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Frozen Warrior is the femslash ship between Mulan and Elsa from the Disney and Once Upon A Time fandoms.


As Elsa and Mulan are from different series, they have never met in canon. In Ralph Breaks the Internet Mulan and Elsa are seen sitting close to each other while Mulan spoke, Elsa looks at her with a smile.

In their families both young women were told to be the perfect daughter and girl in the public eye. Before Elsa and Mulan left home in their first films, they forced to hide their true selves, in which later got them in trouble at Elsa's coronation and Mulan's meeting with the Matchmaker. At the end of them, however, the two were finally excepted for who they are. Elsa is an older sister while Mulan has a younger sister in the live action remake. They are also strong in their own unique ways and have been to snowy, mountain areas. Where they reflected on the things that held them back and how hard they had tried to be perfect. The two are also friends with a small reptile that have power over fire. Mushu accompanies Mulan on her journeys, while Bruni joins Elsa half way through hers.


While the ship is commonly focused on the Disney versions of the two, there are a few fans of the ship who use their Once Upon A Time version. Just as Mulan is a lesbian in the OUAT series, there are fans who believe that Elsa is one as well. Along with Once Elsa helping Once Mulan to heal her broken heart, a few OUAT AU's have the two meeting in Storybrooke.

Most fanworks of the ship have Mulan coming to Arendelle, and becoming Elsa's bodyguard. Fans see them bonding over the love they have for their fathers and pressure of leaving them. Modern AU's take inspiration from their clothes from Ralph Breaks the Internet.

On AO3, the ship has 8 fanfics in its Disney tag and 17 in its OUAT tag. While FFN has 3 fics in its crossover category and only one in its OUAT category. The ship also has a small fanbase on Tumblr and DeviantArt.



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  • They are two of the limit time characters, with limit time clothing in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • Both appear in Once Upon A Time.
  • Both appear in the Kingdom Hearts series.



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