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“I believe that fate brought us together.”
Thor, Thor: The Dark World

Fosterson is the het ship between Thor Odinson and Jane Foster from the Marvel and Marvel Cinematic Universe fandoms.


They first met when Thor, under the human identity of Dr. Donald Blake, hired Jane Foster to assist him in his private medical practice. Thor fell deeply in love with Jane, who was unaware of his dual-identity. Jane was infatuated with Blake, whom she had not yet met in his godly identity, but took a protective attitude toward him, worrying about his health and frailty. Thor feared that Jane did not love him, but merely pitied him.

Thor's foster brother Loki, knowing his feelings toward Foster, endangered her life in order to attack him several times. Afterward, Thor decided to reveal his true identity to Foster, but his father, Odin, king of Asgard, appeared to him and forbade him to reveal this secret to any mortal. Even though Odin tried for a long time to quash the romance between the two, he ordered her life to be saved when she lay dying after an explosion caused by a battle between Thor, Mister Hyde, and Cobra.

Jane truly loved Blake, and one day she told him angrily that she would not wait forever for him to declare his love to her. He intended to marry her, but Odin then forbade him to marry her on the grounds that she was a mortal, not a goddess. Thor later asked Odin to reconsider the issue, and Odin relented, saying that Thor could marry her if she proved herself worthy.

The superhuman criminal Mister Hyde, seeking vengeance against Blake, captured both him and Jane, and trapped him in a room with a bomb. Blake escaped and, as Thor, battled Hyde; but Jane, fearing that only Hyde could save Blake's life by deactivating the bomb, helped Hyde to escape. Outraged by this seeming betrayal against his son, Odin rejected Thor's petition to marry Jane. Foster was menaced repeatedly by enemies of Thor who either knew he was Blake, or knew there was some connection between Thor and Blake. Such assailants included Hyde and his partner, the Cobra; his bitter foster-brother Loki; and the Enchantress and her partner, the original Executioner; as well as the journalist Harris Hobbs. As Thor rescued her from these many perils over time, Jane fell deeply in love with him.

Finally, Thor defied Odin and revealed his true identity to Jane. She left America and took a position with a man who proved to be the High Evolutionary. Thor followed her to the High Evolutionary's citadel at Wundagore Mountain, where they were reunited. Again petitioning Odin to let him marry Jane, Thor brought her to Asgard itself, a place forbidden to mortals.

Odin agreed to let them marry if Jane proved herself capable of functioning as an Asgardian goddess. Odin then physically transformed Jane into an Asgardian, granting her superhuman powers. As Odin must have expected, Jane was confused and bewildered by her new abilities and by Asgard itself. Declaring that Jane had failed his test, Odin turned her back into a mortal woman, sent her back to Earth, and removed her memories of her experiences with Thor. Odin sent Jane to work for physician Dr. Keith Kincaid, and the two soon fell in love with each other.

As for Thor, Odin saw to it that he was reunited the Asgardian goddess Sif, whom he had loved in the past, and their romance was quickly rekindled. Years later, Jane fell ill and, lying close to death, called out to Thor in her delirium. Sif stole the enchanted Runestaff of Kamo Tharnn, the Elder of the Universe known as the Possessor, and used it to infuse her own life-force into Jane, thereby saving her life. Sif vanished, and Jane recovered, also regaining her lost memories of Thor. The two resumed their relationship, but she was soon captured by trolls under the leadership of Thor's enemy Ulik. To Thor's surprise, Jane succeeded in capturing the troll king Geirrodur with his own spear; Thor himself defeated Ulik.

Thereafter, Jane insisted on accompanying Thor on various exploits, traveling with him to the dimension of the god of Heliopolis, to the alternate future Earth ruled by the Tomorrow Man, and to the war-torn nation of Costa Verde (Thor attributed Jane's new taste for adventure and fighting spirit to the presence of Sif's spirit within her, although it is possible that Jane's personality had simply evolved this way on its own). After some time, Jane finally insisted on accompanying Thor to Asgard. There, the Asgardian Grand Vizier presented her with Sif's sword, and when she struck it against a wall, she was seemingly transformed into Sif. The Vizier theorized that Jane and Sif had become one being, and that Sif would be dominant in Asgard, and Jane on Earth. Yet when Sif returned to Earth many months later, she did not transform into Jane, to Thor's puzzlement.

Kincaid eventually launched an investigation into the whereabouts of Jane whom he had no seen since her hospitalization. Thor revealed his true identity to Kincaid and explained what had happened to her. Thor and Sif took Kincaid with them on a journey to the world of Kamo Tharnn, where it was revealed that when Sif infused Jane with her life-force, Sif's own spirit and body had actually passed through the Runestaff and into another dimension. When Sif had reappeared in Asgard, Jane had taken her place in the other dimension. When Kamo Tharnn somehow absorbed the denizens of the latter world into his own body, Sif and Thor used the Runestaff to release the beings trapped within the Possessor, including Jane. Thor and Sif brought Foster and Kincaid back to Earth, and Jane and Kincaid were married almost immediately afterward. They eventually had a son named Jimmy together.

Later, upon hearing of the return of Donald Blake and Thor, Jane divorced her husband and subsequently lost custody of her son. Thor visited her at the hospital in New York City where she worked in search of Sif, whose spirit he mistakenly thought had been reborn in Jane since their spirits had been merged once before. The two went on a date after an initially turbulent reunion. Jane discovered that Sif's spirit had actually been reborn in the body of a dying elderly cancer patient who was under her care. She alerted Thor, who managed to restore Sif just before the patient died. Jane then traveled to Broxton, Oklahoma, the site of the resurrected City of Asgard, and opened a medical practice with Thor.

While Thor was away fighting Gorr the God Butcher, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer. She later accepted Thor's invitation to represent Earth in the Congress of Worlds on Asgard while she underwent therapy, but refused magical treatments. During a battle against Nick Fury, Thor lost the ability to wield his hammer Mjolnir. The hammer remained unattended on the Moon, where it telepathically sought Jane out. Jane eventually gave in to the hammer's call, and requested Heimdall to take her to the hammer's location. Once there, Jane lifted Mjolnir, gaining Thor's powers and transforming and improving her physique. Since she had watched Thor use his hammer, Jane slowly learned how to use Mjolnir by example.

The original Thor soon caught up with Jane, unaware of her true identity, and demanded to have his hammer back. He ultimately accepted that the hammer had a new owner and gave Jane his blessing. He also gave Jane his name, and subsequently went by Odinson only.

She continued to transform into Thor for some time. This was, however, slowly killing her. All progress from her chemotherapy was lost whenever she transformed; as the magical transformation purged all toxins from her body, it did so to the chemotherapy drugs, but left the cancer behind, as it was part of her body. The cancer metastatized and progressed to stage four, and she eventually came to the point where if she transformed one more time, she would die. She was forced to transform for the last time to save Asgardia from being destroyed by Mangog. He eventually defeated him by binding him in chains originally meant for Fenris Wolf and hurling her hammer into the Sun, taking Mangog with it. She shared one final kiss with Odinson before reverting back to her human form and succumbing to her cancer. Odinson fled Asgardia before it exploded and landed on the Moon where his fellow Asgardians had evacuated to. Refusing to accept Foster's death, Odinson channeled the God Tempest that had been contained within the now-destroyed Mjolnir and tried to use its power to bring Jane back to life. At the same time, Jane's soul stood hesitant at the gates of Valhalla. Having come to accept Jane as one of their own due to her sacrifice, Odin joined his son's efforts, and together they revived her. Without Mjolnir's power to transform her, Jane focused her undivided attention to chemotherapy. She additionally convinced Odinson to reclaim his name and continue fighting the War of the Realms on her behalf.


Jane, an astrophysicist, was in the desert just outside Puente Antiguo, New Mexico researching a mysterious weather event with her colleague Erik Selvig and intern Darcy Lewis. The weather event unexpectedly resulted in a powerful vortex before them. As they struggled with the zero-visibility conditions, their van collided with a man who had stumbled out of the dust into their path. The man, who only announced himself as Thor, was injured again when Darcy tazered him, prompting them to take him to hospital. Thor later escaped the hospital, where Jane once again accidentally hit him with her van. They took him to a diner, where Jane pressed him for information about the vortex. Thor intended to retrieve his hammer. Erik discouraged Jane from helping him. They parted ways, with Thor kissing Jane's knuckles before he left.

Later, after S.H.I.E.L.D. had confiscated her equipment, Jane happened upon Thor again and agreed to drive him to the site of his hammer. They had some conversations and Thor called Jane brave and clever, 'far more clever than anyone else in this realm'. Thor then concluded that Jane regarded him as strange, to which she agreed. After Thor's unsuccessful attempt to retrieve his hammer and his subsequent arrest, Jane enlisted Erik to help get him released. Though Phil Coulson did not believe the fake story Erik told him, he let Thor go anyway. On his way out, Thor took Jane's notebook.

Erik and Thor went to a bar after his release, where Erik warned Thor to stay away from Jane. After several rounds of drinks, Thor showed up to Jane's trailer with a drunk Erik in tow. Jane and Thor went to the roof to talk. To her delight, Thor returned her notebook to her. Thor told Jane to not give up and finish what she had started because she's right. He explained the Nine Realms to her and they grew closer to each other. While Jane was asleep, Thor thanked her.

The next morning, Thor helped Jane cook breakfast for the four of them. The quiet morning was interrupted by the arrival of Sif and the Warriors Three, and the subsequent arrival of the Destroyer. Sif and the Warriors Three fought the Destroyer while Thor, Jane, Erik, and Darcy evacuated civilians. Thor, realizing that the Destroyer had come for him, gave himself up. The Destroyer fatally struck him. Jane ran to him as he lay dying. Thor told Jane it was over, but she disagreed, saying it was not over, and he pointed out that she was safe after all. Due to his growth and sacrifice, he was deemed worthy once more, and Mjolnir returned to his hand, restoring him to life. After defeating the Destroyer, Thor returned to his friends, where Jane complimented his normal Asgardian look. When S.H.I.E.L.D agents approached Thor, Thor told Coulson that he would help him in the future, but he must return Jane's research. He flew with Jane to the site of the Bifrost. The two kissed passionately before Thor returned to Asgard, with him promising to return.

When Thor didn't even try to destroy the Frost Giants, Loki asked Thor what turned him so soft, to which he concluded himself that it was due to Jane. Loki threatened to 'pay her a visit' which enraged Thor to attack him. Finally, Thor was forced to destroy the Bifrost in order to defeat Loki, preventing him from returning to Jane. While the rest of Asgard was enjoying a feast to celebrate the defeat of the Frost Giants, Thor mourned for Loki and in Sif's words, 'missed her, the mortal'. Thor went to Heimdall and asked him about Jane, and Heimdall told Thor that she searched for him.

For years after Thor left, Jane struggled to move on. She even tried to build an artificial portal to reunite with him on Asgard, though her attempt was unsuccessful.

The Avengers

Coulson assured Thor that they had transported Jane to a remote island, and that she would be safe in the ensuing alien invasion.

Thor: The Dark World

Due to the Convergence, Jane was pulled through a portal into an alien world, where she was infected with the Aether. Thor became worried for Jane's safety after Heimdall informed him that he could not see her, and traveled to Earth to investigate. Jane, who had since woken up back on Earth, slapped him upon seeing him to make sure he was real. She then slapped him a second time and demanded to know where he'd been for the past few years. They nearly kissed, but were interrupted by Darcy.

When police tried to arrest Jane for trespassing on private property, the Aether lashed out to protect its host, letting out a blast of energy that knocked the police away. Realizing that her infection was beyond human treatment, Thor brought her to Asgard for treatment. He was the only one who could touch her without the Aether reacting violently.

In Asgard, Odin informed her that she was hosting the Aether and revealed its history with the Dark Elves. Afterwards, she and Thor walked around the palace, and Thor explained the Convergence to her and kissed her. Dark Elves invaded Asgard soon after, and Thor left to defend his people.

After a devastating battle that killed Thor's mother Frigga, Thor, Jane, and Loki traveled to Svartalfheim, the home world of the Dark Elves, against Odin's orders. Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves, removed the Aether from Jane's body and absorbed it into his own. Thor attempted to destroy both Malekith and the Aether, but was unable to. Loki was seemingly killed in the ensuing fight.

While exploring a cave, Thor and Jane came upon a Convergence-induced portal that took them back to Earth. In the subsequent battle with Malekith, as Thor fought him, Jane and Erik assisted from the sidelines, using Erik's equipment to harness the Convergence to make portals and teleport enemies away. After Thor defeated Malekith, as he lay unconscious, Jane ran to him to try to pull him away, as Malekith's ship had deactivated and was about to fall on top of him. Unable to move him, Jane was prepared to die with him, but a portal appeared and teleported the ship to Svartalfheim, leaving Thor and Jane unharmed.

After returning to Asgard to speak with Odin one last time, Thor came back to Earth to live indefinitely. He and Jane shared a passionate kiss upon his return.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Maria Hill asked Thor about Jane, to which Thor responded that he didn't even know where Jane was as her work had made her the world's foremost astronomer. He then showed off Jane's achievement and said that Jane was better than Pepper after Tony was trying to compete with him.

Thor: Ragnarok

Following the Ultron Offensive, Thor left Earth again to learn more about the Infinity Stones. Jane, unable to cope with him leaving her again, broke up with him. A woman taking a picture with him offered her condolences for the breakup.

Avengers: Endgame

When Thor was explaining the Aether to the Avengers, he was distracted with his memory of introducing Jane to his mother who's currently dead and his realization that he was no longer dating with Jane.

During the time travel to Asgard in 2013, Thor was supposed to extract the Aether from Jane with Rocket, but he ran away from the idea and chose to have a conversation with his mother instead.

In an universe where Thor is an only child, he comes to earth with his friends to throw a party without his mother's knowledge. Jane finds him, intending to make the first contact with an alien, she introduces herself. She gets excited when she finds out that the alien whom she is talking to is Thor. She then mentions the death of an alpha star called Icarus, asking if Thor caused it as the astronomaly that is currently happening is similar to the one around the star's death. Thor confirms it and Jane concludes that Thor killed a planet while pointing at her tablet device. Thor gets fascinated by the device, assuming if it is magic. He praises Jane as a genius, which makes Jane flustered, and describes Jane's eyes in a poetic way. Jane eventually joins Thor in the party, they dance together and then get matching tattoos.

In the morning, a SHIELD agent - Maria Hill - comes to Jane's residence, telling her to come with them because she was the first who warned them about the extraterrestrial threat. She is hoping that Jane would be the key to eliminating Thor as the party thrown by him has caused a chaos in earth. Jane tries to hide Thor from the agents, and then comes along with them. When Phil informs them that Thor is going to another country, Jane is shocked, and asks if Thor has left any notes - to which she corrects by asking if he told anyone where he was going.

In the middle of a conversation with Captain Marvel and SHIELD, Jane has to pick up a call from an unknown number which turns out to be Thor. Thor asks Jane when he can see her again; adding that Jane is the nicest-prettiest Midgardian woman he has ever met. Jane asks how many Earth women Thor has met, to which Thor answers two, but the other one hit him with a bridge. Jane laughs and then demands Thor's honesty about the destroying of the previously mentioned planet. Thor claims that it was not a planet, but more of a meteor, and that it was burning apart anyway, hence he and his friends were kind of helping it along. He assures Jane that no one got hurt. Jane smiles, saying that she has to go and accidentally says "love you" instead of "bye".

Jane tries to convince Maria Hill not to attack Thor, but Maria Hill revokes her assistance. Thanks to Darcy, Jane gets the idea of stopping Thor by telling his mother about the situation in hopes that his mother would stop the party. Jane manages to go to Asgard by calling Heimdall through the device she has created. After finding out about Thor's situation, Frigga comes to earth to give him a warning, which stops Captain Marvel from attacking Thor. Due to this, SHIELD also decides to cancel the firing of the nuke. Thor successfully covers his party mess as a 'cultural exchange', however his mother eventually finds out the truth due to the decorations on his hammer.

In the end, Thor brings a bouquet of flowers to Jane, and says that although Jane's action of calling his mother was not a cool thing to do, but it was the right thing and he thanks her for that. Thor asks Jane if he can call her and if they are 'cools', but Jane insists that they are not 'cools'. Thor looks disappointed, confessing that he thought that they had something and that he really likes Jane, not just because she is a genius, but also because she's attractive. When he is about to continue, Jane cuts him by saying that he should ask her out on a date, to which he instantly does. Before she answers, he tells her that he knows a whole planet full of unicorns. Jane responds by saying it sounds delightful and tells Thor to pick her up at eight. She enters her car and Thor smiles happily.


Many comic fans were disappointed with the way the relationship was handled in the MCU. Although there were those that enjoyed it. Many often cite the way that Thor treats Jane as respectful and sweet. Others credit most of Thor's growth to Jane with her becoming the first human he trusts before he eventually becomes an Avenger. Thor appreciates that Jane believes in him and wants to talk to him when he doesn't have anyone else.

As pointed out by Loki, Thor actually grew to become softer after meeting Jane. This is one of the reasons why some fans regard the joke about their breakup as out of place, since their relationship is actually one of an important factors for Thor's character development and therefore is not meant to be taken as something shallow. Despite this, Thor's character has the tendencies to disguise his pains and losses with jokes, so the joke might not disregard the relationship but is merely something that fit Thor's character. Other complaints about the ship include Jane Foster being downplayed as a 'damsel in distress' especially in Thor: The Dark World, believing her character actually has more potentials than this.


Thor“You're clever. Far more clever than anyone else in this realm.”
Jane“"Realm"? "Realm"?”
Thor“You think me strange.”
Jane“Yeah, I do.”
Thor“Good strange or bad strange?”
Jane“I'm not quite sure yet.”
— Thor (2011)
“Listen to me. You must not give up. You must finish what you've started. Because you're right. Here, look. Your ancestors called it magic, and you call it science. Well, I come from a place where they're one and the same thing.”
— Thor, Thor (2011)
Jane“So, is this how you normally look?”
Thor“More or less.”
Jane“It's a good look.”
— Thor receiving his powers back, Thor (2011)
“I must go back to Asgard, but I give you my word. I will return, for you.”
— Thor, Thor (2011)
“Come on. What happened to you on Earth that turned you so soft? Don't tell me it was that woman. Oh! It was!”
— Loki, Thor (2011)
Jane“Where were you?”
Thor“Where were you? Heimdall could not see you.”
Jane“I was right here where you left me. I was waiting, and then I was crying, and then I went out looking for you. You said you were coming back!”
— Thor: The Dark World
Thor“I'd rather be a good man than a great king.”
Loki disguised as Odin“Is this my son I hear? Or the woman he loves?”
— Thor: The Dark World



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  • Thor (2011) soundtracks related to the ship are "Science and Magic" and "Can You See Jane?"
  • A deleted scene of Thor: The Dark World showcases their breakup by reason of their differences. [1]



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