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Frostmaster is the non-binary ship between Grandmaster and Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


When Hela threw Loki out of the Bifrost, he landed on the planet Sakaar, eventually gaining the Grandmaster's favor over the course of a few weeks.

When Thor was imprisoned at the Grandmaster's palace, he saw Loki and called him over. They bicker for a few moments before Thor asks him to get him out of the chair but Loki can't. Loki says that he gained favor with the Grandmaster, and that he had gotten to Sakaar weeks ago. The Grandmaster then asks why they're whispering, startling the both of them. The Grandmaster tells them that time works different on Sakaar, and gives a wink/blink to Loki (which Thor notices). Grandmaster asks if Loki knows Thor, and Loki denys that he does. Thor says that they're brothers, but Loki points out that they're adoptive brothers.

Loki projects his visage into Thor's cell. He says he can't risk his position with the Grandmaster, since it took him weeks to earn his trust. Loki then explains that Thor could join him at the Grandmaster, then after some time an accident could befall him. Then he and Thor could take over Sakaar.

Loki watches as the Grandmaster announces the champion. When Loki realizes that it's the Hulk he decides he needs to get off the planet and tries to leave. The Grandmaster arrives before he does and guides him back to his seat. When Thor yells at them that he knows Hulk, Grandmaster looks to Loki for an answer, but Loki just sits there nervously. When Hulk slams Thor against the ground, Loki jumps up and yells that that's how it feels. The Grandmaster does a double take, but Loki just says that he's a fan of the sport. The Grandmaster gives a laugh and returns his attention to the action.

After Hulk leaves, the Grandmaster calls forth Loki and Valkyrie. He starts to ramble about what to do, when Loki interupts him. Grandmatster tells him not to. Grandmaster then says that Hulk is missing because of Thor, but Loki says that if he gave him twelve hours, he could bring them both back alive. He and Valkyrie then start to go back and forth on time, but Grandmaster tells them to stop. He puts them on the clock to see whose gonna get them first and sets them off.


  • Loki and Grandmaster lean forward, interested in the fight in the same moment.
  • Loki watches the Grandmaster knock out Thor.
  • Loki tells Valkyrie that she'll answer to the Grandmaster.
  • Loki tells the "Revengers" that he's fallen out of favor with the Grandmaster.


Many fans like to believe that Loki hooked up with or "sugar babied" the Grandmaster in order to garner his favor. Fics of the two can occasionally get dark, or at least rather NSFW. This is due to the nature of how the ship came to existence. The power balance also playing a part in these depictions. On AO3, Frostmaster is the most written ship for the Grandmaster and the tenth most written for Loki.



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