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Frozen Swan is the femslash ship between Emma Swan and Elsa from the Once Upon A Time fandom.


White Out

Elsa puts an ice wall around Storybrooke in order to stop the people from leaving till she finds ple from, which causes the power lines to go down. Emma and David go to investigate it at the border. Elsa hides inside and watches the two exit the car, as Hook shows up. Emma then notices something near the wall, walks towards it. Inside she finds Elsa, shocking her. Elsa puts up her hand in defense, but Emma tries to assure her. She asks who she is, and Elsa introduces her self. Emma introduces herself and asks if she made the wall. Elsa's says that she's looking for her sister, and shows her Anna's necklace. She demands to know where Anna is, but Emma doesn't know. She says that she can help her though, and asks for her name. Elsa then tells her Anna's name. Hook and David head over and immediately scaring Elsa. Emma tells them to stand down, but Elsa ends up causing the ice to create a second wall, locking Emma and Elsa inside.

Emma realizes that they're trapped and asks Elsa what's with her powers. Elsa refuses to explain and just tells Emma to keep her distance. Emma gets that and asks Elsa to let them out so that she can help her. Elsa says that she's not going to yet, and will let Emma go till finds Emma. Emma says that she can't look for Anna trapped with her, when David chimes in over the walkie-talkie. Elsa tells him to find Anna, and Emma explains how Elsa is looking for Anna. Elsa grabs the walkie-talkie and tells him to find Anna before she freezes the whole town.

Emma ask Elsa how she's not cold, but Elsa says that it never bothered her. Emma asks if the snow monster from the day before was her's, and Elsa says that she'll do whatever it takes to get Anna back. Emma can tells that she cares about her, and apologizes about the necklace getting lost. Elsa realizes that it's gone, and Emma points out that it fell through the ice. She suggests melting the ice to get it, and talk someplace warmer. Elsa doesn't do anything and Emma realizes that Elsa can't control her powers. Elsa asks how she would know that, and Emma says that she has her own powers that she doesn't have full control over either. Elsa admits that Anna helps her control her powers, but Emma says that Anna isn't there. Elsa suggests the Emma's magic could help, but Emma's been trying and has gotten nothing. She tries again, but nothing. She starts to feel tired and falls to the ground. Elsa runs over to her and tells her to stay awake. She distracts her by asking how she got her magic, and Emma explains that she was born with it but grew up in a place without magic. She didn't have any parents to help her. Elsa says that parents don't always help, she ended up as the queen of Arendelle without knowing what to do. Emma tells her that she's the "savior" and doesn't really understand what it means. Elsa says that if can feel like too much, and keeping bottled up ends up hurting people. It also doesn't help that she's the only person she knows with magic, and Emma thinks it sound lonely. She falls back to the ground, and Elsa quickly apologizes for getting them trapped. Emma knows this, but end up passing out.

Elsa shakes Emma awake, telling her to tell her more about Henry. Emma says that she's only asking because Elsa knows that if she sleeps she'll die. Elsa continues to shake her and tells her to stay awake.

David calls Elsa over the walkie-talkie, and asks what's going on. Elsa says that Emma is freezing and turning blue. David is able to convince her to break through the ice, and carry's Emma through. David is happy that Elsa saved Emma, but Elsa says that she was also the one who put her in danger. David still promises to help her, and they head to the apartment.

Emma looks back to Elsa, and asks if she's okay. Elsa says that she lost the necklace, and has nothing of her's left now. David hands her Bo Peep's staff, but she doesn't see anything. Emma then starts to hear a beating coming from the staff, and says that they may not know where Anna is, but they at least know she's alive.

At the edge of the ice wall, Emma says that even though Elsa can't control her powers, she still made something unique and amazing. She asks if she's really the only one with that power, which Elsa considers a good thing. Emma still considers it cool, but Elsa see's no reason for it, and starts to magic away. The wall still stays up thought, confusing Elsa since she's the only one who should be able to keep it up. Emma then asks what's keeping it up, but neither of them have any idea.


Emma brings Elsa to Gold to figure out what happened, but Gold had never seen her before. Emma asks how she ended up in his urn, but he just tells her to asks Elsa. Elsa says that something happened to her memories.


Season 3

There's No Place Like Home

  • Emma and Hook accidentally bring Elsa's urn back to the present with them

Season 4

White Out

  • Elsa grabs Emma's hands.
  • Elsa tries to wake up Emma.
  • Elsa hold Emma's hand as she talks to David.
  • Emma looks to Elsa as she talks to David.
  • Emma watches Elsa open the ice wall.
  • Elsa stands behind Emma as she warms up.
  • Elsa laughs at Emma's ice pun.

Rock Road

  • Regina tells Emma to asks Elsa what happened to Marion.
  • Regina why they should trust Elsa, but Emma interrupts and says that she trusts her.
  • Emma tells Hook to take Elsa to the Sheriff Station and hide her.


Elsa“Emma, you're a bit prickly but you're certainly not hate-able.”
Emma“Tell that to Regina. I'm prickly?”
— Shattered Sight


Although not considered a rare pair, shipping the two isn't common either. Those that do ship it are drawn to the closeness that the two shared during season 4. Shippers also enjoyed that Emma had a friend outside of her family. Elsa's kindness to Emma in the first half of the season was also a welcome contrast to Regina's cruelty towards Emma. Shipping died down after Elsa leaves during the mid-season finale of season 4, but there are those who still ship it. Shippers were very upset at the lack of acknowledgement to Elsa's time on the show post her leaving. Especially with how close she got with Emma.

Frozen Swan is sometimes seen as a third option for shippers. Instead of shipping Swan Queen or Captain Swan many could ship Emma with Elsa. Although given that Elsa is only in the first half of season 4, there were very few ship battles between the pairing and other ships.

The ship is the most written relationship for the Once Upon a Time version of Elsa. For Emma, who is shipped with many other characters, it is the fifteenth. It is also the seventy third most written ship in the Once Upon A Time tag, and the twenty seventh in the Frozen (2013) tag.



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