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Gomax is the non-binary ship between Go Go Tomago and Baymax from the Big Hero 6 fandom.



Baymax was built by Go Go's friend, Tadashi Hamada, as his project; as well as to help him in his goal of helping people. She didn't have much interaction with Baymax until the robot contacted her and Hiro's friends to help him through his grief. When Go Go notices Baymax's armour she asks Hiro about it before the robot mentions that "he" now also knows Karata. After Yokai chases them throughout the city until Wasabi's car end up in the bay, Baymax removes the armour Hiro made for "him" so the robot could flow Go Go and the others to the surface, where "he" scans them for any injures and notices that their body temperatures are low. As Baymax warms them back to health at Fred's place, Go Go tells Baymax that "he" is a "Good robot" as she thanks "him" for the treatment. She and the others later promised Hiro that they'll help him and Baymax bring Yokai to juristic by becoming a superhero team.

When it was time to face Yokai, after testing the gear and armour that Hiro makes them for their self set task, Go Go rides on Baymax's back, with Hiro and Honey Lemon while the robot uses "his" arms to carry Fred and Wasabi through the air. While Go Go enjoys the "killer view" of flying above and through the city on Baymax. After Hiro orders Baymax to "destroy" Callaghan, Go Go is the first one in the team who tries to stop the robot from doing so but was pushed away before the others joined in to help. Realizing the pain and fear "he" has caused them in "his" ruthless state, Baymax apologies for "his" actions while Go Go was just glad that Baymax is back to normal. Just before Hiro gets Baymax to leave Go Go and the others on the island, luckily Fred's butler was able to pick them up with his family's helicopter.

After both Baymax and Go Go help Hiro through his rage for Callaghan and grief over Tadashi's death, they go to find and stop the masked supervillain before anymore people could get hurt, since the professor as an unstable portal in his possession. As they try to find Callaghan, while the activated portal is above their heads, Go Go and Baymax, along with Fred, Wasabi and Honey Lemon, get pined down by Callaghan's microbots, and only after Baymax saves Hiro was Go Go and the other were able to "look for an new angle" to free themselves. Since the first plan didn't work, they began to focus on the microbots, as Baymax fights them in the air while Go Go takes them out on the ground with Fred, Honey Lemon and Wasabi. Even though they were able to get rid of the microbots and destroy the mask in order to defeat Callaghan, Baymax picked up Abigail's life readings from within the able to destroy itself portal and goes in to save her with Hiro, while Go Go waits for their return with the others, but only Hiro and Abigail made it out. Go Go had believed that Baymax was gone for good, until Hiro found "his" Healthcare chip and rebuilds the robot's body. Since then, Go Go, Baymax and the rest of Big Hero 6 continued to keep the city safe as a superhero team.

TV Series

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In the Big Hero 6: The Series episode, "Big Roommates 2", Baymax helps Go Go to catch up on her sleep, as Honey Lemon's snoring had kept her up all night, by playing a lullaby-like song and using "his" huggable body as a pillow and bed. As well as cradling Go Go in "his" arms until she woke up.

When Go Go, Baymax, Fred and Hiro went to the unveiling of a new product at Krei Tech Industries called "Buddy Guard", the robot "helps" Go Go to chase Richardson Mole away from her by going into detail of earwax. To thank her robotic friend she high-fives "him".


Baymax and Go Go

  • Baymax catches Go Go before she could fall into the bay.


Baymax and Go Go

“Nice work daredevil”
— Go Go to Baymax


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While the non-binary is less popular than Hiromax in the Big Hero 6 fandom, it still has a loyal following. Their fan-viewed relationship could have them between friends (like Baymax's bond with Hiro) or lovers. Some have Go Go show her softer side to Baymax first, since Baymax has a did of a motherly nature to "him" and could help Go Go to open up.



GoGo/Baymax tag on FanFiction.Net


  • In the Big Hero 6: the Series short, "Baymax and Go Go", she teaches the robotic nurse rollerblading.



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