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Fjorclay is the slash ship between Fjord and Caduceus Clay from the Critical Role fandom.


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The Journey Home

Beau introduces Jester and Fjord to Caduceus, who they had all met earlier that day. The two then ask Beau where Molly is, and Caduceus leaves them alone so that she can explain what happened. After talking, they join Caduceus upstairs and find him cooking in the kitchen. As Jester heals up Caleb, they all decide to search through the place. Before they head down, Fjord asks Caduceus if he needs any help with cooking. Caduceus says that he's good, but asks that if he find anything to eat if he could bring it upstairs. Fjord is confused, and smells the room but it just smells like breakfast. He quickly heads downstairs with the others.

The next day, as they are preparing to leave, Fjord asks Caduceus how the others brought him into the Mighty Nein. Caduceus believes that their fates have been intertwined. Beau interrupts and tells Fjord and Jester about the "dead people tea" that Cad makes, confusing Fjord.

O, Captain, Who's Captain?

While taking watch, Fjord asks Caduceus how he's doing. Caduceus says that he's embracing the chaos, and Fjord assures him that's a good thing. Caduceus asks if he has a plan, and Fjord explains that he has expectations, but he wouldn't call it a plan. Caduceus doesn't get it, but accepts it. He says that yesterday was...heavy. Fjord assumes that Caduceus hasn't seen much combat, but Caduceus admits that he's fought a few dangerous things living in the woods. Fjord asks if he fought a water genie before, but Caduceus says that's a new one. He asks if life is always so directionless and Fjord thinks it is, at least the adventuring part is. Caduceus thinks that Yasha is going to leave soon, and Fjord asks if he can just naturally sense things about people. Caduceus hesitantly says yes, and Fjord says that he's very insightful. Caduceus says that his job in the graveyard involved listening to others a lot. He doesn't know a lot, but he does know people, but there's apparently a lot more. Fjord asks if he picks up on the unsaid stuff, and Caduceus says that you'd have to. He likes that Fjord is looking for something, and Fjord says that he doesn't know what he'd be doing if he didn't. Caduceus hopes that he figures it out, so then the two of them would be wandering. Caduceus looks out and thinks he see's a sign that they should leave, which Fjord agrees to. Caduceus thinks they should own up to mistakes and that yesterday was a big one. Fjord doesn't think they should do that with patrols, but Caduceus clarifies that he meant in terms of not trying to fix it. Just letting it be a mistake. Fjord agrees and they finish their watch.

Welcome to the Jungle

While walking through the jungle, Fjord asks Caduceus what he hears when he talks to the plants. Caduceus whispers that he just has to listen if he wants to know. Fjord doesn't hear anything, and Caduceus asks what he hears. Fjord says that he hears nothing, and Caduceus says that that's what he's supposed to hear.

Later, Caduceus heads over to Fjord and informs him that Jamedi isn't entirely alive. Fjord is very confused and asks if there's anything evil or sinister about him. Caduceus thinks that not being entirely alive is enough suspicion, and that he's showing an enormous amount of restraint not doing anything now. He thinks there's an advantage to dealing with it, but there's just something weird there. Fjord thanks him for telling and hopes that Caduceus will keep an eye on him. Caduceus assures him that he will.

Unwanted Reunions

As Caduceus and Fjord are getting ready for bed, Caduceus tells Fjord that he did really well that day, and Fjord thanks him. He says that tomorrow will be hard, and is worried that Fjord might be tempted into some old habits. He feels that they're going to be tested, and he knows they'll have to lie and be sneaky to get what needs to get done, but he doesn't want Fjord to forget where he is, how he became who he is. Fjord thanks him for saying that, and asks if it's important to The Wildmother for him to be honest all the time. Caduceus doesn't know, and asks if Fjord thinks that nature is honest or can lie. Fjord believes that it can be decieving, given it's tricks, but also doesn't change. Caduceus says that he'd never though of it that way, and thinks for a moment. He says that he'd been waiting for this, and pulls out symbol of the Wildmother, only designed with a more sea theme. He hands it to an amazed Fjord, and tells him that even though he can still go to him for answers, he seems to have a handle on things now. Fjord asks where the symbol came from, and Caduceus tells him that he made it at the forge, and had been waiting for the right moment to give it to him. Fjord thanks him, and Caduceus believes that Fjord is on the right path, and the more he looks to himself for answers the easier it will be to find them. Fjord thanks him for helping him, and is glad that they've crossed paths. Caduceus sticks out his hand, and say "to divine intervention", Fjord takes it and says the same. They say goodnight as Fjord tries find a good place for the symbol.


The Journey Home

  • Fjord calls Caduceus pretty positive.
  • Caduceus and Fjord both agree to stay the night at the hideout.
  • Fjord asks Caduceus why he came with them.
  • Fjord is very confused by Caduceus' previous life in the cemetery.
  • Fjord asks Beau if Caduceus is alive.
  • The Mighty Nein discuss the way that Caduceus' smells like musk.
  • Fjord sits up front on the cart with Caduceus.
  • Fjord jokes about an introductory period for Caduceus to join the Mighty Nein.
  • Fjord asks if Caduceus is okay after he drinks for the first time.
  • Fjord suggests that Caduceus would enjoy Hot Toddy's.

The Ruby and the Sapphire

  • Fjord says that the ocean will be colder than Caduceus thinks, but he doesn't have any expectations.

Encroaching Waters

  • Fjord explains to Yasha who Caduceus is.
  • Caduceus cancels the critical attack on Fjord.

Commerce & Chaos

  • Fjord asks Caduceus if he enjoyed his time in Zadash, but he's distracted from an earlier question.
  • Fjord asks Cad if he's seen a ghost before.
  • Caduceus asks Fjord if they're now going to take a trip.
  • Caduceus says that he'd be happy to follow Fjord's visions. It still confuses Fjord.
  • Caduceus asks if Vandran is responsible for the orb in Fjord's chest.

Beyond the Boundaries

  • Caduceus suggests that Fjord experience the Dodecahedron.
  • Caducues agrees to Fjord's suggestion of visiting the ocean.
  • Fjord tells Caduceus that they fought a bunch of gnolls in Alfield.
  • Fjord is confused by Caduceus asking the horses for permission to ride them.
  • Fjord agrees with Caduceus to look at the rocks.
  • Fjord is very scared and impressed by Caduceus’ insight on Gustav.
  • Caduceus jokingly answers Nott's question on when Fjord will die.
  • Fjord decides that they need to give Caduceus lessons in economics on the way to Nicodranas.
  • Caduceus asks Fjord about the righteous brand.
  • Fjord points out Caduceus’ bloody nose.
  • Caduceus thinks that Fjord should use the dodecahedron that day.

O, Captain, Who's Captain?

  • Fjord asks Caduceus to help him with his injury.
  • Fjord and Beau discuss Caduceus' shut down.

Dangerous Liasions

  • Fjord asks for Caduceus' opinion in their confrontation with Avantika's crew.
  • Fjord asks Caduceus if he picked up anything on Avantika.

Welcome to the Jungle

  • Fjord is confused by Caduceus talking to the plants.

Temple of the False Serpent

  • Fjord accidentally calls Caduceus Molly.


Fjord“Caduceus, I'm Fjord. Appreciate your help.”
Caduceus“You want to get up out of this thing?”
— The Journey Home[1]
Fjord“You make dead people into tea.”
Caduceus“I mean, they're going to do it eventually anyway. I just usher the process along a little bit.”
— The Journey Home[2]
Fjord“You ask permission to ride the horse?”
Caduceus“Well, I explain to the horse that we're going to be moving south and I'd really appreciate their cooperation in the process, and how long we expect to be going for.”
Fjord“Out loud, do you do this?”
Fjord“All right, just checking. I didn't know if you had some mumbo jumbo.”
Caduceus“ I mean, can you do it without-- Can you talk without talking, is that a thing you can do?”
Fjord“(mumbling) I don't think so. Am I talking?”
Caduceus“I can hear you, but your lips aren't moving. This is-- nope, it's not working for me. Nope. Probably take ten minutes actually trying to do that before we get going.”
— Beyond the Boundaries[3]
Fjord“We'll give you a little lessons in economics as we travel, just for fucking future parley situations.”
Caduceus“I mean, what's the point of having gold if you're not using it for something? I mean, otherwise it's just something that's making it heavier to walk.”
Fjord“There's a lot of reasons.”
Caduceus“Sounds odd, but all right.”
Fjord“ Yeah, we'll get into it, we got time.”
— Beyond the Boundaries[4]
Caduceues“Do you think this is a good plan?”
Fjord“Trust your heart, Caduceus. It's in a good place.”
— Perspective[5]
Caduceus“(normal volume) I think if we run that's how you end up in prison. I don't mean to raise my voice.”
Fjord“What'd I walk into?”
— Causatum[6]
“Thank you for taking care of him.”
— Caduceus to the Wildmother[7]
Fjord“That was amazing, Caduceus, every time. It's very impressive.”
Caduceus“You were there, too.”
Fjord“I was.”
Caduceus“We should talk about that at some point.”
— The Folding Halls[8]
Fjord“Let the winds take you to you place of rest.”
Caduceus“That's read deep. Wow. Did you think of that?”
Fjord“Yeah, I mean, it just came to me on the winds. Wildmother be up in here.”
Caduceus“'Up in here', so true.”
— Punishment and Politics[9]
Caduceus“Well, that was a valuable lesson.[...]Don't poke big things if you don't know what they are.”
Fjord“I don't know if I've learned that lesson.”
— I know.[[Blessing in Disguise[10]|[src]]]

Behind the Scenes

Brian“This one is engraved and it says, 'Caduceus will die at GenCon?' that's not right. That must be a misprint.”
Taliesin“Wow. Spoilers really.”
Travis“I need him!”
—Talks Machina: Clay and Dust[11]
Brian“What role does Caduceus see himself playing in Fjord's new journey with the Wild Mother? Does he view himself as a spiritual guide, a big brother, or merely an observer?”
Taliesin“Definitely a bit of a spiritual guide. He's looking for moments to have some conversations, and reward some behavior, and kinda help him. Right now what [Caduceus] wants to talk to Fjord about, which he hasn't yet is the, "This isn;t over, you haven't been given a cure. You've been given a way of walking forward to deal with this thing that's going to be the rest of your life now. So let's have a conversation of what the rest of your life looks like now that you're doing this, and hopefully I can help you with that". I think Caduceus suspects that Fjord thinks he's fine now. Or is at least kind of hoping that it's fine now. And having the "no, no, no, no, there's work to be done".”
Brian“Did you and Travis talk about it, or was it a surprise to you?”
Taliesin“We did not talk about it. At best I made sure he understood the option, just that he had to figure out what he needed, that it could be anybody. It would make far more sense for people to be interested in bringing people to the gods, rather than to a specific god.”
— Talks Machina: The Folding Halls[12]


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The pairing was originally considered more of a rare pair within the Critical Role fandom, but is slowly growing more of a fanbase. Later fans of the ships cite episode 72 as their reason for shipping the two, as it had significant meaning for both of them. Some will also cite earlier episodes whenever Caduceus would help Fjord to deal with his patron Uk'otoa. After Caduceus presented Fjord with a unique symbol of the Wildmother,

Many Fjorclay shippers were drawn to the pairing over Fjord and Caduceus conversations regarding the Wildmother. Fjord starting to feel a connection to her and reaching out to Caduceus made many of them realize that they work well together, and might possibly make a good romantic couple. Fjord becoming a paladin of the Wildmother. Many fans will depict them either in meditation or communion with her. Fjord feeling the Wildmothers presence when Caduceus talks to her, made fans of the ship very happy, and are still waiting for the conversation that Caduceus wanted to have regarding it. Many of the fans predicted that Caduceus would be the first person that Fjord would use "Lay on Hands" on, which was met with many screams. Many are also hoping to see roleplay of Fjord taking his Paladin oath when he gets his third paladin level, and have Caduceus involved in it.

Fans of Campaign 2, who have also watched Campaign 1, will notice parallels between the ships. Many noticed some parallels between Beaujester and Vaxleth. Fans of Fjorclay then started to notice some similarities between Fjorcaly and early Percalia.

On AO3, Fjordclay is the second most written ship for Caduceus and the fifth most written for Fjord. It is the twenty-third most written ship in the Critical Role tag, and the fifteenth most written ship for the Mighty Nein. While there are fans of the ship on Twitter and Tumblr, many of shippers reside in two discord servers.



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  • Fjord has the lowest wisdom stat, while Caduceus has the highest.
  • When Travis (Fjord) was asked which other member of the M9 should get intensely flirted with by Matt, his second choice was Caduceus[13].
  • Caduceus is a Cleric of the Wildmother, while Fjord becomes a Paladin of the Wildmother.
  • Fjord's first use of Lay on Hands was to heal Caduceus.




Fjorclayleb refers to the ship between Fjord, Caduceus and Caleb Widogast
Lavfjorclay refers to the ship between Fjord, Caduceus and Jester Lavorre



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