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Fjoresauk is the poly ship between Jester Lavorre, Mollymauk Tealeaf and Fjord from the Critical Role fandom.


A Show of Scrutiny

Molly is taken to the lawmaster, Norda, who reads them the reason for their arrest. Jester and Fjord enter also, and Jester tells the woman that Molly was "technically" saving everyone from the zombies. Gustav is able to convince her that he would take full responsibility for the attack and Molly is let go. Norda asks if he will be staying with Fjord and Jester, but Jester says that they've only just met. They're warned not to leave the city, and asks Molly if he has anything else to say. Molly just says that he's shocked to see someone die in front of him, and Fjord assures that they'll be as compliment in the investigation as possible.

Outside of the stockade, Fjord asks Molly if this has ever happened to him before, but it hasn't. He thanks him for the save, but believes that he doesn't owe them anything. Fjord doesn't know about this, but Molly still says he will help them. Jester asks if he thinks it was Toya, but Molly insists that it's just an act. Fjord asks about Toya and the toad, but Molly says it's nothing special, and asks where Beau went. The three of them then see the guards pulling Beau along in chains yelling for help. Molly decides to help them with Beau by not going with to get her out.

Jester asks why Beau would save Toya since she turned all the people into zombies, but Fjord and Beau aren't entirely sure that's true. Jester insists that she could have, when Molly joins them and says that she didn't. Jester says hi to Molly. Beau says that they should be looking into Molly instead, asking why they even stuck their neck out for him. Molly points out that Beau stuck her neck out for Toya, even though she can handle herself. Fjord asks if this has happened to other carnival goers, but Molly says that it hasn't. Jester sarcastically says it's great that they're now stuck in a town with a zombie problem. Fjord asks where Caleb and Nott are, and Jester goes up to the tavern keeper to ask. She returns and tells the others that the two came back.


A Show of Scrutiny

  • Jester get excited when Norda calls she, Fjord and Molly a group.


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On AO3, Fjoresauk only has 17 fics written.



Molly/Fjord/Jester tag on AO3


Fjorester refers to the ship between Fjord and Jester
Jesauk refers to the ship between Jester and Molly.


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