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Bashir“You know, I still have a lot of questions to ask you about your past.”
Garak“I've given you all the answers I'm capable of.”
Bashir“You gave me answers, all right, but they were all different. What I want to know is of all the stories you told me, which ones were true and which ones weren't?”
Garak“My dear Doctor, they're all true.”
Bashir“Even the lies?”
Garak“Especially the lies.”
— The Wire

Garashir is the slash ship between Julian Bashir and Elim Garak from the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fandom.


Season 1


Bashir is having lunch when he is approached by a Cardassian. He asks to join Bashir, which he allows and introduces himself as Garak. The only Cardassian left on Deep Space Nine. He asks if Bashir is new to the station, and Bashir nervously says that he is. He does know of Garak and how he's been there awhile, and says that there are rumors that he stayed to be the eyes and ears for his fellow Cardassians. Garak asks if he's implying that Garak is a spy, but Bashir assures him that he wouldn't know. Garak sees his open mind as the essence of an intellect. He does have a clothing shop nearby and invites him to come by if he's ever in the need for something to wear, or, if like him, he just wants to stop and chat. He gets up to leave, but not before placing his hands on Bashir's shoulders and saying that it was very nice to make such an interesting friend.

Bashir then runs up to OPs and tell O'Brian that the spy sat down with him at the replimat. Sisko says that they don't know if Garak is a spy, but Bashir insists that he is. That he just came up and started talking to him of all people. Jadzia asks what Garak would want from him, but Bashir isn't sure. He assumes that he wants federation medical secrets and assures Sisko they're safe with him. Bashir suggests that he have a monitoring device placed on him, just in case, but Sisko says it should be fine as long as he's careful with Garak.

Bashir finds Garak at Quark's who invites him to join him. Bashir asks if he's keeping an eye on the people, and Garak says that being a tailor means he tends to keep an eye on what the people are wearing. He brings up what the Klingon sisters above are wearing, and that it would be worth studying close up. Bashir understand what he means, when Garak points out Tahna coming in.

Bashir sees Garak while he's eating lunch, and asks how he is. Garak says that he's being observant, which Bashir is sure of. Garak says that the time for levity is over, given the Kohn-Ma terrorists aboard the station. Bashir sees them above and asks what they would be doing on the station, but Garak isn't sure. He does think that the two of them might be able to figure it out. Bashir says that he must be going, but Garak stops him. He thinks that Bashir should take advantage of his shop and come by and try on a new suit. Bashir is confused, but catches on before rushing off.

Bashir comes to the shop later, Garak rushing him into one of the dressing rooms just before two more customers arrive. Bashir eavesdrops and learns that it's the Klingon sisters who are looking to sell Tahna Los to the Cardassians. They reveal part of their plan and leave, and Garak allows Bashir back out. He asks what they're giving Tahna, and Garak explains that it's the last ingredient Tahna needs to create a bomb.

Season 2


While getting a drink on the replimat when he notices Garak. Garak takes notice and asks if he's having Tarkalean tea again, which Bashir confirms. Bashir asks if Garak is drinking Rokassa juice, which Garak also confirms. It soothes his nerves, which he needs after a barjoran come in to plague him. Bashir admits that he's always wondered about who Garak's regular clients were, given that bajorans most likely wouldn't want frequent a shop run by a cardassian. Garak believes that his skill outshine any resentment his client's would have. Bashir suggests that means there's a certain trust between him and his custormers, which Garak sees as important. Bashir says that they would become more open with him if there was trust, but Garak asks if they really must play this game. Garak says that he's not a spy, and Bashir lets his imagination run wild. Bashir doesn't believe him, but Garak brushes it aside. Garak notices a Cardassian child with a bajoran man, the child giving him a mean look. Bashir believes that's odd and asks if Garak knows him, but Garak's never met him before in his life. Garak goes over to them, when he is suddenly bit by the child, and Bashir quickly checks on him.

While healing the last of Garak's injuries, Bashir tells him that something did come out of this. As they were able to find out that Rugal was possibly being abused by his father and saving him is worth a bite on the hand. Garak says that depends on whose hand, but assures Bashir that he's only joking. Bashir comments that it would help Dukat's war orphan predicament, catching Garak off guard. Bashir explains that Dukat called after the incident and was very concerned about his well-being. Bashir is surprised, since Garak never mentioned that they were friends, but Garak just laughs it off. He asks what Dukat wants with the orphans, and Bashir tells him he's trying to bring them home from Bajor. Garak becomes suspicious, and Bashir asks if he's missing something. Garak asks if he believes that the Cardassians just forgot the orphans when they left Bajor, that it would slip their minds. It's extremely odd for Dukat as well, given that he was in charge of leaving.

Bashir is trying to sleep, when he hears someone enters his room. He gets up and sees that it's Garak, who tells him to get dressed and that they need to leave. Bashir asks where, and Garak says that they're going to Bajor.

Garak and Bashir arrive on Bajor at a resettlement institute to ask about Rugal, but the caretaker says they won't find anything. Given that it was during the occupation. The woman says that the computers are broken, but Garak assures her he can fix it. Bashir is surprised by this, but Garak says that it's just a hobby of his. As Garak fixes the computer, Bashir admits that he's continued to underestimate him, but Garak just brushes it off. He is unable to find Rugal or his father, and Bashir questions how he was able to find the old files that quickly. Garak says it's because he knows what he's looking for, and thinks either it was misfiled or they're at the wrong place. Bashir won't go to another district until he gets an explanation, but Garak says that won't be necessary. He can download all the information from the province onto a data clip. Bashir says that will be thousands, and Garak correct him that it's ten's of thousands. He finishes the download and the two start to leave when several Cardassian children spot them. One asks if Garak is there to take them home, but Garak says that he's not. He tells Bashir to follow, and the two leave.

On the runabout, Garak starts to tell the computer how to analyze the data, but Bashir tells the computer to shut down. Garak realizes that Bashir is upset about the orphans, and explains that on Cardassia they would have no status. He doesn't make the rules. Bashir says that he does play the game though, and there's one going on right now. Garak says there's always games, but Bashir just wants to know what this one is about. So Garak is going to tell him, or he won't move the ship till he does. Garak asks why the Cardassian left Bajor, and Bashir says that Gukat told them it was a decision made by the civilian leaders. Garak says that it's interesting, given that one of the civilian leaders has entered the scenario. Bashir realizes that he means Rugal's father and that would make him an enemy of Dukat's. Garak goes over everything with Rugal, and Bashir questions if it might be a coincidence. Garak says that he believes in coincidences, but doesn't necessarily trust them and the two go back to the station.

While searching through the files, Garak says that he's been foolish. Bashir asks if he thinks he's been wrong, which would mean they wasted looking through 7,000 file for nothing. Garak says that Dukat is too smart, and wouldn't have left a file to be found. Bashir asks if Dukat would have purged the file on Rugal, and Garak says that's what he would have done. Bashir comes to the conclusion that there was something in it that Dukat didn't want them to see. Garak says that they need to find the person who wrote the file, and Bashir asks how they're going to find him. Garak corrects to a her, and Bashir asks how he knows. Garak has already found the name.

At lunch, Bashir asks Garak why he wanted to expose Dukat, what the truth is about the two of them. Garak says that truth is in the eye of the beholder. He never tells the truth because there is no such thing. Bashir asks if that means he's not going to tell him, but Garak says that he doesn't need to. It's spread out through all the details. Garak says that he will see him next time and leaves.


Garak and Bashir are at Quark's discussing the latest Cardassian novel they read, Bashir against the characters choice to kill his brother, while Garak supports it. Garak support is due to the loyalty to the state, but Bashir says that one must be loyal to one's self first. Garak asks where he got that idea, and Bashir says that he got it from himself. Garak believes that ideas like that means that Bashir wouldn't last five minutes on Cardassia, and Bashir questions if Garak would either. Garak can tell he's fishing for answers to his background, but Bashir points out that if Garak isn't a spy, then he might be an outcast. Garak then says that he might be both. Bashir questions how he would be both, but Garak never said he was either.


While walking to lunch with Garak, Bashir starts to yawn. Garak hopes he's not boring him, but Bashir was just up late the night before. Garak assumes he was entertaining someone, but he was actually finishing the rest of "The Never-ending Sacrifice". Garak calls it superb, and the best Cardassian novel written. Bashir will take Garak's word for it, which Garak can tell he didn't enjoy it. Bashir found it interesting, but dull in parts. They notice that the replimat is overcrowded, and Bashir suggests Quark's. Garak's not in the mood for the loud background noise, and Bashir assumes that means the Klingon restaurant is out as well. Garak finds it hard to believe that he's having lunch with a man who found "The Never-ending Sacrifice" dull. Bashir says that he found it repetitive, given that the story is about seven generations of a single family, but they all just serve the state and die over and over again. Garak says that's the point. The repetitive epic is one of the greatest forms of Caradssian literature. Bashir didn't think any of the characters felt real, and that there's more to life than duty to the state. Garak considers that a federation view point. Bashir suggests he lend him something from a different author, but Garak thinks it would be a waste of time. His taste in art is clearly based on starfleet bias. Bashir tries to explain himself when Garak suddenly gets a pain in his head. Bashir asks if he's all right, but Garak insists that he is. Bashir isn't convinced and tries to take him to the infirmary, but Garak brushes him aside. He's lost his appetite and leaves a confused Bashir behind.

While in the infirmary, Bashir is suddenly called by Quark to come to the bar for an emergency. He arrives to see Garak on a third bottle of Kanar, and surprised to see him. He invites Bashir to sit beside him who does so. Bashir says that it it a little noisy though, so maybe they should go somewhere quiet. Garak agrees and suggests they go to his quarters. Bashir agrees, but lies about needing to stop at the infirmary first, but even while drunk Garak knows that he's lying. He starts to demand the Kanar back, when he suddenly goes into a seizure. Bashir quickly drops to his side and has ops beam him to the infirmary.

After a chat with Odo, Bashir returns to the infirmary to find that Garak had left. He the goes to Garak's quarters, and uses his medical override to enter. He finds Garak injecting himself with a hypo-spray and quickly snatches it out of his hand to scan it. He becomes angry at the contents, and Garak says that he didn't take enough. Bashir's had enough and demands that Garak is coming back to the infirmary, but Garak says that there's nothing Bashir can do for him. Bashir asks if Quark is the one that can, but Garak is quickly taken aback. Bashir says that Quark isn't coming, and was unable to get the item he needed. Garak finds that distressing, but not surprising. He thinks it might be for the best and asks for they hypospray. Bashir says that another dose would kill him, and while Garak thanks him for the concern, just asks for it again. Bashir won't let Garak commit suicide and wants to help, but Garak doesn't think he can. Garak falls to the ground and knows what Bashir will find with the tricorder. Bashir says he has to get to the infirmary, but Garak refuses to be put on display for the Bajorans. Bashir's more worried about the implant and assumes it's a punishment device. Garak says that it became that, and Bashir demands that he tell him so that he can find a way to remove it. Garak says that it can't, and was put in so that if he was tortured by enemies of the Obsidian Order, it would hit the pleasure centers of his mind instead. Bashir asks what caused it to malfunction, and Garak says that it's not meant for continuous use. Living on DS9 was torture and when he couldn't take it anymore, he found a way to trigger the implant whenever he wanted. Bashir asks how long it's been on, and Garak admits that its been two years. Bashir asks why he won't shut the implant off, but Garak says that his body has become to dependent on it. Bashir asks if he's really going to let those that exiled him win, so that he'll never see Cardassia again. Garak asks if anyone has ever called Bashir a pest, and Bashir says that O'Brien does it every day, he doesn't care then either. Garak asks if Bashir ever considered that Garak is getting what he deserves with this, but Bashir doesn't think anyone deserves this. Garak can't stand his Federation sympathies, and asks if just because they have lunch together that it truly means that Bashir knows him. He has no idea what he's capable of. But Bashir is a doctor, Garak is his patient. That's all he needs to know.

Garak says that Bashir is wrong, and needs to know who he's actually trying to save. Garak says that he was a Ghul who was tasked with tracking down Bajoran escapees and destroyed a Cardassian vessel they had boarded along with his friend Elim. Bashir doesn't think he's serious, but Garak says otherwise. Unfortunately for him, one of the passengers was the daughter of a major military official and was exiled from Cardassia for it. He hopes that he didn't shatter too many of Bashir's allusions, but Bashir isn't concerned about his past. He's not going to let him die. He needs to turn off the implant, and whatever he experiences, Bashir will help him through it. He asks where the triggering device is, and Garak give in and tells him.

Bashir starts to monitor Garak after he falls asleep, spending the next 26 hours with Garak while he does. Garak wakes up at some point sobbing, and Bashir goes to check on him. Garak wants to be left alone, but Bashir doesn't think that would be a good idea. He places his hand on Garak's shoulder, but he just flinches away. Bashir tells him to calm down, but Garak thinks he's been calm long enough. Garak hates what his life has become, and Bashir tells him to take it easy given that he's still experiencing side effects. Garak things that's ridiculous, given that he feels more clearheaded than he has in the past two years. He flips a table and says that he was once the protege of Enabrain Tain, asking if Bashir knows what that means. Bashir doesn't, and Garak says that he doesn't know much of anything. He explains that Tain was the Obsidian Order, and he was his right hand until he threw it all away. Bashir asks if he's refering to the prisoners, but Garak didn't actually kill them, his disgrace is worse. Bashir asks what would be worse than that, and Garak reveals that he let them go. Bashir assumes that's why he was exiled, and Garak confirms this. They left him on DS9, with nothing to look forward to except having lunch with Bashir. Bashir's sorry he feels that way, given that he always thought Garak enjoyed his company. Garak admits that he did, and that's the worst part about it. He hates DS9, and he hates Bashir. Bashir thinks that's enough, he's made his point and should lie down. Garak tells him to get away and attacks Bashir, and the two start to fight when Garak has another seizure. Bashir calls for an emergency medical team and they quickly take him to the infirmary.

In the infirmary, Bashir finds a way to help Garak, but they can't get what they need fast enough. The nurse suggests turning on the implant to give them more time, but Garak wakes up and says no. He won't allow it to be turned on again. Bashir understands, but doesn't know what else he can do for him. Garak thinks that Bashir has done enough, more than he deserves, but there is something he needs to know. The truth. Bashir says that he's given up on learning the truth from him, but Garak tells him not to give up just yet. Patience has its rewards. He tells him that he had his friend Elim accused of a crime while Tain was retired on a colony somewhere, only to find out that Elim had beaten him there. He was sentenced to exile, and it was what he deserved. Bashir asks why he's telling him, and Garak says so that he can forgive him. Someone has to. He then hold out his hand, and Bashir takes it in his own. He forgives him and Garak thanks him before falling asleep. Bashir tells his nurse to keep Garak comfortable, while he goes to find Tain for some answers.

Bashir finds Tain who asks him how Garak is. Bashir tells him that Garak is dying and that he's trying to save him. Tain thinks that if he's really Garak's friend, he'll let him die. Bashir says that his job is to keep him alive, and needs Tain's help. Tain agrees and will give Bashir the information that he needs, but he really should be going. Bashir asks one more question, about Elim who Garak mentioned. Tain then reveals that Elim is actually Garak's first name. He asks Bashir to leave, and to let Garak know he misses him. Bashir will be sure to pass on the message and leaves.

Bashir is eating lunch alone on the replimat, when Garak comes up to him and asks to join. As he sits down, Bashir says that he's supposed to be in bed. Garak sees that as out of the question, not being able to be in the infirmary another second. Besides, he feels fine. He asks how Bashir's lunch is, and Bashir is aghast. That's all he can say after the last ten days! Garak is satisfied with how things turned out, and doesn't see the need to dwell on what was a tough time for both of them. Garak then tells him that he had an interesting conversation with Odo, who believes he's a member of the Obsidian Order. Bashir asks what he told him, and Garak says that Odo was mistaken. Bashir asks if Odo believed him, and Garak says that Odo will be keeping a closer eye on him, even though he has nothing to hid. He then gives Bashir another Cardassian novel, one that he thinks will be to the doctor's taste. Bashir admits that he still has questions about Garak's past, but Garak has given him all that he can. Bashir says that Garak has given him answers, but they're all different. He wants to know which one is the truth. Garak says that they're all true. Bashir asks if that includes the lies, and Garak says that it does.

Season 3


This entire episode takes place within the minds of several officers, including Bashir. The following events do not directly effect the canon of the real Garak.

Bashir enters the promenade where he runs into Garak who welcomes him back. Bashir says that it's good to be back and asks how Garak's business is doing. Garak jokingly asks if he means as a tailor or a spy, but did miss him while he was away. Bashir says that's kind of him to say, and hopes things will be going back to normal soon. Garak has his doubts believing that the Dominion will be a danger to them. Bashir assumes he means the peace talks, and Garak confirms. They may end up being something they live to regret. Bashir asks if that's his opinion's or Cardassia's. Garak assures him that it's his, since Cardassia is for the treaty, justifying his fears in his eyes. Bashir hopes that Garak is worrying over nothing when they run into T'Rul. She angrily tells them that Romulans have been left out of the treaty, and Garak asks if Bashir his fears are for nothing.

Garak, Dax and Bashir enter the entrance of ops and Garak knocks out Eddington while Dax frees Sisko. Garak asks Bashir to grab Eddington's legs, and Bashir assumes that Garak is enjoying himself. Garak denies this, but does welcome the change of pace.

The group head down the corridor when they are suddenly stopped by the Jem'hadar. Garak says that he has them, Bashir questioning him, when he uses the distraction to shoot the Jem'hadar. Sisko commends him, but Garak says that is was just something he read once. Bashir sarcastically says that he's sure of that, when Garak is shot by another Jem'hadar. Bashir rushes to his side and Garak says that he won't be able to have lunch with him. He dies and Sisko pulls Bashir away. When they reach the runabout, Miles asks what happened to Garak, and Bashir says that he's not coming.


Bashir finds Garak on the replimat and tells him that he had checked his shop, but found it closed. Garak says that business has been slow since the threat of the Dominion emerged, and asks how Bashir's trip was. Bashir found it great, and Garak admits that he has some envy for Bashir. Bashir asks what he means, and Garak explains that he traveled a lot when he was younger, and found joy in immersing himself in another world. But aside from their last trip to Bajor, he hasn't left the station in three years. Bashir asks what's stopping him, given the ships leaving every day, but Garak just says that space is dangerous. Anything could happen. Bashir thinks he's being paranoid and questions if Garak is implying that the Cardassian government would have him killed if he left. Garak thinks that Bashir has an over active imagination, and Bashir is getting a little annoyed that he's still not getting any answers.


As the senior staff tries to figure a way out of ops, Garak appears and is able to temporarily remove the forcefield before entering. Kira asks if he can use the code to get everyone in the station out, but Garak says that it only allows him to enter before reappearing. Bashir asks if Garak's used it to shut down the security program, but Garak informs him that Dukat never trusted him to have access to higher security. He asks if Garak knows how to stop the gas, but Garak informs them that the only way is too destroy the life support system. Kira asks if he's trying to get them killed, but Bashir says that Garak is right.

While Garak puts in his security codes, Garak asks Bashir what's making him smile. Bashir says that it's him, wondering how many other tailors can rewrite security codes. Garak wouldn't even guess, but is reminded that the pants Bashir needed altered are ready for pickup. He then comes across a problem, Dukat left a number of subroutines in his access codes. Bashir asks what that means, and Garak explains that the computer is constantly asking him to prove that he's Dukat.

Season 4

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Season 5

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Season 6

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Season 7

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A Stitch in Time

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Season 1

Past Prologue

  • Julian offers Garak some Tarkalean Tea.
  • Garak calls Julian kind.
  • Bashir asks for guidance from Sisko on Garak.

Season 2


  • Bashir tells the others about the boy that bit Garak.
  • Bashir defends Garak.
  • The man at the dabo table asks Bashir how Garak is.
  • Bashir tells Dukat that Garak has been teaching him on Cardassia.
  • Bashir tells Sisko and Jadzia about how Garak believes that Dukat is lying.
  • Bashir asks Sisko to allow Garak and him to use a runabout.
  • Garak believes their get togethers haven't been wasted, given Bashir's deductive reasoning.
  • Sisko has Garak and Bashir look over all the data they found.
  • Garak and Bashir contact the woman who wrote Rugals file.
  • Garak watches Bashir go up against Dukat.
  • Bashir watches Garak stop to talk to one of the other DS9 residents.


  • Bashir tells Kira that Garak's been lecturing him on surveillance techniques.

Profit and Loss

  • Garak thanks Bashir for lunch, just before noticing Natima.

The Wire

  • Bashir talks with Jadzia about Garak.
  • Bashir overhears Garak talking to Quark.
  • Bashir asks Odo for help regarding Garak's condition.
  • Bashir questions why the Obsidian Order would put an implant in Garak.
  • Bashir stops Odo from interrogating Garak.


  • Bashir mistakes Mirror!Garak for their reality Garak.

Season 3

The Search, Part 2

  • Garak tells Bashir not to worry too much about his starfleet career.

Second Skin

  • Garak asks Bashir to join him for a snack before telling him that he has news about Kira.
  • Garak tells Sisko that he told Bashir everything he knows.

Civil Defense

  • Garak and Bashir duck behind the terminal as a laser fires at them.
  • Bashir warns Garak against standing in the firing range, but Garak assures him that it won't hurt a Cardassian.
  • Bashir tells Garak to stop bickering with Dukat since it isn't helping.


Bashir“You know, some people say that you remained on DS Nine as the eyes and ears of your fellow Cardassians.”
Garak“You don't say? Doctor, you're not intimating that I'm considered some sort of spy, are you?”
Bashir“I wouldn't know, sir.”
Garak“Ah. An open mind. The essence of intellect. As you may also know, I have a clothing shop nearby, so if you should require any apparel, or merely wish, as I do, for a bit of enjoyable company now and then, I'm at your disposal, Doctor.”
Bashir“You're very kind, Mister Garak.”
Garak“Oh, it's just Garak. Plain, simple Garak. Now, good day to you, Doctor. I'm so glad to have made such an interesting new friend today.”
— Past Prologue
Bashir“You're very kind, Mister Garak.”
Garak“Oh, it's just Garak. Plain, simple Garak.”
— Past Prologue
Garak“Really, doctor, must we always play this game? I am no more a spy than you are a...”
Bashir“...a doctor.”
— Cardassians
“I continue to underestimate you, Garak.”
— Bashir; Cardassians
Bashir“But there's one more question I haven't figured out, Garak. Why did you want to expose Dukat? What's the truth about you and him?”
Garak“Truth, Doctor, is in the eye of the beholder. I never tell the truth because I don't believe there is such a thing. That's why I prefer the straight line simplicity of cutting cloth.”
Bashir“You're not going to tell me.”
Garak“But you don't need me to tell you, my friend. Just notice the details. They're scattered like crumbs all over this table we regularly share. Until next time.”
— Cardassians
Garak“And who can we thank for those misguided words of wisdom? Sarek of Vulcan?”
Bashir“Actually, it was Bashir of Earth.”
Garak“With sentiments like those, you wouldn't last for five seconds on Cardassia.”
Bashir“Would you?”
Garak“Fishing again, Doctor?”
Bashir“Well, assuming you're not a spy.”
Bashir“Then maybe you're an outcast?”
Garak“Or maybe I'm an outcast spy.”
Bashir - "How could you be both?"
Garak“I never said I was either.”
— Profit and Loss
Bashir“It's that damn Cardassian evasiveness of his. I mean, making me guess about his past is one thing, but when it comes to his health? I don't know. Why can't he just tell me what's going on?”
Dax“It sounds like you're taking this personally.”
Bashir“I suppose I am. It's just that Garak and I have been having lunch together once a week for more than a year now. You'd think he'd come to trust me a little.”
Dax“Why should he? It's not like you two are really friends.”
Bashir“No, of course not. I suppose when it comes right down to it, I don't trust him either. I mean, for all I know, the man is a Cardassian spy.”
Bashir“Exactly. If he doesn't want my help, that's his prerogative.”
— The Wire
Bashir“You know, I still have a lot of questions to ask you about your past.”
Garak“I've given you all the answers I'm capable of.”
Bashir“You gave me answers, all right, but they were all different. What I want to know is of all the stories you told me, which ones were true and which ones weren't?”
Garak“My dear Doctor, they're all true.”
Bashir“Even the lies?”
Garak“Especially the lies.”
— The Wire
Garak“I've missed you. I've been genuinely concerned for your safety. Lunch hasn't been the same without you.”
Bashir“That's very kind of you to say so, Garak.”
— The Search, Part 2
Bashir“If I didn't know better, I'd say you were enjoying yourself, Garak.”
Garak“Not at all, Doctor, but after years of hemming dresses, a little action is a welcome change of pace.”
— The Search, Part 2
Bashir“Garak! Garak.”
Garak“Doctor, I'm afraid I won't be able to have lunch with you today.”
— The Search, Part 2
Garak“You never know what might happen.”
Bashir“Garak, you're being paranoid. Are you saying the Cardassian government would have you killed if you left this station?”
Garak“My dear Doctor, you do have a vivid imagination.”
— Second Skin
Garak“Tell me, Doctor, what is it exactly about this situation that's making you smile?”
Bashir“You, Garak. Just wondering how many other tailors can rewrite Cardassian security protocols?”
Garak“I wouldn't even venture a guess. Which reminds me, those pants you wanted altered are ready to be picked up.”
— Civil Defense
Bashir“Actually, I did some checking on Letheans. Their telepathic attacks are almost always fatal. I guess I was lucky.”
Garak“Cardassians don't believe in luck, Doctor. You survived because you're strong.”
Bashir“One thing's for sure, you know. After experiencing life at a hundred plus, turning thirty doesn't seem that bad anymore.”
Garak“In that case, happy birthday. You know, Doctor, what I find most fascinating about this entire incident is how your unconscious mind chose people you know to represent the various parts of your personality.”
Bashir“Well, it did make things interesting.”
Garak“And what I find interesting is how your mind ended up casting me in the role of the villain.”
Bashir“Oh, I wouldn't read too much into that, Garak.”
Garak“Oh how can I not? To think, after all this time, all our lunches together, you still don't trust me. There's hope for you yet, Doctor.”
— Distant Voices
Garak“The answer to your question, Doctor, is no. There's nothing you can do for me while I'm away.”
Bashir“Then these are for you.”
Garak“Delvian chocolates. But these were meant for you.”
Bashir“I know. I thought you might need them more than I do.”
Garak“Thank you.”
— Improbable Cause
Bashir“You'll be fine. It's just a flesh wound.”
Garak“That was awfully close. What if you'd killed me?”
Bashir“What makes you think I wasn't trying?”
Garak“Doctor, I do believe there's hope for you yet.”
Bashir“I'm so relieved. Now, we have to get to the control room. Are you coming or not?”
Garak“Well, who am I to question Julian Bashir, secret agent? Lead on.”
— Our Man Bashir
Garak“Let this be a lesson to you, Doctor, perhaps the most valuable one I can ever teach you. Sentiment is the greatest weakness of all.”
Bashir“If that's true, it's a lesson I'd rather no learn.”
— In Purgatory's Shadow
Garak“You're not genetically engineered. You're a Vulcan.”
Bashir“If I'm a vulcan, then how do you explain my boyish smile?”
Garak“Not so boyish anymore, Doctor.”
— A Time to Stand
“I sat down at the end of the bar instead of going to my usual place on the second level. I wasn’t sure how long I wanted to stay; I just had to get out of the crowd and a grip on my feelings. I was in a dangerous mood.

Ever since that ridiculous holosuite program, I thought. The spy game. Well, of course it’s a game. It’s all a game. But it’s not a holosuite program. And yet, the moment Julian wounded me with his ridiculous weapon, everything changed. I thought it was a magnificent moment. He showed me that he had the spine to play the game as it ought to be played. But why then did he back off? Why couldn’t he go beyond that moment? Why did our relationship end?”
— Garak; A Stitch In Time

Behind the Scenes

“I gave Garak some of the best years of my life!”
— Alexander Siddig[1]
“They misstepped with Ziyal from the beginning. Honestly. They were trying to do something, and god love them. It would have been nice if Garak had a squeeze, but nobody could replace dear Julian.”
— Andrew Robbinson[2]
“Originally, in that very first episode, I loved the man's absolute fearlessness about presenting himself to an attractive Human being. The fact that the attractive Human being is a man (Bashir) doesn't make any difference to him.”
— Andrew Robbinson
Ira Steven Behr“What did Garak think of Bashir? Were they friends? Did they develop a friendship? Or was he using him the whole time?”
Andrew Robinson“At first, he just wanted to have sex with him. That's absolutely clear. That's all he wanted from him."Come to the shop, I got some nice clothes for you. But you'll have to change first." But then it really got complicated, especially when Garak's addiction and despair began to surface. He needed someone to share it with.”
— DS9: What We Left Behind
Ira Steven Behr“Besides, Garak was clearly gay. I mean, everyone knew it, and we never played it. What we should have done after the wire in season two, the episode where Bashir helps him get over his addiction, we should've had Garak come out to Bashir as a gay Cardassian.”
Luke Snailham“You think the studio would have actually let you do that?”
Ira Steven Behr“Maybe not, I don't know. Probably not, but we never asked. That's why we don't get the check. Garak come out as gay in season two, we have five seasons to play that Bashir and Garak relationship. Where that would have gone, who the hell knows, but it could have been so cool.”
— DS9: What We Left Behind
“It worked from the very first scene we did together, at lunch on the replimat...there was a kind of freeson beteween us, a kind of energy between us that they really loved. It just hadn't worked with any other characters for me. They tried to do all the ordinary things they tried to do with young leads at the time. They try and make sure that they have a love life, and everyone that came in and out of my world it just didn't click. So, kinda, my love life was really Garak.”
— Alexander Siddig[3]


Fans quickly noticed chemistry between the two, and instantly started to ship them. Shippers, and Garak fans in general, had to wait till the second season after Garak's first appearance for more moments between the two. As the two continued to spend more time together, the ship began to grow. Fans were disappointed when both Garak and Bashir were given random love interests, but still kept the ship alive. The ship is considered almost as iconic as Spock/Kirk, many fans knowing about the pairing without being fans of the series. This also led to fans scrambling and waiting for one of their ships to get together, although this continued to not happen long into Discovery.

When the series was airing, some fans even sent some fic to Andrew Robinson. He seemed to enjoy them.

Fan fiction and fan art between the two varies. Common for post-canon AU's mostly involve the two getting together on Cardassia, as many believe that Bashir would go to Cardassia to treat patients who were nearly killed during the Dominion War and don't have access to Starfleet medicine. Canon divergence AU's will also show points throughout the series where they believe that the two would have gotten together, and either end up in a secret relationship or in an on and off again relationship. Like all Star Trek pairing, Mirrorverse fic is also popular.

While most Star Trek books are considered non-canon to the main series, many Garashir shippers consider A Stitch in Time to be one of the few canon ones.

While not necessarily depicted in fic and art, many fans of the two hope to see them on Star Trek: Picard. There aren't many ideas floated around of what they would do in the plot, but most would just like to see the two be confirmed canon in it.

On AO3, Garashir is the most written ship for Garak and Julian. It is also the most written ship in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine tag and the fourth most written in the Star Trek tag.



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  • Andrew Robinson has stated on every occasion possible, that he portrayed Garak as an omnisexual that was in love with Bashir.[4]
  • Star Trek: Discovery creator, Bryan Fuller ships the two[5][6][7].
  • In Star Trek: Discovery, the line "Yes dear doctor" to Stamets as he talks to his partner Culber as a reference to Garak and Bashir.
  • During quarantin 2020 Alexander Siddig and Andrew Robbinson put together a four episode series about Garak and Bashir reuniting on Cardassia[8].





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