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Frostbite is the het ship between Weiss Schnee and Adam Taurus from the RWBY fandom.


Weiss and Adam never spoke to each other in the show. The fact that they were technically enemies and also Weiss used to be extremly prejudiced against the faunus means it's unlikely they would have got along. It is likely that Adam was the main culprit against the raids against the schnee dust company. Once it was revealed in volume 6 that Weiss's father branded Adam's face, it is likely assumed he has a burning hatred against the sdc, Jacques Schnee and by extenstion Weiss herself. It can also be assumed that Weiss likely also hated Adam for the abuse that he put her close friend and teammate Blake through.

The two actually have some similarities. They both grew up in abusive environments. They both have a connection with Blake Belladonna. Weiss because she is her teammate and close friend and Adam because she is his ex-girlfriend. They both have history with the SDC, Weiss because she was the heir and daughter of the CEO, and Adam because he was used as slave labour for the company.

The two also both had long swords as weapons. They both also used a plethora of dust infused in their weapons. Weiss and Adam also both used to have very stubborn, angry tempers. They both also have (or in Adam's case had) blue eyes and scars on their left eyes. They both also have contrasting color schemes, ex: Weiss's main scheme colors are blue and white whereas Adam's main scheme colors are red and black.


Frostbite is considered a crackship in the rwby fandom. Mainly because the two never spoke to or fought against each other. Some fans of this ship like the color contrast between the two. Fans were bitterly dissapointed with Adam's death in volume 6, because him and Weiss never had even a brief moment to speak with each other. It has a medium sized fanbase on tumblr.



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  • Frostbite comes from the fact that Weiss is the "frost" and Adam is the "bite".


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