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Flansoff is the poly ship between Flynn, Hans and Kristoff from the Disney fandom.


As Flynn, Hans and Kristoff are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though Eugene's briefly seen cameo in Frozen indicates that their films might take place in the same canon. Along with a few Disney crossover games having the three cross paths or get added to the same team, by the player's choice.

They are viewed the main male characters of their films. Flynn, Hans and Kristoff had all stuck by Rapunzel and Anna's sides in order to gain what they promised them. When Eugene, Hans and Kristoff went on journeys, they traveled in a group of people that they could trust. The three have even proposed to the Princess of their films. At the beginning, Flynn and Kristoff didn't truly care about Rapunzel and Annas' problems, similar to how Hans had pretended to care. Along with the three being surprized at how strong and determined their princesses can be.


Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons has the three as secondary/honorary characters in its main and a few of its sup-fandoms. Fans even have the three coming across each other when Kristanna, Helsa and Eugunzel are shipped beside each other as a group. There have even been times where a Tangled AU has Kristoff or Hans cast as Flynn, just as a Frozen AU casts Flynn between the two men, for fun. While a Descendants AU has the three of them cast together. On, the ship only has two fanfics in its crossover category.

Because of the fan theory that Tangled and Frozen are in the same canon, fans will have the trio meeting each other in fanon. Fans have them meet through Elsa's coronation or sometime after it. In some fics and art where Hans isn't the villain or has reformed, the three men are featured as friends, which is also common seen in a Modern AU. While some of the ship's fan work has the three in their royal clothing and them being featured beside their steeds together. The three of them each being young and hansom is another one of the main reasons why fans like to draw them together.

When it comes to AUs where Hans doesn't reform and reminds a villain, however, fans have him being enemies with both Kristoff and Flynn/Eugene, as the two team up to face the conniving prince.



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  • They are three of the characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • All three of them appear in Kingdom Hearts III.
  • All three of them have their own steeds, even though Kristoff's is a reindeer instead of a horse like Flynn/Eugene and Hans' are.


Eugans refers to the ship between Flynn/Eugene and Hans
Hansoff refers to the ship between Hans and Kristoff
Kristene refers to the ship between Kristoff and Flynn/Eugene


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