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Freckles is the het ship between Penny Polendina and Oscar Pine from the RWBY fandom.


Until volume 7 of RWBY, Oscar and Penny had never actually met in the show, because Penny was presumed to be dead until volume 7 chapter 1 where she is shown to be alive and well. As well as Oscar never being introduced in the show until volume 4. Even though Penny and Oscar weren't technically introduced to each other in volume 7 chapter 1, they at least know of each other and are on friendly terms as they are apart of the same allied group. The only time Penny and Oscar spoke to each other was in volume 8 chapter 1 when the group was contemplating what to do next. Penny then suggests that she take the staff to Salem. Oscar then responded to her saying that he didn't think that was a good idea and at least that was something that they could all agree on. This shows that Oscar cared about Penny and her well being.

Penny and Oscar had multiple similarities. The first is the fact that they could both use magic. Penny because she was the winter maiden and Oscar because of Ozpin. The second is that they both had identity issues and had heavy burdens they struggled with. Penny struggled with being a robot, the protector of mantle and being the winter maiden, while Oscar struggled with the fact that he shares his body with an a thousand year old immortal man and said man will eventually take over his mind and body. The third is that they both had a very close friendship/relationship with Ruby.

The fourth is that they were both of interest to Salem, Oscar because of Ozpin and Penny because Salem needed her winter maiden powers to get the staff of creation. The fifth is that they both had a father figure/mentor who they shared an aura with, who could take over their bodies and when that happened both their eyes turned yellow/gold. The sixth is that they both had green auras and green also seemed to be their main theme color. They also both had green eyes. Lastly, other than Ruby they were both the youngest members of their travelling group.


Freckles has a small amount of popularity in the RWBY fandom and it's considered a crackship. Some fans believe that because Penny and Oscar have such similar personalities they likely would have been friends that eventually became lovers. They would also compliment each other well since they both have naïve, innocent, wholesome personalities. It is likely that had Penny lived, her and Oscar would have eventually become friends since they were both so similar. Those who don't ship Freckles usually ship other more popular pairings like Rose Garden and Nuts and Dolts. On AO3, the ship currently has 8 fanfics, while FanFiction.Net has four.



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  • Their ship name comes from the fact that both Penny and Oscar have freckles.


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