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FrostHawk is the non-binary ship between Loki and Hawkeye from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


Clint is part of the team that witnesses Loki come through the Teseract. Clint is about to attack him, but Loki grabs a hold of him and uses the mind stone to mind control him. Clint tells him that Fury is attempting to stall him and he orders Clint to shoot Fury. They grab the Teseract and leave. Clint gets him to the car and are able to get away from the SHIELD complex.

Hidden away somewhere Loki has one of the SHIELD agents were on Teseract, who believe that the it has opened their minds. He asks Clint what the Teseract shows him and he tells him it's his next target. Loki asks what he needs, and he replies a distraction, and an eyeball.

Loki is able to cause the distraction and get the eyeball for Clint. However he is captured by SHIELD. Clint then launches an attack to free him. Loki is able to get away but, Clint is broken free of the mind control and vows to take out Loki.


Often the ship will be depicted in fanfictions as one-way or non-consensual, while Clint is under Loki's mind control.



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