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Fruits Basket is a manga series written and illustrated by Natsuki Takaya. In 2001, the manga was adapted into a 26-episode anime series. The anime has received a reboot, the first season airing in 2019, and the second season is planned to release in 2020.


When high school student Tohru Honda's mother dies in a car crash, Tohru decides to live with her grandfather. Renovations on the house and unsupportive and unkind family members cause her to move out of her grandfather's house temporarily and, since she has nowhere else to go, Tohru begins living in a tent and supporting herself. That is, until she finds a home in the least likely of places, inhabited by her popular classmate Yuki Soma and his cousin Shigure. The first day Tohru moves into the Soma house, an orange haired teenager crashes through the roof of her new bedroom and starts attacking Yuki. This newcomer is Kyo, Yuki and Shigure's aggressively angry cousin. Tohru tries to stop the fight by holding him, causing him to transform into an orange cat in front of her.

The Somas live with a curse. Twelve members of the family (not including Kyo, who is the cat) are possessed by spirits of the Chinese zodiac and turn into their zodiac animal when they are weak, under stress, embarrassed, or when hugged by someone of the opposite sex.

When Tohru discovers the Somas' secret, she promises not to tell and is allowed to keep living with them. Although the Somas' curse is deeper and darker than Tohru realized, her presence and her acceptance of them soon becomes a large, positive influence on those possessed by the zodiac. She sets out to break the curse and, on the way, meets and discovers the Soma's vengeful zodiac spirits. Each has a different personality, just like the animals in the Chinese zodiac. One by one, Tohru's existence changes the Soma clan's lives forever.


Tohru Honda
Kyo Sohma
Yuki Sohma
Shigure Sohma
Arisa Uotani
Saki Hanajima
Akito Sohma
Kagura Sohma
Hatsuharu Sohma
Kisa Sohma
Hiro Sohma
Isuzu Sohma
Momiji Sohma
Kureno Sohma
Hatori Sohma
Ayame Sohma
Ritsu Sohma
Mayuko Shiraki
Machi Kuragi
Kakeru Manabe
Katsuya Honda
Kyoko Honda
Mine Kuramae



Akieno — the ship between Akito Sohma and Kureno Sohma
Akigure — the ship between Akito Sohma and Shigure Sohma
Hatsuzu — the ship between Hatsuharu Sohma and Isuzu Sohma
Kaguyo — the ship between Kagura Sohma and Kyo Sohma
Katsko — the ship between Katsuya Honda and Kyoko Honda
Kiro — the ship between Kisa Sohma and Hiro Sohma
Kakmaki — the ship between Kakeru Manabe and Komaki Nakao
Kurisa — the ship between Kureno Sohma and Arisa Uotani
Kyohru — the ship between Kyo Sohma and Tohru Honda
Mayutori — the ship between Mayuko Shiraki and Hatori Sohma
Miyame — the ship between Mine Kuramae and Ayame Sohma
Momiru — the ship between Momiji Sohma and Tohru Honda
Ritru — the ship between Ritsu Sohma and Mitsuru
Shiwa — the ship between Shiki Sohma & Sawa Mitoma
Yuchi — the ship between Yuki Sohma and Machi Kuragi
Yukiru — the ship between Yuki Sohma and Tohru Honda


Ayatori — the ship between Ayame Sohma and Hatori Sohma
Hatuki — the ship between Hatsuharu Sohma and Yuki Sohma
Kyouki — the ship between Yuki Sohma and Kyo Sohma
Yukeru — the ship between Yuki Sohma and Kakeru Manabe


Tohaki — the ship between Tohru Honda and Saki Hanajima
Tohiko — the ship between Tohru Honda and Akito Sohma


Tohko — the ship between Tohru Honda and Kyoko Honda



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# portmanteau characters type
301 Kyohru Kyo Sohma/Tohru Honda het
83 Akigure Akito Sohma/Shigure Sohma het
74 Kyouki Kyo Sohma/Yuki Sohma }
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