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Mercy“I got you some chocolates, Genji. Swiss, they're the best.”
Genji“Thank you, Angela. Perhaps you could share them with me?”
— Valentine's Day

Gency is the het ship between Genji and Mercy from the Overwatch fandom.


Angela joined Overwatch at a young age and became the head of medical research. She discovered new uses for nano-biology and how to use it to heal injuries and illness. She developed the Valkyrie suit, so that she could use the tech on the battlefield, taking the call name "Mercy" when she did. After Overwatch was disbanded, Mercy continued to use her tech to heal others.

Genji was the second son of the Shimada Clan. He lived a carefree life until his father died, and the Clan elders encouraged his older brother, Hanzo, to put an end to it. Hanzo confronted his brother, and eventually it turned violent. Hanzo severely injures Genji and believes him to be dead. Hanzo ran from his home, while Genji was found by a Blackwatch team. He was treated, becoming a cyborg and joined Blackwatch till it was disbanded. He went journeying and joined up with Omnic Monks, where he learned to control his anger. He eventually goes to meet his brother again, hoping to help him find peace with what he did.

When Genji was on the verge of death and found by Blackwatch, Mercy was the one to treat him and watched over him through his recovery. After Overwatch disbanded, Genji met Zenyatta and trained with him. Around Christmas, he wrote letters to Angela. She has received them along with a sparrow feather that he seemed to have written them with.

During the Storm Rising event, there is a cutscene of Mercy swooping in and saving Genji from a gigantic explosion in the background.

Genji and Mercy are part of the same Strike Team who took down Maximillian.


"I Need Healing" was a meme for as long as the game has been released. Given that Mercy is the most common healer chosen, she ends up being the one to heal Genji.

Genji is one of the best characters to "uber" Mercy from spawn point & combo ult with Valkyrie, but not the best to pocket.

The majority of the custom games "Chill No Kill" consist of Genji or Mercy players sitting together or doing emotes & voice lines. On occasion, custom games would have titles consisting of "Queen Mercy & King Genji" as well as other similar one's.



Mercy“You seem well, Genji.”
Genji“I am a different man now. I am whole.”
— Pre-Mission
Mercy“I got you some chocolates, Genji. Swiss, they're the best.”
Genji“Thank you, Angela. Perhaps you could share them with me?”
— Valentine's Day
Genji“Angela, I have some chocolates for you.... Not Swiss.”
Mercy“*sigh* I suppose it will have to do. Thank you, Genji.”
— White Day
Genji“I am grateful for our conversations, Angela. I hope we may resume them when we return to base.”
Mercy“Of course, assuming you don't find all my research talk too dry.”
Genji“I find it strangely reassuring. Perhaps because you saved my life.”
Mercy“The lengths I go to find someone willing to talk to me.”
— Storm Rising
Genji“I'm watching out for you, Angela.”
Mercy“Well it's about time you return the favor.”
— Storm Rising
Genji“I'll be watching your back, Angela. [chuckles] Not that you really need me.”
Mercy“I always feel safer knowing you're there, Genji.”
— Storm Rising
Genji“Thanks for helping me out earlier, Angela.”
Mercy“I do seem to be making a habit of saving you. It's a good thing I like you. Buy me dinner when this is all over.”
Genji“It would be my pleasure.”
— Storm Rising
Tracer“You and Dr. Ziegler are getting on well, aren't you?”
Genji“She's the only one who's awake late at night on base.”
Tracer“Oh, is that all?”
Genji“And I'm the only one who can drink her coffee.”
— Storm Rising



— Genji witnesses friendly Mercy eliminated
“Genji... I was too late.”
— Mercy witnesses friendly Genji eliminated


Those who hate Gency are called Antis & the majority inhabit Tumblr or Twitter. "ThingsBetterThenGency", "Anti-Gency" are blogs dedicated and run by Anti-Gency. The reason that people would not ship it are that they would prefer the two characters to not be heterosexual, and would prefer them in other relationships. Another reason is that Mercy was once Genji's doctor, and many would feel that their relationship would be considered inappropriate.

Some twitter users have harassed the main writer, Michael Chu, for his liking of Gency, which begun after the Valentine's Day Voice Lines were released.

Many shippers of Gency enjoy making children OCs. Many like writing them getting married or what their relationship is like.

The ship is also written as the half of two different love triangles. With Mercy as the point the other half is with Pharah. With Genji as the point, the other half is with Zenyatta.

On AO3, Gency is the second most written ship for Mercy, and the third most written ship for Genji. It is the ninth most written ship within the Overwatch tag. It also has a large following on Tumblr.



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  • Genji is 35, while Mercy is 37.
  • The ship is supported by Gaku Space, who voices Genji.
  • Based on lore, the ship has a high possibility of being canon and is viewed as canon under speculation.



Emerzenji refers to the ship between Zenyatta, Genji and Mercy
McGency refers to the ship between McCree, Genji and Mercy
Phargency refers to the ship between Pharah,Genji and Mercy


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