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Gerra is the het ship between Clara Bornstein and Gerry from the It's Pony fandom.


Season 1


Game Horse

Clara hugs Gerry tightly and blurts, "Gerry, I've always loved you!". While Gerry, seems a bit confused about what she was saying.


Gerry and Clara start to talk about if there was theater sushi, and they both agreed that it would be good if there was.

Gerry's Birthday

Clara smiles when she heard Annie say that it was Gerry's birthday. And she came to the Bramley apartment to help decorate. And she dressed as a pirate and got mistaken as a pirate burglar.


Gerry and Clara stood beside each other a lot. And when Annie hurt her foot, Clara said that Gerry should play on the soccer team in her place. Gerry said he was already on the team, which he was. Then she said, "You're wearing your school shoes." Then he replied, "They're comfy."

Clara Time

Annie asks Gerry for a favor. Clara sees a note saying that chess is moved to the park. And later, they can be seen sitting close to each other.

School Dance

Later on, Clara blurts out that "Gerry looks good in his suit!". Then, she puts her hand over her mouth quickly, because she realizes that she wasn't supposed to say that out loud.

Dad's Speech

Gerry tells Clara that her mom was cool.



Paper Chase

Vending Machine

Season 2

Raiders of the Lost Cinema

When someone pulls a light switch, Clara and Gerry scream and then hug each other.

Annie's Voice

Pighog Day

Second Best Friend

Pony Car

"Uh, oh. There's Clara! *DRINKS INTENSELY*"

Basically Gerry admits to having a crush on Clara. "I'm gonna ask Clara to dance!". "Last time you tried that you were so nervous your mouth dried up and you couldn't talk.", Heston said. Also confirming that Gerry reciprocated Clara's feeling before this episode(possibly in the episode School Dance). When they made it to the party, Gerry is practicing on how to ask Clara to dance. She walks over to him and says, "I'd love to Gerry."

Wedding Planners

Gerry saying that Clara was his date to George and Helen's secret wedding. She responded, "I am?", then looked at him with a weird expression.

Cat Alley


Country Pony

Space Shippers

Gerry writes a romantic poem about Clara, Annie and Pony read it and think he should give it to her. "Clara? What? No!", Gerry said. Then he asks them how they knew, "Everybody knows you like her.", Annie says. "They do?", Gerry asks. Then a creepy old man outside the bus says, "Sure! Gerry and Clara!". When they get to school, Annie tries motivating Gerry to show Clara the poem. "What if she doesn't like me?", Gerry asks, scared. "Of course she likes you.", Annie reminds him. Gerry then asks her how she knows. Then there's a flashback to where Clara says she's always loved Gerry while hugging him tight(from Game Horse). "Could be another Gerry. Too risky.", Gerry says, afraid of rejection. Annie says that it's like painting a beautiful painting and hiding it away. Gerry looks at a painting he did make of Clara in his locker.

Clara is in Brian's comic store, buying something for Gerry. "Oh nice! Gerry's gonna love em'!", Brian said, checking them out for her. "Gerry? Who said it's for him?", Clara said, blushing. "Duh, everyone knows you like him.", Then the creepy old man shows up again. "Yup, Gerry and Clara.", he said, reading a comic. Clara gets flustered then runs out of the store. Annie and Pony have a plan to put the poem in Clara's back pack. Annie is caught from the bushes, while the gang is playing soccer. "It's up to you Pony!", she said. Pony accidentally puts it in Beatrice's back pack instead of Clara's. Beatrice gets the wrong idea, that Gerry likes her. And forcefully makes him start dating her. Clara's then depressed over it. Later in the episode, Clara arrives to Area 54, and Chris drives them all back to town after Annie and Pony take Gerry away from Beatrice by pretending to be aliens. Gerry and Clara then walk together, and Gerry asks, "So, how about that math homework?". "Yeah tough.", Clara said.

Disaster Express

Clara asks why Gerry wasn't able to solve a puzzle from a space themed escape room. "He's so smart and-", Clara said, as her as were sparkling. Annie then uses Clara's phone to call Gerry. But Gerry thinks it's Clara calling him. "Clara! How do I answer?", Gerry said gasping. He then starts saying ways how he could answer her. Then Annie hangs up cause of the kind of long wait for him to answer. He finally calls Annie back. He doesn't know it's Annie, so he accidentally calls her Clar-Bear. "Wha-why are you on Clara's phone?!", Gerry asked, flustered. When Gerry gets scared that he can't solve the puzzle, but he needed Clara's encouragement to help him out. "You can Ger-Bear! Take that shot!", Clara said confidently.

Annie the Influencer

Pony, Come Home

Beachy Weachy Weach


Fans started to ship Gerra after the episode "Game Horse". However, the ship got more attention when Clara blurted that Gerry looked good in his suit and when Gerry said that Clara's mom was cool. The ship name that is more popular in the fandom is "Clerry". And some fans think that "Glara" should be the ship name. The ship currently has zero works in AO3.



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