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Genario is the slash ship between Geno and Mario from the Super Mario fandom.


Early in the story of Super Mario RPG, Bowyer―not to be confused with Bowser―attacks Red Rose Town with paralyzing arrows that force its residents to stay indoors. In one of the town's houses, Mario decides to play with a boy named Gaz with the toys he has. However, one of them ends up knocking Mario out due to its laser canon. This very doll ends up being chosen by a star being in the night.

The next morning, Gaz reveals to his mother that the doll had began to walk around. While the mother doesn't believe him, Mario decides to find the livid toy. Thus, Mario and gang set out into the forest.

Throughout this time period, Mario follows the wooden toy around until they reach Bowyer. Here, the doll challenges Bowyer to a duel in order to recover one of the Star Pieces. Bowyer refuses and shoots his arrows to paralyze him, but Mario stomps on the arrow in mid air, saving the doll in the process. Thus, the duo fight together to stop Bowyer.

After the fight, the doll introduces himself as '♥♪!?.' Due to it being nigh impossible to pronounce, he decides to go by the doll's name, 'Geno.' Geno explains he is a star spirit tasked with fixing the Star Road and that he choose the doll's body due to its strength. He then proceeds to join Mario on his adventure.

After the Smithy Gang is defeated and all Star Pieces are collected, Geno leaves the doll's body to return home. Its lifeless body can be seen behind Mario and co. on Vista Hill.


The ship formed from Geno's status as a fan favorite character, Mario saving Geno from Bowyer, and their cooperation with each other. Mario bringing Geno's body along to Vista Hill also adds onto it. It goes into the trope of friends to lovers.

Further analysis of the Canon dialogue reveals that Geno doesn’t ever truly speak of the party as a whole, but rather calls Mario by name, rarely talking to or mentioning the other party members. This, along with the slight hesitation Geno has to defeat Smithy and end their journey, has led fans to believe the ship to be at the very least somewhat plausible.

Art may depict the duo either working together or kissing. For the latter, it is likely for stars or space to be in the background due to Geno being a star spirit and Mario's history of collecting stars in previous games.



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  • In the original Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, Geno's doll form can be seen in the Star 'Stache Smash minigame. However, the remake removes this short cameo. This change may have been due to copyright.


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