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Gothans is the het ship between Gothel and Hans from the Disney fandom.


As Hans and Gothel are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though Rapunzel and Eugenes' cameos in the first Frozen film hints that they may take place in the same canon. Along with a few Disney crossover games having the two cross paths with each other or having them added to the same team, by the player's choice.

Both Gothel and Hans are manipulative, who had gotten the Princesses of their films to trust them through false love. The two didn't appear as the villains to the other characters at first, until they eventually showed them the truth. Hans placed Elsa in the castle's dungeon, just as Gothel had placed Rapunzel in chains once she uncovered the truth. Hans later tried to kill both Elsa and Anna, while Gothel attempts to kill Eugene. Hans doesn't have a strong bond with his 12 older brothers, while Gothel never truly loved her biological child.

Even though Gothel and Hans didn't meet one another in Kingdom Hearts III, they both had similar roles in the game with the True Organisation XIII using the two to keep their world's princess locked away on their behalf. While making the two think that they are the ones in control. Along Gothel and Hans' darkness turning them into very powerful Heartless'.


Gothans is a villain ship in the Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons crossover fandom. The ship could be due to fans who enjoy Disney crossover ships with villains, and the two films coming out close together. A few fanfics have the two teaming up to make their enemies lives horrible, as well as taking a page from each other's books. Because of the fan theory that their films are possibly of the same canon, it makes it easier for fans to bring Gothel and Hans together. Just as Gothel is commonly viewed as a witch in fanon, there have been times where Hans his given his own elemental powers. While the Hans x Rapunzel ship, however, sometimes give him and Gothel the similar kind of relationship that Gothel has with Flynn Rider.

Because Gothel dies at the end of Tangled and it is believed that Frozen takes place after the 2010 film, the ship has Gothel not dying and approaches Hans after his defeat. As they team up to exact their revenge. While Gothel being older than Hans has fans place her as Hans' mentor figure.

On AO3, the ship has 2 fanfics, while has 3 in its crossover category. Gothans also has a small fanbase on DeviantART.



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  • They both appear in the Once Upon A Time series.
  • In Kingdom Hearts III, both Gothel and Hans were turned into a very powerful Heartless who served as the final bosses of their home worlds.


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