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Fjord is a warlock, paladin half-orc from the Critical Role fandom.


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Fjordvantica — the ship between Fjord and Avantika
Fjorester — the ship between Fjord and Jester Lavorre
Green Team — the ship between Fjord and Nott


Fjarrow — the ship between Fjord and Darrow Allocke
Fjessek — the ship between Fjord and Essek Thelyss
Fjorclay — the ship between Fjord and Caduceus Clay
Widofjord — the ship between Fjord and Caleb Widogast


Fjolly — the ship between Fjord and Mollymauk Tealeaf


Fjorclayleb — the ship between Fjord, Caduceus Clay and Caleb Widogast
Fjoresauk — the ship between Fjord, Jester Lavorre and Mollymauk Tealeaf
Lavfjorclay — the ship between Fjord, Jester Lavorre and Caduceus Clay
Widofjordmauk — the ship between Fjord, Caleb Widogast and Mollymauk Tealeaf
Widofjorester — the ship between Fjord, Jester Lavorre and Caleb Widogast


Brjeaus — the ship between Fjord and Beauregard Lionett
Fjasha — the ship between Fjord and Yasha Nydoorin



Main article: Fjordvantica

Jester Lavorre

Main article: Fjorester


Caleb Widogast

Main article: Widofjord

Caduceus Clay

Main article: Fjorclay

Caduceus was recruited by the rest of the Mighty Nein to help free Fjord, Jester and Yasha from Lorenzo. Caduceus joined the Mighty Nein after completing their goal. Fjord was initially put off by Caduceus, given that he had more weird traits, and comfort with death. The two bonded for a bit during their time while searching for answers to Fjord's patron, Caduceus even going out of his way to find out what happened to Vandren.

The two started to bond more after Fjord started to show interest in Caduceus' goddess, the Wildmother, after she helped stop U'kotoa from entering his dreams for a short while.



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# portmanteau character type
819 Widofjord Caleb Widogast slash
686 Fjorester Jester Lavorre het
471 Fjorclay Caduceus Clay slash
193 Fjolly Mollymauk Tealeaf non-binary
155 Brjeaus Beauregard Lionett gen
92 Fjord & Caduceus Caduceus Clay gen
88 Fjord & Caleb Caleb Widogast gen
87 Fjord & Jester Jester Lavorre gen
70 Widofjordmauk Mollymauk Tealeaf • Caleb Widogast poly
65 Fjord & Molly Mollymauk Tealeaf gen


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