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NorRayEmma is the friendship between Norman, Ray and Emma from The Promised Neverland fandom.


The trio's introduction

Taking daily tests, playing a game of tag, eating scrumptious homemade food, and having a good time – Emma, Norman and Ray went through the same routine every day in Grace Field House, an orphanage where they lived since the day they were born. Under the loving care of Isabella, who she refers to as "Mom", and the companionship of Norman, Ray, and the other orphans, Emma spent a pleasant childhood in Grace Field. Under the parental care of Isabella and the happy times they spent with their fellow foster siblings, Emma, Norman and Ray had a happy childhood. Due to their close age and probably the fact that they are the top students academically, they're exceptionally close with each other of all the orphans in Grace Field.

The trio watching the gate of the orphanage

In November 2039, Emma and Norman persuaded Ray to not have his eyes stick to his book all the time. The two invited him to join them to explore the gate that encircles Grace Field House. When the trio reached the gate, they all wondered what lies beyond the walls. Emma asked the two boys what they each wanted to do once they left the orphanage, merrily saying how she wants to ride a giraffe outside, though Ray was dismissive of her idea. The three recalled how Isabella once warned them how they should never go to the gate or beyond the fence due to danger. The three went back to the orphanage soon after.

When the day came for Conny to be sent off to foster parents, the trio and the other orphans gave a tearful goodbye as they bade farewell to the child. Sometime after Conny left with Isabella, Emma found Conny's beloved stuffed toy on a tabletop in the house. Wanting to return it to Conny, Emma proceeded to the gates of Grace Field to search for the girl under Norman's company. Instead of finding Conny, Emma and Norman found Conny's corpse within a truck instead, as they stared in pure horror upon seeing their friend dead. The two later hide under the truck as they witness two demons inserting Conny's dead body into a jar. Isabella is revealed to be working for the demons, as the two witnesses in shock of how Isabella is evil. As Emma and Norman returned to Grace Field unnoticed, the stuffed toy, Little Bunny, was left behind, which was eventually found by the two demons and Isabella.

After fleeing the scene, Emma collapses onto the ground in despair, as she recalls the traumatic scene she and Norman just witnessed, which soon led her to break down in tears. Norman consoled Emma and told her not to speak of the incident to anyone. During the next few days, Emma and Norman remained silent and secretive about Conny's death and the existence of demons; put on an innocent and childlike façade whenever they interacted with Isabella, who was suspecting the two.


With the introverted yet intelligent Ray, the three began to devise an escape plan to rescue the orphans from Isabella and the demons' clutches. Emma wanted to save every single orphan, which greatly bothered Ray as he viewed her goal to be impossible to achieve. The three learned and gathered every possible information they could get about the outside world and to aid in their eventual escape. Ray helped in plotting the escape plan. Isabella eventually got Krone appointed as Grace Field's second caretaker (as the orphans' "Sister"), an additional obstacle for Emma, Norman, and Ray to deal with. Krone tried to get in the way of the trio, much to their dismay.

Jailbreak Arc

Emma, Norman, and Ray eventually recruited Don and Gilda into the team as additional help and told them about the secrets behind Grace Field, Isabella, and the existence of Demons. Along the way, the five aced obstacles and issues whilst working together, such as the interference of Isabella and Krone; suspicions of Gilda being on the enemies' side; Ray's double-crossing; and Don's unhappiness towards the limited trust Emma, Norman and Ray had on him and Gilda, whom they did not tell the entirety of their plan and motives to.

Norman says goodbye to his friends

When Emma, Norman and their team finally managed to put Ray's escape plan into work, it was, however, foiled by Isabella, as she fractured Emma's leg and revealed how Norman will be the next to suffer the same fate as Conny (sending him off to the demons). The team and the plan began to fall apart, with Norman being sent off from Grace Field; Ray excluding himself in aiding the plan; Emma falling into depression whilst being immobilized to help; and Isabella's success in beating them. Months passed as the remaining four orphans resumed their daily routine in Grace Field and maintained the innocent demeanor they once had.

In January 2046, Emma and Ray – fueled by the thirst for vengeance of the presumably dead Norman – re-enacted the escape plan and revealed how the fact that they had given up during the last few months was all just an act. While Isabella closely watched her and Ray, Don and Gilda continued preparing for their escape. Ray proposes they set the house on fire that night as a distraction. After Emma agrees, Ray reveals that he plans to set himself alight, to distract Isabella and deny the demons their feast. As the clock chimes midnight, the now twelve-year-old Ray starts the fire. As it spreads, the children evacuate and Emma severs her ear so she cannot be tracked. Isabella tries to extinguish the fire and save Ray, who she thinks is engulfed in flames, but the children had wrapped meat and hair in his clothes as a decoy.

Months earlier, Norman told Emma of Ray's plan to burn himself and prepared a counter-plan for her, which meant that they were already prepared to escape. Emma had only pretended to give up for the last two months, and she was, in reality, giving out orders to the other kids. When Ray is saved, he is visibly shaken by Emma's interference of his suicide plan, but before he is able to say anything more, Emma slaps him and forces him to go escape with her, refusing to let him die. Emma then tells Ray that she'll take out his tracker from his ear.

With Norman's plan, both Emma and Ray get to escape Grace Field with all their older siblings.

King of Paradise Arc

Norman, who was alive and who took up William Minerva's name, now running a large group of Minerva supporters and cattle children escapees, eventually settled down in the secret hideout. Norman somehow heard the news of how Emma and his friends from Grace Field House had escaped from the orphanage and made it to the paradise hideout. When they are reunited, after two years apart, Ray breaks down in tears and pulls Norman and Emma into a hug. Emma states that she is happy that he hasn't changed, will be able to see him every day, and most importantly, that he is alive and well. Ray also thanks Norman for indirectly saving him and "showing him something great" (as in the outside world), reflecting on Norman's message during the escape. It is proven that there was no rift created between them, as they are able to spend time as usual and keep their dynamic like their time at Grace Field.

the proposal of living together

Ray agrees with Norman's plan of exterminating the demons, but he does have some suspicions about it. When Emma voices her opinion in wishing to avoid killing the demons and instead wanting to reforge The Promise, Ray follows Emma through her plan instead; partly because he wants to support Emma, but mostly because he doesn't want Norman to sacrifice himself and bear all of his burdens by himself, just as he did in Grace Field. Ray is still determined to protect Norman no matter what despite their differing standpoints and ideals, showcasing how dear Norman is to Ray. Emma, much like her situation with Ray, does not let their differences get in the way of their friendship, and it is still clear that Emma and Norman care deeply about each other. Emma understands the burden that Norman carries by taking up the mantle of a "god" and "William Minerva", which is why she states that she will never let Norman suffer on his own ever again. She is also determined to support him in the best way she can, even if she doesn't agree with him.

Even after Norman carried out his genocide plan, Emma and Ray still wanted to pursue a future where Norman didn't have to suffer, no matter what it would result in. Both of them also sympathize with him and reassure him that he is not alone anymore. Both Ray and Emma mention that they want to walk alongside Norman, facing the painful and scary things and living together. After a while, Norman is able to accept Ray and Emma's support and the three reconcile, vowing to never let anyone out of them to bear their burdens alone.

Human World Arc

Emma arrives in a cold place in the Human World safely, but alone. She is found sleeping in the snow by a kind elderly man who takes her in. When she comes to, Emma realizes she doesn't remember her own name, where she came from, or her past memories and future connections. It is revealed that Emma's wish was granted to take every child to the Human World in exchange for Emma's memories and her never seeing her family again, to which she agreed. Eventually, she meets her family again, including his most important friends, Norman and Ray. But she doesn't remember them.


Back to the present, the children try to make Emma recognize them, but Emma pushes them away; confused and scared. While everyone is struck by sadness due to Emma's forgotten memories, Norman begins crying tears of joy and just expresses his relief on Emma's well-being. He goes on to explain their happy and healthy new life in the human world, and he thanks Emma for everything she has done for their family. Even so, Norman is saddened by Emma's forgotten memories, as he had actually wanted to have her with them, smiling with them. Emma suddenly begins crying herself, and she mentions that even though she doesn't know any of them, she feels like she had always wanted to see them. The other children exclaim that they wanted to see her as well, and that they missed her so much. Norman tells Emma that it's fine even if she forgot all about them and if she is different from who she used to be, because everyone still wanted to be with her regardless. The story ends with Emma, Ray, and Norman holding hands while surrounded by all of their friends and family, with Emma making the promise "let's live together" to Norman and Ray.


“As far back as he could remember, Emma and Ray had always been by Norman's side, taking on the role of family, as brother and sister, as well as that of friends. Emma was nimble, mothering, and cheerful, while Ray was a somewhat grumpy pragmatic scholar. The three of them were totally opposite characters, but whatever they did together, they were always on the same page. The kind of friendship that completes you.
— Norman's narration from the the First Light Novel of The Promised Neverland: A Letter from Norman
“My life appeared to be cursed, but the time I spent with those two, truly made me happy. To me, they are the most important things in the world.
— Ray's internal thoughts and feelings about Norman and Emma, from "The First Shot" pilot chapter of The Promised Neverland.
“Let's live together, Norman!”
— Emma and Ray to Norman in Chapter 153 of the manga
“Let's live together”
— The trio in the last chapter of the manga, Chapter 181


This friendship is the most popular ship from the fandom, since it is the main friendship of the series. Many people like to ship it as a poly couple; some ship NorEmma because of Norman's canon romantic feelings for Emma; some ship NorRay since the two of them have very intimate moments where their powerful bond was shown; some ship RayEmma since they have been supporting each other for years after thinking Norman was dead; and other people decide to leave them as the best friend trio they are.

This friendship is beautiful, important for each of the characters of the trio's character arcs, significant for their lives and extremely wholesome. Most fans will remember Emma's several requests, and Ray's request of "let's live together", the trio keeps repeating to each other, as one of the most iconic moments the trio has (one of the many they have in the series).



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  • The designer who created The Promised Neverland logo created the three lines in the logo to represent Norman, Emma, and Ray. When Norman was shipped out and separated from Emma and Ray in Chapter 31, the line which represents Norman is gone, leaving only the two lines of Emma and Ray.
    • Nevertheless, the manga continues to use the logo with the three lines in the proceeding chapters.
  • Norman's dream, when he can get into the human world in the future is to be with Emma and Ray, as he is happy around them.
  • One of Ray's favorite things to do is disassembling machines. He liked to take items such as clocks apart together with Norman when they were younger.
  • According to Kaiu Shirai, Emma's running speed is superior to both Norman and Ray, regardless of whether the running distance is long or short, she would easily win against the two. Emma would be first, Ray would be second and Norman would be last.


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NorEmma refers to the ship between Norman and Emma
NorRay refers to the ship between Norman and Ray
RayEmma refers to the ship between Ray and Emma


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