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Greek Lotus is the het ship between Lie Ren and Pyrrha Nikos from the RWBY fandom.


Ren and Pyrrha used to be friends and were teammates in team jnpr. They had very little interaction in the series but they seemed to have a somewhat understanding relationship. They first met each other in volume 1 when them jaune, nora and team rwby were trying to make their way through the emerald forest. They then teamed up to gether with Nora and Jaune to try and take down a giant nevermore. In volume 2 they then teamed up together with the other members of team jnpr to take down team rwby in a food fight.

In Volume 3, They are both seen eating with nora, jaune and Team rwby in the first episode. They then fight together with the rest of team jnpr against team brnz in the Vytal Festival Tournament. Later in chapter 8, when Pyrrha is contemplating being given the fall maiden powers, Ren assumes that she's concerned about Yang after after the incident in her fight against Mercury. He then tells her not to let that prevent her from representing Beacon Academy in her upcoming fight against Penny. He then makes her a health shake containing herbs and vegetables.

He then tells Nora that he made it for her so it could help her stay in top condition for the fight. Nora then gets angry at him after drinking the shake and rhetorically asks him if he was trying to kill Pyrrha. The banter between the two then seems to cheer Pyrrha up a bit. In No Safe Haven, Ren joins Nora and Jaune in their mourning of Pyrrha. In Lost, it was admitted by Nora and confirmed by Ren that they both genuinely loved Pyrrha like family and miss her dearly.

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In the episode, A Slip Through Time and Space, team jnpr is seen working on their dance routine from volume 2. Ren then haults the routine looks at Pyrrha and tells her that he loves her but then proceeds to scold her.


Greek Lotus is a rarepair in the rwby fandom. Mainly because of the popularity and prevalence of ReNora and Arkos. Also the fact that Pyrrha clearly had feelings for Jaune while, Ren clearly had feelings for Nora. Also the fact that Pyrrha is now deceased. Nevertheless, some people ship them because of their similar level-headed personalities. And the fact that they used to be teammates. It has a small fanbase on tumblr.



Greek Lotus posts on Tumblr


  • Their ship name comes from the fact that Pyrrha is greek and Ren is named after a lotus in japanese.



Juniper Berries — the ship between Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, Nora Valkyrie and Jaune Arc


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