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FrostIron is the non-binary ship between Loki and Tony from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


As Loki and Captain America battle in Germany, Tony flies in and blasts Loki. He lands and points his repulsors at Loki, who surrenders. On the quinjet, Tony and Steve keep an eye on him until Thor shows up and yanks Loki out of there. Tony follows after them and a fight between him and Thor takes place with Loki just sitting to the side and watching. Then Cap interrupts and they finally get Loki to the helicarrier.

When Loki escapes, Tony comes to the realizations that Loki is the kind of villain who wants attention. And he'd go somewhere where he's center stage. Tony stops and realizes that Loki would got to Stark Tower, and the remaining Avengers head there.

Tony arrives at the tower first and see's Loki in his penthouse. He gets out of the Iron Man suit, and makes his way inside. Loki asks if he's going to appeal to his humanity, but Tony plans to threaten him. He offers Loki a drink as he makes his way to the bar. Loki tells him that he has nothing to fear, given that his army is coming. Tony says that he should fear the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He lists off all the members and tells him he's made them all angry. That was part of Loki's plan, and Tony tell him it's not a good one, since they'll come for him. Even if they can't protect earth, they will avenge it. Loki makes his way over to Tony and says that the Avengers will be too busy fighting him and places the tip of his spear on Tony's chest. It does nothing. He attempts to mind control him again, but it doesn't work. Tony quips about performance issues and Loki throws him across the room. Then out of the window. Tony is able to call one of his suits in time and flies back up. He tells Loki he didn't just piss off the Avengers, but also Phil and blasts him before going to fight the chitauri coming through the portal.

Hulk ends up smashing Loki into the penthouse floor, leaving a small crater. After the chitauri are defeated, the Avengers corner a beaten Loki in the tower. He crawls out of his crater and sees all the Avengers glaring down at him, then decides he'll take Tony up on that drink. Tony is seen smirking at his comment.


Most fans ship them based on their similarities. Both characters have made some morally grey decisions, although Loki tend to be more morally-gray than Tony. They both also have snarky interactions with each other and other characters. Some think that Tony and Loki will be able to bond over of their shared family issue, as both characters had tried so hard to impress their fathers whom in turn idolized others more (in this case, Thor and Steve).

On AO3, FrostIron is the most written ship for Loki and the third most written for Tony. It is the sixth most written within the Marvel Cinematic Universe tag.



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FrostIronStrange refers to the ship between Loki, Tony and Stephen Strange


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