was the only one Daisy never physically hurt. Fitz and Simmons were then tasked with working with Radcliffe to attempt finding a cure for the Primitive Inhumans he had created for Hive. The rest of the team manages to contain Hive in a Gel Matrix Chamber, storing him in their base and securing a much needed win. Since everything seemed to have calmed down, Jemma decides to book a trip for her and Fitz to get away to the Seychelles. He tells her it might not be the best time for a holiday but she reminds him that Hive has been captured and secured while everything seemed to be settled down for now. She adds that a little fun won't kill them. He is impressed by her romantic gesture, saying that it was very unlike her and he was actually the romantic one. She promises him that they will have fun on the island.

Losing a Friend

Coulson then catches up with Fitz and May along with Simmons, Lincoln and Mack and divulges his plan of stealing the warhead Hive plans to use to spread the pathogen turning all humans into Primitives. Unfortunately, a swayed Inhuman named Hellfire severely wounds Lincoln and Fitz and Simmons tend to his wounds. They give Lincoln and Daisy a moment when suddenly they realize that Daisy is gone. Lincoln tells them she intends to sacrifice herself to save everyone and atone for what she did to the team. At that moment, they are then ambushed by Primitives and are forced to fight them off. After they are defeated, they rush off to stop Daisy but instead find her crying after Lincoln forcefully removes her from the Quinjet containing the warhead and Hive, shorting the controls with his electrokinesis and propelling them into space. Daisy, devastated, tells Lincoln through the comms, which are still active, that sacrificing himself for her is wrong, especially after all she has done. Lincoln says saving the world and dying for the girl he loves is a great way to go out. Fitz and Simmons share a look with each other as everyone watches the Quinjet explode, destroying Hive and harmlessly dispersing the pathogen in the vacuum of space as Daisy sinks to the floor, weeping.

Six months later, Daisy is MIA and they apparently have a new Director in S.H.I.E.L.D while Coulson returns to field work. Radcliffe is seen activating an old S.H.IE.L.D protocol called the Life-Model Decoy (LMD) program while he talks to a digital voice named AIDA. He tells her that he wants to bring Fitz and Simmons into this new project but Fitz is preparing a surprise vacation for Jemma. He tells AIDA that they have lost too many friends to threats and he has a way to prevent that. AIDA asks if this is what he was celebrating, bringing Fitz into his new program, to which Radcliffe says no, they are celebrating her birthday as he ominously reveals a new built body stored in a room.

Season 4

Creating AIDA

Jeffrey Mace had replaced Coulson as the new Inhuman Director of S.H.I.E.L.D as Coulson had stepped down after all that had happened previously. Around this time, Fitz and Simmons were tasked with registering their Inhuman friend, Elena "Yo-Yo" Rodriguez in wake of the Sokovia Accords. They were in the middle of an argument about putting a huge T.V in their room when Yo-Yo suggests they should consider moving in together outside the base, much to Fitz's dismay as he knew Simmons would become completely obsessed with the idea. Simmons, unaware of the faces he was making at Yo-Yo for suggesting it, happily smiled at him and says they should consider it, leaving Fitz having no choice but to enthusiastically agree.

Simmons was promoted to become the head of the lab, working as the Special Adviser to the Director in Science and Technology. She was constantly kept busy which meant she had barely enough time to see Fitz outside of work anymore. This caused Fitz to frequently visit Dr. Holden Radcliffe, developing a friendship with him, watching football games and drinking beer. On one such evening, Fitz accidentally discovers AIDA, an LMD created by Radcliffe. At first Fitz was uneasy and angry at him for experimentation without oversight but Radcliffe explains that AIDA could do a lot of good for S.H.I.E.L.D. Fitz warns Radcliffe about the dangerous ramifications of Artificial Intelligence and androids especially after the creation of Ultron by Tony Stark and the destruction wrought by it. Radcliffe explains that AIDA is harmless and tells her to explain her purpose to Fitz. She explains that she was not designed as a weapon but instead as a decoy and safeguard as a way to prevent Fitz and Simmons from losing more friends. AIDA's extremely life-like appearance makes Fitz uneasy and he tells Radcliffe to turn her off, eliciting what seemed to be a "hurt" reaction from her. As she spoke to Fitz, there appeared to be a little subtext on how she may have developed a more than positive reaction towards him. This further developed as time went on, the more Fitz treated her like an actual person.

Radcliffe tells Fitz he wants to bring Jemma into the loop about AIDA in order to make her a usable prototype for S.H.I.E.L.D. However, Fitz stops him, telling him they had to keep AIDA a secret from the new Director and Jemma - she had to take mandatory lie-detection tests- until AIDA's programming is improved. Fitz agrees to perfect her.

Fitz and Simmons decide to take the next step in their relationship by moving in with each other off the base, with Simmons managing to find a perfect home which seemed to fit their criteria. She tells Fitz about it over the phone as she goes to check out the apartment, expressing her regret that the one day she's free, Fitz is busy and spending all his time with Radcliffe. He tells her that he's working to find a way to cure the ghost virus victims, not telling Simmons that he was working on AIDA as well. The two say their "I love yous" to each other as Simmons hangs up and enters the apartment. There she encounters a severely wounded Daisy who turned out to be the one who found Simmons the apartment, as she knew what she was looking for based on hacking into her search history. Daisy did this in order to draw Simmons to that place so she could help patch up Daisy's wounds. Simmons says she misses Daisy and the two team up to track down James aka Hellfire who they believed was in danger from The Watchdogs. It turns out that James was working for them as he could not live with the misery after being swayed by Hive and thought of all Inhumans, including himself, as abominations. Daisy and Simmons were finally rescued by Robbie Reyes. He agreed to work with Coulson to save his uncle, Eli Morrow, from being targeted by Lucy Bauer (one of the ghosts), in order to find a dark book called The Darkhold, said to contain infinite knowledge.

As Simmons and the rest of the team goes to check on May, they meet AIDA and everyone is none the wiser that she is an android except for Simmons who quickly figures out the truth and confronts Fitz about lying to her about it. He explains that he only did it because she had mandatory lie-detection tests to go through. Simmons is still angry at Fitz while worrying that she would be thrown behind bars as she is forced to keep one too many secrets, especially about Ghost Rider and working with Daisy. However, Simmons was able to get Director Mace to exempt her from further lie-detection tests when she discovers that he has been hiding something this entire time and threatens him that she cannot lie and keep his secret if she is being tested.

The team then goes behind Mace's back on an unauthorized mission to the prisons to break out Eli Morrow, bringing along Robbie Reyes. There, Robbie changes into Ghost Rider and murders a surviving member of The Fifth Street Locos for crippling his brother. This catches the attention of Senator Ellen Nadeer, the leader of the Watchdogs who proceeds to blackmail Mace unless he helps her. Following this, Mace sends Simmons, who was required to cover her head with a bag for this top secret mission, not telling Fitz or anyone else of her whereabouts, completely worrying him.

Trapped in Another Dimension

Fitz, Coulson, May, Mack and Robbie Reyes infiltrate the Roxxon Power Plant in order to stop Lucy Bauer from carrying out her plan which could cause thousands of deaths. However, it was discovered that Eli Morrow was the one who was truly responsible for everything that had happened and was planning to replicate a dangerous experiment in order to gain true power and become a God. This was due to his corruption from reading the Darkhold. Coulson failed to stop Eli who succeeded , causing the reactor to emit a violent burst of energy which tore a hole in their Earthly dimension, dragging Fitz, Coulson and Robbie into an inter-dimensional space between the Earthly Plane and the Hell Dimension. In this plane, the three of them could see and hear their friends but could not interact with them, while everyone else was unaware of their presence.

Here, Fitz follows Director Jeffrey Mace who intends to call Simmons to inform her about what had happened to her boyfriend, but is unable to locate her. Fitz discovers that she was sent on a shady mission for Senator Nadeer who at this point was extremely hostile towards S.H.I.E.L.D and the Inhumans, possibly endangering Jemma's life. Fitz becomes furious at Mace and extremely worried for Simmons but is distracted by Robbie Reyes who tells him that he's dying in this dimension and the Spirit of Vengeance inside of him refuses to be pulled into Hell. Coulson and Fitz then witness the Spirit leave Robbie and transfer into Mack. Robbie follows Daisy in tracking Mack down and manages to convince the Spirit of Vengeance to get back into him by making a deal to settle all its scores. The Spirit agrees and Robbie is Ghost Rider once again.

Coulson and Fitz return to the Playground where they discover May enlisted the help of Dr. Radcliffe and AIDA to get them back by tasking him with reading the Darkhold. Radcliffe is against this and refuses after he glimpses the Darkhold which overwhelms him, causing him to claim that the knowledge in there is too vast to be understood by human minds. Fitz then successfully manages to get the attention of AIDA who seemed to be the only one who could hear them, and tells her to read the book instead. Everyone finally realizes that she is an android. Coulson confronts Fitz for building her, saying it was not his call to make but Fitz snaps and takes out his anger on Coulson saying that because Coulson stepped down as Director, Mace betrayed Simmons and sent her on an unknown dangerous mission and no one knows where she is. He emotionally exclaims that she doesn't even know that he's gone. Coulson comforts Fitz and tells him that despite his flaws, Mace would never ever let any harm befall Simmons and she would be perfectly safe. This seems to calm Fitz down as they witness AIDA reading the book. AIDA successfully manages to build an inter-dimensional gate using Laser-Coupling Gloves, built to her specifications which allows Coulson and Fitz (and later Robbie Reyes) to jump back into the Earthly plane. Fitz then immediately goes off to find Simmons.

Meanwhile, Simmons was sent on a mission to study someone still gestating in a Terrigenesis cocoon for seven months. Discovering that the person inside seemed to have an elevated heart rate because he was nervous, she manages to calm him down and talk to him soothingly, befriending him. Her soothing manner helps him break out of the cocoon bit by bit. Before she could ask the man's name, she was forcibly taken away leaving him calling after her.

As Fitz angrily confronts Mace about Simmons' whereabouts, he hears her calling his name and rushes towards her. The two have a tender moment, embracing each other and making up for their argument earlier about keeping secrets.

Fitz and Simmons were integral in assisting the team and Ghost Rider defeat Eli Morrow. Ghost Rider burns Eli, killing him as the two fall into a different dimension.

Secrets and Revelations

It is later shown that Radcliffe was actually the mastermind behind the whole debacle. He had programmed AIDA to infiltrate the base and had built another version; AIDA 2.0 to assist him. Since his first plan was a disaster, he tells AIDA 2.0 that they had to rely on LMD May to retrieve the Darkhold for him, with no one any the wiser. Fitz tells Radcliffe to avoid the base as tempers were running high after AIDA's betrayal, still in the dark about Radcliffe's true nature. Fitz then talks to Simmons about maybe improving AIDA and tells her their mistake was not getting Simmons' input and help on building her, which possibly caused the malfunctions. However, Simmons' who was done with all the problems that came with AIDA and the significant amount of attention Fitz was paying this project, tells him to drop it. Fitz tells her that the whole reason he developed AIDA was to protect Simmons as he was afraid of ever losing her.

Fitz and Simmons helped S.H.I.E.L.D to find Director Jeffrey Mace, Coulson and Mack after the Quinjet they escaped on crashed somewhere in the wilderness, following an assassination attempt on Mace's life. They finally learnt a disturbing truth from General Glenn Talbot that the U.S Government had developed a formula calibrated to Mace's DNA to give him super strength and he was not in fact, Inhuman, Fitz and Simmons was extremely angry at this revelation as the serum was extremely dangerous and could in fact cost Mace his life. However, Talbot explains that they had no choice and this was done in the benefit of legitimizing S.H.I.E.L.D again with the approval of the President himself.

In order to get information on the location of Mace and the team, Simmons devised a plan by using AIDA's severed head to intimidate Yuri Zaikin, the Watchdog who tried to kill Mace. This plan worked and they managed to rescue their friends. Fitz admits that he found this scary "bad girl" version of Simmons extremely attractive.

As Fitz locks up AIDA's head, he downloads her information, promising her he'd find out what really caused her to malfunction as she thanks him. Fitz hides this from Simmons, keeping a secret from her yet again.

Radcliffe's Betrayal

Fitz continues to work on AIDA's head, looking for the cause of her malfunction without Simmons' knowledge. She understands he is upset about it and tells him he can always talk to her no matter what. He agrees and assures her that he's just "processing" everything that happened. She believes him and gives him some space. However, after a mission to bug Senator Ellen Nadeer's office goes horribly wrong, Simmons suspects that AIDA's severed head had been tapped into to spy on them. She realizes that Fitz had turned it on and was working on it. Believing it was an obsession, she angrily confronts him about it and tells him she has had enough of this obsession of his as he disobeyed her direct orders of dropping the project. Fitz cuts her off and finally explains that it isn't an obsession but an investigation into Radcliffe.

Following this shocking revelation, Fitz, Simmons and Coulson lead a team of agents to Radcliffe's home and arrested him for his betrayal. Fitz in particularly was hurt by Radcliffe's actions as he was betrayed by someone close to him once again. Once they locked Radcliffe up in a containment module, Fitz confronts Radcliffe about his betrayal but Radcliffe tells him that he never meant to hurt anyone and says that Fitz is like a son to him. Following this, Fitz realizes that Radcliffe was actually an LMD so he took a gun and shot him in the head, proving this theory.

Fitz then repaired Radcliffe's LMD and began interrogating him with the help of Mack and Simmons. However, following Fitz's attempt to hack into its programming, the LMD began to talk about Fitz's abusive father who had abandoned him when he was a child, saying that Radcliffe and Alistair Fitz had known each other and went to the same school. This greatly disturbed Fitz who became more emotional and stopped thinking clearly, angrily threatening the android. The LMD continued to talk about how Radcliffe had met Alistair a few months ago on the train and was about to tell Fitz his father's message for him, but Fitz, who at this point was extremely enraged and emotional, turned the LMD off and stormed out of the lab. Simmons tells a curious Mack of what happened between Fitz and his dad and how he always told Fitz he was useless and not smart enough. This angers Mack as he couldn't believe a father could do that do his own child. Simmons then goes off to find Fitz in their room, looking at a picture of him and his mother and offers him some comfort. Fitz laments that he has been betrayed by those closest to him too many times, first his father, then Ward and now Radcliffe. Simmons reminds him that despite these betrayals, Fitz remained a good and loyal person, adding that it was the main reason why she fell in love with him, eliciting a small smile from him. She then tells him that his personality is something more than programming which causes something to click in Fitz mind about the Radcliffe LMD. He excitedly kisses Jemma and thanks her for giving him the idea, rushing back to the lab. He discovers that the android was not running solely on pure programming as well and instead possessed a Quantum Brain built by AIDA using the knowledge of the Darkhold.

Rise of the L.M.Ds

Fitz and Simmons then join Daisy on a mission to take down Tucker Shockley, a newly turned Inhuman, previously working for The Superior aka Anton Ivanov, leader of The Watchdogs. There, Fitz risks his life to save the everyone on the plane from Shockley's exploding powers. Simmons angrily tells Fitz to stop risking his life and scaring her as she seeks comfort by pulling him into a tight embrace. They manage to defeat Shockley at the cost of Director Jeffrey Mace getting kidnapped by Anton Ivanov, referred to as The Russian by Coulson and his team. Fitz then tells the team about the Framework, a virtual world he and Radcliffe created for training, where they deduce the real May is plugged in and thriving. Mack was very critical of Fitz's inventions, including AIDA and The Framework, saying that Fitz does not think of the consequences of his designs. These accusations deeply affects Fitz but Simmons comforts him saying that yes, he does need to think about the implications of his creations but just because his ideas are used for evil, it does not make it his fault. She tells him he has a good heart and good intentions which causes him to smile. They then go on mission to infiltrate Krasnoyarsk Krai's naval base to rescue Mace and the real May. Fitz and Simmons separate to carry out different tasks as the rest of the team fight Ivanov and try to find May. They manage to rescue Mace but are unable to find May as she was being kept on a submarine that managed to escape.

Back at the Playground, Simmons notices that there seemed to be a time gap where no one was in communication during their mission. She and Fitz then receive an alert on their computer, notifying them of four LMDs on the base, with footage possibly indicating that Coulson, Mace, Mack and Daisy were all replaced. Simmons starts panicking but is calmed down by Fitz who tells her they should pretend as if everything is normal so the LMDs don't suspect them. Fitz manages to convince the LMDs pretending to be Mace, Coulson and Mack that he and Simmons should stick together and they move away from the lab. As the two go through a door, suddenly an alert is activated, detecting one LMD, indicating that one of them may have been replaced. Simmons slowly backs away from Fitz as he examines the LMD detection device and immediately points a gun at him. Fitz, alarmed, raises his hands above his head and asks her why she's pointing a gun at him, backing away from her. He then accuses her of being an LMD which she vehemently denies, accusing him of being the LMD instead. What follows is an intense and frightening argument where neither of them seems to be sure if either one is the LMD. Fitz proceeds to tearfully apologize for everything he's done, creating AIDA, Radcliffe's betrayal and all they have gone through. Simmons agrees that everything is his fault and tells him to stop making her feel bad for him. She then forces Fitz to cut his wrists using a knife. If he turned out to be the LMD, she'd be able to see his substructure. Fitz counters and tells her that if he isn't, Simmons is the LMD who just forced him to fatally cut his wrists. She yells at him to do it and he has no choice but to obey. He begins to bleed out as he drops to the floor in pain, yelling at Simmons to not come near him. Simmons, worried and feeling sorry for what she had asked him to approaches him to try and patch his wounds, However, when she was near enough, "Fitz" immediately stabs her in the leg as she screams and tries to fight back but he manages to overpower her and knock her out with a paint can, revealing himself to be the LMD.

Simmons wakes up to LMD Fitz kissing her on the forehead and telling her he is planning to upload her consciousness into The Framework which is now a simulated alternate reality mirroring the real world. AIDA had removed one greatest regret from each agent uploaded into The Framework. Simmons manages to weakly crawl towards a lever as she asks LMD Fitz why he was doing this to her since he had the real Fitz's mind. LMD Fitz replies that he is securing their future by protecting her so they can grow old together and get married. Simmons says that she'll tell the real Fitz when she sees him and using a hammer, she smashes the lever, causing an engine to fall on the LMD, pinning it down. Simmons grabs the knife, and in a particularly disturbing sequence, continuously stabs the LMD wearing the face of the man she loves as it screams and begs her to stop, intending to trick her. Not falling for its ruse, she plunges the knife into its neck, causing it to malfunction. Simmons shakily drops the knife and escapes the place, extremely traumatized.

Simmons then hides in a dark supply area and is found by Daisy. At first, Simmons who is extremely distraught and frightened yells at Daisy to stay away from her, thinking she is an LMD. Daisy who saw LMD Fitz's body through the camera asks Simmons if she killed him. Simmons tearfully repeats over and over again that it wasn't Fitz. Daisy tries to reassure her and tells her that she isn't an LMD and asks Simmons to let her quake her bones to see if she's real, rationalizing that an LMD would not have Inhuman powers. When Simmons refuses and brandishes a knife at her, Daisy grabs her and pulls her into a tight embrace, gently quaking her in the process. Simmons, feeling Daisy's powers, cries in relief as she hugs her friend closely. The two hold each other, finding comfort with one another.

Daisy then makes a plan to fight the LMDs and plug themselves into The Framework to save their people. However, Simmons who is too distraught over Fitz, panics and tells Daisy that she can't lose her too and she is unable to think of anything without Fitz. Daisy comforts Simmons and tells her that the whole time through all the crazy things they've been through, the one constant thing she was extremely sure about was Simmons and Fitz belonged together. They then promise each other to be strong, escape the place and save their guys.

Daisy manages to defeat the Coulson, Mack and Mace LMDs as she and Simmons, both hurt, manage to make their way ouside the base.They are then stopped by LMD May, guarding the exit with explosives. However, since this LMD was programmed to be exactly like May with the same thoughts, fears and desires, she lets the two women escape into the Quinjet, blowing up the base and killing the LMDs inside. Daisy and Simmons manage to take off in time with the help of Agents Piper and Davis. The two hold hands, relieved at their timely escape.

The two then give instructions to the agents, to never pull them out of The Framework as it will cook their brains. They promise to get their people out as they finally enter into The Framework.

The Framework

Daisy and Simmons plug into their avatars and are separated. In the Framework, Simmons' avatar was executed and dumped into a mass grave at S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. Simmons manages to claw out of the shallow grave and deduce that she was murdered. She escapes the area and seeks help from a civilian woman named Julia Price. They are then stopped at an Inhuman checkpoint with Julia insisting Simmons have identification. When she discovers that Simmons was part of S.H.I.E.L.D, she forces her to get out of her car. Simmons begs her to help but, out of fear, Julia is unrelenting and pleads with Simmons to close the car door and get away from her. Simmons is extremely shocked at how real this virtual world is and how nightmarish it turned out to be. She soon realizes that Hydra had defeated S.H.I.E.L.D. and turned the place into a fascist state with frequent checkpoints and propaganda, with Inhumans hunted like animals. Everything was under the control of someone called Madame Hydra, who was the Director of Hydra along with her right hand man, The Doctor, a scientist who performed lethal experiments on Inhumans and was responsible for the deaths of many.

Simmons goes to find Daisy and ends up in a cafe where she manages to steal some car keys and a coat to cover up her disheveled clothes. However, she is stopped by two Hydra Enforcers who noticed her appearance and took her to their car for questioning. They see that in the system, she was recorded as being dead and were shocked. Simmons managed to take advantage of their distraction, overpowered them and escaped. She then locates Coulson who is a high school teacher in this reality and makes her way to him.

When Simmons finds Coulson, she hysterically tries to convince him that this world isnt real and his memories have been wiped. She tells him of all the good he's done for S.H.I.E.L.D and how he defeated Hydra, making him one of the best people she ever knew. However, this Coulson is timid and doesn't remember anything about the real world. He is also loyal to Hydra and helps them brainwash the young by teaching propaganda and allowing Hydra to take away his students. Simmons tries her best to remind him but he doesn't believe her and tells her to leave him alone, thinking this was another one of Hydra's tests. Simmons is then struck with an idea and reminds him of T.A.H.I.T.I, telling him that "it's a magical place". She reminds him that his memories have been rewritten before by this program and begs him to remember her but he is unconvinced and tells her to leave him alone. Simmons, defeated, prepares to leave, telling him that she isn't going to give up on him. As soon as she goes, Coulson calls in and reports her as a subversive, triggering a nationwide manhunt to capture her. However, it is shown that Coulson did indeed have snippets of memory from his past life due to going through the T.A.H.I.T.I. Protocol.

Later, Simmons and Daisy are reunited and Daisy reveals that The Doctor is actually Fitz who had his memory rewritten and is now a terrible person and a dictator, along with being the second in command at Hydra.

AIDA who plugged herself into The Framework as well, is revealed to be Madame Hydra aka Ophelia, the director of Hydra. Fitz comes to her, asking if he could hunt this subversive, Jemma Simmons down himself, but Madame Hydra stops him and says that she has others doing this task for her and she needed Fitz's creativity for other things. The two then kiss, revealing that AIDA had manipulated Fitz into being in a relationship with her.

Fitz visits Madame Hydra again, unwilling to let the threat of her safety go as he genuinely believes that he's in love with her and would do anything to protect her. Madame Hydra reluctantly shows him the picture of Jemma Simmons, worried that seeing her might trigger some of his previous memories of her but Fitz remained unaffected, telling her to consider the threat eliminated. Touched and relieved, Madame Hydra asks him if he'd do anything for her. Fitz confirms this, saying he would cross the universe for her, unconsciously referring to the time he dove through a portal in space-time to rescue Jemma. The two then kiss passionately.

After explaining to Fitz that Simmons had come from the other world, lying that Madame Hydra herself was enslaved and kept as a thing, she asks Fitz to complete Project Looking Glass which turned out to be a way to transfer her consciousness into a real body out in the real world. She tells Fitz it is the only way she can defeat her enemies. They then take a team in order to catch the subversives and go to Ogygia, an island in the Framework designed as a residence for Holden Radcliffe and his love, Agnes Kitsworth.

At the same time, Jemma and Coulson were brought by Ward to the base of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Resistance, where they discover Jeffrey Mace aka The Patriot is their fearless leader, with actual Inhuman powers. Daisy had passed on information through Ward for Jemma to find Dr. Radcliffe in order to escape this horrible place. Ward, Jemma and Coulson go to Ogygia and demand that Radcliffe help them escape this virtual reality but Radcliffe reveals that AIDA had managed to find a loophole in her programming, murdering him. His consciousness is the only thing that lives on in The Framework. He lives quietly on the island with Agnes, his lover who is also dead in the real world and only lives on through her consciousness. He tells them that there is no way out and even if there was, AIDA would have discovered it and disguised it. Suddenly, they spot a Quinjet descending and Radcliffe tells them to hide. Fitz and Madame Hydra search the compound for the subversives and they find Agnes. Since AIDA's likeness was modeled after her, Fitz assumes she was there to replace his Ophelia, and points a gun at the confused and frightened Agnes. Radcliffe begs him not to do anything and promises him that he'd tell them where the subversives are but Fitz who was ruthless and not the same man in the real world, asks Radcliffe to convince him not to shoot her. Radcliffe anxiously tries to explain to him that in the real world, Fitz was like a son to him and they always spent their days together. Fitz laughs at this, saying it was absurd and asks him about Jemma Simmons. Radcliffe tells Fitz that the two were so in love and had an unbreakable bond. He tells Fitz of all the things he had done for Jemma, risking his life for her multiple times because of the true love they shared with each other, implying that they were unstoppable together. Ward who was in hiding with Jemma and Coulson was prepared to pull the trigger on The Doctor before he could hurt Agnes but Jemma begs him not to, saying that if he does that, she would lose Fitz forever. She manages to convince Ward not to shoot him, saying that Fitz would never hurt an innocent woman. On the other side, Ophelia tells Fitz that she loves him and convinces him that Radcliffe was lying and they were trying to take Fitz away from her. Radcliffe tries to get Fitz to wake up and see the truth about AIDA, telling him he is not this man, and he doesn't know who he truly is. Fitz stares at Radcliffe then tells him he knows exactly who he is and pulls the trigger, shooting innocent Agnes in the heart, killing her. In shock at what he had done, Jemma screams at Fitz as a full firefight breaks out where everyone began shooting at each other. Coulson shields Jemma from getting shot and they manage to escape in the Quinjet, Jemma still trying to process what Fitz had done.

Meanwhile Fitz continues to interrogate Daisy and asks her the location of Jemma Simmons and the other subversives. Daisy, weak and battered tells him that if she knew, she would tell him because if anyone could get him to snap out of his current state, it would be Simmons. She emotionally tells Fitz that Simmons loves him and she's real, instead of this twisted, manipulated world AIDA built, calling her a Hydra murder-bot.

Fitz reports his unsuccessful interrogation to Madame Hydra who decides to take over and tells him to go look after Project Looking Glass. Fitz goes off to carry out his duties and is seen talking to a Scottish man. It is finally revealed that AIDA had given Fitz his father back, a man proud of his son's achievements, removing Fitz's greatest regret. Fitz talks to Alistair about his actions in murdering Agnes Kitsworth but his father dismisses these feelings as being womanly sentiments unworthy of being discussed, saying it was his mother's influence that brought on these unwanted feelings. Fitz apologizes and agrees with him. His father was responsible in shaping Fitz into being the horrible and ruthless person he was in The Framework.

The Doctor then gets confirmation from May that the Patriot was in the Enlightenment Center and with the manipulation of Madame Hydra, orders an air strike to take down the building, not caring about the presence of the children in there. With the building collapsing on them, Mace holds the heavy beams up to allow Coulson, Ward and Jemma to rescue the children and escape. May who was shocked that there were kids in the building also tried helping. Mace could not let go of the beams without the building collapsing around them and orders them to escape without him. Jemma screams his name, refusing to leave him as she knew he would also die in the real world if he died here. Coulson manages to pull her away as May stands there in shock at The Patriot's actions of sacrificing his life for his enemy. She nods to him as a thank you and exits the building which collapses, killing Mace. This noble action allowed May to understand Hydra's evil and caused her to turn to the side of the Resistance and S.H.I.E.L.D. At the Triskellion, The Doctor, Alistair and Madame Hydra celebrated the death of The Patriot. May on the other hand, steals a Terrigen Crystal for Daisy and breaks it in front of her so she could obtain her powers. Daisy's wounds heal and she is able to Quake once again, finally providing some hope in saving their people and escaping The Framework.

Daisy and May manage to escape the cells but is stopped by Madame Hydra who tells them that no matter the programming, they are unable to escape their true selves; May, the fighter, Mack, the protector and Fitz-she reveals as being a romantic. Daisy, tired of this conversation, quakes Madame Hydra out of the building where she falls quite a distance and breaks her spine. Daisy and May finally escape and make their way to the Resistance base, with Daisy and Jemma finally reuniting.

The Doctor, enraged by what had been done to his Ophelia, wasn't thinking clearly and angrily shouts at his father that he wants all of the rebels dead. His father loses patience and ominously threatens Fitz, warning him not to snap at him. Fitz seems terrified at this threat and inches away from his father, reflexively putting up his hands in defense. This seemed to indicate that his father may have been very physically abusive towards him when he was younger. Fitz immediately regains his composure and calmly listens as his father assures him he will find the subversives. Fitz nods and tells Alistair that he can't tolerate failure, even from his own father. In the meantime, Fitz is now the new head of Hydra and he works harder to complete Project Looking Glass.

Farewell, Cruel World!

Daisy tells Jemma and Coulson that Radcliffe told her of a backdoor which could be a way to escape the Framework. They manage to convince May and Mack to follow them even though the two were completely disbelieving of this being a fake world. Daisy tells Jemma that they can't rescue Fitz for now because it was too dangerous but promises not to abandon him. Jemma remained unconvinced but agreed. However, she soon discovers that AIDA had programmed Fitz's father to remain in his life and not abandon him, causing his ruthlessness and decides to confront Alistair. Fitz on the other hand, discovers that Daisy and Radcliffe had been communicating and decides to give him an incentive to tell him what they were talking about. Radcliffe seemingly falls for this and tells Fitz where the "subversives" are headed. Fitz takes Radcliffe and a team to stop them from escaping.

Meanwhile, Jemma reaches Alistair's house and threatens him at gunpoint, demanding that he call Fitz there so she can bring him to the backdoor and rescue him. She also accuses Alistair of ruining Fitz's life to which he is confused and tells her that everything he did was so that Fitz would become a great man. At Jemma's insistence, Alistair calls Fitz and tells him he loves him, to Fitz's bewilderment and worry for his father caused by this uncharacteristic behaviour. Suddenly, Alistair exclaims through the phone that the subversive was there and attacks Jemma and almost overpowers her but she manages to shoot him in self-defense, killing him. Jemma immediately escapes the place. Fitz who hears the entire thing on the phone is distraught, calling out his father's name. He immediately orders the Quinjet to go to his fathers home. Fitz sees Alistair's corpse and swears revenge on Jemma. Jemma, Daisy, Coulson, Mack and May reach the backdoor and Daisy quakes it open. Coulson and May manage to jump through, waking up in the real world. When it came to Jemma's turn, suddenly, she was stopped by Fitz, holding her at gunpoint with Radcliffe and two other guards in tow. Fitz accuses Simmons of destroying his life and the woman that he loves, referring to Ophelia. Simmons vehemently spits out that the woman he loves is a thing, an android named AIDA and she tells him that she came here to rescue him and begs him to wake up but Fitz is unrelenting and forces her to get on her knees. When she refuses, he shoots her in the leg and presses the gun to her head. Simmons pleads with him and emotionally tells him that she loves him but Fitz is unaffected and tells her that she means nothing to him and forces her to say it. Simmons, even though hurt by his words, refuses to say something she knows is a complete lie. At that moment, a gunshot is heard and it is shown that Radcliffe managed to overpower the two guards and disarm Fitz. He reveals to Simmons that he only brought Fitz there to save him. He hits Fitz in the face with the gun, disorienting him and pushes him through the backdoor, finally freeing him from the Framework.

AIDA then brings Fitz to a lovely apartment and tells him its to help him sort through his memories, saying she wants to decorate the place and build a life together with him, confessing that she loves him. She then tries to caress him, telling him that whenever they were intimate in The Framework, she couldn't exactly feel the ecstasy and emotions he was feeling when they touched, but now, since she has a real body with emotions, she will be able to feel everything he was feeling when they are together. Fitz pulls away from her, extremely troubled and asks her if she has any empathy, letting her know that his friends were in danger because of her. She seems to considerably regret her actions and genuinely wants to help his friends and Fitz manages to convince her of doing exactly that. She grabs Fitz and the two teleport to the naval base and rescue Mack who was still trapped in The Framework due to his unwillingness to leave his daughter. She teleports right onto Zephyr One with Fitz and Mack, in ecstasy over her good deeds. Suddenly, AIDA is I.C.E.D and Fitz turns to Jemma in shock as she uses an I.C.E.R on him and knocks him out. The two are then locked in a containment module.

AIDA's Insanity

The team returns to the destroyed Playground and the containment module is put into a remaining containment chamber. Simmons then has a talk with Coulson and May about their experience in The Framework and they tell her that it was as real as an entire life. Hearing this, Simmons tearfully walks away, fearing that Fitz would retain his cruelty, or worse, still be in love with AIDA. Fitz finally wakes up and talks to AIDA about what kind of man he is, lamenting that he was just like Ward and convinced that his friends would never forgive him for what he'd done in The Framework. AIDA admits to Fitz that the reason she put herself in The Framework to be in a relationship with him was to understand the deep and unconditional love he and Jemma felt for each other. However, Fitz thought that he was evil deep down and feared that he had killed his entire future with Jemma. Simmons who was watching Fitz and AIDA's conversation was heartbroken at his words and began weeping silently as she watched them, thinking that he was going to choose AIDA over her and everything they shared would be gone. AIDA tries to comfort Fitz, thinking that after all her manipulation in shaping Fitz into the man he was in The Framework, he would still be in love with her. In his pain and regret, Fitz tells AIDA that he only has room in his heart for one woman and his love will never fade for her. He makes it clear that that one woman will always be Jemma. At these words, Simmons smiles through her tears, happy that no matter what Fitz would always love her. AIDA, on the other hand, was speechless at his confession. She slowly gets angrier and angrier by his words and asks him what he meant by that. Fitz, sensing the tension in the room tries to let her down easy and says that in The Framework she was his world but they were in the real world now. AIDA, finally understanding that Fitz picked Jemma over her, goes completely and utterly insane, screaming in rage at Fitz. Seeing this, Simmons immediately orders Fitz's extraction from that room, fearing for his life.

AIDA forcefully grabs Fitz and tells him they will build a life together whether he wants to or not and tries to teleport out of the containment module but is unable to because of the Quantum Field Disruptors in the chamber. She becomes increasingly raving mad by this and hits Fitz across the room. Luckily, he manages to lock her in and escape with Agents Piper and Davis. However, AIDA manages to escape the containment module and kills an agent named Prince. Fitz successfully warns the team, and May immediately takes off Zephyr One and they escape AIDA. AIDA, in her uncontrollable rage and emotion teams up with The Russian as she swears revenge on Fitz and everyone he loves for causing her this pain and breaking her heart.



Fitz remained in the containment module, full of shame and self-loathing. Each one of his team members walk past him, letting him be alone to process his thoughts. Simmons walks past him and after hesitating for a moment, sits beside him and puts her arms around him, offering him comfort. Fitz reciprocates as the two tearfully hold each other, traumatized by their ordeal but extremely glad to be reunited once again.

Fitz and Simmons then work together to find a way to stop AIDA. Fitz who is still reeling and full of regret of his time in The Framework, tells Simmons that he performed lethal experiments on known friends and allies but Simmons wastes no time in reminding him that he is also this man; a good person. She then asks him how to kill AIDA and he shrugs. Sensing his reluctance, Simmons asks him if he wants to kill her to which he doesn't offer a reply. The team then discover that Robbie Reyes had managed to come back from Hell and they meet up with him, figuring out that the Spirit of Vengeance inside of him is the only thing that can kill AIDA as she is made of the same stuff as The Darkhold. They then devise a plan to get Ghost Rider close enough to AIDA to stop her.

While trying to repair The Framework which AIDA was shutting down, endangering the life of Mack who was still trapped inside, Fitz and Simmons were ambushed by AIDA who threatened to kill Simmons. Fitz begs her to spare Jemma as she hurled insult after insult after AIDA, calling her a psycho. AIDA then stabs Simmons in the chest with a screwdriver, as she cries out in pain. Fitz pleads with her to leave Jemma alone, assuring AIDA he will come with her and tells her where The Darkhold is. AIDA is unaffected by his words and electrocutes Simmons, apparently killing her as Fitz screams her name. AIDA slams him against the wall and kisses him on the cheek before teleporting away to obtain the Darkhold, cementing her as an absolute psycho who needed to be eliminated.

AIDA sees Coulson guarding The Darkhold and is about to hurt him when she is suddenly shot multiple times. She turns and sees Simmons holding a machine gun. It turns out, the "Simmons" AIDA killed was actually a decoy LMD made to lure her to this spot. She is initially surprised but soon recovers and informs Simmons that shooting her makes no difference as almost nothing could harm her. Simmons spitefully tells AIDA that she knew that already but really wanted to do that. AIDA is then grabbed by Coulson who turns into Ghost Rider, following a deal he made with the Spirit of Vengeance in order to defeat her. Fitz runs to join Simmons and the two watch Ghost Rider burn AIDA as she stares at Fitz in pain in despair, sending her to Hell. With AIDA finally dead, Ghost Rider goes back into Robbie Reyes and the team watch as Robbie opens a portal and returns with the Darkhold back to Hell. Mack who had escaped the Framework with the help of Yo-Yo, warned them of incoming soldiers coming to arrest the S.H.I.E.L.D agents as they are now wanted fugitives, following the death of Jeffrey Mace and the bombing of the Playground. Fitz, still blaming himself and feeling guilty for everything that had happened offers to take the fall but his friends refuses, with Daisy explaining that she tried to do something similar after Lincoln's sacrifice but realized her friends would always be there for her. Simmons and the rest of the team agree that they all will take the fall together. Coulson then suggest they get some pie before they get arrested.

As the team are in a dinner happily enjoying their meal, the lights suddenly go out. Thinking they are finally caught and about to be arrested, Fitz tells Jemma he is going to take the blame anyway, despite what Daisy said, Before Jemma could protest, a mysterious man enters and brings out a device which freezes everyone in place. Everyone on the team is then kidnapped and taken away somewhere unknown, with the exception of Fitz, who is left sitting alone on the counter, not knowing what had happened to Jemma or the rest of his team.

Right after going through a horrible ordeal and finally reuniting, Fitz and Simmons are separated once again, with neither of them knowing the fate of the other.

Season 5


Following their abduction, Simmons along with Coulson, Mack, Daisy, Yo-Yo and May realize they have been brought to a space station called The Lighthouse. Yo-Yo finds Simmons and the two discover corpses which had their innards completely drained. They were joined by Mack and Coulson who informed them that The Lighthouse was ruled by aliens and they were in space. They demanded answers from someone named Virgil who Mack knocked out and brought with them. Virgil tells them that they were brought here to save humanity but before he could elaborate, he is killed by a Vrellnexian aka The Roaches, the creatures responsible for leaving the drained corpses. The team escapes and are finally saved by Daisy who kills the Vrellnexian using her quake powers. Daisy asks Simmons if she is okay since she and Fitz are constantly ripped apart from each other. Simmons halfheartedly tells Daisy about Fitz's absurd theory that they were cursed which she starts believing in now based on all the hardships they had to overcome each time just to be reunited with each other. Daisy tries to comfort Simmons but she unconvincingly tells her that she is perfectly fine and glad that Fitz is at least safe. Daisy tells them she saw May get taken as well and they began exploring The Lighthouse to find May and figure out their situation.

After the team finds May, she and Simmons try to send a message to Fitz. As they are flying a trawler out in space, Simmons notices that she recognizes all the constellations in the sky while May tries to maneuver them in what appears to be an asteroid field. At the same time, Daisy manages to rescue Mack and Yo-Yo and they examine an old worn-out post card passed to them by Virgil. Simmons, completely astounded with what she's seeing realizes that there's no point in sending Fitz a message on Earth as they were already there. Daisy, Mack and Yo-Yo turn over the post card in their hand, seeing an old message written long ago by Fitz that said; "Working on it," immediately telling them what they feared. The Monolith had sent them 74 years into the future.


Simmons and May return to the Lighthouse and meet up with Coulson and Deke to discuss their findings. A woman named Tess meets up with them and takes them to the Exchange where food is distributed among the humans. Tess takes Coulson away to Virgil's bunker to help him find clues and leave May and Simmons there, telling them to blend in. The Kree then come to the Exchange with a human servant to Kasius-the ruler of the Lighthouse-and begins the food distribution. There, a fight suddenly breaks out due to the lack of food the humans were getting and the servant to Kasius gets injured in the process. Simmons, being a doctor and not understanding the rules of the place, immediately rushes to the servant's aid and cauterizes his wound, saving him. This catches the attention of Sinara, the right hand woman to Kasius and she forcefully takes Simmons away from the place. May is ready to fight to protect her but Simmons signals her not to do anything and expose herself. Simmons is taken to the upper-levels of the Lighthouse where she meets Kasius who is extremely entranced by her beauty and her flawless complexion. He is also impressed with her medical skills and her mark-free skin as a result of her not having a metric like the other enslaved humans. He then brings out the servant she saved and discusses his scars with her. She attempts to convince Kasius that the servant's scars will heal over time but Kasius could not accept the imperfection of the scar on his forehead and immediately orders Sinara to execute him. Simmons is horrified and screams at him for his cruelty but Kasius has had enough of her protests and injects a strange implant in her ear which renders her completely deaf to everything save for his voice. She is then dressed in white and gold and becomes one of Kasius' servants.

Back to the Beginning

Fitz is left confused and with barely enough time to process the sudden disappearance of his friends before he is arrested by the United States Air Force and is taken to the Blue Raven Ridge detainment facility. There, he is interrogated by General Hale as she is adamant on capturing the team. Fitz admits to her that he is the one responsible for Jeffrey Mace's death but tells her he has no idea whatsoever on the whereabouts of his friends. He is then forced to take a lie detection test and they ask him again if he knew where the rest of the team went and he tells them again that he has no idea, but promises to do everything in his power to help find his friends because all he wants is to know that they are okay. Hale agrees and orders her subordinates to give him books on multiple theories while also meeting his request of having a television in his cell to watch football.

Over the course of six months, Fitz studies books upon books of multiple possibilities and presents them, with theory after theory that seemed less likely than the last. One of his most important theories included the possibility of him suffering from Prodromal Schizophrenia caused by his previous brain injury when he was without oxygen at the bottom of the ocean, made more plausible especially after his experience in The Framework. This could have caused him to do something to his friends without him knowing about it or suppressing the memory. Fortunately, this theory was countered as everyone had the same two minute lapse in memory and time, which Fitz was extremely relieved by. However, his mind did indeed go through ordeal after ordeal with little help or relief, which would come back into play later on.

Fitz was getting more and more frustrated with the lack of a possible explanation on his friends' disappearance, taking his anger out on his football matches, seemingly getting crazier with the constant isolation. He pinned all the pictures of his friends to the wall of his cell and constantly looked at them, especially the picture of Jemma, for motivation. He also requested his angry fan letters to be sent to a football magazine which were first analysed for coded messages, then sent to the magazine to keep him happy. Finally, out of his wits and with no other possible explanation, he tells Hale that his team was probably abducted by aliens, which in a way was technically true. However, Hale has had enough of Fitz wasting her time and angrily tells him that he will die alone in that tiny prison cell. At that moment, Hale is informed that Fitz's lawyer was there to see him, which shocks her as Fitz had no outside contact at all. They are forced to allow the meeting or else it would be a denial of his basic rights. It turns out Fitz's "lawyer" was none other than Hunter. The letters Fitz sent was insulting towards Hunter's favorite football team; Liverpool, but it managed to get his attention that Fitz was in trouble. The two emotionally hug each other, glad to be reunited. They soon blast their way out of the containment room and escape in a RV.

Taking the Long Way to the Future

Fitz tells Hunter all that had happened to the team, including their adventures with Ghost Rider and everything that happened with AIDA. Hunter tells Fitz that he and Bobbi almost got married again but were interrupted by ninjas. He also asks Fitz if he and Simmons were together now which Fitz confirms but sadly tells him that they are cursed by distance. They then manage to track down the man who abducted their friends and journey to his house.

They reach the man's house and are surprised when they discover he was expecting them. He introduces himself as Enoch; a sentient Chronicom from a planet that revolves around a star in the constellation of Cygnus. He was sent to Earth as an anthropologist to observe mankind and only interfere in the case of an extinction-level event. He informs Hunter and Fitz that he had sent the team to the future to fulfill a prophecy to prevent Earth's destruction. Fitz tells him that he wants to meet with the seer but Enoch says it wouldn't be wise to do so. Angered by this, Fitz grabs Hunter's gun and furiously threatens Enoch's life if he didn't comply, alarming Hunter considerably at how much Fitz had changed.

Enoch takes Fitz to the seer, indignant about being threatened, causing Fitz to apologize for his behaviour. He realizes that the seer is none other than Robin Hinton, the daughter of the Inhuman man, Charles Hinton who could see a future death when he touched someone. Fitz tries to ask her questions but Robin is silent and only concentrates on her drawings which predict the future. Her mother, Polly, tells them that past, future and present are all jumbled up in Robin's head and she doesn't say much unless absolutely necessary. At that moment, Robin suddenly warns them of the soldiers under General Hale right behind, intending to arrest them. Thanks to Enoch, they manage to escape using the device that stopped time for a few moments and are brought to the present version of The Lighthouse, still on Earth, located near Lake Ontario.

At the Lighthouse, everyone settles in for the night, in hiding from the U.S Air Force. Fitz longingly looks at the pictures of Simmons on his phone which was recovered by Hunter. Fitz tells Hunter Robin's story and how her father, Charles, saved Daisy long ago. He also reminisces that he and Simmons were there, holding hands as the ash fell all around them. Hunter is happy that Fitz and Simmons are finally together, recalling the times when they didn't even have the courage to tell each other how they felt for one another. Fitz unhappily tells Hunter that maybe it should have stayed that way since the universe always does its best to keep them apart. Hunter counters this saying that the universe doesn't want them to be apart because the two are so perfect for each other. Fitz replies that the universe is trying to protect Jemma from him, especially from what he was in The Framework. Hunter then brings up Fitz's surprising actions of threatening Enoch, telling him that he actually admired that side of Fitz as it got the job done. He tells Fitz every light needs a shadow and he just needs to learn to control it, reassuring Fitz that he was not a cold-blooded killer. Hunter then advises Fitz to ask Robin why she didn't include Fitz with the team to send to the future. Fitz gently asks Robin to tell him why he was not with his friends and she responds by giving him an ominous drawing, telling him that he has to save them.

Fitz was extremely troubled by what Robin said as he had no way of reaching his friends in the future but Enoch was able to provide a solution by telling him to retrieve the capsule used to bring him to Earth as it could be a way to get Fitz to the future. When Hunter realizes that the capsule was kept at Blue Raven Ridge, he reluctantly agrees to help Fitz retrieve it, complaining that people don't break back into the place they just escaped from. However, they successfully manage to break back into the facility by using a couple of ferrets as a distraction and they find what they were looking for along with Zephyr One and all the S.H.I.E.L.D team's weapons. They quickly load everything onto Zephyr One as Fitz holds off soldiers shooting at them, and they manage to take off safely.

Back at the Lighthouse, it is revealed that the capsule is actually a cryo-freeze chamber and Fitz is taking the long way to the future by going under cryo-sleep for 74 years. Hunter is extremely against this idea as he feared for Fitz's safety but Enoch assures him that he will summon a Chronicom ship and hide the capsule behind a planet somewhere in the galaxy, guarding Fitz. Hunter is not convinced but he relents as he knew nothing would keep Fitz from finding Jemma. Fitz asks Hunter to look after Polly and Robin, giving her the postcard which had the message: "Working on it" as seen by Daisy, Yo-Yo and Mack in the future. He then hides weapons including Coulson's robot arm, Mack's shotgun-axe, Daisy's Quake gauntlets and several other I.C.E.Rs and guns in the walls of the Lighthouse so the team will be fully armed. After an emotional goodbye and an embrace between the two friends, Fitz gets into the capsule. Hunter tells Fitz he loves him, jokingly referencing that scene in Star Wars and Fitz chuckles, as he is frozen.

A Proposal for the Ages

Fitz infiltrates the Lighthouse, with the help of Enoch, who was tasked with constructing his identity for the past 74 years. Fitz was by far the wealthiest and most despicable person in the entire room, eliciting admiration and distrust from everyone including Kasius. Enoch's plan was for Fitz to go to the Inhuman demonstration and make a bid to purchase "The Destroyer of Worlds". Fitz starts getting impatient and suggests they just shoot their way out of there but Enoch says that would only lead to a higher chance of death. Suddenly, Jemma walks into the room, serving dishes, her back turned to Fitz. Seeing Jemma, Fitz was struck breathless at her presence, finally laying eyes on her after six months in prison and 74 years in cryo. He discreetly goes over to her as she was preparing appetizers for the guests with her back turned to him, and tells her not to turn around as he spoke to her, not realizing she couldn't hear him because of the implant in her ears. Fitz proceeds to deliver one of the most romantic speeches as he tells Jemma that they have overcome so much, listing everything they have been through; crossing oceans, time and space just to be together. He confesses that a love like that could overcome any curse and declares that they are unstoppable together, ending with him finally asking Jemma to marry him. As Fitz speaks, Jemma stares longingly out the window at the beauty and vastness of space, not knowing that Fitz was just a breath away, declaring his love and hoping she would say yes to his proposal.

At Jemma's lack of response, Fitz becomes worried and proceeds to get her attention by touching her arm which startles her, but before she could fully process that Fitz was there next to her, Kasius interrupts and asks if there are any problems. Fitz, annoyed, asks Kasius why his servant didn't respond to his question and Kasius explains that they are only allowed to hear the voice of their master. Fitz angrily asks Kasius how his guests' needs are met if his servants can't hear them and Kasius reluctantly turns Jemma's implant off, realizing his mistake. He then proceeds to tell Fitz that Jemma is such an exquisite, obedient servant as he caresses her cheek. Fitz seemingly almost loses his cool at this but controls his rage and instead asks Kasius if Jemma is for sale to which Kasius replies she comes as a package with the Destroyer of Worlds as she is used to motivate her in doing what she's told. Fitz, getting into character, tells Kasius that the only suitable motivation he finds effective is causing pain, which impresses him. Kasius then gives Jemma a task and dismisses her, as she reluctantly goes off to complete it, still in shock at Fitz's presence in the future.

Daisy then sits alone, full of regret about Ben who Kasius killed because he lied to protect them, and is joined by Jemma who comforts her. They then talk about Fitz and Daisy tells Jemma that she's quite impressed with Fitz rocking the bounty hunter disguise. Jemma smiles as she fondly says she still prefers him in cardigans. The two women hug, hopeful that their plan was going to work, with Daisy saying it was two of them against the world once again. Jemma then goes off to complete her tasks when she sees Fitz silhouetted in the dark end of a corridor. The two begin to rush to each other, eager to be reunited but they are immediately stopped by the presence of another servant, calling Jemma to a situation which required her attention. Fitz is forced to move away, having to maintain his cover.


It was time for the second fight and Daisy was forced to fight Sinara to demonstrate her powers to Faulnak, Kasius' brother who was more feared and respected than Fitz. This severely jeopardized their plan of purchasing Daisy and it was time for plan B. As soon as Daisy managed to subdue Sinara, she signals Fitz and Simmons and the two spring into action with Fitz I.C.E-ing most of the guests and Jemma leaving a huge gash on Kasius' cheek with a knife. Daisy prepares to quake Faulnak and the rest of the guards but he immediately turns off her inhibitor and she loses her powers, falling hard on the ground. Simmons jumps into the arena with Daisy, with Fitz following behind her, shooting the controls for the force-field and disabling it so they could not be followed. Fitz and Simmons finally reunite, sharing a passionate kiss. Fitz then declares he will never leave her again, prompting Jemma to immediately ask him to marry her. Fitz agrees without a second thought as the two help up a disoriented Daisy and make their escape.

Escape to the Surface of the Earth

The ship Fitz came with was immediately destroyed following their escape, stranding the team there. After removing Jemma's ear implant, they managed to escape Maston-Dar, a warrior working for Faulnak tasked with capturing them. However, Fitz was shot and they had to take a break but luckily, they were found by Deke Shaw. Daisy argues with Deke about his betrayal, telling him that she is not going to trust him, informing Fitz and Simmons that he was the one who sold her into slavery. They immediately threaten to kill him. However, they had no choice but to follow him to safety (albeit reluctantly) and are finally reunited with the rest of the team. Coulson, Mack and Yo-Yo are surprised and overjoyed to see Fitz, immediately hugging him. They then barricade themselves in a room while the Kree try to blast their way through. Deke manages to figure out a way for them to escape to the surface by using his gravity puck. Coulson asks him why he was suddenly so adamant to help them get to the surface and Deke explains that the voice they previously heard on the radio belonged to his father whom he thought was dead. It turns out he had just escaped to the surface with the other True Believers. The team use the gravity puck to escape to the trawler, save for Mack and Yo-Yo who stay behind to help a young Inhuman boy named Flint to retake the Lighthouse. Once in the trawler, Fitz and Simmons sit together and Fitz tells Simmons once again that he is never going to leave her side. Simmons agrees and tells him that's the reason why she asked him to marry her but Fitz argues and tells her that he asked her to marry him first. In the end, he decides that it doesn't matter and smiles at her. She smiles back and tells him that she's just happy for some alone time with him.

The trawler crashes on the surface of the Earth and the team are rescued by the True Believers led by Samuel Voss, the best friend of Owen Shaw, Deke's father. They are then brought to the remnants of Zephyr One, meeting up with May and Enoch. There they meet the elderly version of Robin Hinton who is excited to see the team. They try to get answers from her but her mind is still jumbled with the past, present and future. She tells the team snippets of information in her own time. Several flash forwards are also shown of an alternate future where the team was unsuccessful in saving the world. In one of Robin's visions, an older version of Fitz with a wedding band around his ring finger is shown working on specific designs for a mechanism with Simmons. In another vision, Fitz is seen angrily confronting May, who apparently raises Robin in the future, about Robin's inability to control her visions of doom. She describes Jemma's death to Fitz which sends him over the edge. This was the future Robin was trying to prevent.

Back on Zephyr One, Voss leads Fitz and Simmons to their old lab which withstood the test of time and leaves them to examine a strange device which was built by Owen Shaw. Fitz tells Simmons they could only get more information when Owen returns from his scouting mission on the surface, remarking that until then they are on their own. The two smile at each other knowingly, realizing that they were finally alone and begin kissing passionately, finding some reprieve with each other.

Simmons later takes a look at Daisy's Inhuman Control implant and tells her she is unable to pull it out as it was too complex and could potentially paralyze her. Daisy is left without powers for the time being. May and Coulson try to get answers from Robin who tells them that today is the day it all ends, leaving them trying to decipher what it means. Meanwhile, Deke notices that Voss was in possession of a shard of the White Monolith and gets suspicious. He confronts Voss about what he did to his dad as his dad would never part with the Monolith shard because it reminded him of his dead wife. He finally uncovers the truth that Voss had murdered his father and plans to murder Daisy in order to prevent the destruction of Earth. He knocks Deke out and locks Fitz and Simmons in the lab. He then shows Daisy video footage of her angrily shouting at someone moments before the Earth is destroyed and proceeds to attack her. However, she manages to overpower him with the help of Coulson and May. Unfortunately, Voss escapes and stabs Robin in order to prevent her from giving them any answers. They succeed in subduing him again as May holds the dying Robin in her arms, understanding what she meant by everything ending today; referring to her own death. With her final breath, Robin finally gives May the answer to getting back home to the present; they needed the help of Flint.

The Return Home

The team go back to the Lighthouse and proceed to find Mack and Flint to give him the Monolith shard. Since Flint possesses the power of geokinesis, he is able to construct another White Monolith to send them home. Fitz and Simmons find Mack and Flint who are being pursued by the Kree Watch. They give Flint the shard as Simmons begins teaching him about his powers so he can effectively rebuild the Monolith. At the same time, Fitz rigs the place with a trap for the Kree who were in pursuit of them. When the three guards arrived, finding them, Fitz activates the trap which brutally beheads all three Kree soldiers. Simmons is visibly disturbed by this but Fitz rationalizes that it was the only way to make the other Kree soldiers think twice before following them. However, he does apologize to Mack for exposing Flint to such a violent scene. Simmons seems to drop the matter for now as they find Daisy, Coulson and May waiting for them.

Mack notices that Yo-Yo isn't back from a solo mission to free a tortured Inhuman and goes off to find her. There he witnesses Kasius murder Yo-Yo who seemed to have lost both her arms. Mack screams in devastation at his girlfriend's apparent death and fights Kasius. However, Kasius had previously consumed something called The Odium which makes someone berserk, pumping them with enough adrenaline to allow them to fight until their heart burst. Mack is quickly overpowered and almost killed but Simmons steps in and injects the ear implant that made her deaf into Kasius' ear, completely disorienting him, allowing Mack to finally kill him. Suddenly Yo-Yo appears, alive and well. At the look of confusion on Mack's face, she explains that the Yo-Yo he saw was a future version of her. Mack embraces her in relief as the three run back to the Monolith, which was successfully constructed by Flint. At the same time, Enoch and Deke were trying to operate the cyclotron which controlled the activation of the portal. However, the device was damaged and Enoch decides to sacrifice himself to get the team home. Deke also prepares to sacrifice himself since using Enoch to power up the machine would result in an explosion which would kill him as well. He holds a piece of White Monolith shard and activates the device which results in a blinding flash of white light, consuming him. The portal opens and swallows the entire team, including Simmons, Mack and Yo-Yo who make it just in time, and they are successfully returned to the present.

The team are relieved to finally be back in the present version of the Lighthouse and Fitz and May are tasked with searching for means of communication and supplies while Simmons tends to Mack's wounds. Fitz and May discover three Monoliths stored in the Lighthouse and are extremely worried by their presence. They then encounter another Chronicom named Noah who tells them that the Monolith origins are unknown and they were stored in the Lighthouse for safekeeping, away from the public. Noah then alerts the team to footage of beams of light seemingly coming from the sky which Samuel Voss warned was the first sign of the end of the world. The team make their way to the facility where the lights were coming from while Daisy stays behind to monitor law enforcement channels, discovering that the team were most wanted on every list. Once Fitz, Simmons, May, Mack, Yo-Yo and Coulson reach the St. Louis Aerospace Facility, they encounter Agent Piper who tells them that she also came there to investigate the lights, which turned out to be a Kree Orb. Fitz and Simmons are tasked with figuring out how to turn the beams off.

Meanwhile, there is a flash of light and Deke suddenly appears in a neighboring town near the Lighthouse. It turns out, he was also zapped to the present along with the rest of the team. Daisy discovers that Deke was arrested and goes to free him from prison and they go back to the Lighthouse. However, one of the cops recognizes Daisy as a fugitive and brings it to the attention of General Hale. She tasks one of her subordinates, Ramirez, to find out more about Deke Shaw.

At the St. Louis Aerospace Facility, Fitz and Simmons discover a man-made timer in the device which was sloppily installed. At this moment, Piper draws her gun and reveals that she had made a deal with General Hale for their arrest and assures them that the General only wanted to capture and question them. She was doing it for the good of the team and the benefit of keeping them alive. However, robot soldiers show up and immediately starts shooting at them along with a mysterious assassin who attacks them. Piper, realizing her mistake tries to help them out. The assassin who turns out to be General Hale's daughter, Ruby, throws her Ring Blades with the intention of killing Mack as he shot one of the robot soldiers, but Yo-Yo uses her Inhuman speed to run in front of him, causing the blade to cut off both her arms. Mack shouts in anger as he quickly gathers Yo-Yo in his arms with the rest of the team covering them, escaping the facility. Yo-Yo tells Mack that the future is coming true since she saw her future self without arms as well.

While Simmons operates on Yo-Yo, Fitz and Daisy store the Kree Orb with the Monolith as Noah takes extra readings. Suddenly, Noah detects that the orb is significantly heating up and warns Daisy and Fitz to run. They make it out just in time as Noah jumps on the Orb, sacrificing himself, buying them time before it explodes, destroying the Monoliths. The destruction of the Monoliths was enough to produce a tear in space-time, causing the team to theorize that this could very well be what destroys the Earth.

The Fear Dimension

According to Fitz, the tear opened a rift to some type of fear dimension which could manifest any of the team's fears. Deke had an extreme fear of forests and the outdoors which caused an entire beautiful forest complete with blue skies and streams to manifest on the 27th floor.

Following the heartbreaking news of Coulson's impending death, he still insists on being the one to close the rift but tells them that he fully intends on making it back alive. As Fitz gives him protective gear and instructions on how to close the rift, Coulson tells him to fulfill this other mysterious thing they were talking about. Fitz dismisses it and tells Coulson its just something symbolic and not important at the moment but Coulson reminds him that they need symbols and something to believe in, making Fitz promise to fulfill this mystery task. Coulson then enters the room, ready to close the rift, when he is stopped by a manifestation of Mike Peterson. This anomaly proceeds to try and trick him that the life he led up to this point was a complete lie and it was just his brain firing electrical signals, trying to cope, as he is on the operating table, trying to be revived following his fatal wound inflicted by Loki. Coulson almost falls for it but decides that Mike is not real, resisting him and tries to seal the rift. Rift-Mike violently fights back but the real Mike Peterson aka Deathlok shows up and saves Coulson, defeating other rift anomalies such as Hive, the roaches and Lash, allowing Coulson to safely close the rift for the time being. It turns out Deathlok had shown up because Coulson had tasked Deke with obtaining a few items and reaching out to other S.H.I.E.L.D agents in hiding including Agent Davis who was rescued by Deathlok after he was severely injured during his fight with AIDA. With the rift successfully closed for now, the agents earn a much needed reprieve, and it was time to celebrate.

A Long Expected Marriage

Fitz, Coulson and Deke travel in the elevator down to the 27th floor. It turns out Coulson had tasked Deke with getting items such as alcohol (Zima), wedding rings and Jemma's wedding dress at a pawn shop as well as bringing back the agents in hiding. Fitz asks Coulson what fear manifestations he faced while trying to close the rift but Coulson smiles and figures out that he was stalling because he was nervous. Coulson straightens out Fitz's jacket and assures him that it was going to be great. It is revealed that the promise Fitz made to Coulson was to finally tie the knot with Jemma. Deke seemed amused by Fitz's nervousness but was happy for him nonetheless and opens the elevator door, leading them into a beautiful clearing in the forest. There, they see Jemma in a beautiful lace wedding dress and Fitz makes his way to her, making sure to tell his bride that she looked stunning. She laughs happily at his compliment and gently teases him about Deke being unable to find him a kilt.

Finally married

Coulson is tasked with officiating the wedding while Daisy holds Jemma's bouquet. May stands behind her, as Mack records the occasion, possibly for Yo-Yo who was still in recovery. Davis, Deathlok, Deke and other agents were also in attendance as Coulson begins the ceremony. He comments that this was a long expected moment everyone knew was coming even before Fitz and Simmons themselves knew, and waiting even one second to do this was testing fate and playing with fire. Coulson then asks if everyone was in favour of this union, to which there was a resounding "aye" and finally declares that it was time for the exchanging of the vows. Daisy wipes tears from her eyes and hands Jemma her vows as she tells Fitz she had to write it down in preparation and begins to read them to him. She tells him that from their first conversation about dielectric polarization all those years ago, she knew he was going to be in her life for a long time but admits she never thought he would be her life, her heart and her home. She also says they joined the team for adventures and got more than they bargained for but confesses that she can't wait for their next adventure which was building a family together. She ends by telling him that her love for him would always grow deeper regardless of where the universe decides to take them next. Fitz smiles at her words and tries to hold back tears, telling her that he was thinking about what to say but words just didn't seem enough to express how he felt about her. He takes her hands in his and tells her that she is perfect, believing that he didn't deserve her at all. He makes sure to let her know that he's aware of being the luckiest man on any planet.

Coulson tells them to quickly pass the rings before the forest collapses around them, eliciting a few laughs as Daisy and Mack hand Fitz and Simmons their wedding bands. Deathlok compliments Deke on his choice of wedding rings and Deke tells him he had to find one small enough for Fitz's little boy fingers. As for Jemma's, Deke recalls with a tinge of sadness that it looked exactly like the ring his mother used to wear sometimes, which belonged to his grandmother. It is also shown that General Hale's subordinate, Ramirez, discovers that Deke shared DNA with both Fitz and Simmons, revealing him to be their grandson from the future. Finally, Coulson pronounces Fitz and Simmons husband and wife, and the two share a tender kiss as their friends happily cheer and applaud around them.

Connecting the Pieces

The rift, however, had not been completely contained, and began manifesting people's fears again. Coulson, Daisy, May and Mack go on a quest to find the missing boat, The Principia, in the hopes of recovering more Gravitonium. Coulson orders Deke to stay behind and help Fitz find a way to compress it, much to Fitz's chagrin, stating that he isn't a babysitter. Once the rest of the team are gone, Deke finds a baseball and a mitten and excitedly asks Fitz to play catch with him. Fitz is having none of it and tells him he's busy and almost losing his patience. Deke tells Fitz to go visit Simmons and have some post-wedding fun since they just got married and were definitely dying for some alone time. Uncomfortable with these comments, Fitz agrees to play catch with Deke just to shut him up but they are interrupted by the scanners alerting them of more fear anomalies.

After Simmons was done caring for Yo-Yo, she joins her husband and Deke in search of the Principia in the oceans, through the scanners. Deke is extremely fascinated by how much water is covering the Earth as he had never seen an ocean and could not comprehend its vastness. He starts asking all sorts of questions about what it could be like down there and if they had ever been to visit. Fitz who was most likely triggered by the memory of his own experience being trapped at the bottom of the ocean, has had enough of Deke and angrily snaps at him to go away as he was giving Fitz a headache. Deke, who was hurt by Fitz's response, blames them for causing Earth's destruction and storms away angrily. Simmons gives Fitz a look and tells him to go easy on Deke as he was going through a hard time as well, being a man out of time. Plus, she was very impressed with his exquisite taste in wedding rings. At this, Fitz smiles and asks her if they'd ever get used to being married, calling her "wife". Simmons laughs and tells him they may never get used to it and adorably calls him "husband". The two share a brief kiss before Simmons asks if they should hyphenate their last names, but Fitz lets her know that "Mr. and Mrs. Simmons-Fitz" would not roll off the tongue so well and sounded a bit awkward. The two laugh as they continue searching for the lost ship.

Meanwhile, Deke retreats to the storage rooms looking for more food and marvels at the deliciousness of Twinkies. Suddenly, he sees a manifestation of his mother and is prepared to kill it but she tells him to put down the knife before he hurts himself. Deke, not having it in him to harm her, obeys and lowers his guard. She then expresses her joy at him making friends and comments that the "Daisy girl" is cute and Deke gets flustered and tells his mother to stop as she was embarrassing him. His mother then repeats a quote that she always used to say to him, explaining that her mother used to say it to her. At that moment, a Kree Warrior manifestation stabs her in the chest as she screams and fades away. Deke is completely distraught and fights the warrior, managing to overpower him and kill him. He then sees Jemma running towards him, finding him breathless and on edge and immediately tries to comfort him, apologizing for Fitz's behaviour. Deke proceeds to rant about his life in the future but suddenly realizes something about the Principia and quickly runs to tell Fitz what he figured out.

Deke explains to both Fitz and Simmons that the Gravitonium could have been charged during a thunderstorm, creating its own gravitational field. This could have caused The Principia to float up in the sky. Fitz agrees with Deke and immediately tells Coulson about it. The team successfully find the floating boat and with the advice of Deke, manage to safely contain it and make their way back to base. They also retrieve robot arms for Yo-Yo which makes her significantly happy. As Jemma is assisting Yo-Yo, Deke goes over to the med room in order to inform Jemma that the rest of the team was back. However, before he could get her attention, he hears her repeating to Yo-Yo the exact same quote his mother used to say to him when he was younger and is incredibly astonished. He also notices the shard of the Monolith which used to belong to his parents in Jemma's possession and finally connects the pieces that Fitz and Simmons were his grandparents. As they rejoin the rest of the team, Deke is unable to stop staring at Fitz who is uncomfortable and questions him about it. Deke awkwardly asks him if he's wearing a new sweater which does not elicit a response from Fitz. Coulson gives Fitz the Gravitonium to work on and he impatiently calls after Deke to assist him. Deke agrees and follows after Fitz, silently referring to him as "Grandpa".

Psychic Split

Fitz and Simmons began working on a new Gravity Containment Device based on Deke's Gravity Puck to seal the rift. As Fitz was working, he expresses his annoyance at the rift being fear based and asked why it couldn't be a wish or dream dimension instead. The two then talk about what they would wish for, with Fitz stating he would wish for an extra day between Saturday and Sunday. Simmons expresses her desire to have a honeymoon and Fitz smiles at her. As Simmons is grabbing a tool for him, she is suddenly attacked by another fear, taking the form of the astronaut from Maveth. However, another agent saves her as she is thrown back and caught by Fitz. She immediately grabs a gun and shoots the manifestation until it finally disappears. The Fear Anomalies were getting more and more frequent and pretty soon it would start spreading to the town above,

Fitz, Simmons, Daisy and Deke gathered and began brainstorming ideas on how to compress the Gravitonium, with Fitz getting more impatient and agitated because of his lack of sleep and the stress of trying to figure out the problem. He then asks Deke if he had any insight on how his Gravity Puck worked so they could figure out a solution, but Deke was lost in thought, having just figured out that Fitz and Simmons were his grandparents and trying to make sense of it. At Deke's lack of response, Fitz angrily hits the table in order to get his attention, which snaps Deke out of his reverie. However, Deke tells him he didn't exactly know how it worked and Fitz gets more stressed at his response but promises that he will find a solution. They then decide to go through Dr. Franklin Hall's notes about the Gravitonium which could maybe uncover some clues about it. Deke who was staring at them in wonder this entire time, immediately tells them to be careful as he didn't want anything to happen to them. Realizing what he said was quite weird, he tried backtracking and awkwardly tells them he didn't want anything to happen to their brains, since they were so smart. Jemma thanks Deke but Fitz has lost his patience with him and tries to generate a scathing reply but couldn't bring himself to respond to Deke's apparent stupidity. Instead, he just walks away with Jemma.

Meanwhile, Coulson, May, Piper and Davis take the Zephyr on a separate mission to confront General Hale. Once they capture her, Carl Creel, a recruit of Hale's threatens to blow the Quinjet out of the sky if Coulson doesn't agree to come with her so she can explain the situation. Coulson agrees under the condition that she lets his people go unscathed which she agrees to. He leaves with Hale despite May's protests and tells her it is the only way. This causes him to be unaware of all the damaging things happening back at the Lighthouse.

In the Lighthouse, Deke goes off to find Fitz with the intention of bonding with him and trying to help, saying engineering is in his DNA. However, he notices Fitz working on Sleeper Mechs, but it didn't look like he was disabling them and Deke confronts him about it. Fitz then immediately hits Deke on the head with a tool, knocking him out, seemingly revealing himself to be a fear manifestation of The Doctor from The Framework.

Meanwhile the real Fitz is getting more and more agitated and meets Daisy at the control room. He tells her he needs to access the main terminal and roughly pushes her away from the computers, saying that he couldn't find any notes from Dr. Hall and violently hits the computer. Bewildered at Fitz's distress and anxious behaviour, Daisy asks him if he managed to even get any sleep. He snaps at her, saying he had no possible time to even consider getting rest and was spending all his energy trying to solve the problem. Daisy begins to comfort him, reassuringly patting his back and telling him he didn't have to hold the weight of the world on his shoulders. They were all there to assist him, even Yo-Yo who was confined to the med room with Mack, had requested to set up a security feed so she could monitor anomalies. Suddenly, they notice cameras at the lower levels of the base turn off and Daisy tells Fitz to take it easy as she goes to check them out.

Fitz begins talking to himself, trying to work through the problem when he hears The Doctor's voice right behind him. Fitz immediately falls off his chair in fear as he sees him and tries to get up. His hand begins to shake as it did years ago when he was still trying to recover from his brain trauma. He clutches his head and covers his ears in frustration and horror, telling The Doctor that he could not be there. The Doctor is unfazed by Fitz's breakdown and tells him there's work that needs to be finished and he's there to do what Fitz is unwilling to do. Fitz gets more and more agitated and stammers out that he'll stop whatever it is The Doctor is planning, but The Doctor replies that Fitz could not stop him even if he wanted to as plans were already in motion. At that moment, Fitz hears a gunshot coming from the med bay as Jemma screams his name for help. He backs away from The Doctor and runs towards her cries.

He reaches the med bay and sees Mack hurt on the floor, shot in the leg by a Mech as Yo-Yo and Simmons try to help him. In his panic and fright, Fitz reveals that The Doctor was here, eliciting a feeling of dread from everyone else in the room. Simmons asks him to think what The Doctor could be after and they figure out that he's after Daisy since he would want to complete his work on testing Inhumans from the Framework. Fitz immediately goes to find Daisy as Simmons tends to Mack's leg. Meanwhile, Daisy who was knocked out by a Sleeper Mech finds herself strapped to an operating table with her neck and the Inhuman Control Device exposed. She sees Leopold hovering over her and tells him that he's not the real Fitz and demands to know where Fitz is but The Doctor assures her that he is real and tells her to make herself comfortable as he didn't have too many painkillers. He then tells her that his work helps people which is exactly what he plans to do by restoring her powers. In distress and knowing what her powers could do, she weeps and begs him not to restore them as it could cause the end of the world. However, the Doctor is unrelenting and tells her that conversely, the rift is what could cause Earth's destruction and her powers are the only thing that could compress the Gravitonium to insert into the device and close the rift for good. He proceeds to cut into her neck as she screams in pain.

At the med bay, Simmons sees Mack holding a gun, guarding Yo-Yo and scolds him, telling him to stay off his feet as it could re-aggravate his injury. As she says these words, something clicks in her mind about Fitz and she tells Mack to stay with Yo-Yo, rushing off to find Fitz and Daisy. Fitz who was looking for Daisy, bursts through the room holding her and screams at The Doctor to stop doing what he's doing to her. The Doctor is annoyed at Fitz's interruption and tells him to let him finish but Fitz doesn't listen and tries to comfort Daisy, saying that everything is going to be fine. He proceeds to call The Doctor a monster, telling him that he programmed the robot to attack Mack and Yo-Yo but The Doctor counters this saying if the robot attacked, it was provoked and it was only programmed to keep Mack and the others at bay while he removed Daisy's inhibitor. Fitz is confused and the Doctor explains that her powers are the missing key to manipulating the Gravitonium. Hearing this, Fitz shakes his head, getting more and more agitated at the situation as he stammers in dismay, trying to get The Doctor to stop. The Doctor mocks him and yells at Fitz, saying that he is weak, but together they can fix the problem. Fitz clutches his head in anguish, trying to get The Doctor's words out of his head, not hearing Daisy asking him, through her tears, who he's talking to.

At that instant, Simmons bursts through the room and sees the lone figure of Fitz, holding a scalpel. Daisy begs Simmons to help her and Simmons gently tries to talk Fitz down, telling him to put away the scalpel. Fitz is extremely confused and tells her that it wasn't him, it was The Doctor, but sees that there is no one there except for him. He realizes, full of dread, that it was him all along and wasn't The Doctor that planned everything. His old brain injury had flared up again because of his lack of sleep and the insane amount of stress he had been put through this entire time. His traumatizing ordeal in The Framework had not helped matters and he knew in the back of his mind that Daisy's powers were the only solution to close the rift but didn't have the heart to hurt his friend. All these factors had converged, causing him to manifest The Doctor who took over to get the job done.

Simmons tells Fitz they can work all of this out and he only had to let Daisy go but Fitz says there's no turning back as The Doctor had planned for that too. Immediately, a Sleeper Mech comes into the room, with Deke as a hostage and points a gun at Simmons. Fitz tells Simmons that he programmed the Mechs to only keep everyone at bay, not hurt them and rationalizes that he wouldn't have done any of this if he didn't believe it was going to work. Simmons tells him that it could work but destroying the world or potentially paralyzing Daisy are two massive risks. Fitz tells her he hopes that doesn't happen and decides to go through with the procedure. Daisy screams his name and cries, pleading and begging him to stop, telling him he really didn't want to do this. Fitz agrees as he wipes tears off his face but tells her that he has no choice and proceeds to pull the inhibitor from her neck. The sight is so horrific that Jemma clutches Deke's hand for support and almost throws up, as the two are powerless in trying to help Daisy. She screams in agony as the inhibitor is pulled out, telling Fitz she will never forgive him for this. Finally, he releases Daisy who manages to compress the Gravitonium into the device using her powers and closes the rift for good. The Mechs power down and Fitz voluntarily gives himself up to be put into lockup.

Jemma visits Fitz in his cell and asks him how long he's been seeing The Doctor. He says his mind's been through a lot and he's been hearing him since he left The Framework but only just started seeing him. Jemma tries to comfort him saying that it wasn't him and he wasn't in control of his actions but Fitz, still horrified by what he was capable of doing, tells her that it was him, not some evil doppelganger. He fiddles with his wedding ring as he asks her how Daisy and Mack were doing. Jemma tells him to talk to them and apologize, stating that they will come to forgive him. Fitz is full of self-loathing and tells her that he doesn't deserve forgiveness since he injured Mack and traumatized Daisy. He tells her that the worst part of all this was he still felt it was the right thing to do and says that he doesn't know where they go from here. Jemma, heartbroken, goes off to be alone.

Deke finds Jemma in a hallway, weeping silently, and sits down next to her to comfort her. Jemma tells him that Fitz is losing himself and she feels as if she's losing him too. Deke reminds her that she's not losing him and decides it was time to tell her the truth. He begins by telling her little things of what his mother used to tell him about her parents, such as Fitz being complicated and stubborn which elicits a small smile from Jemma. He then tells her things that he couldn't possibly know such as Jemma letting Fitz win arguments sometimes and having to take care of Fitz when he was sick. Jemma seems to get a little uncomfortable with how much he knows but is outright shocked when Deke mentions Fitz's love of prosciutto and mozzarella sandwiches that only Jemma can make right. She asks him how he knows all those things and he emotionally lets her know that his mother used to tell him about her parents all the time, assuring her that she and Fitz will be alright. He then says the quote his mother always said to him, which she learnt from her mother before her, finally revealing that he is their grandson. Jemma is extremely emotional and overwhelmed by this information and immediately throws up.

Sometime later, after May gets back from her mission and is briefed on what happened in the Lighthouse, she and Daisy manage to figure out that General Hale is actually Hydra and both are worried for Coulson. They decide to ask Fitz what to do since he was Hydra in the Framework and could provide them with answers. May tells Fitz to embrace his darkness and help them find Hale so they can rescue Coulson. Fitz manages to deduce that Hale is planning on building a weapon using Gravitonium. He then asks if he could get access to the computers and the lab to try and find out why Hale needed Coulson but Daisy bursts in and tells him there is no way he's leaving his cell. Fitz tells her they needed a way to seal the rift and says he didn't have a choice since Daisy would have never agreed to go through with the procedure to get back her powers. At these words, Daisy quakes Fitz against the wall and he clutches his head in pain as he retreats on the floor. Daisy angrily tells him that he did the whole procedure against her choice and says they don't turn on their own people. Fitz then asks her if she wanted him to recount all the times she turned on them, which silences her. Later, Daisy gets the idea of bringing Robin out of hiding to help them find Coulson, even with May's protests. Meanwhile, Simmons and Mack are fitting Yo-Yo with her new cybernetic arms and Mack asks Simmons if she needs to consult Fitz but she dismisses the idea. Mack then tries to comfort her saying Fitz was still a good person in The Framework no matter what he did. He then tells her that Yo-Yo thinks she's invincible because she saw herself alive in the future which Simmons finds extremely interesting considering Fitz's theory that time can't be changed.

Simmons later visits Fitz in his cell, bringing him tea. Simmons tells him that she has been thinking about their relationship which worries Fitz for a moment but she tells him to relax as she's confident they will get through this. She then presents him with a tool which he recognizes based on the engraving he made on it when he had his brain injury years ago. Simmons then gives him another tool which was identical to the first and reveals that the second one was actually his tool, telling him that the first one belongs to Deke who got it from his grandfather. Fitz is flabbergasted by this revelation that Deke is their grandson and comments that Deke is the worst, making Simmons laugh, but she tells him she thinks Deke is perfect and asks him if he knows what this means. Fitz is still shocked and a little bit annoyed, telling her that their daughter is going to marry someone horrible if she's going to give birth to Deke of all people. Simmons explains that Deke's existence proves that the two of them live long enough to raise a daughter which means they weren't going to die anytime soon and tells him that they are invincible.

The Invincible Three

Deke visits Fitz in his cell and Fitz comments that they don't look similar at all but Deke counters that Fitz's daughter found a real man in Deke's father. Fitz, annoyed, expresses his disappointment that Deke was his grandson and instead wishes it could've been Flint since he liked him. Deke sarcastically tells Fitz that was a lovely sentiment, almost as lovely as having a robot point a gun to his head. Fitz regretfully tells Deke he didn't mean to hurt anyone but Deke comforts him saying it was the first move he made that earned his respect as it was the kind of move that helped him survive in The Lighthouse years from now. Later, as Deke is walking away, Jemma stops him and asks if he noticed any permanent injuries or scarring on Fitz and Jemma in the future which Deke denies, but tells her he barely knew them at all since they all changed their names in the future and he only knew them as "Nana" and "Bobo". He then tells Jemma that she reminded him of his mother and offers to tell her more about her but Jemma tells him its best not to know too much about one's future, instead she just expresses her happiness that she and Fitz live long enough to create their daughter. Jemma later, tries to convince Daisy, who was in charge, to let Fitz out of his cell since he had a concrete lead on a Hydra weapon but Daisy denies this request saying that Fitz is still sick and needs help so until then he stays in his cell. Jemma seemingly obeys her orders and walks away. May calls Daisy out for being too harsh as it seems like she is still ruled by her emotions on the matter but Daisy tells her that Jemma is wrong and proceeds to go on with her plan of asking Robin where Coulson went. Simmons knew they had to think differently if they were going to succeed in finding Coulson and saving the world, so she began to devise a plan to break Fitz out. She enlisted the help of Yo-Yo since she was the only one on the same page as them, as well as being "invincible". Simmons tells Yo-Yo that Deke is their grandson which gives them solid proof that they survive the Earth being cracked apart. In order to release Fitz from his cell, they needed Mack, as Daisy had tasked him with looking after Fitz. Yo-Yo says this would be a problem as Mack is not going to disobey an order to let Fitz out of his cell and will definitely stop them. To this, Simmons replies that he will only try to stop them. She then tells Fitz to trust her as she and Yo-Yo goes off to find a way to convince Mack to let Fitz out.

Yo-Yo then brings Mack down to Fitz's cell where Simmons tells him they're going to convince him to let Fitz out, by conducting an experiment that proves she can't be killed. Mack is so done with the three of them thinking they're invincible and tries to get her to stop this madness but she is adamant on convincing him. Simmons then presents Mack with four beakers, three of which consists of water and one consisting a toxic phosphoric acid compound and tells him she's going to drink the liquids without knowing which is which to prove that she will choose water all three times. Mack begs Simmons not to do this while Fitz, who has been clueless of her plans this whole time, is going out of his mind with worry and is completely against this idea, but Simmons assures him the science is sound and proceeds anyway without heeding their protests. Yo-Yo mixes up the beakers without Simmons looking and blocks Mack to prevent him from stopping Simmons' experiment. Simmons proceeds to drink the liquids, with both times being water. She then prepares to drink the final beaker but Mack tries to stop her, saying he will shoot her in order to prevent her from killing herself. Simmons points out how stupid that sounded and drinks the last beaker. Suddenly, she begins to convulse and starts coughing and screaming in pain. Mack and Yo-Yo immediately come to her aid with Fitz screaming for Mack to let him out as he was the only one who could find a way to neutralize the acid Simmons apparently drank. Mack punches in the code, releasing Fitz who immediately rushes to find an antidote but he realizes that Simmons had gotten up off the ground and was perfectly fine while Mack was stuck in Fitz's cell, screaming for Yo-Yo to let him out. Yo-Yo had used her Inhuman speed to push Mack into Fitz's cell while he was distracted with Jemma's ruse. Fitz is extremely relieved and hugs Jemma tight, complimenting her on her performance but Jemma reveals that it wasn't all a lie and pours out the final beaker which contained the acid. Fitz calls Jemma insane and the two begin to bicker but Yo-Yo accidentally triggers a gunshot since she was still getting used to her powerful robot arms. The bullet misses all three of them, further encouraging them to believe their theory of being invincible. The three then steal a Quinjet and go off to find the Hydra weapon Hale was building.

The Honeymoon

Fitz, Simmons and Yo-Yo reach Herefordshire, England as it was a possible location for the Hydra weapon. Simmons was glad to be home and expressed her desire of having a honeymoon there once everything was settled. Fitz agrees, stating that it sounded perfect, as he strapped on his parachute without any difficulty. Simmons comments that he didn't have trouble getting the straps on this time, recalling the time Fitz had tried to save her when she jumped off the plane all those years ago. The two hold hands and parachute off the Quinjet after Yo-Yo. Arriving at the facility, the three find the Particle Infusion Chamber which was designed to imbue a fighter with Gravitonium to give them immense power. They deduce that whoever goes through the machine will be powerful enough to crack the Earth and they set about destroying it. However, Fitz points out that whatever they're doing now may be the exact course of events that lead to Earth's destruction and asks Yo-Yo for further insight into what else her future version might have said. Here, Yo-Yo reluctantly reveals that according to her future version, in order to save the world, they had to allow Coulson to die. Fitz and Simmons are shocked by this reveal and rationalizes that there must be another way but Yo-Yo tells them it was the only way to succeed. They refuse to believe this but before they could argue further, they are discovered by Sleeper Mechs. Unfortunately, Yo-Yo is unable to fight due to the improper calibration of her new arms and screams in agony whenever she uses her Inhuman speed.

The three of them run out of options and Yo-Yo suggests one of them go call for help while she holds off the robots with the other. However, Fitz and Simmons tells her that they have a new rule of never leaving each other's side anymore and instead, tasks Yo-Yo with going back to the Quinjet to get help while they fight off the robots. Yo-Yo leaves as Fitz and Simmons are caught in a furious gunfight with evil robots. As they take cover, Fitz expresses his regret that he couldn't give his wife the perfect honeymoon that she wanted but Simmons counters this saying she's saving England from evil robots, happy to be there with the man she loves. The two share a quick kiss and immediately start shooting at the robots again. They are soon running out of bullets and options, so they take cover while holding hands, prepared to die together but are soon saved when the robots all power down. It turns out, Yo-Yo had managed to take out Anton Ivanov aka The Russian who was controlling the robots. Taking him out also took out the Sleeper Mechs. Fitz and Simmons are relieved and are prepared to get out of there when they are stopped by the arrival of Ruby Hale and Werner von Strucker who take them hostage and force them to fix the machine, threatening them with death if they refused to comply. Ruby intended to infuse herself with The Gravitonium in order to be powerful enough which she assumed would make her mother proud. Fitz and Simmons had no choice but to do as she said.

Meanwhile, Daisy and May had successfully rescued Coulson and General Glenn Talbot who was kidnapped and brainwashed by Hale. However, Coulson manages to subvert Talbot's brainwashing and he is confined for his own safety as he was not in control of his actions. Talbot promises Coulson he will make this right for them. Daisy and May then go on a mission to capture Hale who voluntarily gives herself up in order to get their help in finding her daughter. She tells them Fitz and Simmons are in danger and they decide to trust her to talk Ruby down and rescue them.

Fitz is forced to work on the damaged Particle Infusion Chamber but is unable to concentrate as Ruby keeps throwing her Ring Blades at Jemma, nearly missing her as she's tied up. Fitz tells Ruby that he needed Jemma's help if she wanted the device fixed, saying they were a team. Ruby agrees and lets Simmons go. She immediately runs to Fitz and he kisses and embraces her, making sure she's alright. Ruby comments that she finds their relationship cute, saying that she "ships" it. Seemingly inspired by their display of affection, she caresses Werner von Strucker's cheek as he enters the room since he was her love interest. Fitz and Simmons try to delay the process and work on the device slowly, assembling it backwards. When Ruby discovers this, she grabs Fitz and begins pummeling him as he lies on the floor, bleeding. Simmons screams at Ruby, begging her to stop and promising her that they will fix the device properly. Ruby concedes, letting Fitz go and he and Simmons begin assembling the device properly this time.

They finally manage to fix the machine but warn Ruby that infusing herself with Gravitonium is dangerous and could cause the Earth's destruction. However, Ruby ignores them and goes into the machine, but she immediately begins to scream in pain. Von Strucker forces Fitz and Simmons to fix it but they tell him there is nothing they can do. At this moment, Hale, Daisy and May arrive and Fitz manages to end the infusion, but Ruby still possesses 8% of Gravitonium and they watch as she levitates out of the chamber. She is tormented by the Gravitonium as it contained the consciousness of Dr. Franklin Hall and Ian Quinn and is unable to take it. Von Strucker tries to help her, but due to her being unable to control her gravity powers, she accidentally causes his violent death. She screams at Fitz and Simmons to remove the Gravitonium and reverse the process but they tell her there is nothing they can do. She angrily pins them against the wall, blaming them for what has happened to her. Daisy, fearful for their lives looks at Hale for help who manages to talk her daughter down. Fitz and Simmons are released and May helps them get to safety. On the way out, they encounter Yo-Yo and inform her of what is happening. She immediately enters the room where Ruby is having a dangerous breakdown, unable to control anything.

After what she witnessed in the future, Yo-Yo couldn't allow a dangerous psychopath like Ruby live to destroy the Earth and makes a decision to end it. She grabs Ruby's Ring Blades and slits her throat using her inhuman speed as she falls to the floor, in immense pain caused by her robot arms. As Ruby dies, she releases a powerful outburst cause by the Gravitonium which knocks them all out. Fitz and Simmons run back to the room to discover Ruby's dead body and notice that General Hale had disappeared. Daisy furiously tells them that Yo-Yo murdered Ruby, much to their shock and finally, they all decide to return to The Lighthouse.

Coulson or the World

Fitz and Simmons were tasked with working on Zephyr One so it could have space-travel capabilities which would be vital in their plan of destroying the Gravitonium by throwing it in the Sun. The only way to achieve space travel was finding a way to extract Gravitonium to power the engines. As they are working, Fitz, Simmons and Deke talk about the Multiverse Theory and Deke tells them that he is proof that they can move between them as he would remain in the present even if the loop breaks. However, Fitz counters this and says the only way they would know if the loop is broken is if Deke blinks out of existence. Deke refuses to believe this and sticks to his theory that nothing would happen to him even if the loop breaks. Fitz then passes him the Gravitonium to deliver to the Zephyr while Deke reminds the two of their rule of never leaving each other's sides. Simmons finds this sweet but Fitz finds it selfish as it was for the benefit of Deke's own self-preservation so he doesn't disappear.

Soon the Lighthouse was under siege from an alien race called the Remorath who were part of The Confederacy. They had made a deal with Hale and Hydra to negotiate terms for Earth's dependence on them for survival after Thanos attacks, which included taking out S.H.I.E.L.D and obtaining the Gravitonium. Coulson accidentally puts them on Lockdown as the Remorath infiltrate the base and start killing agents. Unfortunately, Fitz and Simmons are forced to go against their rule as they are separated and Fitz is tasked with manually overriding the base's Lockdown while Simmons is tasked with preparing the Gravitonium for travel. However, it was impossible to fight the Remorath and they had to hide instead. Fitz is almost discovered but is rescued by Deke while Simmons, Yo-Yo, Piper and Davis guard the Gravitonium and General Talbot. The Remorath is extremely close by so Yo-Yo, Davis and Piper go off to distract them while Simmons stays behind with Talbot. He was determined to make everything right and save them all, so he knocks Simmons out with an I.C.E.R and goes into the chamber. He begins the process of infusion and imbues 100% of Gravitonium in his cells, becoming Graviton. He then kills the Remorath and breaks out of the Lighthouse, taking Coulson with him to the Remorath ship.

When Daisy comes back to the base following her mission of obtaining Centipede Serum that could be used to save Coulson, she tasks Simmons with developing a cure for him using the serum and her mother, Jiaying's DNA since she possessed healing properties. Fitz goes to see Mack to apologize for locking him up and everything that had happened between them but Mack reproaches Fitz, telling him that he had a darkness inside of him that needed fixing. Fitz is deeply hurt and affected by his closest friend's words and lashes out in defense, emotionally stammering out that Yo-Yo did what she had to do to save the world, which was exactly what he did. He sarcastically apologizes for their actions that did not fit into whatever narrative Mack had built for himself. The two were not on good terms from that moment.

Fitz then works with Jemma to find a cure for Coulson and hypothesized that they had to succeed in saving him as that could be what saves the Earth as well. Their simulations were successful and they managed to find a possible cure, but they got bad news from Mack who informed them that Talbot had betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D. He had gone crazy and too powerful, refusing to listen to reason, claiming he was going to save them all but ended up killing more people instead. He planned to access the Gravitonium buried deep within the Earth to enhance his powers. Fitz and Simmons correctly deduce that his actions are what ultimately causes the destruction of Earth. They had to find a way to stop Talbot and the only way was mixing the Centipede Serum with Odium instead of Jiaying's DNA. Unfortunately, Daisy informs them that the Centipede Serum they had was the only one left so the team had to decide to either save Coulson or save the world.

Heroic Sacrifice

What follows is an intense and emotional debate between the team on what to do. Daisy insists that saving Coulson is the only way but Yo-Yo is utterly against this. She tells them that she loves Coulson as much as they all do but saving him will cause destruction. In the end, May destroys the Odium, making synthesizing a way to stop Talbot, futile. Yo-Yo weeps on the floor as Fitz takes the Centipede Serum from May and tells them he and Simmons will synthesize a cure, while everyone else should prepare for the end of the World.

Talbot was then spotted over Chicago and the team make their way onto Zephyr One. Deke tells them that he is planning to go out and see the world, maybe try to make a life outside The Lighthouse and doesn't join the mission. Once the Zephyr takes off, Daisy talks to the team and admits that her decisions has caused division among them and thinks that Mack should be the Director instead of her. Everyone agrees to this, even Coulson who had come along on the mission.

Fitz, May and Mack then go off to help civilians trapped in buildings and they come across a building that was holding Robin and her mother Polly. Robin cries to May that she will never see her mother again as she is trapped inside the cells. Mack goes in to help her but Fitz realizes what Yo-Yo said about Mack and Polly not making it to the future. He and May then risk their lives to save Mack and they manage to kill two Remorath aliens that almost get Mack and Polly. They then slowly make their way out of the rubble. Once May is out she drags Robin to safety but Robin tells her that something is different, the future was changing. Fitz is the last one making his way out but at that moment, Graviton and Daisy were having their fight which causes the entire building to shake and rubble to fall on Fitz. Mack and May scream his name as they push away all the rubble. They are relieved that Fitz seems to be mostly okay with him joking that they had to carry him out because his legs were broken, considering that he couldn't feel them. However, something doesn't seem right as he was shaking more than usual and looked to be in shock. They manage to remove the rest of the rubble and notice, full of dread, that he had been impaled with a chunk of metal through his abdomen. Mack kneels next to Fitz and holds his hand, giving him comfort as they knew there was nothing more they could do for him. Fitz, still in shock, tells them that they had to get Polly and Robin to safety but May comforts him saying they were both safe. He then repeats to Mack that his legs are broken, but Mack tells him that he's been through worst. Fitz stares at Mack for a few moments before finally closing his eyes, taking his final breath. Mack and May weep at Fitz's death, as Mack gently touches his friend's forehead. Fitz died saving Mack which broke the loop, changing the future.

Mack is tasked with telling Simmons what had happened to her husband and she doesn't take the news well at all, making a scene. She manages to convince everyone that since they've broken the loop, Fitz is still out there frozen in deep space waiting to be woken up. They could go retrieve him since the Zephyr has outer space capabilities now. Mack takes Fitz's death the hardest, insisting on a funeral, telling the rest of them that Simmons is refusing to cope in a healthy way. However, he does come around later on and helps them engineer the Zephyr to last long in deep space. At some point, Fitz's body is returned to the Lighthouse where everyone gathers and cries, not knowing what to say to Simmons. Daisy comforts her as she weeps silently, giving her Fitz's wedding ring. Although weak, Coulson goes down to visit Fitz claiming that he had to see him. He asks Simmons if her theory about there being another Fitz in space is true and she confirms this. Coulson then tells her to get to work in finding him, giving her his last order.

Later, they have a memorial/ retirement party for Coulson where the team reminisces about their past and Coulson tells them that they have to move on but Simmons disagrees with this saying they don't move on but hold that place close to their hearts. Coulson agrees and expresses his sadness that he isn't able to say goodbye to Fitz but is sure Simmons will tell Fitz for him. She assures him that she will, adding that Fitz will be so happy to know that time is not fixed, disproving his theory. Simmons then gives Coulson the postcard with Fitz's writing saying "Working on it", as a reminder of them and the Lighthouse; their home away from home. Coulson hugs her and proceeds to say his goodbyes to everyone else. He then goes off to spend his last days in Tahiti with May by his side, as the rest of the team fly off in the Zephyr in search of their next adventure.

Season 6

The Search for Fitz

Simmons and Daisy take a few agents on Zephyr One to travel into deep space in search of a frozen Fitz. They ask Yo-Yo to join them on the mission but she decides to stay, saying that Mack needed her. The search lasts for months, causing other agents accompanying them to leave. In the end, the only ones left on the mission are Simmons, Daisy, Piper and Davis. After a year of searching in deep space and being on the run from The Confederacy, they eventually land on D'Rill. They are boarded by someone named Trok who is known for selling traceable fuel which could potentially lead them to the whereabouts of Fitz. Trok is greeted by Daisy and he threatens her but she is unfazed, confidently telling him that he will give her fuel and whatever she wanted. Trok mistakes her for being a daughter of a monarch because of her confidence and how demanding she is but refuses to give them anything and tells his guards to scan her face instead. When they discover that she is Quake, they are fearful and Daisy manages to render their weapons useless and captures Trok.

Simmons then comes out and tells him to give them what they want and they will let him live. Trok still refused to give them any information so they hang him upside down. Simmons is ruthless in her tactics of scaring him as she is so close to finding her husband and will not give up now. She says the different gravity on the Zephyr will slowly and painfully kill him. His brain will hemorrhage or his lungs would collapse on itself if he is left upside down for too long. Eventually, Trok divulges the location of the other half of the Chronicom Vessel that was cut in half and the team make their way there, boarding the vessel. They finally come across the cryo-freeze chamber but discover that Fitz is not in it, the only clue was three bloody fingerprints on the glass. Piper expresses her relief that at least it is not a dead body but Davis points out that it is a dead end.

Simmons is devastated that the search for the love of her life has brought them nowhere and lies alone in the cryo-freeze chamber, just to feel closer to him. She cries silently, thinking of Fitz, when suddenly she notices a transcript that said the chamber was made on the planet, Naro-Atzia. Knowing the way Fitz thinks, she deduces that he would definitely have gone to Naro-Atzia to find a way to refreeze himself especially after looking at the transcript. She shares her findings with the other team members but they had misgivings and argued that they should go back to Earth and regroup as going into deep-deep space would not be smart. Simmons persisted and told them she was so close to finding Fitz and wasn't about to let the trail go cold. However, Davis puts his foot down and outright refuses as he had a son and wife back home and had gone months without seeing them, rationalizing that if they go into deep-deep space, they might never come back. Simmons tries to appeal to Daisy but Piper and Davis stop her saying they make the decision together, making it clear that they are extremely strained by this mission. Before they could continue the argument, they were suddenly alerted by The Confederacy's presence. They attempted to fire on the Zephyr but Simmons managed to turn the power back on to avoid the attack. Piper activates the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device they outfitted on the Zephyr from the Remorath ship and Daisy orders Simmons to key in the coordinates back to Earth. However, Simmons had keyed in the coordinates for Naro-Atzia instead and they are transported into deep-deep space. Daisy is shocked at her actions but Simmons assures her that Fitz was there. She takes out Fitz's wedding ring that she wore on a chain around her neck, grips it tight, and tells Daisy she can feel it in her heart.

Fitz, on the other hand, has been on the run with Enoch the entire year following the Chronicom Vessel being cut in half by mysterious attackers. Fitz manages to convince the Controller of a Sivian ship, Viro to take him on as an engineer while he sneaks Enoch on the ship and hides him in the walls. Enoch taught Fitz how to speak Sivian which allowed him to blend in, unfortunately, the rest of the engineers become suspicious when he seemed disgusted by a Xandarian Snail. Sivians considered those extremely delicious delicacies. The situation was made worst when they asked where on Sivos he was from and Fitz replied "north", not knowing that it was an irradiated wasteland. They immediately assault him as he was trying to free Enoch and discovered that he changed his eye colour with an Iriscope. Viro shows up and makes his guards drag Enoch from his hiding place, capturing the two of them. Enoch informs Fitz that Sivians are extremely xenophobic which annoys Fitz as Enoch didn't tell him sooner.

Viro is prepared to dump Fitz and Enoch out in space but Fitz manages to convince him that he is the best engineer and more productive than the rest of Viro's crew combined. At first Viro doesn't believe him but Fitz lists out everything he managed to fix on the ship including patching his fuel lines and rebuilding his entire tank irrigation system. Enoch adds that he even managed to increase the efficiency of the CO2 scrubber by 30% which made the Xandarian Snails more fertile. Fitz then plays up Enoch's use of being very knowledgeable in Snail farming. However, Viro is still unrelenting as he figures out that Fitz is on the run. Out of desperation, Fitz tells Viro that they will work for free and Viro is finally convinced, telling them to get to work immediately. Unfortunately, since Viro had a great engineer in Fitz for free, he didn't need the rest of the engineering crew and tells Fitz he is going to dump them out of the airlock. Fitz tries to prevent this, telling Viro that he could teach the crew members to be more efficient but Viro tells him to shut his mouth and be thankful that he let them live.

Fitz is unwilling to let the crew die and tells Enoch that he would never be able to look Jemma in the eye if he didn't try saving them. The two then device a plan to get the engineers out of that situation. As the engineers are being stuffed into the airlock, Fitz blocks Viro's way saying he can't let him do this. Viro is amused and says Fitz does not look like a fighter which Fitz agrees but still tries to convince Viro that he can make him a lot more money if he let the engineers go. Viro says its a lot more trouble than its worth and goes through with his decision. Fitz tells him that he might not need the other engineers but he definitely needed him and enters the airlock with the others. Viro is unfazed and orders his guards to dump all of them out. Unbeknownst to him, Enoch pulls the lever opening the airlock behind Viro which sucks him and his guards out into space. Enoch manages to close the airlock and frees Fitz and the other engineers, who thank him for saving their lives.

Trippin' on Kitson

Piper and Davis are outraged by Simmons' reckless behaviour and demands that she be locked up because she isn't thinking straight. Simmons reminds them that Fitz is the mission and Daisy agrees but tells her that she is the mission leader and orders the coordinates to be set for Earth. Simmons tells them they can go back if they want but she is going to remain behind and search for Fitz. Daisy is unwilling to leave Simmons and tells her she will be locked up if she tries to go off on her own, but Simmons, ruled by her emotions and desperation to be reunited with Fitz, tells Daisy she'd like to see her try to stop her.

Before they could argue any further, they are interrupted by Pretorious Pryce who demands they be boarded because he had already filled out paperwork for their visit. He tells them to submit their weapons which will be returned after inspection, and they comply. He then asks them their purpose of coming to Naro-Atzia and Simmons tells him they are looking for Leopold Fitz, showing Pryce a picture of Fitz on her phone. At these words, Pryce becomes extremely fearful and tells them they shouldn't have said that name. They are then attacked by a Chronicom Hunter named Malachi who has been hunting Fitz and Enoch this entire time. He stuns Daisy and Piper and almost stuns Simmons but she manages to evade his attack while Davis knocks him on the head, overpowering him. They tie Malachi up and question why he's after Fitz to which he replies he is wanted for "tampering with the Universe". He also lets them know that Fitz was scheduled to arrive at Naro-Atzia, proving Simmons right.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Enoch arrive on Kitson City and attempt to sell the Xandarian Snails to mercenaries, Boyle and Toad to get fuel and credits. Fitz then eyes a jar full of colourful Puffies owned by Toad and comments that those look extremely appetizing. Toad tells him they taste even better and attempts to pass Fitz a Puffy but Enoch stops him saying Puffies aren't good for Terran consumption, especially on an empty stomach. Fitz looks crestfallen as the Puffies seem extremely delicious but Enoch assures him he will find him proper nourishment. However, they are stopped by Boyle and Toad who point guns at them and tell them they are going to take the snails and Viro's ship without paying. They threaten Fitz and Enoch to leave the ship or else they will turn them in to the authorities, revealing that they know about the two being wanted men. Fitz pleads with them to leave the ship as it is their only way of transportation. Boyle declines but gives Fitz a casino token, saying he may be lucky to earn money by betting in the casino. Fitz and Enoch have no choice but to try their luck in the House of Games.

The team discover that Fitz's ship had gone to the planet of Kitson. Pryce tells them that Fitz must be a man of perverted desires if he went there, to the indignation of Simmons and the amusement of the rest of the team. He then describes the grotesque nature of the planet, saying it is a nasty place with the absence of any scrap of decency. Despite this, the team are mostly amused by Pryce's warnings and head to Kitson anyway in the hopes of finding Fitz. They come across Viro's ship and Daisy threatens Boyle and Toad to tell them where Fitz went. Out of fear, they reveal that they took Fitz's ship, forcing him and Enoch to earn money on Kitson City, by either betting in the House of Games or working in the brothels. Simmons is relieved that Fitz is not alone and working on a way to get home. Davis then catches sight of the Puffies and is attracted by how good it looks. Toad gives him the container and Davis eats some, mistaking it for food. Since it tasted so good, Davis passes some to Daisy and Simmons who are also quite hungry and eat them. Davis goes back to the Zephyr while Daisy and Simmons make their way to the House of Games to find Fitz.

At the same time, Fitz and Enoch go to the casinos. Enoch then places a bet which gives him a win and some tokens. Fitz is taken aback and asks him how he did that. Enoch explains that he carried out complex computations to estimate the best chance of winning. Fitz is extremely happy with this, figuring out that Enoch would be able to win them money as he is an advanced computer, but Enoch tells Fitz it is unwise for him to gamble as he is a synthetic being. However, Fitz manages to convince Enoch to place bets and win them money, by calling him his best friend and saying this is what best friends are for, breaking the rules and putting it all on the line. Enoch is flattered and agrees, joining a game. Unfortunately, being unable to read people, Enoch falls for the ruse of a guy who pretends to be nice to him but bluffs on the game, causing Enoch to lose all their money. Fitz is pissed off and Enoch feels guilty for disappointing him but assures him there are other ways to earn money such as visiting the brothels. Fitz is fiercely against this idea which causes Enoch to suggest another game based purely on mathematical odds, but the stakes are extremely high. They join the game and Fitz realizes if he loses, he will be sold into slavery but has no other options except to play in order to earn money. Enoch tells Fitz he will signal him when to hold and hit, using a frequency that will only be heard by human ears.

Daisy and Simmons enter the House of Games, quite unsteady and disoriented. Simmons jokingly comments that she'd rather Fitz was dead than visiting the brothels which causes both of them to start giggling. It turns out the Puffies were strong hallucinogens, and Daisy, Simmons and Davis were all high. Back on the Zephyr, Malachi manages to free himself and escape the ship because Davis was high and unable to stop him.

Daisy and Simmons manage to make it to the bar and are very proud of this achievement. They laugh and high-five unsteadily as Simmons asks why they were even there in the first place, completely forgetting what they were supposed to be doing. Daisy explains that they were on a mission and the mission is "Ladies Night". She then asks Simmons if she went to Hogwarts and which house she was in, assuming it to be Gryffindor but Simmons is miffed by this suggestion and corrects Daisy, saying that she's a Ravenclaw. Daisy asks Simmons if she knew any spells and Simmons recites "Expecto Patronum", waving her straw around as Daisy giggles beside her. Suddenly, Simmons hallucinates a tiny version of Fitz wearing a monkey onesie, dancing on her straw, which triggers her memory and she unsteadily goes to try and find Fitz, leaving Daisy on the bar, talking to herself.

Unfortunately, Simmons doesn't get very far in her search for Fitz and ends up under a table instead. Later, Daisy manages to find her and the two suddenly, hear the high pitched sound that sounded like a dolphin, which Enoch was emitting to help Fitz. They realize that only they can hear it and deduce that Fitz was here and immediately go to find him, However, they notice that armed people who looked like Malachi had entered the place and correctly assumed they were there for Fitz. Daisy assures Simmons that she could fight them off, telling her to go find Fitz.

As Daisy holds off the attackers, Simmons manages to follow the high pitched noise Enoch was emitting and finds a guard guarding a door. She tries convincing him to let her in but he tells her she is high and this is no place for a nice lady like her. Simmons assumes she is losing her mind and almost gives up hope. Meanwhile, inside the room, Enoch was malfunctioning because Malachi had decommissioned him before escaping, which caused the dealer to realize he was synthetic. Fitz and Enoch are locked in the room, but after Enoch is rebooted, Fitz asks for Enoch's help to get them out of there. He provides a spark which ignites the sulfur Fitz lathered on the door, causing it to explode and allowing them to escape. As Fitz walks out the door he sees Jemma, who is shocked and retreats against the wall. Fitz is confused at her presence but Jemma is extremely emotional, finally laying eyes on the love of her life after an entire year apart. She weeps, overjoyed at his presence and begins to make her way towards him, when suddenly Malachi appears out of the blue and grabs Fitz, teleporting him somewhere unknown, far away from her. All Simmons can do is stand there, frozen in shock as Fitz is ripped apart from her yet again.

Captured by Chronicoms

The team is back on the Zephyr along with Enoch, coming down from their high and they try to get answers from him. It turns out, it wasn't the Confederacy who was chasing them this entire time, but Hunters, the most feared Chronicoms. He informs them that they will never release Fitz but Simmons counters, saying she will never stop fighting as she saw Fitz with her own eyes and is not going to quit when she was so close.

Suddenly, the power in the ship goes off and the team discover Confederacy ships above them. They try to escape but a whole fleet immediately emerges, blocking them. Believing them to be the Remorath, the team prepare to fight, but Enoch figures out it is not the Confederacy, but rather, the Chronicoms. He opens the door and a Chronicom named Atarah enters and takes the team aboard their ship. Enoch then questions Atarah's aggressive methods and she finally reveals that their home planet of Chronyca-2 has been destroyed. It was caused by some unfamiliar reality distortions, followed by a plague which wiped out their entire planet. Atarah explains that the Confederacy had come to pick out what was left but the Chronicoms fought back and forcefully took the Confederacy ships as they did not possess warships of their own. What is left of the Chronicom race is now on the warships.

Atarah later reveals her plan of going back in time to change what had happened in order to save the world, asking them how they traveled through time. Simmons tells her that they don't know how they got back and the whole process was complicated but Atarah doesn't believe her. She instead says she was prepared for their lies and Fitz suddenly materializes in front of them, with Malachi pointing a gun at him. Simmons immediately runs to hug Fitz but goes through him instead, revealing he was just a hologram. Fitz calls out Jemma's name but is immediately stopped when Malachi hits him in the gut with his gun, causing Fitz to double over in pain. Simmons shouts at Atarah to stop it and Daisy threatens to quake the ship apart if they hurt Fitz again but Atarah tells them Fitz is held on another ship and if any harm comes to her, all the ships will scatter, taking Fitz far away, never to be found again.

Frustrated with the lack of knowledge from Simmons and Daisy about traveling in time, Atarah almost orders Fitz's execution but Enoch stops her saying if anyone could solve time travel it would be Leopold Fitz. She asks Simmons if this is true and she confirms it, saying it is indeed possible, but he didn't have proper motivation and needed at least his entire life to figure it out. Atarah then asks Enoch what would motivate Fitz to do what they needed and Enoch, intent on keeping his friends alive, reveals that putting Simmons in danger will motivate Fitz to do anything. Daisy and Simmons are furious at Enoch for revealing this but Simmons rationalizes that they needed Fitz alive so no harm will come to him, allowing Daisy to quake them without repercussions.

The two women then free Piper and Davis from the cells with Enoch following uncertainly behind them. Unfortunately, Atarah quickly recovers along with the rest of the Chronicoms and they surround the team, intent on killing everyone and taking Simmons hostage. The team are prepared to fight for their lives but Simmons senses there is no way her friends are getting out of this alive and begs both sides to stop. Simmons tells them that Fitz can't solve time travel without her as his partner because they are a team. She asks Atarah to let her friends go and assures her she will come willingly. Daisy is fiercely against this idea and begs Simmons to reconsider, telling her they will find another way, but Simmons says there is no other way. Getting emotional, Simmons thanks her friends for following her all the way out in deep space for over a year, telling them she would have never found Fitz without them, but this is the end of the road and she has to give herself up for their survival. With tears in her eyes, Daisy emotionally tells Simmons that she is unable to leave her behind but Simmons informs her she has no choice. She assures Daisy that at least she'll be with Fitz and offers her one last smile before she is taken away. Daisy has no choice but to leave Fitz and Simmons to fend for themselves for now as she takes her team, returning back to Earth.

Fitz who is in the cells is visited by Enoch who tells him what happened and how he intentionally put Jemma in danger to save Fitz's life. Hearing this, Fitz is completely furious and calls Enoch a no good automaton. Enoch tells Fitz no matter what happens he will always consider Fitz a friend and presses a button which releases a gas, knocking Fitz out.

Unstoppable Together

Simmons wakes up in a white room, disoriented and confused but then she catches sight of Fitz and the two immediately rush to each other, finally reuniting after an entire year of separation. They were both relieved that the other wasn't hurt and Fitz nonchalantly tells her that Enoch informed him she was in the future, not believing it to be true, but when Simmons confirms this, Fitz is taken aback. Before he could ask her more, Atarah appears and explains to Fitz what had happened to her planet and her desire for the two of them to solve time travel in order to reverse the destruction. Fitz voiced that this was completely against the laws of physics but Atarah counters that Simmons claims it to be possible as she had returned from the future. She then told them they had access to any tool imaginable with their minds and memories shared. Simmons is concerned about sharing memories as she wanted to slowly tell Fitz about what had happened the previous year without him finding out all at once, but Atarah says it is necessary to achieve their goal. She warns them there is no escape before finally leaving.

Reunited after a long time

Fitz expresses his happiness that they are finally alone and taking Jemma's hands, he nervously tells her he has been imagining this speech in prison and everyday since. Jemma begins to stop him but he tells her he really needs to say this and proceeds to make the same proposal his other self had made to her long ago, asking for her hand in marriage. Jemma is overjoyed and without a second thought, she agrees to be his wife (once again) and the two share a sweet kiss.

They then imagined up a spread of tea and sweets and were spending time with each other, laughing and recounting all their adventures. However, whenever certain topics that related to her time in the future came up, Jemma acted quite cagey and didn't elaborate on certain things, which worried Fitz but he doesn't push her. Finally he asks if she encountered any Kree and she confirms this but vaguely replies that it was not recent. Fitz then begins to question her about the future and tries to understand what had happened. These thoughts caused the White Monolith to appear in front of them and Fitz expresses some theories that could potentially help them solve the problem. Jemma is unwilling to talk about it as she doesn't want to ruin the moment by talking about his death, and gets annoyed, telling him to drop it. Fitz keeps pushing her, trying to understand why she was being so closed off when suddenly, Jemma turns into the 7 year old version of herself and petulantly informs Fitz she isn't going to tell him anything and he can't make her talk about it. Fitz is utterly bewildered by this, but before he could form two sentences, little Jemma runs under a bench and goes through an impossible doorway leading into her childhood bedroom, with Fitz chasing after her.

Fitz is amazed at the recreation of Jemma's bedroom based on her memories and he correctly deduces that their minds are the prisons. Fitz tries to reassure little Jemma who is hiding in her bed with the bed covers drawn up, telling her not to be afraid. Little Jemma denies being afraid and tells Fitz she is only observing from a distance. She then tells him she is going to be a biologist and study cuttlefish as they can change their skin colours with chromatophores. Fitz tells her she's going to do a lot more than that and asks her if she knows who he is. She nods and he proceeds to ask her why she ran away. She explains that this is where she comes to work out problems in her head and tells him that her dreams float up to the stars while her troubles are locked up tight in her music box. She then excitedly asks Fitz to read her a bedtime story which he was a little weirded out by and tries to say no, but Jemma begins to scream for her daddy, yelling that there was a strange man in her room wanting to abduct her. Fitz is forced to comply, telling her to shut up and proceeds to grab the book from her. When he opens the book, he sees it is a children's book about a prince and his imaginary robot friend who are lost in the stars. It tells the story of a beautiful, smart princess who recruits her animal friends to help find him. He turns the page and sees drawings of Daisy as a bunny, Davis as a bear and Piper as a monkey. It was basically Jemma's journey to find him. Fitz is somehow touched and amused by this and asks her what its called, turning the book over. Unfortunately, the book turns into the Darkhold and Fitz drops it saying its a bad book. He has had enough of this and drags Jemma out of her room into the space they just left, with her throwing a fit and screaming at him.

Atarah then shows up and Fitz confronts her about putting them in a mind prison, demanding she change Jemma back into her adult form. Atarah tells him if Simmons has regressed it is in her search for answers which is what she needed, then she disappears, leaving Fitz dealing with little Jemma. Fitz has had enough of Jemma's childish behaviour and tells her she is being the worst but Jemma insists on staying a child, insulting him, which angers Fitz even further. He sees her hiding a beaker filled with some chemicals behind her back and demands she give it to him. When she tells him it is their escape plan, revealing that it is MNT, he is furious and angrily explains that this is a representational space. All they would be doing is blowing a hole in the side of their skulls. He then asks her if she could keep up with spectral theory and eigenvalues and she whines that she's only learning integrals. Fitz sarcastically tells her she's only going to get two PhD's when she's 17 then. Jemma calls him stupid and refuses to help. Fitz is getting more and more exasperated with Jemma and threatens to imagine up AIDA to help him with the computations. Hearing this, Simmons is jealous enough to revert back to her adult self and furiously shouts at him for even considering it, as AIDA was the most destructive force in their lives. Fitz counters that she was the one who was acting childish and asks her what it is that she is so afraid of and adamant on hiding from him.

At that moment, he sees Mack in front of a closed door, telling Jemma "he's here", referring to Fitz's body. Jemma closes her eyes, dreading this memory. Once Mack disappears through the door, Fitz makes to follow him but Jemma tries to stop him begging him to let her explain first. Fitz doesn't listen to her and enters the room, where he is shown Jemma's memory of when Fitz's body was brought back to the Lighthouse and all his friends there, grieving. Simmons enters the room and talks to Fitz through her memories, telling him she didn't know how to tell him about his death. He opens the body bag containing his body and is terrified of what he sees. He asks Simmons how it was possible and she explains that it was a paradox of changing the timeline, telling him that he did indeed make it to the future and back. He gave his life to help break the loop, dying a hero. Fitz is unable to process any of this when Daisy brings out Fitz's wedding ring, giving it to Jemma, trying to comfort her. Jemma cries and tells Fitz she didn't want him to see this part and wanted to tell him the proper way but it was too late. Fitz is overcome with emotions of hurt and regret that he missed his own wedding to Jemma and is having a breakdown. Jemma tries to comfort him but he pushes her away, She tries to embrace him and tells him there was a lot of death but there was beauty too and Fitz asks her if there was more death than this. At that moment, Coulson walks in the door and Jemma is forced to explain that Coulson was sick for a long time, leading to his death. Fitz is overwhelmed by grief and is unable to take any more of this. He immediately leaves the room as Jemma continues to relive her memory and eventually follows him out.

Simmons then relives the memory of her and Daisy asking Yo-Yo if she wanted to join them on their search for Fitz and questions why her mind was showing her this conversation. She immediately figures out that Fitz was in the midst of a breakdown which was what caused the emergence of the Doctor persona from before and goes off to find him. She then ends up in Fitz's dorm room from their time at the Academy and the two relive their memory of finally putting their differences aside and working together for the first time. Fitz then asks Simmons whose memory this was and she tells him they share this memory. This is when he informs her of his thoughts and how at ease he became in her presence. As he mentions this, Simmons remembers what she needs to worry about; Fitz's fragile mind. Fitz tells her he is barely holding it together and expresses his overwhelming regret and sadness of not being there for Simmons as she had to go through traumatic experience after traumatic experience. He gets more and more agitated and Simmons tries to calm him down, worrying about what this could entail. She tells him his mind has been through a lot and he had a pretty bad metal break the last time as a result of hearing his other personality; The Doctor. However, she doesn't elaborate on the details of what had happened when he had his psychic split. Fitz doesn't believe her and tells her it is ludicrous, but he is still pretty manic and shows no signs of calming down. Simmons earnestly tells him to stop and listen to her, emphasizing that "Leopold is coming". They then hear echoes of marching soldiers coming for them and the two run out the room only to come face to face with the Doctor who orders his soldiers to shoot them. The two dodge the bullets and escape, entering Simmons' childhood bedroom once again.

Simmons sits on her bed, hugging her pillow for comfort as she starts to have a panic attack, repeating again and again that they'll be fine. Fitz tries to comfort her but he is soon distracted by her music box which begins shaking uncontrollably. As a result of her breakdown, Simmons' problems and fears are clamoring to be released and the music box falls on the floor, bursting open. Fitz warily takes a closer look and glimpses a horrific being in the mirror of the music box. The being emerges, looking like something out of a horror movie (specifically Samara from The Ring) and proceeds to attack Fitz, almost stabbing him with her knife. This being is actually Simmons' Id and all her fears, troubles, anger and desires rolled into one. Simmons immediately smacks Id Simmons with her pillow, shouting at her to get back into the box, but to no avail. She keeps coming after them and the two hide in Simmons' closet. Fitz bellows at Simmons asking her what the hell was that thing, blaming her for unleashing the "bloody Ringu monster" on them as Id Simmons tries to break the door open to get to them. He calls Simmons a psycho as she frantically explains that her daddy told her to put all her troubles in a box where it would stay nice and neat and crushed. Fitz retaliates, telling her she needs therapy to resolve her deep pent up issues, and Simmons retorts saying its been a rough year for her. Id Simmons manages to break through the door and almost attacks them with her bone knife but Fitz screams, saying he wants out and the two end up in the Lighthouse. Once they are safe, Fitz calms down enough to tell Simmons he had no idea she was holding on to all that pain but she tells him the whole point was to bury all their feelings. Fitz says Simmons is so English as she scoffs at him. Simmons then tells Fitz that the Lighthouse is their new S.H.I.E.L.D HQ but Fitz confesses he doesn't feel safe at S.H.I.E.L.D because all their angst and pain could be traced back to one single moment: when they decided to join Coulson's field team.

The two are taken back to their early days, reliving their memory of when they are recruited by Coulson. After reliving Coulson's speech about them being changed by their experiences, Simmons tells Fitz she found Coulson so inspiring that day but Fitz protests, reminding her of all that had happened because of their decision to join the field. Simmons tells him she does have guilt about pushing him for it but before Fitz could continue, he is attacked by Id Simmons and separated from Jemma. Fitz immediately runs away from her and escapes into his memory of the Zephyr. However, Id SImmons manages to find him and chokes him, tying him upside down from the roof. She begins to torture Fitz, telling him he causes pain while cutting out his heart, reminding him that he said it belongs to her. Fitz screams in pain, repeating to himself that this is not real. Meanwhile Jemma screams Fitz's name and she immediately hears his cries, running towards him. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the Doctor who begins to laugh at her for falling for his ruse. He then captures her and puts her into the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine, telling her he was going to take away her most important memories and hollow her out. The pain was immeasurable and Jemma screams in agony as she too rationalizes that this wasn't real. Even separated, the two have the same minds, finding comfort in each other as they are tortured. However, they realize that they can imagine up anyone they want to help them out, successfully causing their respective best friends; Daisy for Jemma and Mack for Fitz, to appear and free them. The two manage to escape and end up in a containment pod with their two evil selves right outside, waiting to catch them once again.

The two turn, seeing one another and immediately explode at each other, full of anger at what their evil selves put them through. Simmons even threatens to strangle Fitz but he retaliates saying her true self just cut his heart out with her bone knife. Simmons has no sympathy, retorting that he finally knows how it feels since his shadow self just tried to erase her brain with a "torture machine." Fitz sarcastically tells her that sounded terrible and proceeds to blame her for his evil self's actions, saying that The Doctor wanted revenge because she murdered his father in the Framework. He then bellows at her, saying he doesn't know what he did to deserve "that horror movie", angrily indicating Id Simmons, right outside the containment module. Simmons hurls back that she never knew pain until she met him but Fitz is unrelenting, insulting her ineffective way of dealing with things and repressing all her bad thoughts and fears in her little music box. Simmons tries to defend herself, saying the box worked as it was a nice way to contain her fears but Fitz responds by saying she was "so English". Simmons demands to know what this means but Fitz continues his tirade saying she's acting all prim and proper but the truth is, she's suppressing deep resentments. She then says he's "so Scottish" for picking a fight on those grounds. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Id Simmons are sizing each other up outside and he warns her not to get in his way as she grunts ominously at him.

Fitz then emotionally tells Simmons that she hurt him as much as he hurt her, bringing up how he was dying inside after she left him, abandoning him after his brain injury. She counters that it was unfair of him to bring that up but Fitz unsympathetically continues saying that she immediately gets taken away by some rock only to fall in love with some "bloody astronaut" who turned out to be Hive. Simmons defends herself saying she was alone on a desert planet but Fitz plows on asking her if she was sure Will became Hive after she slept with him. Simmons is furious that he dared go there and angrily counters that at least Will was a person, whereas Fitz built himself a robot girlfriend. He tries to counter, saying that's bending the truth but Simmons persists, reminding him that when he was left to his own devices, he turned into a Nazi dictator and sardonically asks him if that is bending the truth. Fitz then asks Simmons if she was the one who was keeping him together and when she confidently confirms this, he shouts at her, saying she is "holier than thou", proving his point. Simmons continues to lay into him saying he always has to build everything his brain comes up with, couching it in with helping mankind and his friends but the Framework revealed the truth that it was all actually just his ego. Fitz jumps on this point saying he would love to deal with ego but instead he is forced to deal with her Id who was previously chewing Mack's head off. He proceeds to tell her that the two of them are the same and the only difference is, she is used to repressing her bad thoughts and pretend that it isn't happening. He tells Simmons that her ego likes to think she's Jane Goodall, saving helpless creatures like him, but the fact remains, if she were in the Framework instead, it would look like Night of the Living Dead, a complete horror show.

Simmons tries to justify herself saying she doesn't think she's saving him and if anything it was always him who was saving her. Fitz tells her not to start that up but Simmons insists, listing out all the times he had saved her; from the future, from Maveth and from when they were trapped at the bottom of the ocean. At that moment, the containment pod suddenly bursts with water, completely drenching the two of them. Fitz is so done with this, asking her why she had to bring such a thing up and Simmons expresses her regret that the two of them are unfortunately stuck with each other. Fitz retaliates, telling her that's what "till death do us part" meant and she didn't get a free pass since he died once already. Hurt by this, she shouts at him to not joke about that as it seriously messed her up, telling him that all her damage was caused by him but he replies that all his pain was caused by her. She tells him that she's allowed to want to save him causing him to counter that he'll save her every time or die trying. She furiously screams at him, saying that she loves him and he bellows back that he loves her too.

The two of them question why they were even shouting in the first place, finally calming down. Simmons comments that she's exhausted after arguing so much, and Fitz tells her they have no choice but to face their evil selves out there. Simmons agrees and the two grab hands and push their way out, ready to defeat whatever it is that would be thrown at them, together. However, they see something completely unexpected that utterly bewilders them and all they can do is stand there in shocked silence. The Doctor and Id Simmons are all over each other, making out passionately. Id Simmons violently pushes the Doctor down and the two tear each other's clothes off, presumably having sex. Fitz and Simmons curiously watch and Fitz tells her he didn't know she liked whatever it was their evil selves were doing. Simmons replies that she didn't know Fitz was willing to do that with her. Their shadow selves were possibly doing what they were thinking the entire time they were fighting in the containment module.

They are then transported back to the white space they were in previously. Simmons tells Fitz that they obviously belong together and gives him his wedding ring, saying she can't give him back the time he's lost but she can give herself to him forever. He smiles at her and accepts the ring saying the whole universe couldn't keep him away from her. They are about to kiss when Atarah appears telling them they wasted 5 minutes and 33 seconds, demanding they get back to work. However, Fitz tells her time travel is a bad idea and doesn't want to be associated with it. Jemma adds that they won't help them even if they are forced to stay in this mind prison together forever. Atarah counters saying they won't be together but before she could continue, there is a high pitched sound and she is knocked out.

Fitz and Simmons look at each other, quite confused, when they suddenly regain consciousness in the real world, discovering that they are on the Chronicom ship. They see Enoch with a gun and the Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc along with all the Chronicom guards knocked out on the floor. Enoch tells them he has taken "bold action" before activating the disk. Fitz and Simmons embrace each other before joining Enoch to escape, ready to go home. Before teleporting away, Simmons drops another bombshell on Fitz, happily informing him that he's a grandfather. Fitz curses and asks her what the hell does that even mean as the three are whisked away, safe for now.

The Journey Home

Enoch's inexperience using the Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc causes them to return to their last known location; the casinos of Kitson. Fitz asks Enoch what his idea was but Enoch assures him he just needs to properly calibrate the disc and they could be on their way. Unfortunately, one of the drunk locals got hold of the disc and started messing with it, causing it to activate and teleport him away, stranding Fitz-Simmons and Enoch on a planet where they are still wanted for crimes. Fitz is furious at Enoch, recounting that first he betrays them, then he saves them and now he strands them, asking him if he is malfunctioning. Simmons is tired of everything, expressing her desire of just wanting to go home.

Enoch, Fitz and Simmons attempt to blend in until the guard guarding the door leaves and they can make their escape, unfortunately, the dealer who previously discovered that Fitz cheated using Enoch, enters the casinos and captures the three of them, bringing them to Mr. Kitson. Kitson proceeds to explain the hard work his father and grandfather before him put into this place only for them to cheat and desecrate its "good name". Fitz and Simmons try to convince him that they can be useful but Kiston tells them executing them will be more useful. Enoch is sent to the brothels while Fitz and Simmons are positioned under a guillotine with another criminal named Wayne, caught for trying to kidnap one of the brothel workers. Simmons expresses her disbelief that this would actually be the way they finally came to an end. After everything they've been through, this situation was just too stupid, and no one would believe it. Fitz on the other hand has had just about enough of everything, telling her that he wouldn't be surprised if they actually died this way. The blades were made of Veruvian steel, densest metal in the galaxy, and the game dictates that whoever is unable to hold their weight will decapitate. Bets were placed on which among them would last the longest and the blades were released.

Fitz and Simmons were holding on to the blades for dear life but Wayne, who was beside them didn't seem to be having much trouble. He began flirting with Simmons, saying he needed a pretty lady by his side when this is over, much to her disgust. Fitz is having none of this and shouts at Wayne to knock it off which causes Fitz to lose his concentration and the blade falls just a fraction, making him scream. Simmons tells Fitz to stop it, imploring him to concentrate, while Wayne is hoping Fitz would drop his blade so he could take Simmons away. However, at that moment, a woman named Izel goes over to Mr. Kitson and tells him she wants "the terrans", threatening him with a knife. She tells him to choose the loser, since he had a device in his hand which would send an electrical pulse, shocking a player, causing the blade to fall and kill them. She even promises to compensate him handsomely. Seeing that this benefited him a lot more, he presses the button and caused the blade to fall on Wayne, chopping his head off. Izel then stands in front of Fitz and Simmons, asking them if they would like a drink.

They manage to convince Izel to free Enoch and find out that Izel is going to Earth as she was looking for specific artifacts that were apparently stolen from her home world which is why she needed the expertise of two Terrans. Fitz and Simmons are completely overjoyed even though Izel tells them she doesn't have a ship, because the two of them know of a ship they can use to get back to Earth; The Lazy Comet (the ship that was taken over by Boyle and Toad). Izel manages to convince Boyle and Toad along with the rest of the crew to go to Earth, promising to pay them. Fitz and Simmons are relieved that they are finally on their way home. Suddenly, they notice Enoch leaving and Fitz asks him where he was going. Enoch explains that since he prevented the extinction-level event and also successfully secured Fitz and Simmons a way home, his mission is now complete and it was time he tried finding a new home for his own people. Fitz is a little hurt that he didn't say goodbye but Enoch tells him that he wanted to spare them the pain as he had grown fond of them. Simmons thanks Enoch for everything he has done for them as Fitz pulls him into a hug, already missing his friend. Enoch then gives Fitz a contact device to reach him if they ever needed anything and bids them a final farewell as he leaves the ship.

Fitz and Simmons work on the jump drive, preparing the ship for hyper jump and when it is complete, they finally jump and reach their section of space, just behind Earth's moon. Fitz and Simmons look out the window in happiness as they are just moments away from home at long last. Fitz and Simmons then began working on the ship's communication which was damaged so they could send messages back to Earth. Izel comes to check on them and Simmons asks her more about the artifacts which Izel explains are called the Di'allas. Fitz and Simmons realize that Izel is talking about Monoliths, much to their shock. Before Fitz could divulge any more information on them, Simmons stops him and instead tells Izel that they've heard of the Monoliths but assumed they were on Chronyca-2. Izel admits that's what she thought as well and went there to search for them but the planet was destroyed and her crew were killed by a mysterious man who was hell-bent on destroying her because she knows his true nature.

Later, Boyle comes up to Fitz and Simmons holding Puffies that belonged to Toad, asking them if they knew what had happened to him since he would never leave the Puffies lying around like that. Simmons tells him to get those away from her, still raw from her experience with them on Kitson. Fitz tells Boyle that Toad will show up and asks him to leave them alone as they were busy. Fitz then asks Simmons if those Puffies made her sick which made her cagey again and he calls her out on it. She finally blurts out that she saw him in a monkey outfit dancing, which he wants her to elaborate on but she changes the subject, asking him why he thinks she's cagey. He then replies by asking her why she was hiding the Monoliths from Izel, and Simmons explains that three Monoliths were found in the Lighthouse but they were destroyed in an explosion, so it was best not to mention it until after they were safely back on Earth. She happily adds that the explosions created anomalies which provided them with a beautiful wedding venue. Hearing this, Fitz complains under his breath that he had to be there to understand. Simmons, not catching his tone confirms that he was indeed there and looked dashing. Fitz starts to get jealous, muttering that his other self was brave, and sacrificed his life to save everyone. Simmons gets exasperated with Fitz and asks him if he is jealous of himself which he 100% affirms to, resulting in Simmons calling him ridiculous. He then hesitates and looks at her for a moment before asking if she "had fun" on her wedding night. Simmons being clueless at Fitz's annoyed tone, tells him it was supremely wonderful, smiling as she reminisced on an unknown memory. She turns to see that Fitz is quite miffed with her response and tries to backtrack, saying it will of course be nothing compared to the second time. This does nothing to assuage him and he asks Simmons if he didn't perform well enough for her the first time. Sensing there was no winning this, Simmons tells him they should just concentrate on sending a message back to Earth.

As they approached Earth, Fitz informs Simmons that the coms are refusing to work, making it difficult for them to send or receive messages. They then realize that Izel had not given them coordinates on where to land on Earth and wondered where she disappeared to along with the rest of the crew. Suddenly, they see the entire crew entering, along with Mr. Boyle and Mr. Toad and began to gather in a circle. Simmons incorrectly deduced that it was possibly caused by a pathogen or virus but then she sees that Izel seemed to be controlling them. Izel approaches them and asks about their progress on the coms while Simmons questions her about the crew. Izel tells her that she had infected the crew for a higher purpose but she assures Simmons she and Fitz have nothing to worry about as they are of great value to her, commenting that they are rare beings of intelligence. Fitz and Simmons start to get incredibly worried for each other's safety and continue to work on the coms. Izel was a being from another dimension who created bat-like creatures called Shrike using resonant frequencies through her songs, to infect others, turning them into zombie-like creatures who followed her will.

Izel suddenly senses that the Shrike tower she had built on Earth had been destroyed by S.H.I.E.L.D, derailing her plans of infecting people on Earth and not giving her a place to land. She becomes more hostile and asks Fitz and Simmons if they knew about this, threatening them to fix the coms faster or she would infect them too. Fitz and Simmons planed to use the code that signaled if they were held hostage. Once they fixed the coms, Simmons uses the call sign, identifying themselves as"S.H.I.E.L.D 226." Aboard Zephyr One, Davis also uses the same call sign. At first, Simmons is confused by this asking him if he got it mixed up but he repeats that he too is S.H.I.E.L.D 226 same as her and she finally understands that Zephyr One containing Mack, Davis and Agent Diaz has been hijacked. Davis asks her if she and Fitz are on the ship descending into the atmosphere and Simmons confirms this but says their landing site has been destroyed. Suddenly, the threat on the Zephyr is finally revealed when Fitz and Simmons hears the voice of Coulson which was impossible as he should be dead.

Duplicate Coulson doesn't recognize Simmons and instead calls out Izel, telling her he is coming to end her. It turns out, this copy of Coulson- calling himself Sarge- and his crew were the ones responsible for going after Izel for centuries, trying their best to end her infection on planets which were caused by her Shrike. Sarge was fine with doing it by any means necessary even if it meant sacrificing entire planets (this was what had caused the destruction of Chronyca-2) as he claimed Izel had murdered his family and the woman he loved along with stealing his memories. The S.H.I.E.L.D team back on Earth had stopped him from carrying out his plan that would kill thousands in order to get rid of Izel but he still managed to hijack the Zephyr. Izel continues to talk to him, unfazed by his threat, revealing that she didn't kill his family or steal his memories as he had none to begin with and finally ends the conversation, leaving Fitz and Simmons wondering what Sarge was. Izel accuses Fitz and Simmons of conspiring against her as they knew Coulson's voice and orders the infected crew to get them. However, Fitz and Simmons manage to disarm them and the two run and hide in a container, away from Izel and her crew. Pressed so closely against each other, Fitz even comments that Simmons smells nice which elicits a tiny smile from her despite their precarious situation.

Meanwhile, the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D team consisting of Mack, Yo-Yo and Davis manage to overpower Sarge and take back control of the Zephyr. They then decide to infiltrate the Lazy Comet to rescue Fitz and Simmons and maybe take out Izel in the process. They bring along Jaco, who was part of Sarge's crew but decided to help S.H.I.E.L.D as he was tired of all the death and destruction Sarge wrought in order to achieve his goal. They enter into the ship using Sarge's teleportation device, shooting all the infected crew. Fitz and Simmons are so glad to hear that S.H.I.E.L.D are there for them and express their joy. Unfortunately, they were discovered by Boyle and Toad who grab them out of their hiding place and throw them on the floor. However, before Boyle and Toad could do anything else, they are tied up in the blink of an eye as Yo-Yo uses her Inhuman speed against them. Fitz and Simmons are overjoyed to see Mack and Yo-Yo and immediately rush to them. Yo-Yo embraces Simmons as Mack envelopes Fitz in a big bear hug, lifting him off his feat, almost crushing him as he was so happy to be reunited with his friend, happily calling Fitz by his nickname, "Turbo" once again. He finally lets Fitz go and they meet up with Jaco and Davis who went off to find Izel. Jaco and Davis informs them that Izel had disappeared and the team has no choice but to escape. Jaco activates the portal, allowing the team to teleport onto Sarge's truck containing May, Daisy, Deke Shaw and Snowflake; another one of Sarge's team members who was betrayed by him. Jaco decides to sacrifice himself by carrying a bomb onto the Lazy Comet, setting it off, killing all the Shrike hosts and saving the day in the process.

May, Daisy, Deke and Snowflake are in the truck and they hear footsteps above them, preparing to fight as they assume them to be hostile. However, when the door opens and Fitz-Simmons shows up, they are ecstatic and move to embrace them. Simmons hugs Daisy who is relieved that her best friend is home safe. May moves to hug Fitz but is completely cut off and pushed away by Deke who rushes to Fitz and enthusiastically hugs his "Bobo" exclaiming that he was so happy to see him again. Fitz is utterly confused by this as he doesn't know who Deke is and tries to pull away, asking him to identify himself. Deke had such a strong response because it was previously revealed that Simmons didn't tell Deke about Fitz's death as she was confident she was going to find him anyways. Deke had emotionally confronted Mack about not telling him, saying he would have gone on the search for Fitz as well. Mack comforted him and assured him he would do everything in his power to bring Fitz and Simmons home. Everyone was incredibly relieved that they were finally back safe. The other agents entered through the truck doors, the mission a success and the threat contained for now. They deserved a little celebration.

Mack organized a party to commemorate fallen agents as well as celebrating their success in finding Fitz and defeating the threat. Fitz is in the midst of throwing darts when Deke blocks his way, seriously telling him that he actually thought that Fitz was dead. Fitz pats him on the shoulder seemingly comforting him as he gently moves Deke out of the way, informing him that he was perfectly alright. Deke enthusiastically tells Fitz that he looks younger and assures him that he'll do the math since it was Fitz's brain that he inherited. Fitz and Simmons exchange a smile at Deke's energy as he continues, telling Fitz that him being there proves his multiverse theory and jokes that Fitz owes him 20 bucks, calling him Bobo again. Fitz quietly asks Simmons why Deke keeps calling him Bobo and Simmons tells him it was what he wanted to be called. Deke then happily tells them what he's been up to the past year. It turns out, Deke had become a tech millionaire by starting up his own company and coming up with innovations. He then excitedly brings up Scotland saying he would love to go there and learn about his family heritage, telling them he was rich enough to buy them any castle now. Deke then informs them there is someone he wants them to meet, referring to his new relationship with Snowflake. He claims that Snowflake understands him and wants to show her off to his family. However, when he goes off to find her, Daisy orders Snowflake to be locked up since she was a murderer. Deke tries to protest, telling Daisy that she was just jealous he was interested in someone other than her now but Daisy is unfazed and emphasizes her order. Deke is angry and tries to comfort Snowflake but the orders were carried out and Snowflake was locked up nonetheless.

Izel's Takeover

After May uncharacteristically shoots Sarge, Fitz and Simmons rush to provide medical support for him even though he was beyond saving. The body is brought to the morgue and Simmons is tasked with examining it, but is astounded when she discovers a pulse. She informs Fitz of her findings and lets him know that Sarge's pulse is actually getting stronger and he is actually coming back to life. Fitz is disturbed and questions what he is. Simmons then moves Sarge's body to another location for secrecy and safekeeping, letting Mack know of her findings. He tasks an agent to look after her safety and secure Sarge as he deals with other issues. He later discovers that May couldn't remember her actions of shooting Sarge.

Fitz and Deke are in the lab talking about Coulson and Fitz asks Deke if he got to know him. Deke affirms this but says it was not as much as he would've liked since he left to try and find his place in the world, before Coulson's death. Fitz smiles at Deke, saying he's a man out of time, then proceeds to list out all the odd things they were dealing with such as his own double, buried in the ground along with having to deal with a man wearing Coulson's face, which he couldn't explain. Deke asks him if he had any theories and Fitz proceeds to explain the connections between Coulson, Izel, Sarge and the Monoliths but couldn't seem to reconcile it into a single cohesive explanation. Fitz asks Deke if he knew anything about Sarge since he spent some time with him but Deke says he didn't know much, only that Sarge wasn't a very good person and ruined his IPO for his company. Fitz comforts Deke, patting him on the shoulder, saying he heard about that. Deke then tries to impress Fitz, telling him that his company was pretty successful. Fitz asks him if the only reason he started the company was to make money and Deke awkwardly tries to backtrack, saying it was for science and money isn't everything. However, Fitz tells Deke that scientific discovery is in fact based on finance as one does indeed need money to invent things. Deke, only wanting to earn Fitz's approval, readily agrees with him saying money could also be a good thing and proceeds to go on an awkward rant about how in the future, they needed metrics in their wrists to exchange currency which was what influenced his materialism and how he valued the acquisition of goods. At that moment, Piper walks in and Deke is immensely relieved as he didn't want to say the wrong thing to Fitz. As Fitz and Deke are distracted, Piper secretly takes a Shrike crystal and leaves the lab.

As Piper leaves, Deke stops her, asking her how would one know if someone likes being around them, referring to his relationship with Fitz. Deke only wants Fitz to like him and keeps talking to Piper about it but she is not responding and acting strange. Deke then notices her holding a Shrike crystal and tells her its really dangerous as it could turn someone into a zombie. He proceeds to take it from her, telling her she shouldn't be handling it. Piper tells him she really wished he hadn't noticed it and suddenly, Izel jumps out of her and possesses Deke. It is discovered that Izel had the ability to possess hosts - without retaining their memories-which was what allowed her to escape the Lazy Comet. When she leaves her hosts, they would lose time and get extremely exhausted. She had possessed Davis, then May, then Piper and now Deke. Her intention was to obtain the Gravitonium device used to seal the Fear Dimension long ago in order to release the power of the Monoliths. The only person who had access to that room was Mack who was the Director and she was gunning to possess him to achieve her goal. She kills Davis and successfully possesses Mack's body.

Meanwhile, Sarge wakes up and tells Simmons that Izel is on the base and he has to end her but Simmons is unrelenting, telling him he is going nowhere. He then knocks her out and makes his escape. Izel ties Mack up before entering the room holding the Gravitonium Device but before she could leave, Sarge enters the room promising to stop her but Izel tells him he is not there to kill her but join her as the two of them are intertwined. Sarge is unable to kill Izel and she escapes by possessing Yo-Yo's body, with Mack following her to keep her safe.

Back at control, May and Deke tells Fitz about the Fear Dimension and Fitz is extremely shocked by this. Deke said it manifested people's fears where he saw his mother, and also tells Fitz about the beautiful forest where Fitz got married in. May tells him that Coulson managed to seal up the rift and Fitz suddenly realizes what Sarge was. He proceeds to explain to them his theory where the Monoliths created a copy of Coulson's body, sending it back through time and space to Izel's dimension where their people have no form. When this body arrived in their realm, Sarge took it over and lost himself to Coulson's memories. Fitz ends by saying the third Monolith is actually a creation Monolith rather than a fear based one, declaring that he was smarter than his other self. He later talks to Deke about them encountering a being similar to Sarge, telling him about Ghost Rider and expressing his worry that they are unable to contain Sarge forever.

Fitz, Simmons and Deke are tasked with finding a way to prevent Izel from possessing bodies as Daisy and Piper try to find Mack and Yo-Yo while May interrogates Sarge. Daisy goes to check on "team FitzSimmons" but they are at a loss of how to solve the problem. They bounced theories off each other with Deke agreeing enthusiastically with whatever they were saying, trying very hard to earn their approval, but nothing came off it.

Working with Deke

Fitz, Simmons and Deke continue to find a way to stop Izel from jumping bodies but they have no possible solves or explanation. Suddenly, Deke tells the both of them to shut up as he is on the verge of figuring something out. He watches the video of Daisy's confrontation with Coulson and reaches a breakthrough, immediately rushing towards one of the Shrike knives and hits it on the table, causing it to produce resonance. Deke excitedly tells them that the answer is resonant frequencies as that was how Izel's powers worked, just like the Monoliths. Since atoms are mostly empty spaces, Izel aligns her atoms through harmonic resonance and they only needed to disrupt the harmonic frequencies like the knives and the sword. They discover that they need to design a device that is compact which would send an audible frequency reverberating through their bodies, matching the frequencies in the knives. Deke continues that the device would create a sonic barrier and would need to be wearable. The three immediately get started with Fitz proudly patting Deke on the back and handing him a pen to start working on the design as Fitz and Simmons move to start construction on it. Deke turns towards his grandparents and smiles to himself, happy to help and be accepted by the only family he has left as he works on the device.

Daisy, May, Piper and Sarge prepare to go to the Temple of the Forgotten to end Izel and rescue Mack and Yo-Yo. However, Piper brings up that they don't have a way to get close to Izel, but Fitz counters saying that they do now, producing a Sonic Barrier Cuff which would prevent Izel from jumping into their bodies. Daisy asks them how many cuffs they have but Fitz and Simmons only managed to produce one. Luckily, Deke stops them and produces a case-full of the cuffs, ready to use, saying if he had time he could've made it in rose-gold. Daisy is immensely impressed and Fitz and Simmons are incredibly proud, with Fitz complimenting Deke, calling him a wizard. The team fly off in the Zephyr towards the temple while Fitz and Simmons watch over the mission from control and communicate with them through radio. Unfortunately, they quickly realize that Izel and her Shrike operate on a sub-set of sonic frequencies which would allow her to hear their conversations. Communicating through radios would be a terrible idea, so Daisy and the team decide to go dark and assures Fitz and Simmons they will establish radio contact with them once the mission is done. Fitz and Simmons are at a loss as they can't figure out how the team will be able to get to Mack and Yo-Yo without Izel figuring it out. They needed a good distraction. Deke had gone unnaturally silent and hesitantly asks them what if they could get past her. Fitz asks Deke if he had something in mind, telling him that if he knew of a way to get past Izel, he would really be a wizard. Deke agrees he has a way, but tells them to promise not to be mad at him as this mystery device is already in the Lighthouse.

Deke brings Fitz and Simmons to the 21st floor of the Lighthouse and tells them to hold on to their proud feelings when he was able to produce the cuffs for the team. He then opens the door to a space revealing that he brought his entire company, including his employees and his tech, hiding them in the Lighthouse. He did this after he was hunted down by Sarge and his crew who thought he was a Shrike host since he had different readings but it turns out he only had different readings because he was from a different time. Fitz and Simmons are completely flabbergasted at this as Deke, being clueless about their rising anger towards him, proceeds to introduce them to his employees, telling them that Fitz and Simmons identify as his grandparents, and to just go with it. Simmons gets over her initial shock and anger and tells Deke that he should have just told them he brought in people but Deke regretfully tells her he just didn't find the right moment to tell them. Fitz on the other hand, seems to get angrier by the moment. One of Deke's employees introduces Simmons to something called the "ShawDrive" but Simmons recognizes it as the jump drive from the Remorath aliens and the similar one they retrofitted in the Zephyr to find Fitz in space. Deke's employee tells Simmons that its an experimental hyper-local fusion-based transportation device and it is "patent pending". Hearing this, Fitz has had enough and loudly tells Deke that he stole all this tech, including his Framework technology and several other S.H.I.E.L.D devices he developed.

Deke defends himself saying S.H.I.E.L.D stole the jump drive from the Remorath, rationalizing that the "evil aliens" don't have a good patent lawyer. Fitz is still angry and Deke tells him that he uses good ideas, comparing it to him using Math and justifying that he didn't steal Math. Fitz gets angrier when he sees Deke developing Framework code but Deke tells him it is harmless and just an advanced gaming system. Fitz furiously tells Deke that he's profiting from all this tech and Deke uses Fitz's words against him saying profit is what fuels research. Deke tries to placate Fitz by telling him that the "ShawDrive" could be the only way to save their friends and Simmons confirms this, saying that an agent could jump into the temple and distract Izel. Fitz is still furious but asks Deke if it works and Deke awkwardly tells him that most of the mice survived so he wasn't completely sure if it worked or not. Hearing this, Fitz has had enough and almost shouts at Deke but Simmons calms him down as Deke assures him that with all three of them working on it, it could be a success and Fitz reluctantly agrees. Deke then happily makes an announcement to his employees, telling them that whatever his "Nana" and "Bobo" want, run it by him, then help them with it, excitedly giving them a peace sign as they get to work.

May radios in to Simmons, telling her that they may have blown their cover but Simmons assures her that they possibly have a solve. Fitz is less hopeful, telling her not to get their hopes up. Deke counters this, confident that they can help them as the ShawDrive is ready to jump. Fitz denies it, saying that the targeting systems are untested but Deke protests, saying that it mostly works. Fitz gets angry again and tells him that he doesn't know how it works and neither does Deke as he didn't build it. He then rounds on Simmons who told him their grandson was a delight and he is feeling less and less delighted with Deke at the moment. Simmons tells Fitz that Deke is a work in progress. Fitz and Deke are annoyed with each other and stand at opposite ends, crossing their arms and not speaking. Deke then angrily tells Fitz that he's just jealous, but Fitz retaliates saying half of Deke's ideas are his. Simmons has had enough of both of them and tells them to stop fighting, saying that Mack and Yo-Yo needed them. They continue to work on the ShawDrive.

Fitz and Deke begin to argue again, with Fitz calling Deke's company a redundancy. Fitz continues by saying Deke is not a genius but a hack and no "B.S Foundation" could hide the fact that Deke built the company only to get rich. Hearing these hurtful things, Deke finally explodes, shouting that he built this company because no one liked him. This silences Fitz as Simmons tries to comfort Deke, saying that Fitz didn't mean what he said, but Deke is too hurt, and with tears in his eyes, tells Simmons that Fitz meant every word. He emotionally rants that he built the company because he never belonged anywhere and the place that he's from doesn't exist anymore which meant all of his friends are gone. He proceeds to fix the ShawDrive through his rant of emotions, saying that Daisy thinks he is a loser even though he had made it clear that he fancies her, so he went out into the world to try to be what everybody wanted him to be but Daisy still thinks he is nothing. He also earnestly tells them that his best friend turned out to be a spy and his girlfriend turned out to be a psychopath. Simmons interjects, telling him Snowflake was not good for him but Deke is even more hurt by this, telling her he meant Sequoia, not Snowflake. Deke is incredibly frustrated and tells Fitz and Simmons that the family he does have left wants nothing to do with him. Fitz is unable to look Deke in the eye but Simmons tries to comfort him, saying that they do care about him but Deke is having none of it and tells her that she tries to be nice but she didn't even bother to tell him that Fitz died. Simmons tries to explain that she wanted to spare him the pain but he counters saying he could have shared that pain with her and helped. Simmons gets emotional and is at a loss for words. Deke proceeds to slap on a Sonic Barrier Cuff, taking the rest of the cuffs with him. Deke's employees look on in awe as he straps on the ShawDrive on his back, ranting that he survived an "apocalyptic hellscape" and asks what he has to do to get a little respect. Fitz and Simmons began to worry about Deke's apparent suicidal actions and try to stop him, telling him they don't know how the ShawDrive worked and not to do anything rash but Deke is not listening to them and immediately teleports away. Fitz and Simmons look on in horror, terrified about Deke's safety but are unable to do anything. Deke's employees proceed to clap in amazement at Deke's bravery, saying that he was "so cool".

Deke lands in the middle of The Temple of the Forgotten and sees Mack and Yo-Yo, immediately slapping on the cuffs onto their wrists which allowed Yo-Yo to hit Izel and render her unconscious. He sees Flint and is shocked but gives him his own cuff for protection. As they escape, they are discovered by zombiefied Shrike hosts and Deke tells Mack and Yo-Yo to take an injured Flint and escape while he draws them off. Mack thanks Deke and calls him Agent Shaw for the first time which touches Deke who finally understands that he does belong somewhere. He manages to draw off the Shrike hosts and attempts to jump away but the ShawDrive isn't working properly. He immediately radios Fitz and Simmons, asking for help. Fitz loses his temper at Deke, presumably still angry that he put himself at risk but Simmons calms him down and Fitz tells Deke that it needs time to build up a charge. Deke shouts at Fitz, asking him why he didn't tell him sooner and Fitz bellows right back that Deke jumped away. Deke hides and continues talking to Simmons when suddenly he hears Izel humming a tune and peeks through the walls at what she was doing, simultaneously putting a camera there so Fitz and Simmons could see what was going on. Izel's song resonates with the Monoliths, causing it to turn to liquid, joining and creating a portal into the other realm. Deke is then ambushed by more Shrike hosts and have no choice but to jump away, even without a full charge. Luckily, he ends up in the jungle but is still unsafe as Shrike Hosts continue to overwhelm him. He discards the jump drive and per Fitz and Simmons' instructions, makes his way to the Quinjet.

Changing the Course of Their Lives Forever

After Sarge stabs May, Fitz and Simmons are devastated and inform the team about her apparent death when suddenly, the comms stop working and the base goes on lockdown. A group of Chronicom Hunters, led by Malachi, infiltrate the base and attack the Lighthouse. Simmons screams at the other agents to get down as they all flee from the control room. The Chronicoms have taken command of S.H.I.E.L.D's entire operating systems and blocked all the exits, intending to wipe out the entire Lighthouse, with Malachi in possession of Fury's Toolbox containing all of S.H.I.E.L.D's secrets. Fitz and Simmons decide to follow S.H.I.E.L.D emergency protocols where Agent Trevor Khan's STRIKE team should be awaiting to bring them to safety. Fitz also tries to contact Enoch using the device he gave him but Enoch is not responding, causing Fitz to assume that the Hunters got to him first.

Fitz and Simmons arrive at the floor Agent Khan was supposed to meet them at and are horrified to discover that he and the rest of his team were lined up and executed. Simmons is confused as to how the Chronicoms would know of this protocol as it was only a verbal one and wasn't even in the system, but Fitz figures out that the Chronicoms knew because they had a copy of each of their minds when they were in the mind prison. The Chronicoms had access to every single thought process and feelings Fitz and Simmons might have which means the two of them were liabilities. They then realize the only place safe for the agents would be somewhere they wouldn't have thought of and figure out that they only knew about Deke's development lab recently. They order the agents to go there, telling them they are unable to follow as they attempt to find a way to prevent the Chronicoms from having access to anyone else's thoughts.

Fitz and Simmons then enter a room where all the technology for the original Framework was stored, including the brain scans of each of the agents who went into it. Simmons deduces that the Chronicoms would want a brain scan of Coulson to unlock all the S.H.I.E.L.D secrets stored in his mind. Fitz and Simmons are determined to prevent this from happening and rig the place with explosives to prevent the Chronicoms from accessing any of the tech. Suddenly, they see more Hunters outside the room, gathering mind tech and searching for the team. Simmons tells Fitz that this situation doesn't look good for them as they do not have enough bullets to stop the Hunters or a way to escape since the room only has one entrance, with the Chronicoms out in the hallway blocking their escape. They have no other choice but to sacrifice themselves by pulling the trigger and saving everyone by destroying all the mind tech. They hear the door being broken down and Simmons quickly pulls the pin off a grenade as the two hold hands, hiding behind a shelf. Simmons begins to tells Fitz she loves him but Fitz cuts to it first, saying he loves her too. The two hold each other tightly with the grenade between them, prepared to die when the Chronicoms burst through the door and discover them.

Fortunately, before the Hunters could take any action, a Chronicom named Isaiah shoots the other Chronicoms and takes the pin from the floor, proceeding to re-pin the grenade in Fitz and Simmons' hands. The two are completely shocked but Isaiah reveals himself to actually be Enoch who had taken "bold action" to save them by wearing another Chronicom's skin. Enoch then warns them that a second wave of Hunters are coming for them but assures the two that he has a strategy that could save their lives and the lives of their friends. Unfortunately, time is of the essence and they must act now. Enoch proceeds to tell them that this will probably be the hardest thing they would ever do but Fitz and Simmons are unfazed by this as they have gone through too many hardships in their lives and are used to it. They instead ask Enoch what they have to do to which he replies they would have to change the course of their lives forever.

Later, after the team defeats Sarge and Izel, Simmons suddenly shows up in the temple and saves May. They then go into the Zephyr which has been immensely upgraded and looks completely different with a new jump drive and autopilot. Daisy question how Simmons did all this and she vaguely replies that they had help and time. Noticing that Fitz wasn't there with her, Deke asks Simmons where he is but she tells him that she doesn't know and adds silently that she can't know. Simmons leads Daisy and Mack to the navigation room and explains that the Chronicoms want to establish Chronyca-3 on Earth and believe that only S.H.I.E.L.D can stop them so they sent Hunters to destroy anything associated with S.H.I.E.L.D, informing them that the Lighthouse has been lost. Simmons initiates lift off and speaks a code into the comms. Fitz replies, telling them all to prepare for launch as he sends them off to somewhere unknown. They jump just in time before ionizer cannons could hit them, hitting the temple and destroying it and the Monoliths inside.

Mack asks Simmons where Fitz sent them and Simmons replies that she doesn't have that information yet, proceeding to scan the terrain. She then tells them that they are above New York City which is completely fogged over. Daisy comments that she can see the Empire State Building but it didn't feel right as it was the only skyscraper around and it wasn't even fully constructed yet. Simmons tells them that it is currently the tallest building in the world, to the astonishment of her friends, as what that meant began to sink in. Mack asks her how they managed to do this, and Simmons once again tells them that they had time. The team had traveled back to 1931 New York.

Later, after processing the information, Mack asks Simmons if there are any other bombshells she wanted to drop on them and she tells them that there is one last thing. She and Fitz couldn't solve one problem but Enoch provided the answer for them. Since the Chronicom Hunters have Fury's black box, as well as centuries of anthropological research on S.H.I.E.L.D, the team needed an expert in S.H.I.E.L.D history to even have a chance at stopping the Hunters by knowing what they might target throughout history. This person is Coulson. Simmons explains that he has all of his own memories and has been upgraded with complete knowledge of everything he has missed. He has Chronicom hardware which makes him the most advanced LMD they have. Simmons says she was deeply against this at first but admits that she misses him and it is the right thing to do. Enoch then presents the button to activate the LMD to Mack and Daisy and without a second thought, Daisy pushes the button, finally activating the Coulson LMD, waking him up. Coulson sees everyone and greets them by saying hi.

Fitz and Simmons are separated once again but for once it is on their own terms, in order to save their friends and the world.

Season 7

Throughout this season, Fitz is largely absent and is only alluded to through Simmons' deteriorating memory problems caused by the implant D.I.A.N.A. and her evolving relationship with her grandson, Deke Shaw.

Navigating the Past

After explaining the Chronicom's plan to her friends and catching up LMD Coulson on their situation, Jemma leads her team to the new control room and introduces them to Enoch. Daisy then asks Jemma how long it took to rebuild Zephyr One and solve time travel. Jemma says that building it was simple enough but it took quite a long time for Fitz to actually design it. Deke asks again about his "Bobo" but Jemma tells everyone that the Chronicoms scanned all their brains before and it would be too dangerous for anyone to know where he is. She pleads with Mack to understand that they are already behind on what the Chronicoms are planning. Mack concedes and tasks Deke with obtaining their 1931 disguises as Jemma hands him some cash.

Later, while the rest of the team are on their mission, Yo-Yo finds Jemma and asks her how she is doing since she is once again separated from Fitz. Jemma tells her that Fitz sent her a message but she isn't entirely sure how to find it. Sensing Jemma's sadness, Yo-Yo empathizes that she must be worried about him. Jemma assures Yo-Yo that Fitz is safe but admits that she definitely misses him. Yo-Yo smiles and tries to comfort her, saying that this isn't the first time they've been separated by space and time. Used to their separation, Jemma agrees and jokes that practice makes perfect. Yo-Yo continues by asking her if she is going to reach out to him but Jemma firmly says that she would never do such a thing as they have to assume the Chronicoms are listening.

The Importance of Bumping Lemons

The S.H.I.E.L.D. team are now on mission in 1973 and Jemma sends them out to try and find Enoch who was previously left behind, while she stayed on the Zephyr to try and decipher the Chronicoms' next moves. She is seen massaging the back of her neck, seemingly being in discomfort before she is joined by Deke. He jokes with her about the soreness he is feeling as a result of Mack wanting him to do combat training to protect himself since he was recently kidnapped by Wilfred Malick. Deke then asks Jemma if she had heard anything from "Bobo" which only elicits a slightly confused reaction from her. This was odd as she should have been well aware that this was what Deke had always called Fitz. He emphasizes Bobo again but when Jemma is still confused, he clarifies that he meant his grandfather, still apparently unaware of anything amiss with her. Jemma finally understands and tells Deke that she hasn't heard anything from Fitz and even if she had, she wouldn't disclose it. Deke is disheartened by this even though he understands the dangers they are facing but Jemma reassures him, saying that they will be reunited soon. Deke tells her that he hopes this is the case because if she and Fitz don't "bump lemons" - at this, the situation turns awkward and Jemma uncomfortably walks away, not wanting to have this conversation with her own grandson - but Deke continues that his mother will not exist and by extension, he would not be born as well. However, he is unsure about this since they are in a different timeline and tells Jemma that he wouldn't mind a do-over as he has made too many mistakes in his life. Jemma pointedly replies that it would be better to prevent the mistakes through preparation, indicating that she was busy at the moment. Deke catches the hint and let's her get back to work. He says goodbye, calling her "Nana", and Jemma smiles fondly at him as he leaves. Not too long after this, Jemma is seen to be in some pain as she massages the back of her neck again, revealing an implant embedded in her skin.

Sharing a Secret

After having no choice but to reveal their location to the Chronicoms, the Zephyr sustains serious damage and Jemma, Enoch and Deke are tasked to fix it as the rest continue on with their mission. However, Jemma is disoriented and confused, questioning how it could be possible that she has no idea how to repair the ship as well as not recognizing who "Bobo" was . This problem was due to her implant malfunctioning caused by an EMP device that was set off during a previous mission. Enoch assures Jemma that everything will be alright and leads her away to fix the implant.

At that moment, Deke catches Enoch using a drill on Jemma's neck while she is unconscious and assumes that he has turned on them. He immediately knocks Enoch out as Jemma abruptly awakens, confused at seeing Deke there. When she discovers what he had done, she is disappointed in him for thinking Enoch would ever turn on them and decides to continue her repairs on the ship. She refuses to acknowledge what had happened and tells Deke to forget what he has seen. However, Deke is angry with her as he is done with all the secrecy and demands real answers. Jemma is still hesitant but Deke does not concede, which forces Jemma to emotionally exclaim that it was supremely difficult for her and Fitz to track the Chronicoms through time. She manages to calm herself and explain to Deke that Fitz found a place where all the Chronicoms' moves could be observed, so he stayed there. However, he is completely exposed and will be killed if discovered, which is why Jemma went to extreme measures to protect him, even suppressing her memories of this by designing a biological implant named D.I.A.N.A. Deke is concerned that she won't be able to find Fitz again but Jemma admits that she is afraid she might remember where he is instead due to D.I.A.N.A. malfunctioning. Deke assures Jemma that they will fix the implant and protect Fitz.

Later, after Enoch regains consciousness, he fixes D.I.A.N.A. as Deke watches. Jemma clears her throat, signalling Deke to apologize to Enoch. Deke says sorry but Jemma is dissatisfied, making him complete his apology. Deke, who seems embarrassed to be reprimanded by his grandmother, concedes and tells Enoch that he is a valued member of the Fitzsimmons family.

After the implant is fixed, Deke asks Jemma if she can remember anything and she tells him that she can't. She also implores Deke to keep this secret from everyone else on the team, including the fact that her memories are blocked by D.I.A.N.A. He is hesitant at first but seeing the genuine concern on Jemma's face for not only Fitz's safety but his as well, Deke finally agrees.

Sometime after this, Deke walks in on a very heartfelt and personal message that Jemma sends to Fitz, not knowing if it will ever reach him. Deke is saddened by this but chooses not to talk about it with Jemma possibly to spare her the pain of their separation.

Regrets in a Time Loop

After malfunctions in their Time Drive, the team are caught in a time storm which causes them to be stuck in a time loop. Daisy and Coulson are the only ones aware of their predicament and have to find a way to fix the time drive before they are sucked into a time vortex and cease to ever exist. The only person who could save them is Jemma. However, due to D.I.A.N.A. blocking her memories of Fitz, she is unable to pull on her scientific knowledge to help them.

In another resetting of the loop, Daisy and Coulson walk in on Deke trying to convince Jemma to remove the implant so she could fix the time drive. Finally realizing the secret they've been keeping, Coulson and Daisy try to convince Jemma to remove the implant as well but she is against it as it is the only way to protect Fitz. Deke tells her that Fitz would never want her to put their friends' lives in danger just to save him. Hearing this, she relents and proceeds to remove the implant.

Unfortunately, before she could begin, Jemma ends up having a coughing fit and dies in the room. The loop resets again and not wanting to take any chances, Daisy goes into the room with her to help remove the implant and protect her if needed. However, it still doesn't work and this time both Daisy and Jemma are killed. Once the loop resets again, Coulson quickly discovers that Enoch is the one who is killing Jemma and anyone else trying to remove the implant. It is revealed that Enoch was secretly programmed to do this by Jemma to protect a very big and dangerous secret, presumably something regarding Fitz and his location.

In yet another reset of the time loop, the team manage to formulate a plan to distract Enoch long enough so Daisy could get the implant out of Jemma. Fortunately, this time they are successful. Jemma is able to remember and give them the answer they need, but this triggers something in her memories which devastates her. She begins to frantically weep as she is filled with regret, repeating over and over again; "what have I done?". Daisy, Deke and Coulson try to comfort her and find out what's wrong but she is inconsolable. This indicates that her secret about Fitz and what happened during the period where they were building the time drive was so painful and dangerous that she resorted to such extreme measures to protect him. Before she could reveal anything, the loop is reset again which meant that the implant was back in her head once more. However, since Daisy is able to retain her memories, she is still troubled by Jemma's extreme reaction.


Season 1


  • Skye calls FitzSimmons "psychically linked".
  • Both Fitz and Simmons do exaggerated impressions of Ward.

Season 7

After, Before

  • Simmons sends a video message to Fitz, telling him all the troubles the team are facing, not knowing if he would ever get the message as they lost contact with each other when she rescued the team at Izel's Temple.
  • Simmons tells Fitz she loves him and won't stop trying to be reunited with him.


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Alya Fitz

Alya spending time with her parents

She is named after Jemma's favorite star; Theta Serpentis, a triple star system in the constellation of Serpens, more commonly referred to as "Alya". Alya was also born on Zephyr One in this star system sometime after 2019 during the four years Jemma and Fitz were hiding away from the Chronicoms and constructing the time drive. Fitz's nickname for Alya is "little monkey" which references his long-time fascination and love for monkeys. Alya was the main driving force of her parents' desire to save the world.

Deke Shaw

  • He is the grandson of Fitz and Simmons and the future son of Alya.
  • In the post-apocalyptic future which has since been erased, Alya would go on to marry Owen Shaw and have a son with him. However, this version of Alya dies when Deke is nine years old, leaving him to be raised by his father.

Deke Shaw in season 5

  • Deke grows up not even recognizing Fitz and Simmons and only know them as Nana and Bobo. Despite this, he ends up following his grandparents to their timeline in the past and joins the S.H.I.E.L.D. team on several different adventures.
  • He has inherited his grandparents' and his parents' superior intellect which he sometimes uses for personal gain especially when he establishes a very successful tech company based on stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. designs created by his grandfather. However, he also uses his intelligence for the good of the team and helps them defeat several different enemies with his technological prowess.
  • Deke is able to adapt to whatever situation he is in, often turning a bad situation into a useful operation such as leading the Deke Squad as part of S.H.I.E.L.D. to fight against the Chronicoms when he and Mack were stuck in 1983. He was also able to survive alone for most of his life in the bleak, oppressive future controlled by the Kree.
  • He is also shown to be an extremely talented singer and performer based on the adoring reactions of his fans when he performed "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds with his cover band in the 80s.
  • Even though he can be goofy and self-serving, Deke is extremely loyal to those he cares about, especially towards Fitz and Simmons who are the only family he has left, as well as his closest friends; Daisy and Mack.
  • Deke loves lemons and has an affinity for yellow and lemon-themed aesthetics.
  • In the end, Deke volunteers to stay behind in the 1980s to help his team return to their own timeline in the future. He becomes a rock star as well as the next Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. in this alternate timeline.


The FitzSimmons ship is the most popular ship in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fandom. Since the start of Season 1, many fans have followed this ship and have wanted them to get together.

In the events of Season 3, many fans were distraught over the introduction of JemmaWill, with many expressing their outrage in the Tumblr tags. However, many fans were overjoyed when Fitz and Simmons later kissed for the first time and finally got into a relationship towards the end of season 3. Despite this, Fitz and Simmons' constant separation to play them up as star-crossed lovers is a source of frustration for many fans. However, the season 6 episode "Inescapable", focusing solely on Fitz and Simmons; is said by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D showrunners to be the "end of the beginning" for them, indicating that they are no longer going to be constantly ripped apart from each other against their will[1].

In season 4, the scene where Fitz and AIDA kisses for the first time in the Agents of HYDRA pod was met with extremely negative responses and outrage when shown during a convention. Chloe Bennet has also expressed her discomfort with that scene as she considers herself a huge FitzSimmons shipper. Most of the cast are also FitzSimmons shippers. According to Clark Gregg, who directed episode 6 of season 5, he revealed on Screen Rant that one of his favorite moments to direct was the two FitzSimmons proposals[2].

Fitz and Simmons are ranked by CBR and Screen Rant as being the best and most well-developed couple in the Marvel Cinematic Universe[3][4]. They are also stated to be Marvel's best love story even after the events of Avengers: Endgame[5][6]. Most fans who have watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and voicing their opinions on Reddit and Tumblr, agree that Fitz and Simmons is one of greatest love stories in the MCU. Many fans were overjoyed when the couple got married in the 100th episode, with YouTube reactions to the moment shared on Twitter by the cast members.



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73rd 2018


  • Both Fitz and Simmons share a love of the British Sci-Fi show, Doctor Who. During a lie detector test, Simmons was asked what would be in a box if she was trapped on an island and she answered the TARDIS. Fitz is shown to have TARDIS figurines in his bunk as well.
  • Fitz and Simmons' love of Doctor Who may have rubbed off on their grandson, Deke Shaw. This was referenced by one of the "Sybil-Bots" yelling "Exterminate!"- a popular catchphrase of the Daleks - as Deke was the one retelling the events of what had transpired when he was trapped in the 1980s.
  • Fitz and Simmons seem to share a love of football as Fitz is an avid Manchester United fan. They both were said to watch football matches with Radcliffe.
  • Simmons has referenced Harry Potter a few times to Fitz and proudly declared that she was a Ravenclaw.
  • Fitz and Simmons are said to be "psychically linked" by their friends
  • The only season finales they aren't separated is season 3 and 7.
  • In Season 7 Fitz and Simmons were revealed to have taken some time to be with each other before going on mission to save their friends.



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