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Funky Beats is the het ship between Neon Katt and Flynt Coal from the RWBY fandom.


We are first introduced to flynt and neon in volume 3 during the doubles rounds. Yang and Weiss are surprised that neon and flynt (who are from atlas) aren't at all like how many people from atlas stereotypically act like. Neon then fights against Yang and Weiss fights against Flynt.

They are eventually both defeated by Yang. We then see them again in chapter 11, volume 3 where them, team arbn, team sssn, team jnpr and various members of team rwby all fought together to protect beacon from the grimm and the atlesian paladins. Neon teams up with reese to take down one atlesian paladin.

The next time we see them is in volume 7. Team fnki is training with team jnpr and fighting against them. Flynt the leader of team fnki is fighting against Jaune the leader of team jnpr and Neon is fighting against Nora. They then are both seen afterwards and commending team jnpr on how much they've improved. They then ask them if they wanna hang out later with them.

The next time we see Neon and Flynt is in volume 8 chapter 9, where Neon nervously asks Flynt if he knows a tune for this (refering to the sticky situation they're in now). To which Flynt responds that he doesn't know if anyone does. They then climb over the trenches when ordered to and next they are seen fighting against a group of grimm together. Flynt using his semblance and Neon using her agility to take them down quickly.


funky beats is a rarepair in the RWBY fandom. Mainly because both flynt and neon are minor characters in the show and don't get a lot of screentime. It has a small but decent sized fanbase on tumblr. Some fans have drawn the two dancing together since they're both very musical. Fans are hopeful to see more of these two in later volumes of rwby.



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  • Their ship name comes from the fact that they're both from team FNKI and Flynt is the leader of team FNKI, and Neon's catchphrase is never miss a beat.



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