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Flowershipping is the het ship between Alito and Kotori Mizuki (Tori Meadows) from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal fandom.


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Alito goes to Earth after Girag failed to make progress in gaining the Number Cards. Alito criticizes Girag for getting distracted by girls. But he himself is smitten by Katori as soon as he sees her and visualizes her as an angel.

Alto begins to bring Katori many gifts to try and impress her. All of this is accidentally foiled by Yuma. Girag suggests defeating Yuma in a duel to prove himself to Katori.

He challenges Yuma to a duel on the school rooftop. He manages to be a challenge for Yuma but Yuma defeats him. He later sees Yuma as an angel instead and loses his infatuation with Katori.


Flowershipping is a less popular shipping. Alito only had a crush on Katori during his introduction but since he is never with any other girl some fans still support it. It rivals other shippings involving Katori.



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  • This ship got it's name because Alito gives Kotori flowers in the episode when he meets her.
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