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“I speak on Eren's behalf. If Eren is solving all the problems beyond the island... then I'll wipe away any resentment left within it.”
— Floch about Eren, Chapter 125

Fleren is the slash ship between Eren Jaeger and Floch Forster from the Attack on Titan fandom.


Both Eren and Floch were part of the same class as they were in the 104th Training Corps. After graduating, Floch joined the Garrison, where he served for several years, meanwhile Eren joined the Survey Corps. After the uprising within the walls after the coup d'état, several members of the Garrison, including Floch, decides to join the Survey Corps to take back Wall Maria. However, by the next day of taking back the wall invaders trespass Paradis. In order to slay one of the invaders, Erwin Smith makes a plan to charge against the beast titan. But Floch is the only one to survive during the charge against the Beast Titan.

Despite not being on good terms after the death of the Survey Corp’s commander, Erwin Smith, the two become allies four years later when Floch secretly creates the fraction known as the Yeagerists in the Marley Arc. While in the Yeagerists, Floch views Eren as a savior and shows such great devotion towards him. Floch as well believes that Eren is the one who should truly rule Eldia. On the other hand, Eren values Floch and Historia more than Armin and Mikasa, showing that Floch has Eren’s trust. Before the full four time-skip, the two are shown together talking in their bedroom about Eren's plan, implying they were most likely roommates.

Floch at first shown some disliked towards Eren after Armin was chosen for the titan injection instead of Erwin, since Floch used to look up to Erwin a lot, which is the reason why he transferred from the Garrison to the Survey Corps. Angry, Floch tells Armin that Erwin should’ve been chosen, which angers Eren, and then he tries his best to defend Armin. Floch then accuses Eren of being childish and wondered why Eren would let his emotions get to him as he tells Eren that Erwin was much more of a rational choice (meaning a commander’s life is much more important than a soldier).

During the Marley Arc, the two have seemed like they’ve become allies as Eren informs Floch that he wanted to use his half-brother, Zeke Jaeger, to gain the power of the Founding Titan. After their conversation, Floch secretly recruits comrades to help Eren with his plan. With Floch being the de-facto leader and Eren being the symbolic leader, the plan was moving as they wanted. Such things from their plan included was taking over Paradis Island, giving wine filled with Zeke's spinal fluids to higher ranks, and etc. As Eren succeeds on starting the rumbling, Floch is seen injured from the falling of the walls in the paths with other Subjects of Ymir as Eren informs them about the rumbling.

In the War for Paradis arc, Floch gets slain in the throat by Mikasa, and as he dies, his final moments were with Hange and Jean, telling them not to stop Eren as he’s their only hope and continuing to call him a devil, as well the only one who can truly save Eldia. This shows the amount of faith Floch has in Eren. After his final words, Floch dies.


Eren“Hey... I think it's time for you to shut your mouth...”
Floch“... Eren I bet deep down inside, you must always think you're in the right.”
Chapter 90


The ship itself is somewhat popular throughout social media but it's mostly considered as a crack ship among the fandom, after the airing of Episode 12 for the Final Season of Attack on Titan, many joked that Floch giving Eren the cardigan was the ship becoming officially "canon".

It's currently Floch's most popular ship. With EreMika and EreHisu fans having fan wars, fans of Fleren would joke telling those Fleren is already canon to stop most discourse in the fandom.

However, a few believe Eren might've manipulated Floch into the plan with involving trauma Floch faces in order to negotiate with Eren as Floch's trauma is from being sole survivor of Erwin's suicide charge which afterwards he suffers from heavy survivor guilt. In Chapter 130, Floch was shown to be shocked with Eren's plan as it'll wipe out majority of the world and most likely forcing the ideal that Eren is Floch's devil if there were a disagreement between the two. Due to these theories, this ship might be considered toxic among fans and prefer another popular ship for Floch in the manga, FloJean.

After the release of the final chapter of Attack on Titan, it's revealed that most of Eren's plan had to do mainly with Mikasa and never for the people of Eldia (as Floch fought for the freedom of the Eldian people), it angered some fans thinking Eren just used Floch to get closer to his plan which may've caused Floch's death. But with the death of both Eren and Floch fans of the series joked that Eren and Floch are now reunited in the brinks of 'hell' due to their crimes, but it's unknown if the paths were erased as Eren was a titan shifter and Floch not wielding any titan powers, and those who don't have any titan powers don't go to the paths.

When Eren's feelings for Mikasa were revealed, in Chapter 126 Mikasa escapes and Floch asks the Yeagerists where was Mikasa and to make sure she's either safe or around, it's most likely that Eren asked Floch to look out for Mikasa, so it's most likely Eren might've told Floch the actual truth after revealing the plan to bring ruins to the world.



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  • The two are both responsible for the death of Hange Zoë.
  • They were both killed by Mikasa Ackerman, with being slain in their necks.
  • In the time skip Floch and Eren have a 3cm height difference.
  • Floch appears smiling in Eren's memories, Chapter 130.
  • In the AOT 2021-22 calendar Floch's page contain quotes of him saying that Eren did nothing wrong. [1]






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