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GaaSaku is the het ship between Gaara and Sakura from the Naruto fandom.


Chunin Exams

Sakura first encountered Gaara when he entered the village to take the Chunin Exam. She questioned why he was there and demanded that he show permission to enter the village. During the third round of the exam, the Sand Village revealed its plan to attack the village along with Orochimaru. Sakura was then placed on a team to chase after Gaara. She was quickly subdued by him and pinned against a tree until Naruto saved her.

Kazekage Rescue Mission

Gaara eventually stopped his destructive behavior and Sakura did not seem to hold a grudge against him for his previous actions. Over two years later, Gaara was captured by Akatsuki and Sakura was sent on a mission to rescue him. They failed and Gaara was dead by the time that Sakura arrived. She helped kill Sasori in retaliation. Afterwards, her battle partner Chiyo revived Gaara but Sakura was more upset over Chiyo dying.

Fourth Shinobi War

Gaara and Sakura were later fighting side-by-side during the Fourth Shinobi World War. The Nine-Tailed Fox was extracted from Naruto which placed him into a coma. Sakura was forced to start healing him in order to save his life and Gaara helped by levitating them away on a sand platform. The two went to find Minato so that he could transfer the other half of the fox to Naruto and save him.


GaaSaku is a rather popular Naruto ship even though it is not considered to be "mainstream". It is one of the most popular het ships involving Gaara, possibly topping even GaaMatsu. Fans mostly ship them together because of the "opposites attract" factor. While they used to be enemies, they were later shown working together towards the end of the series. GaaSaku most commonly rivals the SasuSaku, NaruSaku, and GaaMatsu pairings.



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  • When Gaara saw Sakura, she reminded him of his Uncle Yashamaru whom he loved before he was betrayed by him.


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