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Gogy Goggles is the cargo ship between GeorgeNotFound and his clout goggles from the Dream SMP fandom.


George is most known for knowing clout goggles from his main Minecraft skin, which reoccur on many of his other Minecraft skins. The clout goggles also frequently appear on George's merchandise website, appearing on the logo and several items and are shown on George's Youtooz figure. George also appears in the game Monster Legends where he is wearing his goggles as an egg, baby and adult.

In a stream where George played Jackbox with some friends, George wore the goggles and pretended they were X-ray goggles that allowed him to see through people's clothes. Unlike fellow content creator Ranboo with his glasses, George does not wear his goggles all the time while on camera. George and his friends also own clout goggles in real life and are sometimes seen with them.

Dream SMP

George's character wears the clout goggles all the time and In official Dream SMP art, such Tales from the SMP art, George is nearly always seen wearing his goggles. George's goggles aren't included in lore or mentioned all that often. In the Beach Episode, George continued to wear his goggles. The same happened in a lot of events.


In the YouTube fandom, cargoships aren't very popular, but even in the small cargo ship fandom, Gogy Goggles still isn't very popular. Gogy Goggles is overshadowed by the more popular cargoships like Philza x Samsung Smart Refrigerator or Wilbur x Brown M&M. It's also overshadowed by George's ships with people, such as DreamNotFound, SapNotFound, Georgebur and QuackityNotFound. The people that do ship Gogy Goggles mainly ship it as a crackship.

The ship sailed as a result of George being known for his goggles. Those who use the term "Gogy goggles" normally use it to refer to clout goggles and not the actual Gogy Goggles ship. The ship name is also lesser used since using the term "Gogy" unironically can be seen as babying GeorgeNotFound. Other ship names like "GogglesNotFound" and "GlassesNotFound" are normally used as terms for when George is seen in Minecraft without his goggles.

When looking through GeorgeNotFound fan art, it can be hard to find fan art of him without his goggles, both for him and his Dream SMP character. Exceptions of this are redraws of George in real life, which normally don't feature George wearing goggles since George doesn't often wear them outside of streams.



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