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GoBul is the het ship between Son Goku and Bulma from the Dragon Ball fandom.


Goku meets Bulma when Goku is still a child. He aids her in her search for the Dragon Balls. He is sometimes upset at how selfish she is and she gets annoyed by his lack of understanding of social norms. Goku saves her some times and she provides help with her engineering knowledge.

When they meet again, Goku is a young adult during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Bulma does show some attraction to Goku, but it is superficial. Bulma roots for Goku in all of his battles.

Goku would ultimately marry Chi-Chi and Bulma would support their relationship. She attends their wedding in the anime. She continues to be friends with Goku and with his new wife Chi-Chi.


Goku x Bulma is a less popular ship. Supporters felt that Bulma may be better match for Goku then Chi-Chi since Bulma had less issues then Chi-Chi with Goku's life-styles. It is some-times used as what-if scenario in fanfics.



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